General Guide on Botting




i. Introduction

ii. Brief History of RO Bots

iii. Who and Why Bot ?

iv. Botting = Hacking ?

v. Botting is illegal ?

vi.Notes / Acknowledgments

i. Introduction

Hello World ! You can call me Lotus, and this is a general guide to understand what’s bot and why people like botting. This guide is not made to annoy, intrude or upset any specific RO private server prohibiting bot activities, but merely to understand the botting portion of RO and the community supporting it.

ii. Brief History of RO Bots

Some time after introduction of international RO beta, many local beta official servers sprouted around developed countries sparking a new generation of MMORPG popularity. Since then, many types of bots were introduced by programmers who themselves play or just for the fun of it. Bots such as Revemu and Solos Kore were the early bots reigning through RO servers prior and sometime after Turtle Island Patch. As times passes, many old bots failed to keep up itself with Comodo Patch and newer bots evolved from Solos Kore. Currently the most popular bot program is OpenKore.

List of known active bots projects (unlinked by staff):

ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ ThaiKore Official Site

List of known inactive bots projects:

Solos Kore
(Plus / Hybrid)
MessyKore XP
Tiffany Bot

Early bots consists of functioning primarily on walking to grinding map randomly, attacking, looting and storaging/selling with NPCs. Bots today, enables chat room and custom deal selling, short repetitive quests, party bot with support, PvP support, and other miscellaneous supports.

iii. Who and Why Bot ?

A common question among non-botters and new RO players, Why bot? If you’re not going to play whats the point of botting? People mostly bot because they have and want to enjoy quality rather grinding 24/7 but also want they fix on RO. It is normal to know there are players hand grinding almost 24/7 and being competitive toward non-active players. Botting in this sense allows users to play the boring and time consuming of meaningless repetitive grinding. Botting, in some sense can balance out server economic depending on individuals perspective. Manual players are able to grind at unique and non-repetitive gaming aspect such as MvPing, medium/hard quests, WoE and other aspects of game activities which can’t be or poorly imitated by bots. Another small group of botters consists of program developers who seeks sense of achievement by being able to develop and run bots effectively. They earn pride by being able to extend bot functions and ability and seek little fun within the game itself.

iv. Botting = Hacking ?

Botting and Hacking are commonly closely associated, but the two are very much in different.

Hacking involves in directly accessing RO Server illegally either to sabotage or to create virtual benefits of the hacker by altering game databases or their network system. A typical hacker might just simply intrude RO Server database server and create a character and inputting zenny amount or items of their choice to the characters. Hacking allows users to gain unlimited virtual benefits within hours without actually participating ingame.

Botting, on the other hand, requires a game character to be created to be automated. Botted characters appear ingame and participates with the server population while it is developing. Items looted from botted character can be traded and mutually benefited from non-botting or botting players. Unlike hacking, botted characters had to grind and be existent ingame to gain virtual benefits in accordance to the time frame. As such, botting is very much different from hacking.

v. Botting is illegal ?

No, not entirely.
Generally most official RO Server and RO Private Server prohibits botting and they are classified as “third party programs” of server rules which probably comes with account/IP ban punishment.

However, not all RO Servers prohibits bot. A typical server’s warning on using bot:

The above example shows anti-bot warning targeted specifically to their P2P(Pay-to-Play) version of Official RO Server. This rules is not enforced to their F2P (Free-to-Play) version, which anticipates high number of botters who might be interested on their premiun i-mall virtual items to boost gaming experience. Such servers allows bot in a form of “implied” terms. Such servers does not state “bot allowed” or “bot welcomed” statements, but merely does not mention prohibition of “third party programs” in their rules.

Some servers do mention prohibitions of botting, but they   either take less initiative on catching bots or totally ignore bots due to understanding of importance of bots role in game economy contribution and server population impression. Such servers may emphasize on catching bot aggressively later on when the server reaches maturity stage with over-population and/or receiving increasing complaints from legitimate players.

Lately, new generation of RO Private Servers promotes bot-able servers. This group of private servers does not prohibit botting although they encourage manual game participation. However, they still uphold some sort of ethic guidelines such as prohibition of KS bots, WoE bots and other abnormal activities related to botting which can ruin game balance and experience. Such prohibitions are customized according to server owners.

List of Bot Allowed – RO Private Servers:

Muspell Online (1x1x1x, no donation, custom, official RO, no trans, Pre-Einbroch update)
Kore-RO (re-opened under new admistration as OpenKore-RO, international)-closed-
AstigRO (Philiphines Based Server/Community)
AstigRO (Philiphines Based Server/Community)
RMS Test Server – (No rules on no-botting, usually used by developers)

List of Bottable as implied – RO Official Servers:

iRO – Valkyrie : (Assumed bot allowed, not stated)
eRO – Free Server : (No no-botting rule)
pRO (said to be not banned for botting)

List of UnBottable – RO Private Servers:

LuminaRO - (Prohibits and completely blocks bots)
SekaiRO – (Prohibits and completely blocks bots)
LegendRO – (Prohibits and completely blocks bots)
BlackOutRO - (Prohibits and completely blocks bots)

vi. Notes / Acknowledgments :

Information in this writing were mainly sourced from old/existing botting projects which are open-source in nature. It is understood that botting is generally not acceptable in most RO servers and RO community in the whole. But, please understand that, botting is also legitimated in certain servers, and as such comment appropriately. Servers rule on their botting segment are stated as this writing is posted, I’m not liable for any changes of rules after this writing is published. This writing is not meant to encourage players to bot in any particular server, but simply to get basic and gemeral understanding of bots and servers stand on bots.

Thank You.

Credits to:

ModKore : My first botting program and experience
OpenKore : Currently The Best Bot
KoreRO – Best International Bot Allowed Private Server
RMS Test Server – Convenient & Stable Bot Testing Ground

Special Thanks to:

OpenKore Developers, Contributors and Documentation Writers, for keeping Project Kore alive !

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  1. where can i download bot?

  2. how to configure for bard with openKore ?

  3. please refer to wiki.openkore website

  4. is there free to play server bot allowed?

  5. LOL.

    You can put “idRO” (Indonesian Ragnarok Online) in your List of bottable RO Official Servers. Most of the popularity uses and utilizes bots. :) I played there, I used bot as well. xD

  6. i like it

  7. guys im using ARO(Arabic ragnarok online)how to use bot there?….its VERY popular inthe gme

  8. openkore-ro is down, is there other bot allowed server ? other than official servers.

  9. is down ? cant access it.

  10. no it’s up, maybe it’s just you?

  11. Server is closed. no more bot allowed private server.

  12. how to fix Packet Tokenizer: Unknown switch 09A0 ??

  13. most probably due to incorrect servertype or recvpackets. please search in openkore forum. There is alot of asnwer for this problem posted.

  14. Can someone help me on how to bot in InertiaRO. I’m having problem with the login in servers.

  15. *Server. I should say.

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