Woe Champion Guide

~~~~~~~~~~~~Chojiro’s Champion Guide~~~~~~~~~~~~

I: Introduction
II: The Basics
III: Skills
IV: Stats
V: Builds
VI: Gear
VII: Consumables
VIII: WoE tactics
IX: Links
X: Acknowledgments


I: Introduction

Champions have the single most powerful skill in the game. They are a popular class because of this.
Recently it has come to my attention that a surprising number of people do not understand how Champions work, even experienced Champions.
This is the reason for forming this guide on how to make a good Champion and how to play this class effectively.
I will not cover how to level this class. Many players will be able to tell you this. Or you can figure it out :P
I will not explain everything in detail and what every skill is. I will add links at the bottom of this guide which you should jump to for information, otherwise Google it ;)

Sorry for not making this flashy, but it’s not my style :P
Feel free to point out any errors.

NOTE: I play on low rate servers where the max level is 99/70 with no kafra/donation gears.
NOTE: I did not originally write this for RMS.

II: The Basics

A Champion is designed to kill. They use the skill Asura. This is based on your attack and current SP.
It is key that you can kill a player with one usage of this, because they can easily pot up to full before you cast another.
There are some exceptions though. If a character has the Apple song, they will have substantially more HP. If they wield a Combat Knife, Diablos Manteau or Diablos Armour then the damage will be reduced.
Gypsy’s Kiss increases your SP substantially. If your Asura is too strong, then you may die to a Paladin’s reflect, especially the target has a Valkyrie Manteau and/or Buffalo & Thorny combo. The reflected damage is part of the damage after reductions.

Always Asura with full SP unless you are a high damage build. This is because Kyrie is impossible to identify on other players, they may also have the Apple song or be devoted.
Professors and High Wizards have Energy Coat which reduces a large amount of damage, so do not underestimate them.

How to Asura?

This is very simple. You use Zen (or Dangerous Soul Collect), followed by Fury (or Critical Explosion) and another Zen.
You must be in the Fury state with five spheres in order to cast Asura. If either condition is not met after the cast has finished then you will lose all SP and the skill will ‘Miss’.
Note that Fury does wear off after a short while, so it is wise to re-Fury if you’ve been doing nothing for a few minutes otherwise you will look silly.

For now this is all I will cover. Yes, there is a lot more to Champions then just three skills.

III: Skills

This is a highly debatable subject and does depend on preference. I will not explain the skills.

a: Acolyte

You NEED job 50 to make the most of the points.

Ruwach 1 -> Teleport 2 -> Warp 4 -> Pneuma 1

Heal 3-10 -> Increase Agility 1/5 -> Decrease Agility 3-10

Divine Protection 10 -> Demon Bane 10

Angelus 0
Cure 0 (Panaceas)
Aqua Benedicta 0
Signum Crusis 0

b: Champion:

Iron Fists – 5 minimum. 7 if you want PPS (Raging Palm Strike)
RPS/PPS – 1/5. It’s your only real spammable skill which doesn’t use spheres. Isn’t really required outside of PvP.

Call Spirits (Summon Spirit Sphere) 5
Sphere Absorption 1
Fury 5
Zen 1
Guillotine First (Asura Strike) 5
Occult Impaction 5
Flee 5
Trifecta 5
Quadruple Blow 3
Raging Thrust 3
Spiritual Cadance 2
Snap 1

Throw Spirit Sphere 3 pre req. 5 if you’re dex/PvP build.
Root 2 pre req. Higher can be useful in certain PvM situations but shouldn’t be necessary.

Mental Strength 3/5

Glacier Fist 0
Chain Crush Combo 0

Leftover points usually go in Agi up or Dec agi.

IV: Stats

Ah. This is where Champion gets really interesting. Balance and turning stats around to get the most points is really important for a good Champion build. Gears affect this a lot.
Stat foods benefit a Champion GREATLY, so you should attempt to get some.

Strength. This is important. Boosts weight limit and increases damage output.

Agility. Very minor impact, but Luck is probably better for leftover points.

Vitality. 70 total is the very minimum. Preferably 75~80. SE builds will have 85-97.

Intelligence. Increases Asura damage and blue pot efficiency. Most builds will have 20~40. Lowering Str by 10 and putting it into Int can result in better damage. It reduces damage from Ruwach, so other Champions Ruwach will not hit you. This can be very benefitial.

Dexterity 120~130. Depends if you want an advantage against other Champions or want to get Asuras off in Storm Gust without bragi. I wouldn’t suggest below 120. Higher dex usually has lower Vit.

Luk. 1~3. 5 total will give you 1 atk. You will have this with valk armour. A little status resistance never hurts.

V: Builds

I am WoE orientated, so I’ll explain those builds only. Remember that these are not set in stone.

a: 120 Strength (‘Cookie cutter’ build)

Chain/LBW without Diablos Rings with Feather Beret.

Dex 120+, Vit 70~75. Int 1~20.

Pros: Needs few gears/cards to level. Good weight limit. Professors will never have a problem giving you SP. Slotted Rings easier to obtain than slotted Gloves.
Cons: Bad blue pot efficiency. Very prone to sleep. Low Vit. Just an outdated build.

b: 110 Strength (Common build)

You will use a LBW. Incubus/Carat headgear or Feather Beret. No Diablos Rings.

Dex 120+, Vit 75~80. Int 23~36

Pros: Better blue pot efficiency. Some sleep resistance. Able to reach good HP and stun resist with Incubus/Carat. 
Cons: Average weight. Low Int Professors don’t give you enough SP without SP gears. Better tankiness with Feather Beret.

c: 100 Strength

Chain with ~1650SP, otherwise LBW. Diablos Rings and Feather Beret/Incubus/Carat/Diablos Robe.

Dex 115+, Vit 80~97. Int 10~31

Pros: Great blue pot efficiency if you don’t need a LBW and have the Int. Incredible survivability and stun resist which is great for SE. Might not need +8 Strength food. No problem running out of SP at Sleepers.

Cons: Low weight, less Asuras with high vit build. A pain to give SP in PvM since you’ll probably be 200~500 SP higher than most Full Support Professors. Requires high end gears. Requires more gears/cards to level and maybe Strength food. Blue pot efficiency can be very low.

VI: Gear

There are two main styles. Feather beret – you get lower Vit, or are not aiming for Incubus/Carat headgear (more reduction). Incubus/Carat headgear – less Int, more Vit (better HP), better for SE WoE.

I will exclude Slotted Sunnies, kafra/donation gears. Double Bloody Lich Bone Wand is better without Masquerade but Masquerade is the best.

Weapon: +9/10 Chain w 2xHydra 1xSkel Worker, +9 LBW w 1xHydra 1xSkel Worker, Long Mace for precast
Left Hand: Valkyrie Shield, Orlean’s Server #w Thara Frog

Top Head: +9 Ulle’s Cap/Biretta w Carat else Incubus, Feather Beret, Nightmare headgear
Middle Head: Masquerade
Bottom Head: Gangster Mask, Gangster Scarf

Torso: Saint’s Robe, Valkyrie Armour, Diablos Robe #w Marc/ED
Garment: Wool Scarf, Diablos Manteau #w Raydric/Dustiness/Frilldora
Feet: +9 Tidal Shoes w Firelock, +4 Variants, Green Ferus/Matyr Tidal Shoes for precast

Accessories: Glove[1]s, Ring[1]s, Orlean’s Gloves, Diablos Rings #w Zerom/Smokie

VII: Consumables

I highly suggest all of this as the minimum.

a: Status Food

+5/8 Str
+7 Vit
+7 Int
+5/8 Dex


Mastela Fruit, Blue Potion, some Ygg Seed/Berry.
Box of Resentment, Aloevera, some Box of Gloom.
Awakening Potion, Speed Potion.

VIII: WoE Tactics

You have to think on your feet and switch fast from being offensive to defensive. With lower Vit you are squishy and with higher Vit you are AD bait.
Playing with effects/refreshing helps a lot, that way you can see whether people have Assumptio, also required to see Safety Wall and Pneuma.

Don’t use resentments or speed pots in cloak on other people’s screen, you’ll give yourself away. Your spheres show if a player is using effects and you cloak or Hide while they are on your screen. This means you should never cloak on another players screen when ready to Asura.  Less experienced players are often easy prey. Experience and development is the best thing gameplay can bring you.

Ruwach before you go to Asura someone (unless you Asura from cloak), stay inbetween your guildies. When you’re outnumbered or alone, cloak/retreat.
If you’re having trouble Absorb yourself so they cannot see spheres if you cloak/hide on their screen.
If you see a guildless Professor, Super Novice or Swordman class which isn’t yours, kill it.

Suggest to camp the flag spawns if your guild is having trouble and can afford one less Champ up front. Frilldora and patience comes in mighty handy here.
Take note that they will probably come in with Assumptio or Apple song, so you should use Incubus/Carat headgear.
If they come in groups then leave them and notify your guild unless they suck which is a general rule I guess. It also helps to have higher dex, but people don’t see it coming.
Just be careful if party buffs will reveal you. Overthrust, Magnificate, Adrenaline, etc.
Move a little when you cloak, otherwise a cloaked Sinx who saw you might Meteor Assault/use a Box of Gloom next to you. Surprise them with Asura.

Champions – Number one priority. Absorb their spheres so they cannot Asura. Check you have your spheres before. If they are cloaked next to you, use a Gloom and Asura him! :D

Professors – Number two priority. Stay out of their range/hide their Dispel unless speed potting. They have Safety Wall as well as High Wizard and High Priests, so always pneuma them unless you Asura from cloak.

IX: Links

Rate-my-server: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?
Lots of resources as well as private server information.

RO Datazone: http://rodatazone.simgaming.net/
Old, but still useful.

RO character calculator: http://calcx.wushuang.ws/
Always test your character and build before you make it! This is key to your success. Play around to see if you can optimize your build.

ProjectRageRO: http://www.projectrage.net/

I am playing on this server with my guild. It could do with a few more guilds :)

X: Acknowledgements

I suppose all the links and more experienced players which I have learnt bits from.

24 Responses to “Woe Champion Guide”

  1. +4 Variants

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  2. +4 Variant. lol

    Consider divine clothes for body armor. Glittering jacket too.

    Morpheus shawl for offensive mode.

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  3. try using stunner[2]. i guess +9lbw is more effective than chain[3] in pvp. consider having a marduk card in your sunnies[1] or any other headgear.
    for the footgear, i’d still go for +7 tidals with verit/green ferus card.

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  4. omg wtf, +9 lbw is only for asura, chain or stunner is for fo or investigate even if i prefer mace for investigate and fo but whatever…

    and also – +4 variants wtf

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  5. +4 Variants this is a joke really ? h4h4hh4..

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  6. a little suggestion, dont need to cloak to run, DASH LIKE A BULLET please

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  7. wew so hard playing in Paytir.net try this RO And you will know all the tactics of champion>><< ^_^

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  8. hmm
    i think +7/8 Lunakaleet / Lunakaleigo w/ 2x skel worker crds and 1x hydra crds is a very gud wep for pvp

    (Report comment)

  9. + 4 varian = less max sp les max hp..

    (Report comment)

  10. +10 Luna Kaleet > +9/10 LBW

    i tested it

    also +4 variant lolwut

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  11. +4 Variant ?? @_@

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  12. +4 Variants

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  13. LOL +4 Variant
    I stopped reading when I saw this..

    in my opinion, +5 Battlefield Morning Star > All

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  14. +9 Biretta? Are you serious? Why not an Alice Doll [1]?

    +4 Variant? And render the boost useless? Ahaha!

    And… +9 LBW on a champ is utterly pointless and not worth the cost. The ATK power of the weapon drastically affects damage with EF, against humans the Battleground Mace is your best bet.

    Kindly update yourself more, and if possible, ACTUALLY PLAY the game before making guides. Might mislead some newbie player and ruin his or her otherwise ro Champion career.

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  15. tlg buat saya item imba

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  16. how to increase dmg on a asura?.w/ high int or high str?.pm me pls on my fb or ym.same email.

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  17. lol, i\’ll better take my
    +10 Barrage fist 2TG 1Skel Worker 1Hydra

    Fo build pwns^^

    use Sk to freeze, then use lightning converter to do double damage with Fo =)

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  18. @Hitsu

    You must be playing at HRS?


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  19. +10 Mace/Chain is better than LBW, dont believe me? calculate yourself in stat calculator, play around with hydra and skel worker card

    Morpheus Shawl also nice, +9 Marionette Doll with Carat quite nice too, Alice Doll’s damage is not consistent as it depends on dmg you deal at that time, if your dmg is low, it gives low damage, so +9 hat with carat or any refine hat with incubus is better

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  20. better if you try:

    +10 lunakaligo (2hydra, 1sw)
    +8 silk robe (marc/peco-peco) peco if you want survive
    +9 tidal (firelock) or variant (+0)
    +8 Morpheus shawl or Wool (tidal set) wool if you want survive
    acc: 2 rosary [1] (mantis)
    head: santa/ alice doll/ slooted headgear (+4/more)
    mid head: Masquerade / evil ears (str +1)
    lowes: pipe/ whatever!
    I use it so I can not freeze

    trust me, it works hehe…. i am indonesian..
    SELAMAT MENCOBA! <bahasa indonesia

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  21. i give u all 1 set full Champion .
    Headgear Alice hat [1] +9 ~10 put CARAT card
    Middle Headgear Sunglasses [1] put incubus .
    Clothes find clothes +7~10 +Mdef . put Marc card or Tao Gunka .
    Shield : Buckler [1] +5~10 put Thara Frog / GTB n maya card .
    Shoes Variants +4~10 .put Lady tanee . or Dark lord .combined with Darkilusion in MidGear 2 .
    Accesory put card Bezebub . if u have . if u not have . u put ZEROM card dex + 3 . put two card in Accesory .
    Garmet : use Morpheus Shawl +5~10 . or Muffle [1] put Myst / raydric / deviling .

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  22. You guys are shit, play on a real WOE (SE) server.

    Headgear: Fberet / Alice Doll (Incubus) you can\’t refine alice doll dipshits unless your carebear server customized it 4 u

    Middle: Sunglasses (Nightmare) – unless you\’re playing on a shit server that the snipers on woe don\’t use status bows / arrows

    Lower: Preferably Well-chewed Pencil (+2 dex on original script)

    Armor: Diabolus Robe (ED/Marc) with +3 dex enchant if your server has it

    Shield: Bradium Shield (Horn) – More HP, Less damage from AD. You won\’t need the redux from vshield because you can always snap out of ms/sg

    Garment: Proxy (Noxious) – Redux + noxious for less AD damage


    Accessories: 2 Drings (1 zerom, 1 sight) sight because you can\’t hide it (u can but its pure luck), on ruwach you can spam hide and the champ cant cast asura/he\’ll miss.

    Accessory Swaps: Hide Clip (nuff said), Marine Sphere (stalker ecaller hunt, but its 2011 and no ones uses stalker ecaller on woe servers no more)

    Str: 90/100 (90 will do fine if you have alice doll)
    Dex: 120/130
    Int: Leftovers

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  23. @Unnamed: You realize that you can’t upgrade alice doll don’t you? No to mention that it’s not smart to make a build with mvp cards, not everyone will get them :B

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  24. For Christ’s sake..
    +4 Variant Shoes? When I recieve that item I’ll type /otl forever.

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