Spirit Monk Build

Stats(at Base Lvl. 99):

Str 93

Agi 1

Vit 21

Int 43

Dex 86

Luk 9

Skills(at Job Lvl. 50):

Acolyte Skills:

Ruwash 1

Teleport 2

Warp 4

Pneuma 1

Heal 5

Increse AGI 5

Decrease AGI 1

Blessing 10

Divine Protect 10

Demon Bane 10

Monk Skills:

Iron Fist 5

Ocult impaction 5

Throw Spirit Sphere 5

Fury 5

Summon Spirit Sphere 5

G. Fist 5

Root 5

Flee 5

Raging triflecta Blow 3

Spiritual Cadence 5

Sphere Absortion 1


(Upper Headgear) +4 Misstress Crown

(Middle Headgear) Evil Wing Ears

(Lower Headgear) Gangster Mask

(Armor) +7 Saint Robe [Pupa]

(Shield) +7 Buckler [30% Race Reduction]

(Garment) +7 Muffler [Raydric]

(Shoes) +7 Shoes [Sohee]

(Accessory) Ring [Mantis]

(Accessory) Ring [Mantis]

Bye and C’ya

16 Responses to “Spirit Monk Build”

  1. plz send me this stats for char of lvl 255

    having max stats 255

    job lvl 50

    high novice goes to lvl 50 ]
    aco high goes lvl 50 ]—– job lvlS!!!!
    champ goes lvl 50 ]

  2. This should be very simple:

    Increase Dex to instant cast
    (should be 150 Dex don’t forget to count in blessing)

    Max STR (or increase it till a full 10x Number eg.260, 270, 280 with blessing as high as possible)

    Rest to VIT and INT

  3. is this build really good? I noticed the rating on it is very low, and I’m very interested in starting a spirit monk on iRO.
    Are there other ones I should look into, or are people just rating this one low for some other reason or than effectiveness?

  4. Nop, this guide is not good, searh for other about Champions, in this same part of site, it is really excelente and explain a lot of things, but this is one of the worst guides I ever seen

  5. This Isnt A Guide, This Is Like An Instruction, Without Explanations.

  6. Actually, the stats are pretty good, (just no “guide” in it).

    This char will rape in pvp.

  7. Having played a monk almost exactly like this one, i can say it’s one of the better builds out there. Please continue to rate it down so no one tries to make one.

  8. I’m not so sure about these builds,I have a monk and its agi outstands the most…though…Anyway,I wonder why we should use the exact equipments….as this one…it would be a lack of originality…and the reasons,please.

  9. I think this is a pretty nice build.

    Thanks Nosferatu, I’ll use this build for my monk.

  10. Considering the build, putting any points in Raging Trifecta Blow seems pointless. Its not required for anything, and at level 3 it’s pretty useless. While I admit there isn’t much else to put those points in, I’d even take a higher level flee or heal over it, as it seems to have no purpose whatsoever.

  11. the agi is requied, if not normal atack is so little

    min of agi is 40

  12. can i know the stats for a monk in valkyrie.

  13. ok po gm salamat sa pag tulong sakin…muahwwwwwwww
    nga pala pag scam aq anu gaga
    win q.? kc may ng scam sakin ng ube…un 100lod,,,asar nga eeh…un name nya c,,,DeinaFabiana yan un name….pag add nmn sa fb…[email protected]

  14. I’m interested to see how well this performs solo for pvm. Or is this intended solely for pvp?

  15. don’t use weapon?

  16. As reply to: Raging Trifecta Blow?, on March 8th, 2009 at 6:24.

    I agree totally. If you cut back the 2 points from Fury and 3 from Raging Trifecta Blow, you have even 5 points to use where you see fit.

    My skills are:

    Heal 6
    Agi 10
    Bless 10
    Demon Bane 10
    Devine Protection 10
    Teleport 2
    Warp 4
    Pneuma 1
    (5 Points skilled as Monk / Agi from 8-10 / Heal from 3-6)

    And Monk
    Iron Fist 5
    Ocult impaction 5
    Throw Spirit Sphere 5
    Fury 3
    Summon Spirit Sphere 5
    G. Fist 5
    Root 5
    Flee 5
    Spiritual Cadence 5
    Sphere Absortion 1

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