Rachel Ice Necklace Quest (Summons Ktullanux)

Item Requirements:

- Hammer [2] x 1
Blank Scroll x 1
Rough Wind x 5


- Base Experience: 700,000
Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder) x 4
– Be able to summon Ktullanux (MVP) for every 4 Ice Powder or 4 Ice Scales used.
– Be able to sell Ice Hearts for 375z each to a specific NPC.

Quest Repeatable: No

Step 1: Find Sincere Follower Urstia at Rachel (157,183). She is located a little north from the center fountain. Shows interest to her talk of Freya, she will tell you about her son. Accept her request at the end of the conversation, she will give you a Gray Necklace (Ashy Necklace). You will need to take the necklace to Maheo in the Ice Dungeon.

Step 2: Go find the Man Stuck in Ice in Ice Dungeon Level 2 (120,105) [click here to see how to get to the Ice Dungeon]. Talk to him, he is Maheo who Urstia is looking for. He will agree to help you to shine the necklace but you have to get him out of the ice first. To do that, he will ask you to find his master who is located near Freya’s Spring.

Step 3: So go find Hamion at Rachel (265,98), just a little south from the East Entrance of Rachel by the water area. He will ask you to bring him 1 Hammer [2] , 1 Blank Scroll and 5 Rough Wind in order to create the magical artifact that will break the ice that is trapping Maheo. You can get the Black Scroll in the Sage Academy in Yuno (the Seller is very close to the entrance).

So find these items and bring them back to him. He will use them to create a Hammer of Wind. Now go back to Maheo and break the ice to free him.

Once you done that, he will help you shine the necklace. The Gray Necklace (Ashy Necklace) will become a Shining Necklace (Sparkling Necklace). You will also obtain 4 Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder). Now you can take the necklace back to Urstia and she will reward you with 700,000 base experience points as appreciation.

(optional steps)

Step 4a: By completing this quest, you now have the ability to summon Ktullanux (MVP) located at level 3 of the Ice Dungeon. First, you have to extinguish the 4 Blazing Fire with the 4 Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder) obtained from Maheo. The 4 Blazing Fire are each located at near the center of the map, each at a corner in the center square area [(126,126), (172,126), (172,172) and (127,172)].

Once you have extinguished all 4 Blazing Fire, Ktullanux will speak and show up at the south-center stone path (150, 130). Now that you have summoned Ktullanux, it’s time to kill him …

Note 1: If you cannot the see the Blazing Fires at the 4 locations, that mean somebody have summoned Ktullanux not long ago. You will have to wait a maximum of 2 hours for the Blazing Fires to appear again.

Note 2: After you used your 4 Ice Powders, you cannot get them again from Maheo. To summon Ktullanux in the future, you can use 4 Ice Scales (dropped by Ktullanux) to extinguish the 4 Blazing Fire instead.

Step 4b: This step is not related to 4a, you don’t have do the two in the order listed. Now another advantage of finishing this quest is that you can sell your Ice Heart (common drop in Ice Dungeon) to Mohadian for 375 zeny each. Mohadian is located just southwestern from the center fountain by the food market in Rachel (113,96).

137 Responses to “Rachel Ice Necklace Quest (Summons Ktullanux)”

  1. Remember that this quest also allow selling glacial hearts by a higher price to Mohadin in Rachel (rachel 113, 97) for 375z ea.

  2. oh yes thank you ^^:;
    i had forgotten about that

  3. only once for each character? i thought you could do it more than once.. that sucks :(

  4. I already put this on the Forums >>

  5. x3 not sure which forums you mean,
    and almost all the RO quests can only be done once per character =o

  6. quest can be only done once per character but you should be able summon Ktullanux as many times as you have enough powders or ice scales.

  7. So where to get the Blank Scroll?

  8. yuno_in03.gat,176,24
    Inside the Sage Academy at 1 o’clock postion of Yuno
    Go in and look to the right
    You can buy the Blank Scrolls from the Scroll Seller just next to him.

  9. This quest does not appear in dark ro

  10. if the quest isn’t in your server then thats your server’s fault, this is an official eA coded quest after all ^^;

  11. I defeated Ktullanux and then i found a frozen boy i don’t know what should i do with the boy?plsss reply

  12. I need help!! i saw one Killed Ktu so i do the quest…/gg then its all ok but…..when i go to blazing fire…..i cant see the “Blazing Fire” with the bubbly thing just a simple ice

  13. I can’t find the BLAZING FIRES!!!!…please reply on my email!!!!


  15. I need help!! i saw one Killed Ktu so i do the quest…/gg then its all ok but…..when i go to blazing fire…..i cant see the “Blazing Fire” with the bubbly thing just a simple ice. WHAT THIS LETTER SAID.

  16. The blazing fire are marked at location shown here http://write.ratemyserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/blazing-fire- npc-ice-necklace-quest.jpg

    unless your server is different, and they are not an item, they are part of the map’s fixtures or decoration.

  17. Where to get ice scale the second time?

  18. if u dont see the 4 fires then that means someone has already killed ktullanux. After certain amount of time ( 2hours i think) the flames will return and ktullanux can be spawned again

  19. 1 character only can do once only??????????

  20. aw..
    is there anybody on that can shows me where i can buy the scroll?
    i have looked for a long time but i couldn’t find..
    help me plz

  21. hey, after i beat ktullanux, i found frozen boy, what must we do with him??

  22. is it really once per character? i killed this icy salamander a while ago.. jesus christ he’s hella strong.. how can i repeat or re summon him after cooling time? use another character and do the same quest all over again?

  23. do i get the exp even if i dont kill ktullanvux?

  24. hi,
    i hunted d MVP over 20 times with my new chars i summon it n kill with Champ…..
    but its rubbish that i need its card my server rate is soo dun 0.01 drop rate wat should i do for that im sick of making new chars !!!!!!

  25. @pearcing

    well thats life xD

  26. I can kill that!


  28. mmm lets see i’ll answer a bunch of questions since i’ve been ignoring this it seems XD

    you don’t need to kill the mvp to get the exp from the quest

    after one person puts out the blazing fire, you have to wait a set time before you can put out the blazing fire and resummon

    the ice scales you get from Ktullanux him self (new addition to this quest where you can use them like you can use the freezing snow powder)

    the kid frozen in the ice was also new, but after looking through the script, he doesn’t seem to have any use right now, but he is really really really really really really really really cute <3

  29. Well, I killed him on my star glad, and I was wondering if I could do the quest on the same char again, is that possible? Or do I have to make another char.

  30. you can not do the quest and get the ice powder again

    but if you have the stuff you can summon him as many times as you want..

  31. And what I can do with the child in the ice?

  32. kosmos read my comment above

  33. HOW DO YOU USE THE ICE POWDER??? i see the fire and everything but i dont know how to use ice powders!!! PLZ HELP

  34. @Rasuka

    Once you have all of the 4 ice powders u click on one of the fires and it should come up with an option to use the powder, then u repeat with all of the 4 fires

  35. @RoyWong

    You need to buy the Hammer[2], that items it’s nop dropped


  37. nice one

  38. What’s the level req?

  39. Whats the correct amount of cooldown time for ktullanux so it can be respawned again ?

  40. lol finally dug through the script to find the time amount… i think its 2 hours but eh i could be wrong

    as for a level requirement, there is none right now ^^;

  41. lol im at a high rate server and got all jobs at lvl 99 im in a mvp guild (cuz i suck at pvp too lazy to hunt all those pro cards for pvp) just wanna say thx for the guide lol gonna spam this quest over and over again with my chars to get as many as possible but just one question i didnt do this quest yet so wanna ask can u storage the ice powders? i wanna put all into my high priest or high wizzy which is usually the char im at when my guild goes on mvp hunts also after my chars run out im gonna wanna make a lvl 20 acoltye to do the quest then store the ice powders so can u store them?

  42. i cant summone ktullanux again with the ice scales?
    anyone know why?

  43. after i killed ktullanux, i was teleported into ice_dun04..
    there is a Frozen Boy and can talk to him..
    but there is missing dialog in the dialog box…
    really didn’t understand that

  44. lol the boy really has no use in this specific quest…… ^^;

  45. QUESTION: what happens if you summon ktullanux and you die… does other players get to kill it??? or its only you who can kill it???

  46. Once he’s summoned, he’s freegame (If MVP are free-for-all on your server, anyhow) for anyone. He’s not “instanced”, if that’s the question. Anyone can see it and interact with it.

  47. Also, you can buy the Hammer [2] at Rachel itself, you don’t need to go all the way to Gonryun for it. u^__^

  48. what is the ice_dun04 for?

  49. i get to speak normally with the npc in rachel town……wat should i do before that? please rpz……

  50. after i bring the hammer and blank scroll n 5 rough winds maheos master does not smite them into hammer of winds he still asks for the same items again n again.plz help me

  51. thanks for the quest guid! it helped me out, however.. this monster didn’t drop any good for me

  52. Hehehe! Thanks…. We formed a group then defeat that Monster! HAhaah! We defeat that tough monster!

  53. About The Child In The Ice.
    You Can See The Detail About This Boy At The Sanctuary Of Rachel, There’s a secret Document About This Boy.

  54. jl jati no 52

  55. susah,wa pusing banget cari mpvnya brrrrr

  56. i only got 1 ice scale … please reply

  57. Btw, you can’t get the ashy necklace if your character is married (sheesh) unless it’s a taekwon, gunslinger, ninja.

  58. how to defeat Ktullanux??
    even i use the angra i cant defeat it
    pls tell me~!

    or just PM my char 2:


  59. Guys guys guys!!! the quest said after u killed ktullanux…..u get 4 ICE SCALES….I JUST GOT ONE?!

  60. @KtuLLanuX-Ifrit:

    The quest guide does not say that you get 4 ice scales, but rather that you can summon Ktullanux again using 4 ice scales, and then mentions that the scales can be gained by defeating Ktullanux, even though this guide is unclear in some areas.

    @All people everyone asking about the frozen boy:

    This character is a residual from a quest that was never finished. Unless your server has customized it and made a completed script, the frozen boy does not have any existing purpose.

    @People asking how to defeat Ktullanux:

    It’s called “make a party, get people to join that party who are good players and not on weak characters, then go fight him and make him die.” Stop asking obvious questions.

  61. @GM Arlest
    Sorry man..im still unclear….so where’s the 4 ice scales??

  62. I already used up my chance to summon Ktull, so I went and bought freezing ice powder from another player, and now I cant summon him with the freezing powder I\’ve bought. Do you know the problem?

  63. ..and Im fully aware that the fires are up. =]

  64. KtuLLanuX-Ifrit, on August 29th, 2009 at 4:02 am Said:

    @GM Arlest
    Sorry man..im still unclear….so where’s the 4 ice scales??


    ehem!! man, GM Arlest says that… “The quest guide does not say that you can get 4 ice scales from Ktullanux after you defeat him..” but only 1 pcs of them every time you kill Ktullanux.. and it says that you only need 4 ice scales (4pcs ice scales) for you to able summone Ktullanux again! so it means that you have to collect 4 pcs ice scale or in other words that you have to defeat Ktullanux 4X.. (cant get what i mean??)

    how to collect 4 pcs ice scale even though ktullanux drop them only one?? simple..
    look for the other player that they doing that quest.. join with them to defeat Ktullanux, then after you defeat Ktullanux, ask for the 1pc of ice scale that he dropped, told them that you need that.. that’s it!! you have another ice scale.. do that all over again! and again! and again!! then you will be able to summone Ktullanux again and again and again!!!

    hope guys i can help!! ^^

  65. kantutan na

  66. wkowkwowokwko kocak itu kuthulanux apa salamander wkwkwkwk!!!!!!! kocak abiZzZzZzZ

  67. Itu Cara Sebenarnya Itu Kan Patung Na Gk Ada Di Situ Itu Musti Masuk Ke Ice_Dun04
    Tapi Di Map Saya Gk Ada Jadi Musti Gimn ?

  68. tulong po kse nde ko ma intindihan eh

  69. bisa Tribal nya jadi in 100% wkwkwwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

  70. if u guys wants 4 ice scales, just use your sage or prof to summon mvp(if u lucky enough, u can summon ktullanux and then kill it…) that way u will get another ice scales…:-D

  71. thx for the quest ive GOT 2 pcs of them because i have bubble gum so there are more chances to get that ktullanux card xD

  72. where is Freya’s spring?????

  73. why i cannot click the pillars??

  74. I don’t know where to get the ROUGH WINDS….what rough winds is it anyway?

  75. How to find the ice powders? Their NOT On THE SHOPS. BUT how to find them? how…?

  76. brp harga kondom

  77. Reply for
    JonPiolo, on December 17th, 2009 at 2:52 am Said:

    How to find the ice powders? Their NOT On THE SHOPS. BUT how to find them? how…?


    The answer is there. Try thinking first before posting or you’ll just look more of a freakin’ noob.

  78. Ok guys Listen Again: for those who wanted to get the ice powders please do the quest that are given… see above… ok…

    and for those who want the ice scales damn kill kltnux as many as you can… understand?? ok like this you must do the quest using all of your characters and kill kltnux then get the ice scales its easy as that… ok so stop questioning the Obvious Questions…. ok thanks….

    another thing if your server dont have this kind of quest please do not ask why or what happened why it does not appear… ok…

  79. i didnt try this quest but i have simple comment about those people who are thnking that they are helpfull about d topic..much better to SHUT UPPP!!! you are just pushing down other player by showing how superior u r in this game.. if you want to help, get his mobile no. then teach him….if u dnt care and u just want to impress other player then stop replying because its crazy…!!!!!

  80. yo peeps, i didnt do this quest because im a lvl 63 crus,but seriously,how the heck do u get into ice dungeon f2!?the place is mobbeD,I mean,seriously,HOW THE HECK!?LOL

  81. Hmm… Ktu might drop sumfn good if i do it this way… I’mma try the quest.. Kinda hard spamming MVP summons…

  82. @HatoriRyouji

    you can get rough winds from deniros, andres and pierces at anthell01…

    hope i helped!!

  83. are just 1per char?
    or can do it again?
    or can gain with same char???

  84. can i defeat ktulanux with party member…???
    or i have to defeat him by mysefl??? (no way)

  85. so i need about 40000 ice powder to get ktulanux card, huh?
    0.01% = 1/10000…/gg

  86. awe alguem ai joga limit-ro bora forma party para mata esse bixo

  87. no ifrit quest ? :p

  88. Quiero casarme pliz

  89. how much shud i sell sacred mission in a private server?

  90. bkt ganun? bat ayaw ma kausap yung man stuck in ice???

  91. make a party?pinatay ko mag isa yan sinX ako..lol.

  92. hindi ko lagi ma talk si sincer follower urstia wala man gani si urstia si ussia lang

  93. i finally defeated Ktullanux… ^^ but… there’s one more thing bothering me, nakita ko si Frozen Boy sa Ice dungeon 4….. I really want to know what’s next… ^^ Godspeed

  94. the quest does not appear in VANRO even the sincere follower urstia does not appear in VANRO

  95. si ustia lang ang nandoon hindi sincere follower urstia heh siguro kasi VANRO

  96. ustillia pla namali

  97. ress11

  98. icant see the blazing fire whatshould i do please reply too my email tnx

  99. gm why i cant click sa blazing fire

  100. gmn cara quest lagi gan?
    how manner quest again ?

  101. silahkan kirim ke email
    please reply too my email/facebook
    my email:[email protected]

  102. baka cra cursor mu kaya d mu ma click

  103. ang bobobo nyo naman, di marurunung bumasa at umintindi. puta wag na kayo mag ragna mga tanga. simpleng instruction lang e.

  104. i did the quest but the urstialla don’t give any experience…

    and now??

  105. yo enpese aora a juguar en este selver y boy aber si ami me sale este MVP ojala que mesargua XD…???

  106. fuera mejor que pusieran el MVP ifrit el esmejor damas cosas como la card ifrit yo con esa XD…..aguo de todo si saliera como sale este MVP tubiera muchas ifrit nos bemos =D

  107. i kill ktullanux almost everyday.. i have 60+ ice powders

  108. I havent try it. but im going to. Maybe its Fun!

  109. eddywadster just talk only to the man and then go to the 4 blazing fires :)

  110. CJ i don’t understandyour language :(

  111. that monster may kill w/ my party?or i kill it w/ myself? noway!

  112. “The magic shop” in Yuno does not exist.
    Can’t but the scroll.

  113. the only great part of this quest is the reward 700k exp… HAHAH how should i kill that big ice monster!! hahaha,,,

  114. why the fire not dead?
    pliz help me.

  115. i kill the boss in just 2 hits with sacri O_O

  116. hey dudes… its soooo simple… just understand the instructions ang bobobo nyo… sobra…

  117. ktullanux dissapear omg when i summon him and i went to prontera and heal when i back to ice dungeon he dissapear please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  118. ^

    It teleports most likely.

  119. where i can get ice powder?

  120. sa puso nyu

  121. Well……i died while killing him…(i noe it sux) but…… when i went back again …he wasnt there….does he vanish after the person who summoned it dies?…pls rply…..(or sm 1 els killd him? coz i had done quite sm dmg to him)…..thxxx….

  122. what do i do with the necklace after finishing the quest?


  124. sir is it working on pRO new loki? please reply thanks

  125. ahahah…. orang luarnya pada goblok semua,… dah nanya ga tau diri di ulang pula pertanyaannya. pada bodoh yah mikir aja ga bisa…. lol

  126. What is the boy on the ice after defeat the MVP?
    poor boy forever locked on the ice…

  127. i have one small problem i can’t click on blazing fires @@”

  128. i can solo that its sooooo easy

  129. wow i finally finished the quest

  130. I killed Ktullanux using my Royal Guard and I got Herald of God/Sacred Mission[1] :D

  131. first time i killed him I got his card
    i killed him with my 21 friends

  132. Note 2: After you used your 4 Ice Powders, you cannot get them again from Maheo. To summon Ktullanux in the future, you can use 4 Ice Scales (dropped by Ktullanux) to extinguish the 4 Blazing Fire instead.

    ~regarding to that. how can i summon it again, it only give me 1(ONE) Ice scales.. for sure i need to find 4 ice scales now… but it only dropped by that thing…or should i use another character??

  133. why i can talk 2 mohadian to sell ice heart ??.. plzz help me

  134. Why i can’t get the hummer from Hamion?

  135. why i can’t talk mohadian ?? i can’t quest where mohadian cannot talk to sell ice heart T~T
    that stupid quest on Dreamerro game :’D

  136. you can get ice scale from OBB and OPB/OVB

  137. hello all. thanks for approved.

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