The Modern (FSK) Stalker class

Hey people I am going to show you how to play a FSK Stalker, this build is very useful in BG/PvP.

First lets see the Pros and Cons:

Pros :

*Chase  and cause status  on all enemies

*Doesn’t require expensive items in order to be usable

*A very good team player

*Accurate breaker & useful in defending teams in BG


*Requires a lot of restorative supplies

Build: You will need Battleground  food in order to complete this accurately and reading your job bonus stats.

Stalker gets these bonus stats the only ones you need to pay attention to for FSK build

Agi + 11 at job 70, Vit +4 at job 63, DEX + 12 at job 66

Str: get around 30 – 40 max depends how much restorative items you are holding

Agi- 39 – 49  (steamed alligator +7 AGI) agi up + bg food=  50 if 39 or 60 with 49

Vit-  93 use ( Sumptuous feast) in order to make it 100 which is immune to all status but Sleep and stone and Frozen statuses

Dex- 81 and add it with Blessing stalker job bonus and Soul haunted bread (+7 DEX) and it adds up to 110

now for items

Headgear:  Feather Beret or Beret very good for taking hits and helpful since your a tanker.

Weapon: [4] Knife Marina card x4/ [4] Knife 2 magnolia & 2 metaller cards/ Combat knife

Body armor :  padded armor +7 with evil druid or expensive variant Glorious Suit

Shield : Valkyrie Shield + Thara frog card / carry a second to be immune to SC with Medusa card if you don’t have Evil druid.

Garment: Wool Scarf [1] + Raydric or Noxious card / G muffler/ Proxy skin fragment with Raydric card

Shoes: Tidal Shoes [1] + Matyr card/ Glorious shoes

Accessory: armor Charm for the padded armor set and tidal shoes set/ Horong card + Belt[1]/ Glorious Ring x2

Your job or (build) is to take as many hits possible and be immune to statuses to break barricades  stone guardians and the Emperium in battlegrounds.  Also to support teammates by status inflicting enemy’s invading to break your castle! this will be all sided into BG first.

Sinx – If they are the Killing type use Sprinkle sand to blind them, then use the curse, mute dagger and FSK into oblivion until there muted their Spirit buff will be dispelled.  Once that’s done close confine and strip the, but if there DEF types use sleep arrow and try to stop them! if they wear nightmare card try to bother them and close confine them till a teammate comes to help to kill them.

Stalker – In this  battle you have to make sure your NOT stripped or avoid them as possible, if they are the same type as you good chance they aren’t immune to Sleep status unless they’re wearing Nightmare card.  Try to strip them and close confine and use Stalking  so they cannot escape.

Creator – If they are non vit users with stun immunity cards use Stun arrow and the mute/curse dagger to paralyze them so they’re utterly useless to do anything unless they use green pot.  If there SPP type (high vit) use they have little INT to kill you with which means they are weak to sleep or use mute and Curse dagger as spam! don’t try this if you do not have FCP enabled or have items broken, be careful of the Damage dealing type if they do more then 60% try to hide dodge or fsk + sit trick to do spam on them till they get stunned or muted.

Paladin – No fcp strip shield  and armor or just Full strip and freeze them into place matyrs reckoning ones wont be able to kill you unless you don’t have potions.

Lord Knight – Same as above.

Sniper – Careful not to fall into a sleeper trap or ankle snared you do not have enough job points to get Remove trap so FSK them into place until they stun (if there killing type AKA DS) or put them  at rick of being killed.

Professor – If your soul linked and Plaster shield on or ED FSK put them to sleep and strip them.

If DEX isn’t high enough leave them asleep and ignore until team deals with them, they cannot dispell you at all.

Champion – The most difficult to deal with you need to be very reactive to dodge Asura. As soon as you see him about to asura (hide) and sometimes you will succeed but if he has ruwach and sight up stalking and move away until he can’t find you and try to FSK spam and put him into mute and curse and close confine then full strip him!

Wizard – They are minor threats just try not to be Stone cursed or Frozen, spam FSK with mute and Stun them until they cant use anymore skills when teammates come to kill them.

Now for PvP Arena

Stalker + Sinx – This team is very unusual but it works if played right! Stalker the one heavily relied on to deal with difficult enemies , Professors, enemy sinx, wizards and champions.  Try to status and put them all at risk of being hit by your partner blind the sinx and keep him dispelled of Soul link and status him to death till your buddy kills him.  Professor is a difficult one to defeat make sure to put him to sleep if hes (def) type and FSK as much as you can, try to avoid dispel and much as possible.  Champions will be the test of surprise and kill and status with hit locking.  The stalker must be the one annoying him and statuses him into oblivion just keep spamming FSK and try NOT to be hit by Asura yourself unless you think you can take it with no assumptio.

Stalker + Champion – My personal one i use all the time these two can wreak havoc if they’re properly geared and have good reaction and years of experience.  Stalker deals with professor the accursed enemy of the Champ class, if your soul linked the professor  just wants to Stone curse you or Web, just use hide and back slide to avoid them both and use ED card for stone curse and jsut put him into sleep or FSK to avoid so he cannot cast.  Enemy sinx will fail to kill champs if they are  mid demi resist geared and while FSK dispelles SL its a good bet that they will be powerless if they’re *defensive type* if not they are the other variant being full offense little to no VIT and high dex which means the stalker can mute and stun him until the champs destroys him. Pretty much Champ + stalker can hande anything if not ganged by more then 5 people.

SO let me know what you guys think of my little guide  all comments are welcome.

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