Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide

This is just a short introductory guide to playing the Assassin Cross class in RO. Leave me comments if this guide’s been helpful to you, if i get good ratings and good feedback, i’ll make a full guide w/ video demonstrations of the tricks i use (Frost Lock, 9 Hit SB, etc. etc.). Enjoy..

Vit Type SinX:

Well, for vit types — like me — who prefer to go with 1 on 1 matches and hard VIT can pretty much tank any job with the right gear switches. Going over the stats, i think it should be ,

Str: 140-150

Agi: 1

Vit:  100-110

Int: 1

Dex: What’s left of your stat points go here. If you’re playing in a farming server and you can’t quite get platinum skills for the SinX class, you’ll have to put less vit and get higher dex.

Luk: 1


Going over the equipment, the image tells you the equipment. That’s from a previous semi-low rate server w/out Gods and Godly cards (Thanatos, etc. etc.).

The rest of the switches for me are, another Proxy Skin Fragment with a Giant Whisper Card and another with deviling, a Diabolus Armor with Tao Gunka, a Valkyrja’s Armor with Ghostring and an Orleans Server with Maya Card ( Just in case you accidentally get hit 3 times by a wiz’s Storm Gust and forgot to switch to Unfrozen/Deadly armor. Of course it’s still a gamble whether they use Jupitel Thunder or play it safe and use Thunder Storm.  ). As for the weapons, the only 2 katars i user are, an  Infiltrator with Incantation Samurai Card and a Katar of Piercing Wind with 2 Hydras and 1 Phreeoni, then of course after casting Sonic Blow, i switch back to a Cranial Valkyrja’s Shield and a Combat Knife, and i pack any dagger with 4 slots and arm them with 4 Stormy Knight Cards.


Strategy should be more than obvious at this point. When you’re playing a 1 on 1 game against another SinX, the idea is to kill him with 1 hit of a Sonic Blow, which is VERY POSSIBLE by the way, even if he’s wearing a Combat Knife and Cranial Shield when you strike him. The idea is to SCAN his weak elemental resistance. The 5 core elements used MAINLY are, Wind, Earth, Fire, Poison and of course the Neutral element. Scanning isn’t hard or anything, seeing as to you have every element at your disposal ( Saying of course that the server you’re playing on provides them on NPC’s ) you can use a converter and hit him with normal attacks, to scan for poison, just hit him with an envenom. If it doesn’t miss, that’s a 85% possibility that he’s gonna die with 1 blow. Once you get the element that does the most damage to him, hit him with your damage katar ( Infiltrator w/ Incantation Samurai Card ) armed with that element. If you’re going against a flee type SinX, it should be obvious innit? The first thing to do is to wear your frost dagger ( Any Dagger w/ 4 Stormy Knight Cards ) and hit him with an envenom. If he freezes, he’s an idiot, if not, hit him away with your Hit Katar.  Hit him with your Hit Katar ( Katar of Piercing Wind w/ 2 Hydras and 1 Phreeoni Card ) armed with the element you want. Now, if by any chance you can’t kill that agi type SinX, that’s because he’s got upgraded equipment +10 and such or has high vit. Then, you’ll need another katar for that KOPW with 1 Hydra, 1 Inca, and 1 Phreeoni, or you could always change your stats to counter his ( Adding more dex ). For PVP, you basically try to freeze anyone you want to kill with Throw Venom Knife. If you can’t freeze em, hit away with a Sonic Blow armed with an element ( Try poison first :) ). Always remember that the switch sequence for PvPing is Frost Dagger -> Cranial V.Shield -> Combat Knife.

You can study the gear switches on your own i hope? :)

Tips and Tricks :

If you still can’t 1 hit him, i’ll give you a clue. Hit + SB + Switch ( To Cranial Shield and CK that is ).

If you can’t kill an LK or a Paladin even when you use the Sonic Blow Frost trick, you can do a frost lock on them ( Hitting tem without breaking the frozen status ). Same as above, Hit + SB + Switch ( To frost dagger that is, then Cranial Shield and CK).

Try to experiment with other builds, use elemental resistance potions to your advantage =)

Well, this is my first guide. I don’t like doing stuff like this. I only want to play and kick everyone’s asses  :)

Sorry for not having a guide for Agi Type’s, i really don’t play agi types because i love high HP’s and i like to use the SinX Class’ s superb ability to tank. Maybe next time :)

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  1. Hey! Picture ng sinx ko yan ah? NAKAW

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  2. ew, that private server sucks. lol slotted reginleif and gpipe

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  3. salamat po sa guide :)

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  4. @Yamato – Salamat sa feedback, nirequest lang rin sakin to. Nag lilibot ako mula low rate hanggang high rate, sa mga nag hahanap ng build nag eexperimento ako.

    @Lolabe – I made this guide by request, so i tried messing around with that p.server and that build was most suitable.

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