Mibu’s High Priest Guide

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. The original author is Mibu and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision.


Alright, I was a high priest for a long time before I made a soul linker and I probably wasn’t the best, but I had a good idea of what I was doing and supposed to be doing. I’m going to cover six different ways of using High Priest. To start off with, though, the six different kinds of high priest I will cover are:

  • PvM Support High Priest
  • MVP Support High Priest
  • TU Leveling High Priest
  • PvP Support High Priest
  • Magnus Exorcismus (ME) High Priest
  • WoE High Priest

Before I get into any of that, however, I’ll give a quick guide to leveling acolytes, which is mostly common sense with a basic skill set and the skills you MUST have before job changing.

Skill References:

  • Full information on Acolyte skills can be found by clicking here.
  • Full information on Priest Skills can be found by clicking here.
  • Full information on High Priest Skills can be found by clicking here.


For novice, just run through the training ground, get the levels and pots, and then directly access ragnarok. Kill a few low level monster near Prontera and then do the acolyte job change quest in the Prontera Church. Turn into an acolyte, and get ready to heal bomb. If this is your first character, be prepared to be poor for a long time while you’re spending all your money on sp items (or just sit and wait for sp); if this isn’t your first character, I recommend using royal jelly through the acolyte levels, because waiting sp is the most annoying and time consuming part of leveling an acolyte.

Spend the first 25-30 levels in payon dungeon level 1, and then you can either move to orc dungeon or payon level 2. Wherever you go, you should be able to stay there for the next 10 or so levels, and then you can head to glast heim abbey and start killing evil druids. Alternatively, you can focus on getting pneuma and go to amatsu dungeon to kill firelocks. Either way, evil druids or firelocks could both easily get you to job level 50.

At job level 50 acolyte, the skills you ABSOLUTELY need before going priest are:

  • Divine Protection Level 5
  • Ruwach Level 1
  • Pneuma Level 1
  • Teleportation Level 2
  • Warp Portal Level 4
  • Heal Level 10
  • Increase Agility Level 10
  • Decrease Agility Level 1
  • Aqua Benedicta Level 1
  • Angelus Level 2
  • Blessing Level 10

You will have two skill points left over, which I would put into decrease agility. Alternatively, you could just change at job 48 if you are lazy. I recommend skipping to the Turn Undead section from this point, as it levels much, much faster than a support build with the best possible partner.

PvM Support High Priest

I would not recommend anything in this build until at least level 90 high priest, unless you have friends that you want to level with. However, if you do level with this build as a priest, here’s the skills you will need:

  • Increase SP Recovery Level 4
  • Resurrection Level 4
  • Impositio Manus Level 3
  • Suffragium Level 3
  • Aspersio Level 5
  • Status Recovery Level 1
  • Kyrie Eleison Level 10
  • Magnificat Level 3
  • Gloria Level 3
  • Lex Divina Level 5
  • Lex Aeterna Level 1

This will leave you with 7 skill points leftover at job level 50 to do whatever you want with. You could get more levels of gloria/magnificat, 2 more levels of impositio, etc. Also, you can get rid of gloria, suffragium, or aspersio if your particular needs do not include them. I will go into further detail as to how to use the skills and what situations call for what skills later; for now I am just giving bare basics and a WoE guide. As far as equips, in most cases it will not matter. Get a shield card that gives a racial bonus against whatever you are fighting. You can get either dex equips or defense equips; for support it does really matter, it depends on your preferences. You should get equips that supplement your build; if you prefer builds with very high dex for support, get equips adding dex; if you prefer to tank the monsters for your party, get defense equips. Support priests are very flexible. If you are a dex priest, do not try to tank things; as high priest you will be able to even with low vit, but as a normal priest your max hp will be fairly low and you won’t have assumptio.

As a high priest, I recommend the following skill build for PvM support :

  • Increase SP Recovery Level 5
  • Resurrection Level 4
  • Impositio Manus Level 5
  • Suffragium Level 3
  • Aspersio Level 5
  • Sanctuary Level 7
  • Status Recovery Level 1
  • Kyrie Eleison Level 4
  • Magnificat Level 5
  • Gloria Level 5
  • Lex Divina Level 5
  • Lex Aeterna Level 1
  • Assumptio Level 5
  • Meditatio Level 10

You will have 4 points left over at job level 70, and the skills that were optional as a priest depending on your needs are still optional as a high priest. Your stat builds can afford to be a lot more varied as a high priest, and hybrid support builds with high dex that can tank are more viable. Still keep in mind that you will not always be able to handle every situation, so if you’re going into an area with strong monsters it’s nice to have some healing items to fall back on if you need them, and fly wings in case you need to get out of an area fast without worrying about delay on other skills.

The best way to learn how to support any given class is to get some experience being that class; then you’ll know more about what they need, and when they need it.

Here’s a list of classes and how you should be supporting them.


I recommend supporting this class in ice dungeon. Pneuma when you gazeti, lex a everything, and run around ice golems unless you have the gear to tank them. Aqua armor (swordfish card) recommended for this area. Also, you can mob and let the sage/professor kill with thunderstorm if you have the right gear. Suffragium helps speed up the cast time on their skills, so try and use it on them before each spell. It works best if you suffragium and then lex a instead of the other way around because suffra has less delay.

If you or the sage/prof can’t handle this yet, mob seals and kill them with thunderstorm; they should die to one hit with high int and lex a.


Mostly these just need buffs and occasional heals. You will hardly ever need to support a sniper in regular PvM. Lex A is limited in usefulness when supporting snipers because of the long delay, unless for some reason you’re supporting a FA sniper.


If it’s a sonic blow sinx, just keep them buffed and lex a monsters. Soul destroyer basically the same. Asp if the area you’re in has a lot of shadow/undead property monsters. If for some reason you’re supporting a crit sin/sinx then keep gloria up.


If you’re supporting a wizard alone, most likely you will be mobbing for them somewhere. As a high priest you should be able to do this with decent gear, as a normal priest you will either need better gear or another character that can mob, so I wouldn’t recommend doing this w/out being trans. Suffragium before they cast as with professors, and as you walk around picking up mobs you can Lex A them.


Whitesmiths can do all of the tanking themselves, so don’t worry about that as long as you’re keeping them buffed and healed. Lex a monsters when possible, but be aware how long the delay is if your partner gets into low hp at all. One of the best possible partners to PvM (in my opinion) is a WS in nameless island 3 killing necros, which actually can be faster than TUing Anubis and is usually beneficial to both characters as opposed to tagging along with a sniper in Thor’s that really doesn’t need you, but to do this you both need decent gear and the WS needs a good weapon.

PvP Support High Priest

Same build as PvM support; operation different. Also, I would get safetywall and drop Gloria and 2 levels of imposito manus. Safety wall is your main defense to asura, so watch out for any champs/monks that look suspicious and be ready to let them waste their sp. Pneuma if you’re fighting snipers/creators, but when fighting snipers it’s also beneficial to keep moving and not stand in one spot like a retard when they start moving in close, because with traps they can completely throw you off your game if they’re good. Bring different elemental armors/garments and no magic class can kill you unassisted or with a priest, even if it’s a prof and your sp gets eaten. Professors are still really dangerous/annoying if there’s a big pvp party though, so be careful. Hide rosary is your friend, you can use it to dodge asuras easier than with safety wall if the champ is too stupid to ruwatch, and you can hide away from magic attacks as well. Lex Aeterna people you’re fighting, unless it’s just you and no one attacking them, because that’s just retarded. Holy light with link is fun if you have high int/dex, just remember that it takes up a lot more sp.

Some of those tips can carry over into WoE, but most of them can’t.

TU Leveling High Priest

  • Increase SP Recovery Level 5
  • Safety Wall Level 7
  • Resurrection Level 4
  • Impositio Manus Level 3
  • Aspersio Level 4
  • Sanctuary Level 3
  • Status Recovery Level 1
  • Kyrie Eleison Level 4
  • Magnificat Level 3
  • Gloria Level 5
  • Lex Divina Level 5
  • Turn Undead Level 10
  • Assumptio Level 5
  • Meditatio Level 10

Basic TU skill build. Will go into more detail later. SW is completely optional; I would not get it unless you’re job 70, it just allows you to do more things without having to reset every time you want to level/leech others.

For stats, pump dex up to a medium-high level, get 8X int, 30-40 luck, and low-medium vit. Kill Evil Druids until the higher 70′s, and then stay anubis to 99. Anubis gets a lot easier with demi-human resist, but it is very doable without any equips whatsoever, or full npc equips. It is one of the fastest places to level.

You can also head to abbey level 2, and turn undead ragged zombies for tidal shoes. The zeny isn’t that great anymore, but you can overgrade the shoes to use yourself or sell upgraded shoes for a decent amount of zeny if you’re lucky. Magnus E is still a faster build to earn zeny with in most cases.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Db7BlVcnvg&NR=1 A TU Priest killing anubis; shows you how to do pretty much everything.  You don’t really need to watch the whole video unless you want to, but it’s helpful if you’re having trouble.

MVP Support High Priest

There are several different ways that you could be supporting an MVP party, depending on what kind of MVP it is and what classes your party consists of. For 90% of the MVP’s out there, your best partner is going to be a champ, and you are going to want to fully buff the champ and lex a the mvp, and casting suffragium on the champ before he/she starts casting asura. Don’t even bother trying to tank, even if you can, because there’s no reason to. For these MVPs, it’s also best to bring fly wings, because you can lex aeterna and then fly wing away without worrying about the huge skill delay aeterna has.

There are three different MVPs (Ifrit, Valkyrie Randgris, and Fallen Bishop Hibram) that your best partner in small parties will still be a champ, but the method of killing is different. The basic concept is the same, but you will be standing outside the portal to the map the MVP is on, and the MVP will be lured (sometimes by you, usually by a paladin) to the portal. Songs and gospel will usually be set up by the door, and you will run out to lex aeterna, then quickly rush back into the portal. If you die, spawn IMMEDIATELY, do not sit there as the mvp will heal itself if is it medium-low hp or less. Also, don’t lex aeterna and then fly wing away like normal mvps; they will still heal if you are anywhere on the map, not just beside them.


For bio MVPs, you will need more people, and I’m only going to cover your job, so it probably won’t help you unless the rest of your guild already knows what they’re doing. Pneuma the wizard as it is icewalling, and pneuma anyone that goes near the icewall. One the mvp is set up and you’re ready to go, just spam safety wall on the tank, and do not let it die; it cannot get much more simple than that. Don’t forget to bring plenty of blue gems.

For Beelzebub, your main job will be status recovering anyone that is stone cursed, and I recommend a medusa carded shield to make sure you don’t get stone cursed as well. If there are other high priests doing that you could also stand in bragi and spam lex aeterna, but this is not a priority compared to the other. Also, do not die. You shouldn’t need to, but bring healing items just in case; the drops from beelze are worth hundreds of times anything you could waste buying mastelas or potions.

Magnus Exorcismus (ME) High Priest

  • Increase SP Recovery Level 5
  • Safety Wall Level 10
  • Resurrection Level 4
  • Impositio Manus Level 3
  • Aspersio Level 4
  • Sanctuary Level 3
  • Status Recovery Level 1
  • Magnificat Level 5
  • Lex Divina Level 5
  • Turn Undead Level 3
  • Lex Aeterna Level 1
  • Magnus Exorcismus Level 10
  • Assumptio Level 5
  • Meditatio Level 10

Magnus Exorcismus is one of the fastest ways to earn zeny as a high priest once you get 90+. For stats, get very high dex, medium-high int, some vit. A kalitzburg shield is very helpful for mobbing areas with a lot of demon monsters; teddy bear shield for areas with more undead monsters. A mixture of defense and dexterity equips will usually serve you best, and some form of uninterruptable cast is a must; the easiest one to buy is an orleans robe, though with a holy robe you gain more damage resist to demons so you may want a different type such as a phen card. Here’s a video of a priest mobbing with Magnus in geffen 3, which is one of the best maps to earn zeny on.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=n6hHOFZHRYs How to win geffen.

With less defense than this guy has, however, you’re probably going to want to safety wall and walk into it before you cast. Also, as soon as the skill casts, you are able to use a fly wing, and the monsters will stay in the ME after you’re gone, so feel free to do that if you don’t have enough defense or hp to survive tanking the mob.

Also, the reason you’re mobbing geffen 3 besides exp is nightmares; they drop infils, which you can either slot or sell unslotted. Either way, they make a decent amount of zeny.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akoDQyJJtsM&NR=1 An example of the same high priest soloing Geffen GD, with an example of safetywalling yourself before casting ME if you needed one.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcLcEiKC2GE Two priests mobbing Rachel Sanctuary 3.

WoE High Priest

General WoE Advice


Recommended High Priest build at job level 70:

  • Increase SP Recovery Level 5
  • Safety Wall Level 10
  • Impositio Manus Level 5
  • Suffragium Level 3
  • Aspersio Level 5
  • Sanctuary Level 7
  • Status Recovery Level 1
  • Kyrie Eleison Level 10
  • Magnificat Level 3
  • Lex Divina Level 5
  • Lex Aeterna Level 1
  • Assumptio Level 5
  • Meditatio Level 9

Meditatio doesn’t really matter; you won’t be healing. Bring healing items for both hp and sp, but you don’t have to go over 50% if you don’t want to. The only reason I recommend getting meditatio is because you can bring enough mastelas to stay alive without going over 50% weight capacity; if you prefer bringing more items and go over 50% you don’t need it so put the points somewhere else. Usually you will need far less sp items than hp, which is good, because sp items weigh more.

For WoE equips, full demi-human resist gears and an unfrozen armor are a must. Feather beret, cranial valk shield, immune wool scarf, green ferus tidals, and a marc carded saint robe are bare basic gears than any high priest should have for WoE. Get a long mace for most situations, and a high upgraded Staff of Recovery for when you’re using sanctuary on the emperium. For accessories, you can either use nimble orleans for higher dex or two alligator rosaries for long-ranged resist, or safety rings for more def. Bring as many mastelas as you can carry, and if you go over 50% weight capacity bring sp healing items. A smokie accessory is recommended for dodging asuras and just increasing your general survivability.. Also, if you can zerk pitch yourself do it for less delay while in high int bragis; at the very least use concentration potions.

Battlemode is necessary. For WoE all you really need is a marc and an evil druid in terms of armor, but for garments it’s recommended that you get several different types and practice switching between them. You can be decent without switching anything but armor, but switching garments gives you some extra breathing room. If you only have one garment, I recommend raydric. A dustiness carded garment is also very helpful, since many people wind endow/use wind converters. NEVER wear an evil druid before walking into a precast.

For stat builds, 30 str is minimum for weight capacity. Very high dex is a must. 80+ vit is recommended, higher is usually better. Int should be very low; if you go over 50% weight capacity then it really doesn’t matter. If you’re under 50% then get at least 30 total, you can get higher if you want but not by much. Always end it on a multiple of 6. Don’t get luck or agi.

WoE 1

Your main priority in offense will be getting to the emperium and casting Pneuma where they would like to place a safety wall (top right cell). If there’s a CP, as soon as you get past the song’s effect pneuma the spot where you appeared. Keep everyone buffed while running to the emp, and buff people who get dispelled, but the pneuma over emperium is top priority. Also, if you die your spells (such as pneuma) are removed, so try not to do that.


Keep everyone in the precast buffed, and lex aeterna/decrease agility anyone coming into the portal. Ask for berserk pitch if there’s a linked creator there, or use a concentration potion; if your bragi’er has high int, it will increase the speed that you can spam skills at. Keep a Safety Wall up on the bard/dancer doing classical pluck. If anyone does get past the precast, don’t panic; Alert your guild and make sure no one has them covered before you rush off. Keep the person trying to get to the emperium Lex A’d as much as possible, and most of the time someone will be able to kill them long before they get there in a good guild. If they do get to the emperium, remember to spam safety wall on the top right cell, and keep a sanctuary up.

http://files.filefront.com/k1+LRO+WoE+November+10thavi/;9015580;/filei nfo.html

Observe best hp ever. Do what he does. Also, observe best unassisted e-call in the history of ever.

WoE 2

I have never been to WoE 2 on a high priest, but regarding the emperium it seems to be pretty much the same; try and pneuma it if on offense, and safety wall if on defense. Barricades, however, it is better to pneuma, because most people use ranged attacks on them to avoid walking straight into the wiz line’s spells and to avoid being target #1 for acid demos. Also, it seems to me that pneumaing one cell back from the barricade rather than directly on top of it would be best, so the area of protection does not cover anyone in front of it trying to melee, protecting them from Acid Demos.

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  1. This isn’t really helpful to people who don’t play a server with reseters. Or any other thing like, other good places to train. Not just payon dungeon for that long. If you do it that way, it’ll take you a week (Not sleeping, eating, or bathroom breaks.) to get to level 30… okay, maybe just half a week, but you’ll die if you keep going like that.

  2. Are you crazy?!?!?!?!?!
    You are just a lazy bums that play in very very (boring) high server rate.
    I wouldn’t play in very high server rate just because not to meet you!!!!!!
    You should not to underestimate this guide. This guide is very helpful in low rate server. And the players who play in there is better than you. Even if they are just a lvl30 swordman. :p

  3. Seeing as I made this guide for a guide making contest on a server with a resetter, I don’t necessarily disagree with you, “Me.”… But, I gave outlines for pretty much every build you might want to make, so if you had to level the entire time as a FS high priest, I believe this guide gives you the basic information you would need to do that, and more. I also feel like the main pieces of the guide are just basic advice that you can follow regardless of your build if you are planning on being active in WoE and MVPing.

    Also, you must level *very*, *very* slow.

  4. what stat will i add if i would be a sopport priest does that include 99int 99vit and some dex plzz show me the build or stats too.^_~

  5. what bild would I add if i can be a supportive priest could that include 99int 99vit and dex for the rest.can you tell what skill should i add plzzzz.^_~

  6. have you considered using aspercio in woes when defending, its very useful against LK when they go berserk since the emperium is holy propriety, and also if you get an angeling card, they will never hit you unless they change proprierty but you can just do aspercio again.

  7. I guess I should mention that, but in most of the guilds I’ve been in berserk LKs get dispelled and/or die before they make it to the emp.

    Also, berserk LKs can’t change property if you aspersio them since they can’t remove equips or use items while berserked.

  8. WoE High Priest
    * Meditatio Level 9

    uhm sorry ;D no
    1st of all: you don’t need any healpower at woe
    if you already waste some skillpoints better use them up to skill decrease agility or turn undead or something /hmm but meditation is really even more than useless o_o

    you’re able to use decrease agi to annoy other people
    or turn undead because many pros wear evil druids
    but NOT meditatio ….

  9. I already said that the points in meditatio are just extra points, I put them for sp regen. I never said you needed it or had to get it, it’s just what I use.

  10. 97 total vit or bust for a WoE priest. If you are being AD’d, pneuma. If you are a priest and you use Heal in WoE you suck. Use white pots, condensed or well mastelas. If you are in a guild that requires people to be healed in WoE then they aren’t serious enough to use even just NPC white pots and they aren’t serious enough to WoE.

  11. PS: Angeling is pretty nice along with Aspersio, but if they aren’t stupid they’ll just switch weapons to counteract the effect. At the least you’ll break their converter and annoy them, which is better than nothing. Use Aspersio especially on anything hitting the emp! ;3

  12. tbh I don’t think 97 vit is needed, I usually got it but at 85+ stun is negligible. I did already state that you shouldn’t heal in WoE and that you should use mastelas, so reading the guide before commenting (or at least the part of it you’re commenting on) is always appreciated.

    Hopefully if your guild does it right hardly anyone will ever get to the emp, but when they do, sure, aspersio helps sometimes on people not experienced with quick weapon switching. If you use aspersio on things not hitting the emp though, you’re screwing over everyone in your guild that uses evil druid.

  13. would you recommend some EQUIPS that can be used by a TU Priest please. at least the simplest items…what would be best high dex or high luck?..I’m kinda amazed of the TU Priest..God Bless^^

  14. For turn undead at anubis I would just use mostly demihuman resist gears/neutral resist gears. Other than that I would get dex gears, but the cast time is already fairly fast so it doesn’t matter that much. Damage resist is best so you spend less time healing.

  15. Are you the Mibu I know? D: If add me to MSN D: [email protected]

  16. I wanna ask you a question about TU priest. Why the luk is 30-40, why not 60? its enough?

  17. what a good video
    everybody should download it

  18. Even with 99 luk TU is still pretty random, so 30-40 is enough that you get a slight edge without wasting too many stat points in it.

    also i lold k1

  19. btw, for woe 2.0 (aka SE)
    You can use skills on the emperium. You can just heal spam the emp

    SE HP has 99 INT, 90 VIT, rest to str. HEAL is the primary skill

    Bacsojin Card would be a great item. Goodluck finding one
    Diablo Ring
    Diablo Robe
    +10 Staff of Recov, Full Adren Rush, Berserk Pitched
    10 Meditatio

    If there’s no linker available(Zerk Pitch, FAR), you may want to unequip your staff, and just use Conc Potion to heal faster

    99 INT, 99 Dex, rest to vit might be better
    + No need to rely on another HP to SW/Sanc. You can do that yourself
    + Low vit means not in danger of getting killed by an AD-er. This means there won’t be a need to Pneuma at all. ****
    + Low Max HP isn’t such a big problem ****
    + High Dex means you can protect the Guardian Stone with a Kyrie Eleison

    - Low vit means you’ll get status effects like crazy. Gypsy’s Scream will be a big problem

    ——————————HP SWing technique——————————

    **** – Always, Always stay on top of the Emperium/Guardian Stone’s cell
    This way, you can also protect yourself from Asura, Sonic Blow, CT while you’re protecting the Emp/GS

    How do you stay on top of it?
    Simple, Walk across the Top Right Cell of an Emperium, and use skills that will interrupt your walking, and doesnt require any Targetting
    Hide, Gloria,

    You can also use skills with cast time:
    Angelus, Magnificat

    Always walk in a straight line (North to South or vice versa. East to West or vice versa)
    Don’t walk diagonally, since you’ll get your position wrong

    If you still don’t understand how this works, try to think of champ’s snapping/relocating to the same cell that another player is occupying. This makes it hard to target, and kill the champ, because the name that will pop up is the other player

    Why should you stay on top of an Emp/Guardian stone?
    Because it’s very difficult to SW the emp/gs’ cell, and SW the cell you’re on top of
    Too much back and forth mouse movement between yourself and the SW means you’ll make a mistake, and mis click

    So just stand on the same cell, and SW both

    Warning: Make sure your mouse cursor is pointing/showing the Guardian Stone/EMP’s name, and not your name. You dont want to KE or Heal yourself, instead of the GS. You use Pots to keep yourself alive. You use Heal, KE, and SW to keep the GS alive.

  20. i dont like low dex or low vit builds for any woe, even if you can heal the emp in SE

  21. Hey mibu can you post another guide with all the other equips for the FS Priest?

  22. there are a few paragraphs where I talked about this in this guide

    different garments with ele resists, if you can get it a gr valk armor (but on most low rates those will go to other people that get better use out of them, unless you found/bought it yourself and you’re selfish)

    you should also get ele armors to swap to (fire, wind are the main ones… don’t use water for breaking a good precast because meteor damage is much better than sg even if you’re taking double damage from the sg)

    since this guide has been written satan morroc came out, diablos boots/mant are best garment/footgear now, and the robe isn’t bad either.

  23. Its not about what you like or dont like, Mibu

    Its about informing other people of the other options they can use

    If they have diablo gears, then they probably should be a full INT build, and being the main Healer and laying down ME’s around (not on) the emp
    If they dont, then just the usual dex gears to SW/Sanc

    If the enemy guild have pseudo-breakers (berserk guitar clowns, 190 aspd star glad) coupled with the usual breakers, then that SW will go down FAST
    even with 2 dedicated SWers. The extra HP that does 4k heals will be a huge help in counteracting the few crucial hits that get in, during those few milli secs that the SW was down

  24. Actually the whole guide is biased based on my opinions and all of my comments are biased based on my opinions, and whatever I say is based on what I like or have found to be successful.

    Get creators to slim pot pitch instead of ruining your build for one task, I prefer builds that can do multiple things well in woe.

    If you get low vit, you will stun. Good luck healing.

    If you get low dex, or even medium-low dex, you will spend longer casting and have less time for lex aeterna, pneuma, your precious heal, and basically everything else.


  25. Just to make my point clear, I don’t really care what you do, my guide and advice are here to share what I know. If you disagree, fine; If you benefit, great.

    But I’m not going to endorse something that I see as stupid.

  26. Hum, since when concentration potions, etc… affects the spells?

  27. Since then?


    * Some further changes to the delayfix function [Playtester]
    - aftercast delay is at least amotion no matter what skill
    (this includes skills with cast time AND skills with skill delay!)
    - aftercast delay reductions can NEVER reduce the aftercast delay below amotion
    (this includes Bragi and Soul Links)

    A motion= 2x aspd.

  28. Well i didn’t understood why is the concentration pot?
    What is the effect in woe, yeah i’m kinda noob.

  29. Your attack speed affects animation delay, and you can never cast faster than your animation delay even when in a bragi with high int, so the higher your aspd=the faster you can spam skills.

    Don’t use that as a reason to get agi though; just use attack speed pots.

  30. Oh get it, thanks :) btw nice guide

  31. uhmm.. why not luck? luck also reduces status duration and chance.. and why isn”t noxious card in the garment list?

    and standing on the top of the guardian stone is a bug.

  32. uhmm im a newbie in RO I just have a question… what

    are the stat build for a High Priest? is it still the same as

    the Priest’s stat build?

  33. from guide:
    “For stat builds, 30 str is minimum for weight capacity. Very high dex is a must. 80+ vit is recommended, higher is usually better. Int should be very low; if you go over 50% weight capacity then it really doesn’t matter. If you’re under 50% then get at least 30 total, you can get higher if you want but not by much. Always end it on a multiple of 6. Don’t get luck or agi.”

    that’s a woe build, for the other types of builds I’m pretty sure I covered stats in the guide too.

  34. Love your guide. Goes through the basics and gives you a good general idea on the overall uses of Priests.

    But you didn’t mention any stat distribution for PvM build. I had always used 99INT, 99DEX and the rest in VIT. I was wondering what your thought on that is.

  35. Recovery is also a very important skill during attack / defense

  36. Ahhh p server guides. how cute ;)

  37. nice guide MiBu =D
    i’m not usued to using hp on low rate servers so your guide is really helpful
    just two questions: tu really works on ppl with ed?
    i never thought that was possible ^^
    i’ll prolly solo most of the way with a me priest/hp so do you have any tip? (yes antisocial ftw \o/)

    thx and bb~~’-’

  38. @MNightway:

    yep tu works on ppl with ed, i just did it earlier, /heh

  39. Hi mibu!
    Nice guide!
    it Helps a lot for a newbie like me!

    I never tot we can TU on woe or pvp! Lol..!


  40. hi mibu.
    Nice guide!
    It helps a lot for a newbie like me!

    I never taught we can use TU during PVP and WoE.


    To others who will comment:
    Please read twice the guide and please understand it well before commenting. Thanks…

  41. @Anon

    ahhh official players. how cute ;)


    Sorry I’m late in responding, I haven’t checked rms in a while. I’m sure you don’t need it anymore, but for anyone else with similar questions:

    There are several very good ME priest vids on youtube or similar sites that can give you a good idea of how to solo effectively with it.

    Yeah that stat build is fine for ME. There are really no hard rules regarding pve stats in RO, it’s what you play better with. It’s really just personal preference imo.

  42. How do you feel about Angelus for FS or WoE? Seems like a decent skill. You could take away the points in decrease agility and bring angelus up to 5.

    btw my anti-spam word was priest lol.

  43. angelus? as in more soft def? maybe for fs when you’re the tank/mobber for a little extra damage resistance, not for woe its not worth the time it takes to push the button or cast it imo lol.

    dec agi is way more useful for woe

  44. well I guess for fs it’s more useful regardless of who is tanking/mobbing, tho for mvping it wouldn’t be that useful, for general mobbing yeah sure get it. if you don’t have a reseter, the points are better off in dec agi

    don’t get it higher than necessary for requirements for woe, you *should* be using dec agi during woe it is way more useful than angelus would be

    when walking from point a to point b, when you aren’t buffing allies you should be debuffing enemies (lex a and dec agi, mostly)

  45. Mibu from eRO forums?

  46. Angelus will add to the skill delay of all your party members that are in your screen. Not really recommended in WoE.

  47. yes, from ero forums

  48. hey, mibu^^

    i’m glad where the same in skill build and stat for ME hp..hehe..

    but, my problem is about equipments, in your video in geffen dun 3, do you have beelzebub card? and also, i wanted to ask, which is better for ME priest, beelzebub card or mistress card???…hope you reply^^

  49. hey, mibu^^

    i\’m glad where the same in skill build and stat for ME hp..hehe..

    but, my problem is about equipments, in your video in geffen dun 3, do you have beelzebub card? and also, i wanted to ask, which is better for ME priest, beelzebub card or mistress card???…hope you reply^^

  50. MM…

  51. /swt

    -beelzebub put at accesories and mistress put at headgear
    -better use fetaher beret but if u have sunglasess[1] put mistress
    -dont have sunglas[1],carrylah gemstone during WoE^^

  52. can i ask for a good build stat and skills for a high priest full support i just started last feb 2010 my job is sin x but i got prob regarding to my girl friend high priest we don’t know the right build thx……. if you help

  53. mmm….

    STR : 49
    AGI : 1
    VIT : 76
    INT : 99

    STR :50-55
    AGI : 1
    VIT : 99
    INT 70 -80
    DEX :31 -47
    LUK : 1

    I’m play h,priz using heal build….


  55. One thing to add, woe wise is that even though asumptio is banned you can use it before going in the castle. Therefore, inside, cast lvl1 kyrie on enemies to cancel it.

    Also, if you’re an FS priest build you can still level pretty fast at anubis using ressurection (works just like TU at same lvl)
    The only down side is the blue gemies cost, but I’ve leveled this way and the drops tend to finance it pretty well.

  56. Hey Mibu,

    Do you remember me? We played together like 15 years ago, I think. I was Haru, my avatar had like blue hair ! And we also played Gunbound, I think.

    I play on 4game’s RO.

    Anyway, your guide is great man! Thanks for the help.

    PS: if you\’re not who I think you are, sorry in advance!

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