FA Trap Sniper Build

Well, I’ve decided to post a gigantic guide for as many classes I can think of. This guide does not include custom items, MVP cards, and no donated items. However, it includes equipment, stats, and tactic plays.

This is my guide, and no one else’s. You do not have to use these builds and if you do, don’t fail at it.

I will also not add any upgrades (+10) to equipments because it is up to you, not me. If it were to be my choice, I would enslave you in to upgrading your equipments to +99, which is unlikely.

These builds are for LOW RATE and LOW RATE ONLY… 99/70

If you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.


Straying away from AGI/DEX builds, I’ll give you one of the FA/TRAP builds.
FA/TRAP build:

I honestly have not seen anyone pull this off because of the lack of imagination. Within this build, you must have serious skills to do it. I mean it.



  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 70+
  • INT: Exactly 90 or more (including bonuses)
  • DEX: 70+
  • LUK: 1


Falcon Assault and traps are your friends. Falcon assault will deal approximately 7k. You can max out your int more and change your equips a bit more to deal 7.5k, but it’s not worth it.

Traps you will be using will be land mine, ankle snare, and shockwave.

Your job, as a sniper, is to live and pick off weak players. This build is lovely against an entire guild by yourself. The only problem with this is that you can barely fight off the stronger advanced players but you are considered useful for the ability to live long and picking off weak players the quickest overtime.  Of course, you can still post a threat to strong players easily if you threw in a mix of traps and status bows.

Thing is, I’ve been playing with AGI/DEX for so long that I’ve gotten bored of it. There’s a lot of players out there who use that build, and I’ve decided to try out this build. I’m the type of person to do things odd. So if you like odd, you’ll like this.

Using FA to pick off weak players, you’ll be using that to detect pro players. Anyone who suffers very inconsiderate amount of damage, obviously has the equips that fights against neutral properties.

In this case, learn to use arrow shower and prepare to spam massive amounts of traps. First, ankle snare, run past it as they’re chasing you, and arrow shower it to the direction they’re charging it, you’ll push the trap to the point where they’ll be ensnared. Once trapped, use 2 shockwaves and push it at the player following another ankle snare. Once that snare is in the player again, you’ll have a whole new time limit to go crazy. Next up, stack 4-5 land mines but don’t send it at the player, then push another ankle snare at the player. Stack another few amounts of land mines, and snare once again. Continue this process 1 more time then falcon assault, and push the land mines at them. Each land mine will do 1.5-2k to normal characters with the right equips (no ghostring) and about 3k against those with ghostring.

That will kill them.
Be aware of the time limit you have for your land mines however, you don’t want them to disappear on you.

Land mines are also helpful against SinX who are cloaked and chasing after you with EDP and sonic blow. Constantly trap behind you and ankle snare if they really are behind you.

This build is capable of killing two DEX/AGI snipers. Therefore, your sniper is as strong as two DEX/AGI snipers. But you can’t kill as quick as them.

You must know how to trap before you can use this build. Plus, as a little hint, if you’re fighting against sinX’s, spread land mines EVERYWHERE and FA when you see them step on one. It won’t take long to mass trap around the area. It only takes about 20 seconds to do so. Watch your SP though.

Rough overall look:

  • approx. 15.5k HP
  • approx. 1k SP (Realized my eyes could not tell me the numbers correctly)
  • approx. 7k Damage FA
  • approx. 1.5-2k Damage traps
  • Lots of MDEF that magic is almost nothing to you
  • Average amount of DEF

    EDIT:  Have a status bow with you and stripping equips if wanted.  Use it against players with neutral resistance against your FA and use Traps to kill them.  Also, use SS level 1 (probably) and have your status bow on for some massive status effects in WoE.

28 Responses to “FA Trap Sniper Build”

  1. I really like it, good job.

    Imma tryto make it and use it, since I preffer FA than DS Sniper.

    Besides, the ammount of HP makes you resist some good hits.

    Grats and thanks~

  2. I use a FA/Trap Sniper in a low rate and I think that it could be more useful a Green Ferus card than Matyr in Tidal Shoes.

    The only think that I don’t understand is how do you get 2.2k SP… I only get 1.7k… I want it too >.<

  3. Why not Valk shield instead Orleans? It’s just better…

  4. Good guide. Got a few questions, u mentioned “I’ve managed as a sniper, to kill off 21 players before I died against a guild by myself”. So, I am going to assume this is all in the context of WOE.

    1. Is STR 1 sufficient to carry all those armors, traps, arrows, potions, etc?
    2. I thought “push back” or “knock back” is disabled in WOE. How do you push a trap using arrow shower during WOE? In PVP yes, it will work.

  5. I don’t really like this guide.

    Why not using a Combat knife instead of a bazerald?
    People with ghostring gets lower dmg with traps.. traps are neutral, ghostring gives 75% neutral resistance.
    You can’t make 7k except your enemy has no ray, no thara no FB.

  6. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&jid=11

    Land mine isn’t neutral. It’s earth therefore stacking it against ghostring users hurts a lot.

    “Bazerald [ There are better ones, I believe ] (Keep a bow with you too, for arrow shower)”

    I did say there are better daggers. Please read carefully before posting Block Hustla.

  7. Using this build, and it’s great. Freezing an opponet with freeze trap is useful too against magic users or people with GR.

    Just one question, how did you get 2.2k sp? I only got 925 sp base level 96 and 93 total int. Will the bazerald increase sp by alot or something?

  8. thats way too much sp, with 110 int with bazerald i only get 1069 >_> how can it be?

  9. Against GR… damage per second increases by a lot with my build :o!
    immaterial arrow + pvp bow + sharp shooting = 4k damage per second if you crit

  10. kurgaz. We use orlean’s cause it decreases cast time.

    Yeah, i’d put CK instead of bazerald, although INT bonus is nice.

    I’d also use sleep traps instead of claymores/freeze traps.
    Cause people nowadays can just pot against claymores, and claymores need a ridiculous amount of time to stack. Most people nowadays carry unfrozen and ED, so its usefulness has decreased. Sleep will stop almost any character, however.

  11. what about damage claymore trap and blast mine trap??

  12. Didn’t he/she say that his/her eyes cant read the sp well???

    And also,, 7k FA????. I think u FA’ed a novice. . . . . .Or someone full stripped. . . . .

  13. Hit a novice? FA pierces Defence, only thing that reduces damage is race/size cards or anti neutral damage.

  14. Can you add this to your guide..

    another underrated skill “sand man”

    put them to slumber, then put more sandman near the target, once you cast FA to them, just walk past them to activate sandman(of course you must be immune to sleep, because traps works also on the caster), and to the same thing again. They can’t pot, change equips and anything while in sleep state. and you can own them but not that quick. tiring yet effective.

  15. then how come 7k??

  16. nice tricks man buttttttttt….

    i cant get castless with 70 dex and a sniper with 190 aspd(with blitz) can kill me

  17. Hmm. Nice build. I, personally, don`t like FA/Trapper. I DISLIKE it as if I want to throw it to trash bin. FA..
    Hard to level
    Having BIG delay could give big problem.
    You`ll be the first target to be killed in WoE.

    You killed 21 before killed?
    I killed 50++ players and the build I used is not a WoE Sniper. It`s hybrid. Well, I spouted some bad sentence not because of your build. Your build is informative, I just dislike FAs.

  18. wats the equips of some fa snipers that fa people like crazy in woe like without cast delay and their stats

  19. Guide sucks on status and equips but whatever…

    I would use for fa expert rings with spore because difference on 2 zeroms is low.
    7k fa is on stupid people without a thara or something without reduces.
    Btw, so mega int for what? 80 is more then enough, 85 good enough, check dmg and difference of it and ratios of hp/int/dex and see that is better to trade some int for hp and also – for 15.5k hp you have really or low dex with so much high int going on lol

  20. has anyone actually DONE this build? I’d like to hear it straight from their mouths… I tried FA-ing on HR and its just bad… and i wanna hear from other people who tried it and have other variations of the build that might work for them.

  21. You can use 2 expert ring for 10% reduce cast delay. i dont know if 2 will stack but its worth a try and i dont know what card ill put….. thanks again for this informative guide.

  22. hye all..hurm.. i need some suggestion here.. i have been played a hunter for a very2 long time.. n it is my time to trans it.. i am confiused by the choices.. which is better FA sniper or CRIT sniper?? i dont want to waste my only main char because of this confusing choice i have to make.. pls.. any1?? answer me pls.. gimme the best answer.. so i can choose w/o any regret!!

  23. FA trapper is good enough to kill lots of (newbs) peopls. But i prefer to do just pure traper with resist and max sp etc, or hybrid dex luck build for sharp shooting… luck cuz of crits, no need many.

  24. hi sir what does lvl 1 SS standf for, its a pretty good guide but does FA works for ghostring users?

  25. Which is the best for leveling (90~99) sniper FA build in a low rate server?

  26. ^ Sniper you get dex first, then int/agi, same for every build.

    ~80% crit with two medals & crappy fortunes kiss IIRC. For sharpshoot sniper luk is leftover stat.

    Any Sniper can trap. Old or not, FA sniper is absolutely useless in FE woe, detect & arrow shower is your fucking job if you aren’t putting up more traps.

    “Within this build, you must have serious skills to do it. I mean it.”

    This proves the player who made this guide was a complete joke. Playing a sniper normally is amillion times harder and still easy.

    “This build is capable of killing two DEX/AGI snipers. Therefore, your sniper is as strong as two DEX/AGI snipers. But you can’t kill as quick as them.”

    The most retarded statement ever made. He never even mentioned bragi in this guide (which basically lets you do mediocre damage), or riff & awakes (which let you spam it faster in bragi). This is a VERY incomplete guide. No Spring Trap etc. He was clearly one of those guys who managed to kill ppl who didn’t know what pots were.

  27. hi, first if all,, good guide. but i have a question,, does aspd affect the delay of FA?

  28. Better than expert ring is rosray with Aligator and Smokie

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