Hybrid Stalker Build

Well, I’ve decided to post a gigantic guide for as many classes I can think of. This guide does not include custom items, MVP cards, and no donated items. However, it includes equipment, stats, and tactic plays.

This is my guide, and no one else’s. You do not have to use these builds and if you do, don’t fail at it.

I will also not add any upgrades (+10) to equipments because it is up to you, not me. If it were to be my choice, I would enslave you in to upgrading your equipments to +99, which is unlikely.

These builds are for LOW RATE and LOW RATE ONLY… 99/70

If you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.



Rough Stats:

  • STR: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
  • INT: 80+ (excluding bonuses)
  • DEX: 1
  • LUK: 1


I will not explain the details in what skills you need to place your skill point in (Use the skill simulator: http://ratemyserver.net/skill_sim.php and just a side note: It will be difficult on your behalf to find out what skills I have chosen for this class)

You were given two Wool scarf and two Glittering Jackets. I’ll first explain why you have them before we go on to how your game play should be like. First off, your sasquatch card in one glittering jacket is there for players with massive attack speed, players who cloak too much, and players who do massive amounts of damage in one hit.

The sasquatch will come in against those players because once they’re frozen, they’re likely to be stripped by YOU.

If it doesn’t come in handy, bring some frost diver scrolls, test it out on them. If they don’t freeze, it’s because they have marc card. But don’t you fret, you still have one more trick up your sleeve.

Using your given backslide skill, use it frequently after every hit you take up close or far away. Once you’re out of sight, use hide and proceed slowly to your enemy. Uncloak yourself and strip ONCE and quickly position yourself for massive back sliding. Use this method if they do a lot of damage in one blow, or if they have insane attack speed, do not use this on weak players who can’t hurt, or players who cloak against you.

When fighting someone with marc card, just switch armour in to the Peco peco for the HP advantage. I advise using Peco peco in woe instead of Sasquatch card in woe. Just a heads up.

Anyways, you have the basics in to stripping a player. Next up is how to kill:

Your main killing technique is the lost forgotten skill that barely anyone uses (That I see): Backstab.

This skill will do 2.8k to players with no good defence and cards.

This skill will do 2.2k to players with average equips.

This skill will do 1.8k to Lord knights, paladins, and high priests.

You will be seeing 2.4k mainly however, because before you begin fighting, you start off with the “Stripping phases

Backstab is a very tricky skill. You have to be behind them in order to use the skill. I don’t advise anyone who can’t control their characters properly to use my build. If you can, then you should be able to play like me, a walking backstab machine.

Stone throw is a handy skill. Use it often to get far range people to stun so that you can come near to them, and against casters. It’s very handy, trust me.

It’s nearly impossible for you to die. You can also fight players with MVP cards and still win, but barely. It depends on your skills and control with the character (and luck, for those who like to believe in that).

Overall look:

  • 14k HP
  • 2k SP
  • 2.6k Damage per skill hit from backstab
  • 2016 Per heal
  • Never miss
  • Able to strip and freeze
  • Defence is near a Lord Knight’s defence

A pally on sacrifice build with tao gunka can not kill you. A sinX with full Sonic blow equips on EDP can sometimes kill you. You can also either kill them or render them useless by stripping. The classes that you can’t kill are those with high HP who either heal, or pot spam.

Your plagiarized skill is: Heal


5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5
If you had 1 DEX and they had 900:
5 + 10 + (1-900) / 5
15 + -899 / 5

You obviously see where this is going. But in RO, you can’t go negative so you go to 0, meaning it becomes 15 – 0. Therefore your strip chance will always be 15%. And by the way, even if you do have 90 dex over 30, that’s only like what? 60 / 5? Good luck with the wasted stat points just to get a +12%. I’d rather use them on vit for the hp and DEF.

The skill heal is helpful as it may support allies. It also gives you a reason for INT as it gives you MDEF and INT. Int will lower the need of SP pots. It will be good for you if you can use both heal and pots and yes, you will outlast any other stalker like those noobs on the bottom of this page that have suggested builds that are pathetic.

In addition, please note that Bowling Bash may deal more damage, but you require DEX. With Backstab, you don’t and your damage is not that far away from Bowling bash. With the extra stat points, it’s a good win for Backstab over Bowling Bash. Also, you don’t have to ever worry about missing.

26 Responses to “Hybrid Stalker Build”

  1. What source of attack is used here, that’s the only thing I didn’t catch. But anyhow it sounds pretty nice.

  2. Your main killing technique is the lost forgotten skill that barely anyone uses (That I see): Backstab.

  3. I don’t see why you need int then XD

  4. You don’t recover sp while hiding, and if you’re gonna be doing a lot of Backstabbing, that’s gonna drain a lot of sp as well. Hence why there’s a lot of int needed.

  5. Yeah, the reason for int is for the max SP, your skill heal will give you 2016 HP, and your SP regen will be quicker.

  6. If you’re going to use Backstab as your way of attack and not your usual attack method, why do you have to use a dagger which deals 75% damage to medium size monsters (Players)? Replace that for a Saber.

  7. Ah! Thanks for the heads up, totally did not see that!

  8. Those stats are terrible. 1 DEX? How the hell are you supposed to strip with that?

  9. “The classes that you can’t kill are those with high HP who either heal, or pot spam.”
    So every good player out there. Seriously stalker with 1 DEX in WoE. Stalkers role in WoE is recall and stripping, not killing.

  10. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&jid=4018

    Someone tell me if they see the word “DEX” in the skill “Full strip”.

    For those who believe they need dex to strip, you are considered as a terrible stalker in my eyes.

    The reason why my stalker is better than your’s, is because I know my skills, and you don’t. :(

    @Wild Tengu and Kurgaz:

    Yeah, you can’t kill them with this build. Fortunately, you can strip perfectly fine with 1 DEX. But hey, you two can totally go and put on 150 dex. I’ll duel you anytime and show you what a real stalker is.

    The stalker’s role is to recall and strip? Sure, but mine can heal and deal good damage while strip perfectly fine and recall. You tell me who’s a greater “I want”.

  11. Recall with 1 dex? LOL where do you want to recall? at the castle entrance?! seriousle do you played a Stalker before? You can´t deal dmg with 80 str.

    Yes you CAN strip with 1 dex (15% base chance) but how do you want to level up? you can´t hit the last shit.

  12. @Kasha

    DEX does not lower the casting time of guild recall. Please learn your builds before saying random things that are not true.
    If DEX did have an effect on the skill guild recall, then I like to say hello guild leaders with DEX!

    @Kasha again

    Yeah, I play stalkers before, have you played Ragnarok before?!

    @Kasha once more!

    Level up? Easy, it’s called back stab. Now not only do you need to learn RO, learn about stalkers too! Whoopee.

    80 STR? Who said I’m made to kill? I can kill and deal damage, but not as well as those who are made to kill and only kill. What are you expecting from me? An asura strike?

  13. I’m a noob for not explaining much.

  14. Hey Poki, we all have idea for our stalker but the thing is that your build were not that pretty much stronger to kill and strip (sorry for that).

    I suggest go for a stalker caster who used storm gust lvl 10 with a stat of 99dex/99int and the rest would be vit.

    with this build and skill you can easily kill and strip in pvp or woe.

    i hope this can help your stalker..

    more power to all stalker out there!!

    Poki: Power isn’t everything. Even with pots, people can easily kill you in one shot with low vit.

  15. If you’re gonna be maining a backstab stalker, there is no need for that int. >.>
    To heal? The hell? A measly 2k heal compared more str to pot spam, or more vit so pots heal more.

    Why not go 99 str + bonuses = 150 str
    80-ish vit, 2x~4x int, 50-ish dex?

    That dex is just for the minor damage boost, plus if you’d left it at 1, you’d have too many leftover points.

    80str/vit/int = worthless junk.
    Can’t kill at all, and stalkers even with 80 vit are still soft.

    Poki: Yeah, I can heal and carry pots. Hell, I can carry more equips then you because I don’t need that many pots. Not only that, but I assume you don’t have infinite weight. I assume you carry more pots than equips that can own your opponent.

    Crazy strength much? You’d probably die easily by almost all the classes in one shot before you can do crap. Next thing you know, you’re just a plain stalker with STR and DEX. Go die please.

    Yeah, even with 80 Vit, I won’t deal as much as you 150. But I assure you that I can live longer. Not only that but I assume you yourself won’t even be able to kill me with that low vit and nub # of pots.

    I can kill you easily, it’s just a matter of you spamming all your pots away and running like a noob afterwards with no pots. I’ll just keep healing your damage and switching equips as well as using pots while backstabbing you. I’ll be doing more than 2k, which is almost half of your HP. Good luck spamming pots.

  16. Good guide, but what do you suggest to learn with Plagiarism? I think you meant to be plagiated Heal, but I still think you should mention it at the guide.
    Also, you should make suggestions against some other complicated enemies at PvP (the “natural enemies” of Stalkers, mostly Biochemists and Professors), and those “high HP” you mentioned.

  17. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Full_Divestment

    The dex bonus is hidden, please don’t say such things with out testing it. Go to pvp, try and divest a sniper-> try to divest a pure MR pally-> repeat several times-> re-write your guide.

    Why do you need that intelligence, you can only copy one skill at a time. You heal for 2k then…nothing, that is all; congrats on healing the same ammount as a ranked white pot but for 40 sp and a delay. You have 2k sp…why does this matter? Have you ever heard of blue pots or honey for pvp? You can hurt people with magic..with that awesome cast time of yours.

    You are trying to kill with backstab…when Bowling Bash not only does more per hit but you can also do this amazing thing known as immediatly Bowling Bashing the person again O_O. Things that screw over backstab: sight or ruwarch, enemy standing with their back to a wall, enemy having any priest or hp helping them….or like 30 potions, and killing the said stalker who is hitting you for 2k every 2-3 seconds

    Poki: Dex may be hidden, but it’s always a fixed 15% chance. Try stripping a GM with 9999 dex. You’ll find yourself still stripping the player. By the way, you’re calculation:

    5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5
    If you had 1 DEX and they had 900:
    5 + 10 + (1-900) / 5
    15 + -899 / 5

    You obviously see where this is going. But in RO, you can’t go negative so you go to 0, meaning it becomes 15 – 0. Therefore your strip chance will always be 15. And by the way, even if you do have 90 dex over 30, that’s only like what? 60 / 5? Good luck with the wasted stat points just to get a +12%. I’d rather use them on vit.

    Me re-write my guide? Learn to do math and test out the crap yourself before saying that I haven’t. Don’t think I’d be confident in myself without testing. Of course I did, idiot.

    Have you ever heard of weight limit? I use heal because it covers the weight for a lot of pots. Instead of potting like a whore and ending up with no pots at one point, I’d carry equipment for switching using battlemode. I’d get the advantage anyday. Not only that, what’s better is that I can heal AND pot.

    Yeah, you got me there, I have terrible casting time. Whoop de doo.

    Like I said, I don’t need to kill. I can render you useless with strip. Bowling bash requires dex. With dex in used, you’d have less vit. Less vit means you die faster. And by the way, I can out heal bowling bash. Spam pots all you want, you still won’t live longer than me. I’d still have more SP regen and I have heal AND pots.

    2k every 2-3 seconds is pathetic considering your crap SP and HP, dumbass. I hit 1.8k every 2-3 seconds and I have more HP and SP and more ways to heal than you.

  18. Yo wtf, if your guna go str stalker (which i think is the most wasted build a stalker can make) you should get enough str to actually kill someone. try to aim for 140 atleast in total.

    Also wtf 1 dex?!?! and to all ppl who are saying dex does not effect strip, IT DOES! the more dex then your opponent = higher success chance. Anyway this build is for killing but you should still get some dex…

    Also, its better to use Bowling Bash as a str stalker, pwnz back stab anytime.

    Poki: I love you noobs who think power is everything. Well low HP and quick death is surely something for me. Good luck stripping in woe with your crap life. Spam all you want once again, you’d end up with nothing one point. Oh, and 1v1 any player in PvP, you’ll die pretty quick with one shot.

    Yeah, I agree now, dex does affect strip. Sure thing, but it doesn’t effect enough to be worth it. Have as much dex you want. Read above about the dex and you’ll realize how much it’s a waste. You’ll learn some math while you’re at it.

    Bowling bash own backstab? Sure, you can push, you can deal more, and you have an easier time to hit. Let me ask you one thing, can you live long enough to kill someone with it? Probably not. And by the looks of it, I am 100% you will die by me if we were to 1v1.

  19. Indeed Dex helps out ALOT when you strip someone, acually the real formula is “Success Rate = 5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5″ You don’t believe me? Check http://irowiki.org/wiki/Full_Divestment .
    It’s iRO yes but the formula is the same.


    5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5
    If you had 1 DEX and they had 900:
    5 + 10 + (1-900) / 5
    15 + -899 / 5

    You obviously see where this is going. But in RO, you can’t go negative so you go to 0, meaning it becomes 15 – 0. Therefore your strip chance will always be 15. And by the way, even if you do have 90 dex over 30, that’s only like what? 60 / 5? Good luck with the wasted stat points just to get a +12%. I’d rather use them on vit.

    Yeah, it helps a lot because it makes you die faster. Copy and paste ftw.

  20. 5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5
    If you had 1 DEX and they had 900:
    5 + 10 + (1-900) / 5
    15 + -899 / 5

    You obviously see where this is going. But in RO, you can’t go negative so you go to 0, meaning it becomes 15 – 0. Therefore your strip chance will always be 15. And by the way, even if you do have 90 dex over 30, that’s only like what? 60 / 5? Good luck with the wasted stat points just to get a +12%. I’d rather use them on vit.

    Oh, and for those who continue to say strip won’t work if the enemy has god dex, well sadly, it does. Try stripping someone with 4498498 dex and you with 1. You’ll be amazed how wrong you are.

    By the way, even with 130 DEX, your enemy will always have some dex (Most of them do, so that they can hit.)

    Lets assume the have at least 60 DEX.

    5 + 2 * Skill Level + (Your DEX – Enemy DEX) / 5
    If you had 130 DEX and they had 60:
    5 + 10 + (130-60) / 5
    15 + 70 / 5
    15 + 14

    You just got 130 dex so that you can increase the chance by 14%. Wow, good job, now how’s your HP and SP?

    By the way, I edited all your posts and gave a comment to each. Have fun.

  21. You sir, is probably one of the worst stalkers I’ve ever seen. You can’t seem to handle the fact that you are completely wrong, its obvious BB>Backstab anyday thus the reason why it’s long forgotten or HARDLY used anymore. Wasting your plagerism for Heal is one of the worst idea ever. Never heard of pots, heals faster and way better? Way better skills to copy like I dunno FSK or FD. Srsly you need to lrn how to play RO before you go ranting on how pro you are. I can pwn you anyday in a 1v1 duel. Plus you wouldn’t last 10 seconds in WoE. TBH a full support stalker can render you useless within 2 seconds of a duel, strip, fsk gg?

  22. Apparently, you’re worse than me and probably avoided every single comment that I have said. Or maybe I just didn’t say enough.
    Yeah, with BB, you need dex. With Backstab, you don’t. I may use my dex in to vit. But I lose stat points because of INT right? Nope, it’s not a waste. MDEF ftw, SP ftw, less SP pots ftw. Also, I’ve heard of pots, which is why I can use both pots and the skill heal. You think you can own me with your stalker? I beg to differ. I too can also strip you, and I’ll probably take off everything except my hat to pretend I was stripped by you. Not that hard at all, and by the way, you do shit damage when you’re stripped. Therefore, I can outheal you easily and still have pots to spare. You may think pots are everything, but you have a weight limit. You won’t live against me since I can totally out last longer than you with my vit and int (def, mdef, hp, and sp). Not only that, but I too can carry just as much pots as you can.

    Render me useless just by stripping? I can heal other people too idiot. Not only that, but I can fool you easily with a quick switching off of equipments. Good luck trying to strip. You obviously look like a noob being unable to comprehend how great backstab could be. It gives an advantage in stat wise and isn’t that bad at all. You just refuse to admit it.

    As for the people who say they’ll be standing where their back are against the wall, I’ll tell you that I don’t have to wait there for you to move so I can hit you. I can just walk away and let you look like an idiot.

    Oh, also Chris, how do you exactly plan to pwn me when your equips are also too stripped and you do squat? Like I said, I’ll outlast you with my SP, pots, heal, and HP.

    Go change your name to: Chris2noob. It fits you a lot better.

  23. Flawed.
    Any ws > you, in fact any smart player>you

    One try strip, backslide, repeat. You won’t stun and probably can’t do anything thing except deal damage and break equips. I carry back-ups and I can reduce and it’s not hard in wearing equips that are indestructible at all. All I need to do is simply try one strip and backslide from taking too much damage. I’ll even use hide against you and I’ll pot or heal any damage you do after the backslide.

    Also, quagmire for the win. Oh, I must take smart to another level seeing as you weren’t even capable in explaining any detail how a WS can always win against me. Obviously your name is correct in describing yourself: Fail.

    Feel free to pot as much as you want. You still end up wasting more pots than me and you yourself wouldn’t be capable in killing me at all.

  24. This build isnt as bad as it sounds hes correct on the 1dex thing however I can not see a little bit of dex to hurt for Backslideing faster for better getaways other then that this build is pretty nice for those who wanna use some skill instead of nub potting and wasteing time to hunt them I’ll give the build a try.

    Poki: Thank you. I understand if there are flaws to the build. It’s still nice to hear that players like you will give the build a try. It’s not that bad as it seems, I assure you.

  25. Lol obviously you don’t know jack about this game. Strip me with wut your 15% chance to plz, try I’ll bowling bash your face off before you get the chance to, and honestly your the biggest nub around its so obvious you don’t last 10 seconds in WoE so gtfo?

    Poki: Ooh, so dangerous with you 800 damage bowling bash. You obviously need to note that you too need to strip me. That gives me the chance to already try and strip you. It’s a fixed 15% chance and it is increased slightly with dex. It’s really no big deal, even when we do strip each other, your bowling bask is still just as weak. A level 5 heal will be sufficient enough to heal that shit.
    Keep trying nub. It’s obvious that you can’t comprehend this build seeing as you think you’ll live longer than a Stalker with more DEF, MDEF, HP. It’s not like my damage with Backstab is any lower than your’s, idiot.

    Keep up with the flames, it doesn’t bother me when you show how blind you can be.

  26. This is NOT a forum, please do not start flame war here.

    I understand there might be different opinion to playing a character, it’s hard to reach an agreement among different players. But that is not the point here.

    This guide’s comment section need a cool down time. I will lock it for now.

    If any of you are so good at pointing out missed points in other people’s guide, I would suggest it’s time to write your own.

    Otherwise please show at least the basic respect to the guide writers and watch your language.

    Thank you.