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  1. Well I request a PVP Guide. Not a Class PVP guide but a general one. What to wear, What to use, When to attack, What build etc.

  2. Hello, i would like to ask about PERFECT resistance ( element resistance ) build for SHR server with all cards and items, thank you :) Got my own (5 eles resist at same time : fire,water,earth,shadow,poison and i wonder if it is possible to make more ( AT THE SAME TIME ). Thank you :)

  3. How about an MVP guide? How to kill strong MVPs (ex Thanatos, GTB, Garm etc.).

  4. level 4 weapons A & S, that would be a great guide, can someone put it here?

    Thanks! *^-^*!

  5. Hey Avenger, what kind of ressistance? towards assassin crosses sonic blows? or against magic?

    I can give you a guide to a nearly-perfect elemental ressistance against sonic blows if you want, the only way to counter this nearly-perfect elemental ressistance is probably by using crazy attack equipments that enchances your strengths and attacks.

  6. how to go to nameless island????

  7. can some make a guide on … ro commands like auto looting allocating stat points , etc

  8. I would like to request a guide for the quest mvps. I know of a couple, Thanatos and the ice dungeon mvp. Thanatos is easy enough but i have no clue on the rest.

  9. I want to re quest a GM guide like Commands and details of the commands because not all the GM guide have all the commands.

  10. can spmebody give a guide on how to enter moscavia map please?i mean mosk_fild02 and mosk_dun01..there’s a quest before we can access to that map..need help!TQ in advance

  11. is there elemental guide?

  12. Please can anyone write a guide, for newbies, on how to make a substantial amount of zeny while they are progressing through the game? I’ve seen many guides on leveling up and stuff, but no one has ever attempted to make a guide to show how to make some zeny, which could help them in future, when they transcend or need to buy equips.

    Farming items especially would be great.. Items like honey, royal jelly, etc etc could be just great in the guide. Just keep in mind that the players would be new, hence they will be low level and NO ITEMS/EQUIPS or ZENY would be present on them. So keep the farming spots simple and easy to go to. :) Thankies to RMS for making such a great place.. :)


  13. Can someone please make an Executioner sword quest guide.

  14. Money Making Guide on a lowrate server please <3

  15. Is the quest about Hellion. I was stuck in geffen tablet when
    the sage Welshyun ask question about the Third part of the ballad of grimnir if someone know please tell me tq

  16. How to get all of the taming item??
    like “goblin ring”, “holy marble”, etc.

  17. Umm!!

    Can I request for Geffenia Dungeon guide… I want to lvl to that place please!! hope you will post soon…

    THX!!! ad Happy New Year…

  18. Hi i would like to know the bloody branch quest, the old one in niflheim isnt working, now the npc just make dead branches! Thanks ^^ Oh, i heard it was pretty hard, but i dont care!

  19. i want a a kiel dung quest guide :D part 1 and 2 if u can ty in advanced
    oh btw for the guy above me just reset stats and go all out dex and luk with gears that + dex and luk. bard and priest buff is also helpful and also be near preist for heal or near a healer

  20. I was wondering..with all the status effects it is hard for me to know which do what and how it is useful, if a guide was made of this i would be very grateful. ^^

  21. I am in desperate need of a lowrate zeny guide for n00bs! All these leveling guides look great but I can’t afford even 100 red pots after my novice pots run out! And an acolyte CAN NOT fight at payon dungeon for long without sp pots and those are EXPENSIVE!

  22. i need a guide at hidden dungeon / labyrinth forest…

  23. can you guide me on Bruspetti’s Quest?

  24. I’d like to request a guide for make a good build for a 75x/75x/50% server (instant cast is 190, but the maximum u can put in base is 150) for a High wizard. My cast is very slow i got 110 DEX

  25. i need a guide on how to adopt?? tnx in advance

  26. A cooking guide would be nice!

  27. what is the best Double Strafe build, im on a medium rate server all the equipsment its one slotted except for a valk which i have and we have clips that are 2 slotted any ideas?

  28. how about complete guide for mjollnir, meggingjard, sleipneir, brisinggame quest

  29. Please write a guide for:

    Max Card + equip combo for-

    1) HP
    2) SP
    3) Max Vit
    4) Max Dex
    5) Max Luk
    6) Max Int
    7) Max Str
    8) Max Agi

  30. hi i would love a guild on how to kill Ktullanux my guild is a mvp guild so i spamed a bunch of quests so i can summon and share/use/vend the loot. we thought it would be easy cuz at first look it seems like a garm with 4m hp lol but then it DISPELLS LIKE CRAZY!!! lol so after half of the party give up at 73% me and a friend started to lex/asura it and it took 4 HOURS!! ya really need a guide lolz like whats best equips, jobs for killing, tanking methods stuff like that thx

  31. I need a guide for Lord knights on a SHR server
    I need a good build (The server is up to lvl 999)…
    The guide is for WoE and PvP Please i Need it

  32. i need a guide on a woe type bard… that’s right bard not dancer, not clown, not gypsy.. hehehe.. equips, stats, skills, and strategies thx… ^_^

  33. need a guide on leveling mages to 99 asap . (: thx :D

  34. can rate my server please put a guide on how to activate the lord of death at niflheim?

  35. i wat a guide were it shows how to make a lord knight bowling bash stronger

  36. i also wat a lord knight guide where it tells u how to make a lord knights spear boomerang stronger

  37. Pure sinx guide:(high rate. 255/255)
    stats build.

    Note sinx that can hit at a damage over 15,000(physical damage)

  38. can I request for a mage leveling guide preferably from level 20 above thank you ^^

  39. Someone should make a Whitesmith build guide. Thanks ^^

  40. please i need a guide how you can get a falcon and ride a peco peco please im begging i need

  41. Peco:
    Knight: Next to the knight guild in Prontera, he loan one
    Crusader: Next to Prontera’s church. Grand Peco breeder or something.
    Same for their respective transcendant.

    Inside the Hunter guild in Hugel.

  42. From what I’ve seen, most guides are for Sniper, Champion, and Lord Knight.
    I humbly request a guide of building a Professor. There’s only one guide there, and it is not helpful enough.

    Please forgive my bad English, it is not my first language.
    Thank you for your attention.

  43. i would like to request a build for gunslinger desperado type

  44. Uhm cards guide please for dex, vit, str, luk, int; and agi

  45. Hey i would like a ninja PVP guide, and a ninja guide for other rate servers as mine goes to level 255.

  46. @Cycnus
    to kill a player with Ghostring card, you need to have a Civil Servant Card. it adds a 20% damage (i guess) to ghost property. compounded to weapon.

  47. @MagicalMage
    kill the plants in Rachel field 011 or geographers in einbroch field 04

  48. @marc
    to adopt, you should be married. wear your wedding ring, right click on a novice then choose adopt.

  49. i can make a guide for snipers to max out aspd (in mid rate servers) without donate items. ill give you my stat and equipment info. just with increase agi and sniper buffs, you’ll get 190 ASPD. i hate it when people say i’m using hacks so i’m about to share it :D

  50. Yo, I know most people look up these guides for whats the strongest things for this or that but I’m the type of person who goes agaisnt the grain. I’m going dagger sword sicne finding out that double attack only works on the right dagger. Anyway, I was wondering if there was someone who’d write a dagger sin guide for higher level sins and sin crosses.

  51. I need a guide for how to do in a party at thors or bios and some tips and tricks

  52. Can someone make a guide for a thors and bios party and some tips and tricks

  53. I request a guide for a Combo Champ. Not just PvM but PvP and WoE as well. Thank you.

  54. endless tower!! how can i go there!!1

  55. I’ve submitted my Map Access Guide. It includes links to hard to find quests like Geffenia Dungeon, Endless Tower, etc.

  56. Make a stargladiator and charge money to leech people at thors. It is a very easy way to make money. Just takes a little investment in the starglad, and time to leech people.

    I’ve posted my friend’s stargladiator leeching guide. Once it is published, use that guide to leech people and tada you’re in the money!

  57. I would like to ask for a well made ninja guide and a better stalker/rouge guide.

    How about a guide about a list of prices for items and cards

  58. to the person above me ^^
    the guide u requested would be different for each server lol seeing that no 2 server will be exactly the same

    and i request… a guide on every jobs’ job in woe for both attack and defence

  59. well,i may thanks for the many guides have here,but i need one…i dont know what equips and build to go on Biolab 3 with a Grimmtooth sinX-Sin…what weapon,equips,and stats to use,thkx

  60. an alchemist/creator guid plz and stats

  61. Can you make a “Leveling Guide for Crusaders”

  62. an alchemist/creator guid plz and stats for making pots

  63. Please make a guide about how to go to the Manuk and Splendide.

  64. “What Cards Are and How To Use Them.”

    I know. “Wtf. Nooblulz.” But coming from somebody who doesn’t know good builds (big mistake, I know. I don’t think I’ll correct it soon.), it’ll be helpful.

  65. please make a quest guide for item..
    especially for taming item

  66. got any guide on how to refine things?

  67. requesting a guide to kill high-end mvps (randgris, ifrit etc.)

  68. @Cress…

    randgris, if you’re alone, kill it with reflect LOL!

    ifrit, lure him on ent and asura asura asura for 2 hrs FTW

    hahahahaha no jk.. but seriously i did those O_O

    i guess ice walling is the best against most MvP’s

  69. tip*

    you should not attack MvP’s off-guard. when you attack them while they’re not facing you, mostly they will teleport, especially Ifrit (what a fag)

    But idk if they’ll also teleport if you attack them while they’re focused on raping or chasing somebody else.

  70. How to summon lord of death?
    How do we get ice pick? By quest or dropped by monster? Seems that every server has their own ways..

  71. How to summon Lord of death?
    How do we get ice pick? By quest or dropped by monster? Seems that every server has their own way to get ice pick

  72. Can someone give me a help! can anyone help tp build a paladin ?? pliz i’d any help with the equipment of my paladin

  73. i hope somebody can post guide about stalker as guild leader..

  74. Please post a more complete star gladiator guide (no offense to the ones that are already posted)
    i would like to see the leveling guides and the different skill build and stats distribution in the guide
    thanks in advance

  75. please do a guide about the anti-steal system well detailing


    just that!

  76. guide on endless tower what jobs needed? the amount of ppl? needed gears needed for what floor?
    stuff like that

  77. I am requesting a leveling guide by questing in middle rate servers. like, easy quests with high base exp reward to lvls 40-60, 70-99 and job exp too.
    thx since now

  78. can you guys please give me a guide for 3rd job Cross Impact skill… lvl 99/70

    please mail me..

  79. how to make a guild in kriegRO??

  80. Unless i haven’t searched very well, there’s no woe guide for whitesmiths, only for pvp, I’d like to ask for one.

  81. Request: A farming-tanking Champion, using Physical Immune guide =)

  82. can someone make a star gladiator guide

  83. I request a guide on problems people are having, For example, a problem I am having is that I keep trying to start a quest to change my job, but everywhere I go, even though I meet the requirments, the person I have to talk too to start the quest is not there.

  84. how to make a family????married?????what the guide????

  85. Maybe a quest about the Ash-Vacuum access quest and all the quests you can have there ? I think that I did all the quests there : Instructor with his friend’s letters and giving supplies, Diego with his broken post, Henneha Hue and Ryosen with their meeting, the cats things, and a fairy thing (After talking to the angry fairy and talk to the guard, what’s next ??)

  86. Necross said : Unless i haven’t searched very well, there’s no woe guide for whitesmiths, only for pvp, I’d like to ask for one.

    Maybe whitesmiths aren’t good in WoE and PvP !! xDD

  87. And maybe a guide about how to be a legit person in ur RMS private server and maybe about how to be GOD ! Oh and I want the GM skins :<

  88. can someone post guillotine cross guide plsss 255/150 server

  89. I need a Thor’s guide.
    What equips to wear what cards to use etc.


  90. I want a guide for mechanics/Whitesmiths for a server mid rate max lvl 255/120. Max stat 255. Any Recomendations?

  91. i requested for a Killer guide for stalker max lvl 255 max job lvl 120 plzzz help me im only a newbie for RO i only started playing like 2weeks ago . and i dont know what to put cards and my brother always tease me that im a NOOB etc… plz elp mehhh

  92. I would like to request for a guide on using the “create new poison” skill for the Guillotine Cross (ingredients needed.. etc.) thanks in advance :)

  93. Hey, i would like a guide to how to enter in the: gld_dun’s…

    I don’t think there’s one… i searched all over the internet and,.. nothing! i would really like someone to make that guide :D

    Thanks, Waker ;)

  94. a rune knight guide? plus what equips to maximize the sonic wave skill. please please make one

  95. A Biolabs MvPing guide please :x specifically Sniper but the other ones would be helpful too.

  96. well, I have problems with some Glt. cross in pvps or pvp events

    They use Cross Impact with 200k dmg per hit(coz they use elemental converters thats why)

    i need a lil guide to my build….Im a Berserker type Glt. Sinx
    well i dont know whats the best cards

    255/150 server

    255 all stats

  97. please have a leveling guide for a taekwon but not for a ranker taekwon

  98. m2e {ground effect} color guide for RCX. tool.

  99. Please kindly help me, I’m kinda confuse ‘coz this is my 1st time creating a Arch Bishop. Can you give me a guide for Arch bishop came from ME High Priest build and what to equip to reach maximum potential of the Adoramus skill and Judex skill. I would like to reach my INT to 150 at the same with DEX 150, can I make it?

  100. Guide for SinX Mino Guide
    What to wear .what todo etc..

  101. An MvP/WoE High Wizard Skill Build
    - skills good for MvP and WoE
    - is Safety Wall really worth getting?
    - is Fire Wall important for this build?
    - does Frost Diver have any use in this build?

  102. hello, i need a guide to apple juice pls D=

  103. Need a guide to kill infrit in low rate server and i want to have high wizard to have mvp bonus

    and another guide for a party with LK paladin 1 HW 2 HP 2 prof 1 clown 1 sd sinx to kill infrit

  104. I REQUEST for ASKYDUN Quest~ please and i mean for PH time…thanks

  105. I need a guide in multipliers! for example the hydra cards, AK card, skel soldier cards, etc. I need to get the rules on it. is there a limit to the multiplier or what not. i heard there is a 50% limit to the multiplier, meaning i can only equip 2 AK cards, and if its 3 AK’s the 3rd one is not anymore counted, is that true?

  106. @Near527: No,there is no limit to the multipliers.

  107. @Dave Court
    in thor dungeon, you need:
    1) Armor with Pasana Card
    2) Weapon with water element
    3) A support from priest :)

  108. It would be nice and a good change to see a good/descent/excellent ninja guide because for almost as far as RO writings sections age… there is yet to be a ninja guide…
    it would be nice if it include EVERYTHING from why choose this character and builds,leveling,item/skill builds,PVP/GVG strategies,do and dont’s etc etc…

  109. How about on managing a guild???

  110. can someone kindly give me a good skill build for a shadow chaser and stat build for backstab

  111. Can someone make a guide on warlock.. pretty darn job to play.. to many spells, so much crappy ones.. T_T

  112. can someone give me guide how to max my damage to valk randgris using 99/70 champ???
    and guide how to hunt orleans glove alone in 99/70 server??
    thx !!

  113. make a mechanic faw type guide … =D

  114. RMS Writers, make Crusader-Royal Guard Guide please… XD

  115. can some give me a guide..
    what is the best bow to increased the damage of my Double strafe plssssssssss.
    best set for bard/minstrel and best weapon for bard/minstrel……


  116. Any guides on max mdef using only eqs and cards without GTB?

  117. Need guide for stats Mechanic plizz…

  118. Uhmm can someone make an updated Gunslinger guide?

  119. Guide for Sinx Sb Weapon cards please Base: 255 Job: 150
    MAx stat: 200

  120. Sir could you please make me a guide of sniper for endless tower. Just the arrows that i have to bring and please specify the monsters according to the arrows.. thanks !

  121. Sir where or how can i get Battlefield morning star?
    I really want that weapon so please help me..

  122. Need a shura guide pls

    Stats, skills and different types of shuras

  123. A WoE SE Whitesmith support build

  124. A pvp shura guide please

  125. hi can i request guide for dragon manteau quest?

  126. best build in stalker…???

  127. sorcerer build ragnarok

  128. can I request a pvp and mvp ninja build?? it’s hard to wrestle my way into battle without knowing any tactics…. thx

  129. Need WARLOCK Guide please, thank you so much, GBU

  130. where can i find the Evil Majestic Quest NPC? pls help!!!!

  131. hi i just started ro today after like 8 years lol i really want to create a ks ninja with a backup option to throw kunais i was just wondering what my stats should be and what skill would i need?

  132. Low Rate Ranger guide please. Skill tree much needed.. :)

  133. A detailed guide about the Eden group quests would be very helpful as some players are quite struggling with the training courses. :D

  134. requesting warlock and sorceress guide along with its bonus headgear please

  135. Hi, im requesting a guide on full vit build for clown to achive 235/240/245 Apple Of Idun Buff. Anyone know how?

  136. need an Royal Guard Build thx

  137. new world quests starting with getting to the new world and guides for each of the dung quests

  138. is there a quest that lvls a amistr to the next form if there is make a guide

  139. can anyone post a link for askydun map quest?

  140. Hello..there i need a Sonic Blow Sinx Guide apart from which we have on rms..which includes
    Pvp,Mvp,woe,Pvm..more focused on gears needed against other characters and sinx itself..and stats for various builds..

  141. i need a guide for mechanics woe and PVP type im little bit confuse on the skills and weapon to use for WOE and PVP type hope you will read this tnx…….
    BTW confuse on accesories and skills like boost knuckle and cart termination

  142. I Want A New Renewal Updated Leveling Guide.

  143. @to people requesting renewal guids

    renewal is far from finalized there are tons of updates with class skills as while as new dungeons/maps. your best bet is to (assuming your playing on a renewal server) check your server’s forum. most private servers vary from how up to date they are and custom balance fixes.

  144. hi people !
    may i request ninja build kunai type please

  145. how to get Homunculus???

    guide pliz

  146. waLLcoo go here

  147. how to build glt. cross for great damage in cross impact?

  148. critical build in assassin cross ( server up to level 999 )

    THANKS .! :D

  149. Any guides for the 3rd jobs?
    From low rates to high rates pls :D

  150. ارجوكم ابي الاسئله حجت اختبار الفارس في الاختبار الرابع ارجوكم ابي الاسئله عربي وا مجوبه

  151. pls help me in resisting elements or how to make cross impact and hundread spear miss??

    SHR server please and reply :))

  152. hai guys, i need your help about easy way to defeat miming. i can defeat miming with ice pick, but its so expensive on my server. can you tell me more to defeat miming, i need a sugest to use a card to defeat miming. thx, and sory if my english no good. :D

  153. A new or updated creator guide would be nice… I need leveling spots, bad.

  154. I just want a sinx guide for the best equips and stats to solo MVP.

  155. hi, i play at ragna server in earope, hosted by the french… i looking for guides for ranger build, from beginning as a novie up to the top :))) love the website and hope you help more players ^^

  156. Dear RMS,
    I need some guide for made a great character in PvP
    with 3rd job 250/70 and max stat 200

  157. Can someone make a Nidhoggr’s Shadow questline guide? I want the cape he drops, but I cant get to it…

  158. Malangdo Enchants please :)

  159. Where’s the expanded super novice guide ? :(

  160. It’s 2017 and Im playing Ragnarok Online the servers are Loki and Thor I was wondering if I can request a guide for ninja,takewondo and gunslinger job change quest?

  161. Awesome blog you have here but I was curious if you
    knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of community where
    I can get responses from other knowledgeable people that
    share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please
    let me know. Thanks a lot!

  162. Anybody home? :)

  163. Hello. And Bye.

  164. Champ ecaller Build please 255/120 mvps cards allowed

  165. Add Moscovia and other entrance dungeon quests in the Quest Database section.. Thanks

  166. Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable a pm?

  167. I just want to say thank you for this great forum. I found a solution here on for my issue.

  168. I am looking for a guide for assassin cross vs assassin cross fade build. thank you!

  169. Guide for assassin cross vs assassin cross Lv255

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