Benefits for Writers

To reward our contributors and to encourage more user created content, a sponsor link and graphic representation (around 468×60 pixels is acceptable) is allowed on each piece of writing.

The contributor has complete control over the sponsor link and graphic as long as the content and position is placed with respect to our Writer Guidelines. That means the sponsor link and graphic can be used to promote the server the contributor is playing on, as a link back to the contributor’s personal website or guild website.

If the contributor wishes, he or she can sell the sponsor position by leaving a contact information in his writing to attract potential third party sponsors. However, any deals made in this situation is totally not governed by this site. It will be solely the business between the writer and the sponsoring party.

It is also the contributor’s responsibility to add any sponsor link and graphic, our site will not assist sponsor in this matter. For the contributor, it is as easy as inserting an image into a post then select the image and use the chain icon (Insert/Edit Link) in the text editor to input the URL.

6 Responses to “Benefits for Writers”

  1. Good Good.. atleast we’ll be able to spam our game.

    thanks! =)

  2. upload chum Ronya

  3. hey in Blackout Ro theres no 3 clas job


  5. there are many benefit in writing articles, but some people who are bored in what they are doing is they are trying to copy scape others work for them to finish their task.

  6. hi help m how to go the endless tower plz teach me

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