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I consider my Super Novice my main character. When I first came to the server this guide was made for, that was the first character I made, and it was my only character untill he was level 99/99, unleeched. For me, and others, one of the most enjoyable things about a Super Novice is that they’re not taken as seriously as the standard classes. All of these classes are powerful in their own right, but people seem to exclude the Super Novice from any sort of association with power.

Someone once told me that Super Novices is Ragnarok Online’s version of “hard mode”. While Super Novices may have gotten the short end of the stick, there is no arguing that, they sure as hell can turn a few heads and the sheer novelty of that alone grants enough gratitude to make the class worth playing.


Before I get into the nitty gritty, there are two different reasonable builds for playing a Super Novice. One can play a character however one chooses, but if you want to be effective, and at least taken semi seriously you’re either a fast cast or instant cast super novice or a flee novice. The first Super Novice I ever met in Ragnarok Online was a flee Novice and here are some of the tips he taught me. Special thanks to Circular on the now defunct Ethereal RO.

Basic Introduction and Theory Behind the Flee Novice

You’re relying solely on fleeing your solo opponent, generally in PVM. Melee Novices combine the skills provided to them from the Swordsman and Thief skill trees.

From what he recalls of his melee Novice the stats went something along these lines:

  • 120 STR – Which was obtained Bless 10 and 2x Mantis Novice Armlets.
  • 50 DEX – 28+22ish… Owl’s Eye 3 and Improve Concentration, along with Bless 10
  • Rest in AGI – 92 base or so.

He goes on in our correspondence when I was initially interested in starting as a SN on a new server, that given another chance he would have dropped his STR for 20 to 30ish VIT, because the only time a SN has any VIT even worth mentioning is at level 99. If you’re interested in PVP though, you’re going to need more VIT and more DEX, but that comes with the PVP territory of almost every class. The iRo Wiki states that “At the moment of reaching 99, a super novice gains +2000 Base HP permanently. This is actual Base HP, and is thus affected by cards and vit.”

Suggested Equipment for this build consists of Willow, Pupa, Whisper, Thief Bug Egg, Chonchon or other flee cards in the angelic set. If you’re wishing to splurge (This applies to the instacast Novice as well) you could go the extra mile and outfit the set with a incubus and succubus combination.

The Instant Cast Super Novice

This is what I am more familiar with. The idea behind an Instant Cast Super Novice is a achieving the point of where your amount of dexiterity makes cast times non exisistant. That magic number is 150 DEX. At first this number is intimidating, but don’t be frightened because you have the archer skill tree to help you.

Familiarize yourself with all of the skills available to you after you’ve toughed out all your levels as a Novice. (Here is a link to the SN skills and descriptions.)

That’s honestly my only advice, getting to base 45 as a Novice is a grind fest in the most noobish areas if you are alone. If your server allows you to skill reset, then 1-45 will be comparable to a STR/AGI flee build, but if you were on something that didn’t allow it you would just have to melee your way through it, despite having to fill the DEX and the INT needed for this caster type class. For your sake, I hope you have friends who will help speed things along.

For achieving the 150 DEX the following skills will be your best friend:

  • Owl’s Eye 10
  • Vulture’s Eye 1 (Prerequisite for Improved Concentration/ Attention Concentrate)
  • Attention Concentrate 10
  • Divine Protection 5 (Prerequisite for Bless)
  • Bless 10

Owl’s Eye grants 10 permanent DEX for simply allotting the skill points, whereas the DEX granted from Improved Concentration is based off your current DEX and DEX granted from equipment. Blessing also grants another 10 temporary DEX. This self buff, included with the other stats and DEX granted from equipment will give you your 150.

These are the base skills that are necessary for the typical instant cast Super Novice build. This is the bare bones setup. The rest of your skills to spend, you get 98 of them is up to you. However I highly suggest getting more self protection skills such as pnuema and a low level heal.

You will be a bolter. Most of your skill points will be spent on bolts, and you will find firewall useful for leveling. Avoid it if you are on a server where you cannot reset skills and you are interested in a future of PVP.

I highly suggest at least:

  • Frost Driver 10
  • Lightening Bolt 10
  • Fire Bolt 10

Freeze it solid, make it water element and use what’s it’s weak against.
Else if, kill it with fire.

Gearing a Instant Cast Super Novice

Before Soul Links, getting 150 DEX was only for the people who had an Amon Ra card that they wished to put on their footgear. 149 however, was easily obtained commonly through this way:

  • Super Novice Hat is essential in the cheap build. The +1 DEX on head is crucial.

Also one needs the following:

  • Quad Dextrous Rod +4 DEX
  • Nimble Novice Armlets, +3 DEX +1 INT
  • Rocker Novice Breastplate

This equipment, with the aforementioned buffs, grants 149 DEX.

With the Rachel Patch came a new set which granted:

  • Angel’s Kiss[1], heagear SP Regen + 3%
  • Angelic Protection[1], armor MDEF + 20
  • Angelic Guard[1], shield, reduces damage from demons by 5%
  • Angel’s Cartigan[1], garment, HP Regen + 5%
  • Angel’s Reincarnation[1], shoes, HP + 100

Which when combined.. HP + 900, SP + 100, and chance of Assumptio Lv 1 when hit.

You get the wonderfull buff and HP and SP.. at the loss of the Novice Hat.. Bringing you at 148.

Final Notes on the Instant Cast Super Novice

Experienced players are probably pulling their hair out, having seen Instant Cast Super Novices in PVP who most certainly are instant cast and are not wearing non SN gear, and most certainly don’t have an Amon Ra Card.
It’s called a Soul Link. A Super Novice Soul Link allows a Super Novice to equip any non Super Novice Headgear during the link that will stay on unless otherwise unequipped. Not only that, but also any level 4 weapon, non two handed sword, non bow, with exceptions.

I encourage those who are interested to investigate possible builds, which are more expensive, but will allow you to achieve the 150 DEX. The Soul Link is the answer. Think Apple of Archer, Think Binoculars. Think Ramen Hat! Imagine the possibilities! With a Ramen Hat you can reach 150 max and not even have 99 base DEX, saving you so many skill points to allocate into INT or VIT. Try a Ulle’s!

With a Soul Link so much is possible and it really opens up alot of the potential in a Super Novice. With a free armor slot, without a rocker, Incubus and Succubus card is the answer to your SP and regen woes!

And always remember:

/doridori in a 4/4 beat and your SP regen will double while sitting.
Dont ask why. It’s a Super Novice secret.

And according to iRO Wiki:

A Super Novice wife will give +1 for every stat when she uses the marriage skill Undying Love on her husband. Also, the husband’s SP recovery will double. However, the wife’s Stats will all be reduced by 1. This however only occurs randomly.

It’s just a Super Novice thing.

I wish you and your Super Novice the best of luck in this challenge.
You have a special Angel, try praying to it.

27 Responses to “Super Novice Guide”

  1. I have SuperNovice But im not sure with my skill hahaha:D
    Perfect Dodge 10
    Double attack 10
    Vend 5
    warp 4
    tele 2
    penuma 1
    HP recovery 10
    Swordmastery 10
    Overcharge 10
    pushcart 1
    OverwheightLimit 10
    Heal 1

    str 99
    agi 99
    vit im not sure :D 30+

    wieght 8000+/8000+

    its stupid Build
    Bot type
    lvl 99/99
    server:Valkirie Philippines :D

  2. Any good lvling spots? i have 99 dex and 75 int lvl 87 :P

  3. well if u got fire bolt try geos

  4. 99 dex to much while lvling you want to keep it round 70-80 while you up your int sn has low magic damage thus why sn staff gives +25% maggic attack, try keeping dex lower int high also siroma and imp cards will help you, with siroma card you can lvl 10 cold bolt high orcs very fast also remmber pnuema for orc archers high orcs much better then geos or mi gao’s(soils) with low rae server you want to be at high orcs or in partys for abby/ thor.
    mi gaos are alot better then geos aswell cuz they have about 8200 hp and 12 mdef, where as geos have about 8100 hp and 28 mdef.
    the danger to mi gaos are the mantis’s around them witch an expearanced play can avoid or kill however if you need to fire wall will easly deter them.
    mm high orcs harder they give about 1000 more exp per kill take 175% damage from cold bolt and have about 6900 however they are fast siroma cards are cheeper then imp and will help you tank these beasts here you can lvl to 99 is my favourt spot for the speed of soloing, ussaly i go here at lvl 80 you should have no problem with 99 dex to tank these beasts as long you have pneuma and teleport at least
    well good luck i off to own

  5. i tried making this build… well i think you dont need soul linking anymore coz there is dex food… +10 dex…

  6. Ummm….I’m planning to make a super novice after my Sniper….I had a hard time in finding the Angelic Set…well as for me i will do my best to gain a 99 into this…Any leveling spots? which a super novice could level 99….

  7. How come the level 3 Owl’s Eye for melee novice? =/

  8. mm k dex food owns just i think you should avoid it cuz of the cost, a good super novice never dies so soul link is best way to go.

    mm angelic set defently the best for lvling spend a day going to each mini boss with your snipe you should find each peice or could ussaly buy them from other players. and for lvling well it all depens how good you are ussaly aroun lvl 90 i just solo ice titans to lvl 99 or majours,a good place to lvl is high orcs with pnuema, mi gaos are also a great place to go i dont sujjest geos unless you suck they just realy useless for a sn to lvl at

  9. Goats (2 south of Juno).

    If you have high INT (I got 99), 2 Siromas, and hiding.. they are cake. Just watch out for the Harpy.. easy enough.

    Most times you can 1 shot them, and they drop Antelope Horns for the repeatable xp quest.

  10. I have a supernovice and I have the angelic set…. but there are no skills, just the same boring skills as a novice…. I play aeRO Philippines….

  11. Supah Novices Rule!!!!

  12. Hi) I have 99/84(105only)/40 dex-int-vit sn with TSh, and he have a great lvling on Anolians), about 250k/6(1x rate, solo, without food, undying. Max ~326/6mins).
    Who said some bad about vital noobz? ^_~
    As.cross in panic: ‘OMFG, he have range-detect like a hunter o.O its hurd!11′
    Ps: sorry for my rude english… Nyarrrgh! ,,+_+,,

  13. i have a Suno.. insta cast… Valkyrie sever Phil…
    and i lvl at the siroma icedun…
    1 hit and have a anglelic set
    dex 99
    int 99
    vit 10

    i prefer to use Suno Set instead

    coz Suno set has many Benefits when
    you reach your base level 99..

    becoz Angelic set For me is just Leveling Set..

    but Dont use Novice plate..
    Use the Armor of Angelic Set..
    Becoz there is a Auto Cast of Impo on urself… ^_^

  14. does super novice low hp? how much hp does super novice have in lvl 99.

  15. I’m from private server zeus RO hi rate Indonesia

  16. well…
    any levelin spots?
    answer it in detail..
    i really want to know it..
    cuz leveling a super novice is hard like hell >.<

  17. Can super novices use bows?

  18. what’a a suno set??
    where can i find it?

    I’m just new to this game..

  19. do you guys love to use super novice?
    as far as i know, it is the most useless job in RO
    you better use a ninja, than a super novice

    @Agent13 : approx 4000 hp if you put all points in vit :D

  20. @ubermench : yes they can, but it is not effective,
    well, your choice…

  21. Hi ! all :)
    I think it’s great stuff Of SN for me…
    I’m SN magic and support for team.
    Try to get Angelic stuff
    Incubus card + Succubus card
    And Eggry card
    Lich rod (+9 If you have chance)
    Necro card or Centipede Larva card
    DEX, INT 99
    You can hurt many monster :)
    (Skull card in your shild like me) :p
    And… Don’t forget IMP card or Siroma card :D

    I love Super Novice !!! :)
    Thank you

  22. any advice on where to lvl extended Supernovice level 118?? takes to long kill monster in scaraba. raydrics give low xp, abyss lake too low xpi too.. pls and thank you.. 193 atak speed Suno here

  23. Hi Im From Valkyrie server In pRO I Am New To Super Novice,Can Super Novice Get Play Dead?

  24. I think no.

  25. i’m from idRO server fnc

    just remember, after renewal, super novice is ragnarok’s hard mode, become “very hard mode”, even you are already become exsuno, i don’t know, it’s because renewal or not,
    my base stats (no buff)

    my atk speed still not reaching 193, even i not equip any weapon+shield and use awakening potion, agi lv 10, bless lv 10, my aspd only max 181(with a dagger p.knife2 that i get from eden quest), my equip is valor set(that i get from start), lv 127

  26. I have SN, level 46
    Thats all..

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    I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed
    and I hope you write again very soon!

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