How to Start Writing?

To start writing your first guide, all you need to do is register an account here to be a contributor.

After you get your password in the email, you can login to our system. Then simply go to the Write tab where it will show you a text editor. This is where you can start writing your guide. You can select the Visual or HTML editor at the top right corner of the editor based on your preference.

Because we demand quality guides, it is important for you to review our Writer Guidelines and make sure you follow each of them. The most important guideline is that you must upload all images to our site, this is to avoid images become unavailable in the future. We have prepared a guide to teach our contributors on how to upload images using our text editor, click here to read it.

There are also benefits to become an contributor. If you are wondering what is it, just click here to find out.

If all these sounds good, then what are you waiting for? Start writing! Every word you write is going to help RO grow.

Well, if you don’t know where to start … It’s always a good idea to see our general suggestion under the What to Write? article or see what others are looking for in the Request a Guide section.

Lastly, just a note to everyone, you are free to use the Guides in Progress section to inform others of guides you are writing so contributors will not waste effort in creating the same guide. But it is equally easy to check the full list of unpublished guide titles in the contributor panel under the Manage Tab.

3 Responses to “How to Start Writing?”

  1. Its good to hear that there is some new access of programs that can help many and many players of RO congrats and dont stop helping us


  2. OH. man you the best, you helped me a lot, thanks

    always keep up the good work

  3. Finally,RMS is having a guide.Oh yes,please include the nifhliem quest(both the girl and the piano key sites ).
    For the nameless isl quest,u may wan to get priests with mistress card.
    Bio Lab is a hard place,u need abt 20+ chars as there is TOO MANY MOBS at the 3rd lvl(Trust me,if u played a private server,theres about at least 1 monster at every corner)
    Finding the MvPs is more difficult,the names are about the same as the 2-1/2-2 job people.Just find the slaves of the MVPs(Meaning that if 1 monster surrounded about 3+ others,he MAY be a MvP)
    Plz check the ele weakness so as to know how to combat them (ex.Archers weak to earth,use Heaven’s Drive)