Assassin Cross Breaker Guide


Hello ragnarokers! Today i will try to teach you the Assassin Cross Breaker Build.

1. Knowing the Target

We all know that the Emperium is Holy Element, so we need an anti-holy element, the best element for anti-holy is Shadow Element, we can make our weapon element shadow by using a Cursed Water, its the best element for breaking the Emperium.

2. Type of Breaking

SinX has 2 types, dual dagger type and dual sword, for those wondering what are the difference between those 2.Dual Dagger will be enhanced with your skill Dual Attack making extra damage.Dual Sword wont affect the skill Dual Attack but dual swords are strong because of its Critical choose wisely

3. Equipments

Headgear:  Ulle’s Cap or Feather Beret  ( Vanberk or Marduk so you won’t get silence if they see you before emp  )

Mid:  anything that gives resistance or boost str/agi ( Vanberk )

Lower:  anything that gives resistance or boost str/agi  ( Deviruchi or Nightmare or Vanberk )

Armor:  D Armor ( with Evil Druid to not get frozen or Porcellio card for more dmg)

Garment:  D Mant/wool ( with Giant Whisper )

Foot Gear: D Boots/tidals ( with Martyr or if you can get +9 use Antique Firelock  )

Accessories:  2x Vesper Core 2 or Ring/Dring ( with mantis )

4. Weapons

Dual Dagger Type:  Ice Pick [1]/ Mes [3] ( with Orc Skeleton in IP and 2 Orc/1Desert Wolf in Mes ) or Mes [3]/ Mes [3] ( with 2 Orc/1Desert Wolf in 1 and 1 Orc/2Desert Wolf in the other )

Dual Sword Type:  2xPlatinum Shotel [1] ( with 1 Orc Skeleton and 1 Desert Wolf)

5. Stats

Dual Dagger:Str 90+Agi 99 (you want highest ASPD)Vit 10 ~ 20Dex all remaining ( since dual dagger dont need int and luk ) ( luk makes your damage weaker )
Dual Sword:Str 90+Agi 99(you want highest ASPD)Vit 5~10Dex 20 ~30Luk all remaining Stat points

6. Tactics

A. Survival
Things you need to carry during WoE:

Ygg berries ( need alot )/Pots

Holy Elemental Scroll – if your server got it

Undead Scroll- if your server got it

Ghostring Scroll- if your server got it

Royal Jellies

B. Breaking The Emperium
When your near it, use Cursed Water immediately and EDP and attack the emperium . always spam ygg berry/pots if lot of defenders attacking you, dont forget to use Elemental Scrolls for less damage taken from enemies.

7. Reconnecting ( For Soloist )

For those soloist breaking the emperium, after breaking it. relog ASAP becasuse your just solo you cant defend your emperium against a Guild with 10+ members, just wait until its been broke by the other guild then break again.

8. Last Minute break and Hostage Emp

Last Minute Break is the final strike of all guilds and soloist, they’ll rush in to the emp room for the last 1~1:30 minutes breaking the emp before the WoE ends.

Hostage Emp( Works when your Guild has 20+ members online during WoE )

The Guild Leader Commands all the members to kill of enemies on sight, but not breaking the emperium.They’ll Break it in exactly 30 sec ~ 1 min before the WoE Ends.

ps: this is not “my guide”, i have just made some changes so it fits more servers.

3 Responses to “Assassin Cross Breaker Guide”

  1. I already have the Magdalena and the Cauca Rivers. What’s the next major river?Also, are the ones I even have crecrot? I need the three top rivers ASAP. Please. I’ve searched all over in books and the internet and I can’t find the next most major river. Thanks.

  2. Hey, what’s a Mes [3]?

  3. Mes[3] is just a Scalpel[3]

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