Tips in Hosting a Ragnarok Private Server

There are so many Ragnarok Private servers today, just punched it in your Google text box “Ragnarok Online Private Server” you will see lots and lots of private servers. The only downside on this is that the competition is getting higher. Before you join the group, you must be ready and know what kind of server you wish to know. And here are some few tips that I can share.

1) Know your rates. What does it mean? Well it means that before you start your own server you must know how many experience rate, drop rates and max level that a server you wanted to create. Because this will give you the general classification of your server. For example when you create a High Rate server, players will expect that when they join to your server they will no longer grind for so long to reach the Highest Level. Take note that you need to balance everything that will not ruin you server.

2) Balance your Server. This is one of the most important task that a server owner should do. Because this will dictate the gameplay of your server. For example, if you created a custom item that has Demi-Human damage reduction, you must first consider. “Is it too high?. Will a player with high Vitality become invincible?” those things should be always considered, why? Because with over powered stats, your player will always react that it was too imbalance.

3) Donator vs Non-Donator. Since the beginning of Private Servers, donators and non-donators always bragged each other whether they can only kill you if you donated to your server. Now those are normal at first, but be sure that for the long course, donators are not always there. So it is best that you create some events that Donators and Non-Donators will be able to play all at once without noticing any imbalances. A good example is a PvP Tournament where no donation items are  available.

4) BACK UP! This is the most important task that a server owner should do. Why? Alright I will give you a situation where back up is a must. Once upon a time, a Server Owner creates his very first Ragnarok Private Server, at first everything went fine, players loves your server your features are good and most importantly you don’t have imbalance items. But one day a disaster happens, your Server’s database went down with no reason, and all of your database been corrupted. And you don’t have any backups. The 1 million question is “What would you  do now?”,  if you don’t back up your server your answer will be “Oh well I should install a fresh new database” what will be the reaction of your loyal players? “[email protected]#%[email protected]#%^[email protected]%# my items where gone! I will hunt all over again? My precious time was wasted all of a sudden??!! I HATE YOU <insert your server name here>” but if you managed to back-up your server frequently, your answer will be “Oh well I will just restore my recent back up” and ofcourse your player will respond “What happened? Anyway I will just continue playing, it seems that all my items are still intact”. You see how crucial back-ups are? In short “NO BACKUP” means ZERO LOYAL PLAYERS.

That’s it! I hope I gave you some useful tips before you create your own Ragnarok Private Server. Oh if you are wondering if I am a server owner too? Well the answer is YES! I am hosting a Mid Rate server, I just share it to you guys on what are my experience running my own server.

Thank you and God Bless!

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  1. Thanks for this…

  2. Hi..~ Thanks for this Tips… it really helps alot…

  3. *[be sure that for the long course, donators are not always there.]* ??? So rude! What does that mean? :o You make it sounds like donors are annoying. Are they? Are you suggesting that – donors are not welcome? In a long run, donors are not allowed on any RO server? Server owners are not suppose to make $$$ from donors? Own for fun only? Why do server owners want to operate RO servers then? I’ve not seen any AD on the RO servers I am currently participating in. How do the server owners make $$$? Oh, I should stop donating $$$ then -_- I have no idea donors ruin the games. Sorry to know that. :/

  4. lol at the noob donator . first off most server owners illegally copied their server and don’t send any money whatsoever back to the developers who own the rights to the game and put all the hard work into creating it. second , yes donators do ruin game play , every server ive ever played with donators has caused imbalanced problems that the GMs allowed because they were bribed to do so. if you want to help the server then simply ask your friends to play , hosting costs aren’t outrageous by any means , whats 25 dollars a month when you and all your friends chip in ? its not like GMs honestly did much work, most honestly just download the server and host it. im sick of rich kids having better stuff for being rich instead of having skill like the rest of us. not 2 mention when donators slip gms cash to change mechanics in pvp maps like allowing body relocate to work in battle grounds which is a game breaking change in battle grounds. most GMs are honestly just thieves robbing game developers out of their hard-work and creative ideas

  5. How do I back up :/ I’m new to this I’ve even googled it but no clue plz help? :D like I said I’m new to this >.<

  6. TheNewGuy, if you want to backup your server files you can just download everything to your computer from an ftp. You can zip or tar the folder for convenience and attach a date to them for better organization. For linux server, research the tar command.

    To backup your database, assuming you have phpmyadmin, you can get a copy of your database by generating the .sql from the Export tab. There are many options but the Quick one will do the job easily. If you don’t have phpmyadmin, you can research the mysqldump command to do it from ssh shell.

    Hope that helps.

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