SC – Full Striper | Plagiarism | Reproduce | Masquarade(FSK&OT)[Need Oboro/Kagerou Patch]

Hello guys.  Now I gonna share with you my FSK(Flying Side Kick) and OT[Overthrow(Oboro/Kagerou)]  that dominates every person you encounter in PVP.  This build is actually a PVP build itself this trick is useless against PVM and WoE. Thanks to SC Monkey D Luffy!

First let me discuss the pros and cons:


* Can chase and stun players.  Thus, can cancel casting skills.
* Doesn’t need any powerful weapons/armor.
* Hard to catch from players.
* Owns mostly in PVP.
* Doesn’t need much SP to use.


* Requires lots of zeny (Overthrow skill requires 100k zeny per cast.) Specially our server only acquire zeny through events.
* User must be fast handed and handy users only (Can switch armors and weapon quickly! Depends on the opponent.)
* User must know how to use Back Slide and FSK +  Fullstrip combination (Kinda difficult to manage this trick.)
* Full Strip skill does chances only, thus, there will be a chance that opponent might PAWN you too…
* Don’t have much offensive skills, thus, this build is useless on offensive combat attacks.



Str:  (Remaining stats here.)
Agi:  1 (Useless, were not a dodge type)
Vit:  100~110 (More HP more Survival)
Int:  100~110 (Need more mana and mana regeneration!)
Dex:  120 (No excuses!)
Luk:  1 (Leave this its useless)




Upper: Ulle’s Cap/Helm of the Sun God/Alice Doll/G or L Baphomet Horns/(I perfer) Lord Kaho’s Horn
Cards: a
ny +DEF/+MDEF/+Matk/+Atk (i prefer def cards rather offensive cards)/Maya Purple/Vanberk
Mid: Sunglasses/Robo Eye/ Angel Spirit/Any mid gears as long as it has demi-human def/atk/(I prefer demi-human/increase HP)
Cards: any +DEF/+MDEF/+Matk/+Atk (i prefer def cards rather offensive cards)/Maya Purple/Vanberk
Lower: Gentlemen’s Pipe, Pirate Dagger, Thief Scarf, Rainbow Scarf, (I prefer) Spiked Scarf
Armor: Bone Plate/Sprint Mail/Valkyrie Armor/Spiritual Tunic
Cards: Marc/Evil Druid/Porcellio/(I prefer) Tao Gunka
Garment: Valkyrie Manteu/Wool Scarf/Diabolus Manteu
Cards: Raydric/Giant Whisper
Shoes: Valkyrie Boots/Tidal Boots/Black Leather Boots
Cards: Firelock Soldier/Green Ferus
Accessories: Vesper Core 01 or 2 or 04/Megingjard (if have)/Bradium Earrings/Brisingamen
Cards: Zerom


Right Hand: Combat Knife (must upgraded!)/Elemental Sword/Main Gauge/Dagger
Cards: 4x Fabre/ 2x hydra + 1x or 2x Skeleton Worker/1x or 2x Turtle General(I don’t think its a good one XD)
Shields: Valkyrie Shield/Orleans Server/Shield/Stone Buckler/ Thorn Shield
Cards: Thara Frog/Medusa Card/(Must have but expensive) Golden Thief Bug

Skill Plagiarism/Reproduce Skill Copy

PVP Styles:

RG vs. SC:
This kinda annoying due to high HP but you can own them.  By using FSK into him do the full strip thing and if full strip succeed then do OT.  If he tries to use Skill/AoE skill against you then use FSK (if fast-handed) +  Full Strip or Back Slide then FSK+Full Strip (much better if Full Strip succeed) spam Masquarades again then OT… THEY PAWNED!!!!

RK vs.SC:
I think this is not as hard as you think as long as you know how to use Back Slide well due to the fact that most powerful skills of RG’s are AoE skills (specially Dragon Breath) and they taking hard to use it for you.  Well, lets get stated.  1st of all don’t ever use OT yet due to high HP and defense so in that case you must strip them up before they caught you (if they can) and die!  1st always spam your FSK + Full Strip (if succeed skip Back Slide) + Back Slide + Spam Masquarades then OT. AND BBOOOMMM!!!!

Kagerou/Oboro vs. SC:
Even a good Kagerou/Oboro might owned you how much more if they are pro XD!
This is the hardest thing you encounter because I, myself 50% chance of winning. Why? Its because thier OT + Soul = /GG! Ouch That Hurts! if he/she caught you and also they got Illusionary Shadow that may kinda annoying cause any Physical/Magical skills are block every 5 attacks (LVL 10 Illusionary Shadow). So here we go, 1st dont ever use full strip cause without full strip they can be own because they are too soft.  So, 1st if they got Illusionary Shadow, always spam FSK to them until 5 attack then use OT!  If you dont succeed then use it again until you got them and BOOMM!!!. And again never use Full strip cause if you do 1 OT of Kagerou might kill you in 1 Blow in a distance!!!!

GX vs. SC:
Note: Must use sunglasses with maya purple card due to annoying invincible thing and never and will never let him near to you XD!
Okay, this is how you do, do FSK into him + Full Strip (if succeed skip Back Slide) + Back Slide + Masquarades then finally OT!

SC vs. SC:
Kinda funny :)
FSK + Full Strip + Back Slide (if succeed skip Back Slide) + Spam Masquardes + OT !!! Then BOOMM!!! (Likewise) YOU BOOOMM!!!!

WL/Sorc/Gene/Mechs vs. SC:
Kinda really ANNOYING AND MOST ANNOYING YOU CUZ CAUGHT YOU DIE! BANG!! JESUS!!! Annoying part is the WL/Sorc due to safety wall Skill! Geezzz!!!!
Anyway, it depends on tactics if you are handy then you can manage to switch armors to counter their skill. Anyway, lets get started, do the same thing FSK + Full Strip + Back Slide (if succeed skip Back Slide) + OT!!! and BOOOOMMMM!!!!!

I hope you guys help me out! anyway try this thing really fun!

-Mavis Vermillion

3 Responses to “SC – Full Striper | Plagiarism | Reproduce | Masquarade(FSK&OT)[Need Oboro/Kagerou Patch]”

  1. on what server r u playin?

  2. This build is obsolete since, 1st. OT is bugged to dealing 200k damage which will be fixed later on,
    you lack aoe disables and traps which are beneficial on WOE and teamplay ( maelstrom for preventing LP during pre-casts )

  3. all your strategies are weak, use MASQUERADES ( ignorance / weakness ) when engaging killer oponents and gloomy against RK. pretty much that was it , OT can never kill FCP’ed tao gunka if that’s what you want

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