PVP Sinx Killer! my build on 99/70

Hai all there RO gamers. im new here and first writing guide..

in this guide i hope i can share the experience and knowledge about how to be are

pvp :D

This guide just are simple guide and you can use all on any rate..haha


Status Build:

Str 90-93 (dont waste to much  point)

Agi 1 (not flee type)

Vit 60-65 (vit around this, u would be safe coz of thanatos)

Dex 70-90(this important to gain more hit)

Luk 1

ok that my build stat..for  information all type player and any type of job can kill this job..but for my stat build it can give u are balance sonic blow.

Skill Build:

Sonic Blow lvl 10

Cloaking lvl 10

Enchant poison lvl 10

Enchantly Deadly Poison/EDP lvl 5

Back Sliding lvl 10

Hiding lvl 10

Meteor Assault lvl 10

Magnum Break lvl 3 (marine sphere card if u want to frost sonic blow.HAHA!)

ok that all above. i hope u all wise to use it.


Upper Headgear: any type headgear for demi human damage or reduce or slotted

Card: Seyren Windsor Card (refine 10+ or get no effect)

Middle Heagear: any type headgear for demi human damage or reduce or slotted

Card: Orc hero (give u immunity to die on stun and give u vit+3

Bottom Headgear: any type headgear for demi human damage or reduce or slotted

Card: Seyren Windsor Card (refine 10+ or get no effect) or Kiel-D card (for triple speed sonic blow hahaha)

Armor: Diablos Armor 10+ or any armor but must high defend

Card: Tao Gunka (when u want to kill sinx for melle attacker and Asura Sure U DIE!!)

Card: Ghostring (switch it when fight with Champion or melle type like champion)

Armor: Spiritual Tunic (this is important armor and my favourite)

Card: No Card (coz no slot and to fight cold or frozen type)

Weapon (This my favourite part)

i explain little here..

in weapon u can put card u want but the card must have are priority example

specialty jur [4] slot..if u put Turtle General Card [TG] the damage is high and pain for all race

sonic blow using Hydra card it same value like TG, when u sonic demi human or user

its pain but when it goes to not human or monster it will reduce.. i hope u all understand


ok goes to weapon..bring more this weapon

Infil:10+ or 7+ should be more killer

Card: Hydra, TG, Incarnation Samurai (samurai), Stormy Knight, Dopplegengar.

Speciality Jur [4]: 10+ or not

Card: 1x Dopplegengar 1x Samurai 1x Hydra 1x Turtle General (Sure Pain)


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  1. dude pls help… i need a installer of any RO ive been looking in google but i cant download a proper client even sakray… pls send me some info or if u had any installer pls send to my mail [email protected] pls tell me which server is better too.. ty dude kindly help me thanx :D:D:D:D

  2. First download a nice download manager for faster download speeds:

    Then, download the files here:


    I chose to download the part by part rars in rapidshare because my net is slow. If you have a fast connection, you can download the 2 parts for data.grf and rdata.grf.

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