Paladin Guide: Striving To Perfectness

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. The original author is JianYi and permission to publish this guide has been given to from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision.

[+] Table of Contents

  • [ a ] Introduction
  • [ b ] Stats Review
  • [ c ] Skills Review
  • [ d ] Builds and Equipments
  • [ e ] Sample Builds
  • [ f ] Leveling method
  • [ g ] PvP Tacts
  • [ h ] WoE Tacts
  • [ i ] Battle Mode
  • [ j ] Final Overview
  • [ k ] Credits
  • [ l ] Author’s Words

[a] Introduction

Paladin is one of the specialized classes in fighting other player in PvP or WoE. This job is a fast killer but also need a big amount of support from other players. Paladin is also good for mob-hunting and have some great support ability. As we know, paladin is one evolution or rebirth class/transcendent class from crusader and swordsman. Judging from the skills and status, this is also a good job to lead a guild as paladins have a large amount of HP, and also their great walking speed make them easier to penetrate enemies barricade. in PvP, paladin itself is not one class that can be toyed with. Almost every class fear paladin due to their damage output, and recovery ability. And the main point of becoming a paladin is having a good ability of teamwork (like i said above, paladins needs lot of support, but also are the “heart of the team”). So, if you feel have a potential to become a paladin, let’s start out shaping our future together.

[b] Stats Review

Primary Stats


  • STR is the main source of attack power.
  • STR is the main key of WEIGHT LIMITS, more STR allows you to bring more items with you.


  • AGI is the main source of FLEE rate.
  • AGI is the main source of ASPD, also known as Attack Speed.


  • VIT is the main source of Health Point (HP).
  • VIT is also an additional source of Def.
  • VIT also affects the recovery rate of your Health.
  • VIT also affects the healing power caused by healing items.
  • VIT also affects the duration of status effects, and also reduce the occurrence rate.(Bleeding, Blinds, Curse, Stun, Silence)


  • INT is the main source of MATK.
  • INT is the main source of SP.
  • INT is the source of MDef.
  • INT also affects the recovery rate of your SP.
  • INT also affects the replenishing power caused by SP-Replenish items.
  • INT also affects the duration of status effects, and also reduce the occurrence rate.(Blind, Sleep)


  • DEX is the main source of HIT.
  • DEX is the secondary source of ASPD.
  • DEX reduces casting time needed to cast most of spells.
  • DEX also play role in adding some points in attack power.


  • LUK is the main source of Critical Rate
  • LUK is the main source of perfect-dodge
  • LUK also affects the duration of status effects, and also reduce the occurrence rate.(Blind, Curse, Coma, Frozen, Silence, Sleep, Stone, Stun)

Secondary Stats

HP :

  • HP will determine how long your life will last in battle.
  • HP is the main damage source of skill Matyr’s recokgning.

SP :

  • SP is the main factor in using skills as almost all skills use SP.

Atk :

  • Atk power is the main source of damage on attacks, and skills related (shield chain, shield boomerang, Holy cross, Grand cross, Bash, Magnum Break).

Matk :

  • Matk is the main source of damage for magic skills. (Grand cross, Heal)

Def :

  • Def is the main source of damage reducing.
  • Def divided to 2 parts, left and right. The left one is meant as percentage of reduction, while the right one meant as raw-damage-reduction.
  • For example, someone having 50+50 def. this means the damage will be reduced by 50%, and also cut by 50 points.
  • The source for “Left-def” is mainly from equipments, while for “right-def” is mainly from VIT.

MDef :

  • MDef is the main source of Magic-Damage Reducing.
  • MDef is same like Def, divided into two parts, left and right.


  • HIT is the main factors of dealing damage to enemies (with normal attacks, and some accuracy-needed skills).


  • Main source of dodging enemies’ attack.
  • It is believed that maximum flee rate in Normal maps are 95%.
  • However, 100% flee rate still can be achieved *Somehow* in WoE maps.
  • Like Def and MDef, Flee also divided into two parts. The left part shows your “Normal-Flee-Rate” which cut enemies’ accuracy, while the right part shows your “Perfect-Dodge” based on your LUK (and also your Luck) to perfectly dodge from any of enemies attack.
  • It is also believed that Flee helps reduce the duration of being caught in “Ankle-Snare” Trap.

[c] Skills Review

Swordsman skills, full overview and skill description could be seen HERE
Crusader Skills, full overview and skill description could be seen HERE
Paladin skills, full overview and skill description could be seen HERE

Skills i would like to mention:


  • With sword man’s Fatal Blow, this skill COULD BE a powerful skill as it stuns enemies.
  • Due to every job’s high vit, this skill somehow become less useful.

Magnum Break

  • Good Skill to push enemies back.
  • Making a gap between you and enemies.
  • It is also believed that Magnum Break could push someone out of Pneuma.
  • It also increase your attack power.


  • Provoke will reduce enemy’s def, and also increase enemy’s attack.
  • It is believed that Provoke cause cast-cancel[?], and make enemies enter the stagger state which their character couldn’t move or do anything for nearly one sec or two.
  • To cancel this state, you may have to move after a sec or two before doing anything. However such spell can’t be cast before you leave this state.
  • This is not officially listed as a status effect.

Platinum skill : Shrink

  • This skill helps a lot on making gap between you and enemies, however, be aware that making a gap while using matyr’s reckoning with knife is not necessary and would cause disadvantage to you.

Gloria Domini (Pressure)

  • This skill will never miss.
  • This skill ALWAYS DEAL a constant damage regardless of enemy’s def, mdef, or whatever.
  • This skill’s casting time affected by DEX.
  • This skill’s casting time, delay, is affected by Magic Strings (Poem of Bragi).

Matyr’s Reckoning (Sacrifice)

  • This skill ignore enemy’s def, and will never miss. (still could be blocked by auto-guard) However, this skill’s damage still can be reduced using damage reducing equipments and skill. (Thara-frog card, Beret, Feather Beret, Magic Coat, etc)
  • This skill’s output damage calculation is only based on your Health Point, and damage modifier. (Hydra card[s], Skeleton worker card[s], and weapons that affect damage output percentage)

Shield Boomerang

  • This skill always deal neutral damage.
  • This skill’s damage affected by shield’s weight and also the refinement rate.
  • This skill is affected by status weapon, including sword breaker and mail breaker.
  • This skill’s range is 11 cells from the caster.

Shield Chain

  • This skill Always deal Neutral damage.
  • This skill’s Casting time is affected by DEX.
  • This skill’s Cast could be interrupted.
  • This skill is affected by status weapon, including sword breaker and mail breaker.
  • Using endow or cursed water on your weapon will nullify the effect of enemies’ raydric card. However, it still couldn’t nullify the ghostring card effect.
  • This skill could miss it’s target. But, even if it miss it’s target, it still deal very small damages to the enemy. Damage dealt this way still be affected of Status cards, as well as weapon or mail breaker.
  • This skill counted as long range attack. Defending aura, pneuma, and other long-range blocking attack will still be working against this skill.

Grand Cross

  • This skill’s casting could not be interrupted.
  • This skill’s casting time is affected by DEX.
  • This skill will always deal holy damage to both the caster and enemies.
  • This skill’s feedback damage counted as damage from demi-human, usage of thara frog will help on cutting it’s damage.

Soul Link : Crusader Spirit [Provided by Soul Linker]

  • This skill affect Crusader’s shield boomerang, not shield chain.
  • This skill double the damage of shield boomerang, and also reduce it’s delay time by half.
  • Therefore, with crusader spirit, damage dealt harshly multiplied by 4 (2 times faster delay, while doubling
  • damage make it 4 times more efficient)
  • This skill also make Shield boomerang NEVER MISS it’s target.

[d] Builds and Equipments

Swordsman skills :

Usually, crusaders, paladins, will have same swordsman skill builds. Important parts are:

  • Bash
  • Magnum Break
  • Increase HP recovery
  • One-Handed Mastery
  • Provoke
  • Endure

Just try to get what suitable to your build.

Spear Build :

  • This build based on AGI and STR, may also include other damage modifier stats like DEX and LUK for crits.
  • This build is well known good for hunting, but not really good for fighting other player.
  • This build is the easiest and cheapest way to get to 99 as crusader.

Stats build :

  • STR : you may want to get this as high as possible as a secondary stats.
  • AGI : you may want to get this as high as possible, or just maxed it out.
  • VIT : Get some to increase your HP
  • INT : Not necessary. Could also get some for more SP
  • DEX : you may want to get this not really much, as long as you can hit your enemy, everything goes well.
  • LUK : you may want to get some small amount, medium amount, depends on what crit rate you want.

Skill Build :

  • get spear mastery maxed out.
  • get spear quicken maxed out.
  • get some other support skills or passive skills (divine protection, demon bane, heal, could be good)
  • get peco riding, and get a peco for yourself. This changes your attribute to large, and also increase weight limit and damage dealt by spear.
  • get cavalier mastery maxed out.
  • Pressure may also work pretty well.
  • *Holy Cross is one good skill to consider alongside with spear build.(with all aspd spear paladins got, they can spam both holy cross and bash to enemy.)

EQs :

  • Head upper: STR or AGI increasing EQ’s, Feather Beret, poopoo, Beret also possible for PVP.
  • Head middle: Slotted Sunglasses with STR Cards(if you want to waste some money on it), Fin helm, or Fashionable EQs.
  • Head lower: Iron Cain, or Fashionable EQs.
  • Garment: Wool scarf with a lot, raydric, or whisper. Undershirt with whisper, giant whisper, or flee increasing card.
  • Body: Pantie (if you combo with undershirt to make +5 AGI, +10 Flee), other good armors like Meteor Plates, or you may also want padded armor combo-ed with armor charms.
  • Weapon: 2-handed Spears, element lances. (Spear quicken only works with 2-handed spears), ahlpiess good for fighting high def as it ignores def, and Cresent Scythe for Crits type.
  • Shield: no shield, space used for 2-handed spear.
  • Shoes: Tidal shoes (if Combo-ed with wool scarf). Greaves or boots will also do, carded with matyr or agi increasing card.
  • Accessories: May want Brooches with kukre, Rings with mantis, Hiding clip, horong clip, armor charm, etc

Grand Cross Build :

  • Grand Cross build wants you to increase many in Matk. Therefore, more INT is needed.
  • This build also wants you to increase either DEX or VIT, or both of them.
  • Main damage dealer is using Grand Cross skill.
  • Many also take HEAL skills together with high INT.
  • Remember that Crusader/Paladin ‘s SP is not that much. Therefore, this build may not be really effective without map-specific warper (so that you can go back with but wings and go to the same map again with warper) This build also may be a good deal for fighting other player in PVP or WoE.
  • Grand Cross itself is a holy attack property. which means is great for fighting demons and undead.

Stats Build :

  • STR : you may want to get some, to help you carry more items. STR also affect damage dealt by grand cross.
  • AGI : not really necessary.
  • VIT : May want to get some, to increase HP, or get a large amount may also possible.
  • INT : Get much of this, this is main source of your Matk, in other words, this mainly increase Grand Cross’s damage.
  • DEX : you may want to get lot of this, or just some reasonable amount of this to make you cast faster.
  • LUK : well, in case you want to increase perfect dodge ability, get some. otherwise, i strongly recommend you to forget this.

Skills Build :

  • Get enough Holy Cross.
  • Get Grand Cross Maxed out.
  • Get some protective shield-skill.
  • Get Heal maybe a good choice.
  • Divine Protection could be good for vit users.
  • Pressure may also be a good choice.
  • Peco riding is good to helps increase weight limits.
  • Faith is good for increasing Max HP.

EQs :

  • Head upper : STR/INT increasing. Int would be more preferred. Dex increasing may also be a good choice, Damage reducing eqs may also be good.
  • Head middle : Slotted Sunglasses with INT Card(if you want to waste some money on it), Fin helm, or Fashionable EQs.
  • Head lower : Iron Cain, or Fashionable EQs.
  • Garment : Wool scarf with aliot, raydric.
  • Body : good armors like Meteor Plates, or you may also want padded armor combo-ed with armor charms. armors may be good if carded with Archdam, and other HP increasing, or property change card.
  • Weapon : It is said that Haedongum with 2 zippers works the best.
  • Shield : Shield is better carded with thara-frog.(Thara frog helps cut the feedback damage)
  • Shoes : Tidal shoes (if Combo-ed with wool scarf). Greaves or boots will also do, carded with matyr or green ferus.
  • Accessories : May want safety rings, Earrings, or armor charm also a good choice if combo-ed with padded armor.
  • Special Set : Try Odin’s blessing with stone buck and magni’s cap set to increase some def.

Matyr’s Reckoning Build :

  • This build consists of large HP.
  • This build also consist of large, def ignoring, neutral damage, and will never miss.
  • Some ghost users may take advantage of Neutral damage.
  • Raydric card also cut damage dealt by matyr’s reckoning.
  • this build usually have small SP.
  • Cannot hunt efficiently alone.
  • May be weak against Creator due to its large VIT.

Stats Build :

  • STR : Get some to carry more items.
  • AGI : Get Lots of to get good ASPD.
  • VIT : MAXED OUT to get large HP + Large damage output.
  • INT : not necessary, unless you want to get some more SP.
  • DEX : not necessary, unless you want faster PRESSURE Cast.
  • LUK : not necessary, unless you want some perfect dodge.

Skills Build :

  • Get maxed out Faith
  • Get maxed out Sacrifice
  • Get protective shield skills
  • Get some shield boomerang (to combo with weapon/armor breaker)
  • Get some Pressure
  • You may want to get spear quicken if you use spear type matyr’s reckoning
  • Shrink may also be a good choice if you use spear type matyr’s reckoning

EQs :

  • Head upper : Helm with grand peco, otherwise Feather beret will do pretty well.
  • Head middle : fin helm or Masquerade will do lots.
  • Head lower : Iron Cain will do for some defs.
  • Garment : Wool scarf with a lot, or raydric.
  • Body : Good armor, with peco, or element change card.
  • Weapon : Knife with 4 damage modifier cards will do. Spear for spear build matyr will also do.
  • Shield : Cranial Sacred Mission will do the best, otherwise, cranial stone buck with odin set, or cranial Shield or mirror shield will also do.
  • Shoes : Tidal shoes carded with matyr or Green ferus.
  • Accessories : May want hiding clip, horong clip, or spore necklaces. armor charm combo-ed with padded armor, or safety
  • rings may also be good.
  • Special Set : Odin’s blessing along with magni’s cap and stone buckler. add some def.

Shield Boomerang Build:

  • This build is powerful with helps of Soul Linker.
  • Easy to allocate stats,
  • Fast levelling.
  • With soul link, shield boomerang becomes very effective.

Stats Build :

  • STR : Maxed out, main source of damage.
  • AGI : Not Necessary.
  • VIT : May want to get some to increase HP.
  • INT : Get a lot if you want to go leveling.
  • DEX : Not necessary as long as you only use Shield Boomerang (Shield Chain needs HIT).
  • LUK : Not necessary unless you want some perfect dodge.

Skills Build :

  • Get maxed out of shield boomerang.
  • Getting faith may be useful.
  • Getting some protective shield skills maybe useful.
  • Get Peco Riding to make your movement more fluent.
  • Get some other skills that maybe useful like heal.
  • my suggestion is not to waste skill points with cavalier mastery as you don’t need to attack anymore.

EQs :

  • Head upper : Magni’s Cap, other STR increasing.
  • Head middle : Masquerade to help you deal more damage.
  • Head lower : Iron Cain will do for some defs.
  • Garment : Wool scarf with a lot.
  • Body : Good armor, with peco, or element change card, you may also want to try archdam card.
  • Weapon : Knife with 4 damage modifier cards will do. Spear for spear build matyr will also do.
  • Shield : Stone buckler for combo with odin’s, or Strong shield carded with tamruan for more damage.
  • Shoes : Tidal shoes carded with matyr or Green ferus.
  • Accessories : May want hiding clip, horong clip, or spore necklaces. armor charm combo-ed with padded armor, or safety rings may also be good.

Shield Chain Build :

  • This build is a high damage deal, and is a derivation of Shield boomerang build.
  • This build is a fast killer, but also require some dex.
  • remember that damage dealt will always be neutral.

Stats Build :

  • STR : Maxed out, main source of damage
  • AGI : Not Necessary.
  • VIT : May want to get some to increase HP.
  • INT : may want some to increase SP.
  • DEX : Get enough dex to HIT your enemy, may also make your cast faster.
  • LUK : Not necessary unless you want to add some perfect dodge.

Skills Build :

  • Get some protective shield skills.
  • Get peco riding.
  • do not waste your skill point by getting cavalier mastery.
  • Get Shield Boomerang.
  • Get Shield Chain maxed out.
  • Get Pressure.
  • Getting Faith may be a good choice.

EQs :

  • Head upper : Magni’s Cap, other STR increasing.
  • Head middle : Masquerade to help you deal more damage.
  • Head lower : Iron Cain will do for some defs.
  • Garment : Wool scarf with aliot.
  • Body : Good armor, with peco, or element change card, archdam card may also be good.
  • Weapon : Knife with 4 damage modifier cards will do. Spear for spear build matyr will also do.
  • Shield : Strong Shield, either carded with tamruan, or thara frog. Stone buckler may also improves your damage.
  • Shoes : Tidal shoes carded with matyr or Green ferus.
  • Accessories : May want hiding clip, horong clip, or spore necklaces. armor charm combo-ed with padded armor, or safety rings may also be good.
  • Special Set : Odin’s Blessing with magni’s cap and stone buckler.

Devotion Build :

  • This build will focus on supporting party members in hunt, or MVPs.
  • This build is a heart of the team while MVPing.
  • not only having high HP, this build also have great Def.
  • Therefore, instead of only devoting, one can also try to tank MVP by himself. (see video attached)

Stats Build :

  • STR : Get some to carry more items.
  • AGI : Get some flee.
  • VIT : Get this maxed out, more HP, survive longer.
  • INT : In case of MDef, get more.
  • DEX : Get reasonable dex, to help you cast devotion.
  • LUK : Not necessary unless you want some Perfect dodge.

Skill Build :

  • Get peco riding, but i don’t think it’s necessary to get cavalier mastery.
  • Get Maxed protective shield skills.
  • You may want to get maxed divine protection regarding some MVPs are demons and also undead.
  • You may want to get heal to help yourself.
  • Battlechant may also be a good choice since it’s a double sided advantageous.
  • Get Maxed out Faith.
  • If you have some skill points left, it’s a good option to add for some Pressure.

EQs :

  • Head upper : Slotted Helm with specific damage reducing cards.
  • Head middle : Fin Helm is a must.or sunglasses with specific damage reducing cards may also possible.
  • Head lower : Iron Cain will do for some defs.
  • Garment : Wool scarf with raydric or specific damage reducing.
  • Body : Good armor, with peco, or element change card.
  • Weapon : Knife with 4 fabre will be very good.
  • Shield : Sacred Mission or shield or stone buckler with specific damage reducing card. valkryie shield with frigg’s circlet also good.
  • Shoes : Tidal shoes carded with matyr or green ferus.
  • Accessories : May want hiding clip, horong clip, or spore necklaces. armor charm combo-ed with padded armor, or safety rings may also be good.
  • Special set : Odin’s blessing with magni’s cap and stone buckler. Otherwise, trying Valkryie Shield with odin’s blessing and Frigg’s circlet may also be a good choice.

[e] Sample Builds

This section will provide you with some sample of paladin’s builds. This section will only shown sample of stats and skills build. I hope this could help players a lot in determine the best stats for Paladins. Remember, I will not provide you the equipments info, however, the stats provided here will be best if followed by proper Equipments. I will also provide you with general knowledge about status that i haven’t told in the Status Review Section.
Please read this before continue to the sample builds.

General Knowledge about Stats point

  • STR= Will be efficient while the multiply of 10.
  • AGI= 1 point = 1 increase in flee, per 4-10 points depends on your classes for 1 ASPD point(Constantly add 0.xx per AGI)
  • VIT= Have no “multiply-of effect”
  • INT= Multiply of 6 for SP Regen, and Multiply of 5 for MATK.
  • DEX= Multiply of 10 for Attack Constancy and increase in attack. No Multiply for HIT. Constantly add some ASPD.
  • LUK= Multiply of 3 for Crits, Multiply of 5 for Perfect dodge.

Sample Builds (click on an icon below for a screenshot of the sample build)

[f] Leveling Method

This leveling Method is the best way and the fastest to achieve Paladin FOR ME. There may also be faster method than these, but with this i think i can already level very fast. well, just try first, it’s kind of boring . . . but still quite good. here we go . . .

  • LV 1-20 : Start in novice training ground.
  • LV 20-30: Payon Dungeon is a really good place.
  • LV 30-50: Try Orc Dungeon 1, or also Vadon in Bibilan Island Lv 2. Otherwise, Thara frogs in Comodo East Cave seems to be the best way.
  • LV 50-60: Places for 30-50 still fast, but you could also challenge yourself to bibilan Island Lv 3. There is also a chance of getting fin helm. ** you may also want to consider toy factory 1 and 2, fighting cookies and myst case. Lots of good stuff to sell over there, like piece of cakes, which could make you rich =p.
  • LV 60-70: as Crusader, Mob with GC in Orc Dungeon 1 or 2.
  • LV 70-80: Do some quest with both job exp + base exp like Rachel Sanctuary quest, etc. <Don’t do too much, or you’ll easily get bored when levelling as paladin>
  • Lv 80-99: RESET (if your server has reset NPC), change to Shield boomerang type, get some heavy shield, and go to Rachel Dungeon until 99.

After rebirth, you might have some money to spend for better Equipments [Strong Shield is now available]. Well, begin as novice with stats point pumped to STR. and here we go again . . .

  • LV 1-10 : Start in Hidden Temple.
  • LV 20-30: Still in Hidden Temple, kill some snakes and higher level monster.
  • LV 40-65: GO to the entrance of Orc Dungeon, save your position to kafra near the entrance, and start mobbing Orc lady in that place, until you become a paladin. If you still pumped on STR, and only small amount of dex and vit, there will be no problems to levels till 99.
  • LV 70-99: Back to Rachel Dungeon 1 and 2. kill some more vanberk and isilla, and also finish all remaining quest.
  • After reach 99, you may want to continue your hunt till job 70 [recommended] or reset your stats and skills to one of the specific type. (cause you pump only to STR, some DEX and INT only while leveling)

[g] PVP Tacts
This PVP Tacts consider that you are using types suitable for VSing each of other classes listed below.

General Tacts :
Always activate Shield Reflect, auto guards while in duel. Activate Defending Aura while defending, but you may also find it hard to chase while defending aura is active. Therefore, de-activate it while Chasing. Shrink maybe useful for some types, except for matyr’s reckoning with knife (as you may find it hard to deal short range damage if your enemy keep pushed back)

VS Lord Knight :
Activation of Defending Aura may prevent their spirals. Overall, it’s only matter of HP. Best way to fight this type seems to use the matyr’s reckoning build since it’s always ignore def, ignore flee, etc. Also, be aware of their Parry.
Against Bowling bash type, AutoGuard and shield reflect will help you. shield chain and shield boomerang may also be useful since it’s long range attack, but since def of LK is usually good, shield chain and shield boomerang may not work pretty well. Keeping a distance may also be useful. smite will work pretty well on keeping distance between you and LKs.

VS Paladin :
Only the matter of luck. Shield Chain type may win faster since there’s also chance of Matyr’s being blocked. Ghostring card also decide who is winning since all of their skills (except Grand Cross) are Neutral.

VS High Wizard :
Fully Equipped Wizard is really hard to be dealt damage. This happens also because of their magic coat. .Storm Gust could be a problem since it could be combo-ed with Jupiter thunder. Unfrozen Armor (Marc Card probably is the best way to prevent their Storm Gust). Remember, Provoke could cancel casting process. using provoke to them while getting close might be a good way. Using either shield chain or shield boomerang, or also matyr’s reckoning will be ok as long as they don’t deal magic to you. never let your guard down against this class, since they can also cast jupiter thunder in no time. Safety wall, for matyr’s reckoning type might be problematic. But shield chain and shield boomerang will smash them away.

VS Professor :
Dispel, is a serious problem to you. Being caught in fiber lock + stone curse + Double bolt + Fire bolt, is also a big problem. Killing them from such a distance will be much preferred, as it takes some time to get close. However, due to their high def and magic coat, it supposed to be harder to finish them. if you want to risk yourself using matyr’s reckoning, you should be prepared for their combo on firebolt (as matyr’s reckoning is a short range skill). Using evil druid card, will prevent you by being caught off in stone curse, but may also make fire bolt deal more damage.

VS Sniper :
The best thing sniper can do to you is to reduce your HP using Falcon Assault. The other thing seems not that good as long as you have Defending Aura turned on. By using matyr’s reckoning, or shield chain (shield boomerang also highly recommended). Be ware for their traps, since traps could cause some status effect or damage to your character.

VS Clown :
For Clown, the most thing you should care is their tarot, and also Frost joke (unbarring octave). This is not a class you should be worry. Spamming Shield boomerang, and usage of shield chain seems to be the most proper way to deal damage.

VS Gypsy :
Gypsy is similar with Clown. The only difference gypsy have is Scream instead of Clown’s frost joke. Normally, stun have no great impact to paladins due to their large vit. The only thing paladin should fear from these job is their tarot. Using defending aura will block their arrow vulcan, however status arrow (freezing arrow, etc) sometimes still annoying as they group with finisher like champ or anything else.

VS High Priest :
It is hard (nearly impossible) for them to kill you. All you need to do is just keep spamming Matyr’s Reckoning, shield chain, or boomerang to kill them. You may also want to ignore this job, as if they have a great healing ability, and good damage reducing gear, you will need some time to kill this class. This may result of your character being targeted by other dangerous class such as champion, or professor.

VS Champion :
This is the most fearful class. Fortunately, as a paladin, you could push your luck against this job. Usage of autoguard may hold their asuras. Other skill like occult impact, or spirit throw may have some severe damage to you. Finishing them as soon as possible will take a risk of you being killed. Using Shield chain, or shield boomerang seems the best way to kill this job. Shield reflect will not reduce your chance to die because of asura strike, but this will also reflect damage to them.

VS Whitesmith :
This class also has a good damage output. Try to keep some distance by using smite or magnum break, then use shield chain or shield boomerang to try finishing them off. The main key is to keep distance, since all of Whitesmith’s attack and skills are short-range. Meltdown might also be very problematic. Always watch your equipment.B ring a spare eq or two will be useful against this job.

VS Creator :
Creator is the worst nightmare to be fought with paladin. However, you might try to kill this job, or just forget/avoid this job being in duel with you. in Case if you get some vit, they will do pretty much damage to your character. you also have to care for their child, the homunculus. some got vanilmirth with extraordinary matk, could also be dangerous to your character. finishing their homunculus MIGHT make them caught-off-guard and use homunculus resurrection. While resurrecting their homunculus, you might have enough time to finish them with shield boomerang as well as shield chain. also be aware that they can do potion pitching to themselves as well to their homunculus. Matyr’s reckoning build seems not appropriate to fight this classes (due to it’s high vit). And the best way to fight this class is using Shield boomerang/Shield chain build, as you can spam the skill to both the homunculus and the creator. Well geared creator could kill you in 2/3 Acid Bombs. The main point here is to know the highest damage they could deal to you, and be prepared for the risk.

VS Assassin Cross :
Be sure to equip your hiding + horong gears. This is the most tricky class. Their Sonic Blow deals a great damage and could finish you in 1 blow, but if this happen, they may have 80-90% of their health being ripped of as well due to shield reflect. Since assassins use katars, they cannot have cranial gears at the same time. you may want to make a gap with this char, but it might be a little bit hard to spam shield boomerang to them, since they got hiding skills, but if you try to chase them, be sure to get them off-guard. Usage of matyr’s reckoning seems become the best way (since you can also sight them to prevent cloaking) but this will cause you to use lots of healing items. In other case, combination of shield chain and shield boomerang could be also good. The main key here is to know their cloaking pattern/movement. Once you get them off-guard, try to finish them ASAP with your skills.
For Soul Destroyer type, you really have to chase them, since they’re long-range attacker. Standard Soul Destroyer may deal small damage to you (because of high mdef and def paladin have), but, killing this type maybe problematic since you may found some of them only do some hit-and-run. Chasing them might not be dangerous (if they don’t use Ice Pick. Otherwise, Ice pick will really kill you.

VS Stalker :
Be aware to their Full-strip. This may results in disability to kill the enemy. be aware if you were targeted, always care for their footprints (while using stalks ability). overall, this shouldn’t be a problem to paladin.

VS Super Novice :
Be sure to finish them ASAP, before they cast some funny skills against you. Their HP is not that big, it should be no problem to finish them.

VS Gunslinger :
no worries against this job, just be sure that you’re not getting locked. Defending Aura will do the defensive maneuver for you, make you lot easier to kill them.

VS Ninja :
Be aware of their locking skills. Their Finishing blow could also be dangerous. Cicada skin is the most annoying skill they ever have, if ninjas keep cast this, almost all of pally’s skill couldn’t touch them. The only way you can do some damage is by spamming Gloria Domini against them. Their HP is not that high, and their SP will drains out to 0 by casting LV 4 Gloria Domini 3 times.

VS Taekwon boy/girl(Ranker) :
Their HP is big. Their attack is fast. Be sure to slowly finish them, not get locked much, and also activate Autoguard and other protective skills. shrink may be a good choice, since it will push them back 2 cells, and stop their combo so you can start beat them off.

VS Taekwon Master / Star Gladiator :
Be sure not to get locked by their heat, and also try to get the best time to attack. Their SP shouldn’t last long, so after a while, you supposed to be able to beat them. Shield boomerang must be the best way to finish them off. using smite may be also useful (keeping distance). Magnum Break might also be useful because it’s instant to counter their flying kick. Shield chain and shield boomerang seems to be the best way to fight against Star Gladiator.

VS Soul Linker :
This class in pvp only works as supporter. They can’t really do anything to you (except in using support skills). However, killing soul linkers in PVP or WoE is still a good choice cause if they party with some other classes, the other will become more tough than before because of Soul linkers’ support skills. They don’t have a big HP, therefore killing them shouldn’t be a problem.

[h] WoE Tacts

There are 2 role paladins play at WoE.

The First one is Guardian. Paladin as guardian have a job to protect the guild master and guild members. Doing some devotion is a must, while singing battle chant will give some supports and give enemies bad-buffs (could also cast coma against them). While doing devotion and some healing, paladin could still be able to cast some pressure on enemies. As a guardian, paladin also play a role as tanker. In an assault to enemy’s castle, paladin should stand in the front, and make sure enemies target him the first, so the others can focus on assaulting, or killing enemies.

The Second role is as an assaulter. Paladin have a big damage output, therefore it makes this class suitable for assaulting. Paladin is a very effective class against lower-HP class. As an assaulter, paladin carry responsibilities in killing lower-HP jobs in both defending and offending parts of WoE.
As a guild leader, Paladin should rush to the targeted spot, and make a fast emergency call. Paladins have great HP, their survival rate supposed to be high enough to do emergency call. With helps from frilldora/smokie card, one should be able to sneak in and cast an emergency call.

[ i ] Battle Mode

  • Battle mode is a system that grants you ability to use 3 shortcut bar at the same time.
  • Battle mode can be activated typing /bm command in Chat box.
  • Get used to battle mode is a little bit hard, but it is essential for everyone to get used to the battle mode, as gear changing, healing/supportive item usage, and skills usage will become more efficient.

This is how it works.

There are 3 rows in battle mode, resembling 3 hotkey bars.

  • The top row is used for the 2nd hotkey bar.
  • The mid row is used for the 3rd hotkey bar.
  • The bottom row is used for the 1st hotkey bar.

For Example :

<==>The top row on the keyboard

<==>The mid row on the keyboard

<==>The bottom row on the keyboard

Remember, you can’t type messages while using battlemode unless you press enter once.
In conclusion, changing between battlemode and typing mode (by pressing enter) is pretty dangerous.
(you may end up typing qqqqqqqqqq while trying to spam white pot, or wasting many of your item while trying to type a message. )

[i] Final Overviews

Long story short, Paladin is one of best class up until now. The only weakness that should be considered a lot is most of it’s attack are neutral. However, paladin is one of easiest class to be played and good to train one’s leadership and teamwork skill.

[j] Credits

Credits and Copyrights :

Copyright to this guide goes to me JianYi, WarGod, or Bloodysabath (these all are my names on inet)
Credits of the information contained on this guide mostly goes to and
My Greatest Gratitude for Gravity Corp. as well as legacyRO that provides me server to play.

Special Thanks :

- *for toxicogami that reminds me of spear-holy cross-build.
– **Heavens Mercenary for leveling in toy factory (almost forget that one important thing mate =p)
– To all readers and respondents. Thanks for your support.

[k] Author’s Words

After everything, Paladin is a nearly perfect job. However, with supported EQs and some skills, one can easily learn how to be a great Paladin. Up until now, many player choose to play assassin cross, or Lord Knight, or also Sniper. This finally moves my heart to try and convince players to play paladin.

The aim of this guide is to help beginners, as well as someone already plays a paladin but still want to know about the more in-depth details. This is why i try to avoid this guide to make people learn about a pro-like paladins. I think pro people really have their own style, and it cannot be copied by anyone. A person should have a different ideas and thought on their own and, to be a pro player is not meant by becoming like a pro player in terms of EQs, Skill build, Stats build, or anything else. Honestly, i think one should learn to become a pro by himself. And a true-pro will never satisfied by his/her outcome. Therefore, he/she will always try to be better and better as time goes on. And it is this guide’s purpose to help them become better and better.

Why the title i chose was Striving to perfectness? because i will keep editing and fixing this guide, along with my plans on my char (also paladin . . lol). I’m sorry if there’s so many mistake in the guide, and i really hope i can fix everything up one day including the grammatical error, etc. Well, I’ll keep this guide updated with latest issues, and also do the lay-outing to make this crap better. Lol, my kind regards to every of readers read this guide. thx.

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    Good luck to all future paladins!

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    @victor: defender dun work against ad. so isnt needed for pvp/woe

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  27. shiled chain neglect the weapon use

    the damage output is depend on ur str,dex n the weight of ur shield as well as the refine level of the shield

  28. 4get 2 say as well,the card effect is also 1 of o the contributing fator to the damge output of SC.

    but the basic atk of weapon wont influence it at all.

    So it is the best u equip wif 3 hyrda+1 skel worker in a 4 slot weapon 2 get max damge o SC in pvp

  29. Nowadays for devotion build we have combat knife with valk shield.
    For MR build we have the Buffalo Horns and Thorny Shield combo, that makes you even faster.
    And we have Cross Shield for Shield Chain build.

  30. VIT has effect modifier, check vit def hop table

  31. AGI is a necessary factor in the shield boomerang build. Even if the cast delay is halved with soul-link, your ASPD can’t keep up with it. The ideal ASPD is ~182 to dish out shield boomerang to it’s fullest extent.

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    Youll have n3ar infinite sp.

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  36. is it better +10 Double Bloody Double Boned with Blade, or with Main Gauche?

  37. In a update from not long ago, Spear Quicken can now be used with 1 handed spears.

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  41. I don’t believe str affects Reckoning at all. So blade or main doesn’t matter. Mainly I just use a spear with 3 Hydras and a Skeleton worker card.

  42. people use blade for shields cuz of the atk mastery bonus only the cards and max hp affect MR i recommand diablous manteau boot combo

  43. Can I play MR(sacrifice) with Shield Chain?It’s because I will really suffering when I’m still low level.MR will kills me..=.=
    And I really wondering how peoples use MR up lvl?It uses up 100 sp for single use…They’re like consume no sp >.<,keep using.
    If I’m playing MR with SC,the stat might be like (all include job bonus with lvl 68,without ab) str 87 agi 60 vit 108 int 32 dex 1.
    Should it works?
    Ps:I love both MR and SC skill^.^But SC is mainly for lvling^.^
    MR is mainly for WOE

  44. Does Holy Avenger, a holy single handed sword can affects my rapid shield? I am thinking of great damage to enemies in woe wearing a evil druid armors using this type of sword.

    Kerokeroppi of TalonRo

  45. No, weapon element do not affect shield chain.

    and some other things you may want to consider

    1. Why use quadruple vital knife in a shield chain build? a triple bloody boned blade/MG is so MUCH better.

    2. Bazerald is hell lot better in Grand Cross build. +5 INT and 10% MATK will increase your damage output greatly.

    3. Try Cross Shield for Shield Chain. It is the BEST shield for shield chaining.

    Other than that this guide is superb. Thumbs up.

  46. I like this guide a lot. it has opened man doors for me. As you mentioned, one has to become a pro by himself, so I will combine 2 builds hopefully it becomes interesting enough and useful to actually do something. By the way, does anyone recommend maxing the shield skills?

  47. what is the best stats for GX for cross impact type?
    and the weapon i used and also the cards i socket?

  48. Lot is wrong here.

    “INT= Multiply of 6 for SP Regen, and Multiply of 5 for MATK.”
    5 is for max MAtk. 7 is for min MAtk.

    “DEX= Multiply of 10 for Attack Constancy and increase in attack.”
    Every 5 increases attack by 1.

    “LUK= Multiply of 3 for Crits, Multiply of 5 for Perfect dodge.”
    x3, x7, x0 for crit. 10 for PD.

    Devotion build has 25 str, PVM or WOE.

    “You may want to get maxed divine protection regarding some MVPs are demons and also undead.”
    No, this is direct reduction and only MS champs will get low enough damage to make such a skill useful even if it was worth the skill points.

    You should get riding mastery if possible. The big loss in aspd means it takes longer to devo people.

    For WOE you should use gloves and quad drops for faster devo.

    You should use Mace[4] only because it is unbreakable.

    Switch to orleans robe for PvM if you’re getting hit.

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    Using Defender./Defending Aura and you will never win.

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