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If you are writing a guide at the moment, you may want to inform others so they do not waste effort into writing the same guide.  The other way to know what is in progress is to register as a contributor.  Inside the contributor control panel, you could see a full list of unpublished guide titles.

Any message older than a month in this section will be deleted.

(This section may be useless in the future, we will see …)

34 Responses to “Guides in Progress”

  1. Hwiz Guide is made , just pending review ^__^

  2. TU priest. Levelling with Anubis.

  3. Don’t forget to set the status of your finished guide to pending review.

  4. Homunculus guide. In progress.

  5. auction house system guide in progress

  6. asasssin cross pure sonic blow pvp type guide is made, pending review

  7. Thanatos Tower Guide in progress…

  8. WOE Second Edition Guide… as requested by Tim August 30.

  9. I’m currently working on a guide to my infamous Battle Prof. It will probably take a while though ;)

  10. I just submitted my Thanatos Dungeon Guide, one of my best guides. <3

  11. Shiro I hope you check your email, otherwise please read: ading-images/

  12. OK. I removed my guide. Good luck! It took me three hours to individually upload each picture to your site. You say you want pictures and yet you make it impossible to post them.

    When I first wrote this guide I tried to link them from directly. (About 1 year ago) At that time it wouldn’t allow me to use the ratemyserver links. I had to save all the pictures to my computer and upload everything to my own personal hosting site.

    The reason I use third party sites? Upload all the pictures at once. I have over 130 pictures in one guide. Sadly I won’t be posting anymore unless there is a change in the picture system.

    I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this. Did you notice that my guide is about 6 pages long in Microsoft Word Format? In any case I’ll post it if there’s a more efficient way to upload the pictures.

  13. Yes we understand your hard work. In an email to you, we do suggested to assist you in the process. Our staff could upload the images for you for the guide since it was a wonderful guide to begin with.

    The reason we do not want any third party image hosted is very clear, they often go expire and leave everybody with a useless guide.

  14. i don’t think thats the problem. shiro is saying the interface for uploading images needs a major overhaul, and i agree. a script which would allow the uploading of .zip files would be good. you could have a script to check the format of the files inside before it is extracted to the guides directory. that would be a simple way to do things.

  15. I’ve been so busy with college and family, sorry it’s taken so long. I understand the third party site problem, as I have experienced it twice now. Thus I have gone through this process of uploading these same images twice already.

    Any help to speed the upload/insertion process would be great. I’ll try to upload my screenshots and any custom items.

    On a side note why are my screenshots being crunched? They are posted that size for a purpose; being easy viewing of the map. Crunching the screen shots in this way will remove the corner with the map.

  16. Writing a guide for events and other GM hosted games

  17. Thanatos Guide is finished~ Review please?

  18. I made a professor guide. PvP, WoE, leveling, equipment, skill, stat and some infos. pending review

  19. Speedy Speed Potion Guide is updated with more accurate descriptions and caps lock removed. I did bold and italicize, since people often make the same silly mistakes.

    I thought I saw another Speed Potion Guide, the Lighthalzen pick-pocket quest or some such. Where did that go?

    I was going to post my additions to his guide, but I can’t find it now. Anyways, Please Review my Speedy Speed Pot Guide or tell me what to fix? Thanks!

  20. Scholar Bolting and Supportive in Progress.

  21. Ultimate PVP/PVM/WOE lord knight guide is on progess.Its about combining all good aspects of different builds in to one super LK build.

  22. “New World” quest please. . .

  23. New World

  24. where can i find image for my emblem of the guild i made and that are the size pls help…

  25. The image for the guild is a 24×24 px bitmap (bmp), it must be saved in folder …\RO\Emblem

    The transparent color is #FF00FF i think that is the hexadecimal code ^^”

  26. *For transparent colour* The color’s in Paint and it’s the 13th in the down row if u got Paint in Windows XP ! I discoveried it by doing an emblem and using that colour (I’m doing alot of emblems and if u want one contact me at [email protected] !!) :].

  27. what is the taming item for lord of death and where we can find it and where we can find red juice

  28. plsss tell me or contact me [email protected]

  29. Currently writing a Gypsy/dancer guide.

  30. Currently waiting for someone kind, who will make Crusader-Royal Guard Guide for me.

  31. Especially spear type Royal Guard

  32. Currently Writing Warlock Guide

  33. I’m waiting and hoping that could some one can make me a guide for ranger and rune knight spear and sword type knight……i tried many things on my characters ranger and knight but it is very weak in PVP how much when it comes in WOE….plsss help me!!

  34. My introductory to 1 on 1/PVP SinX stat build/equips/stratategy is still on review. It’s my first guide and it’s a very short one. I really prefer playing but a lot of my friends forced me to make this guide. Hope you give me ratings once the guide is up. Leave comments once the guide’s up, if you find it effective and knowledgeable, i’ll consider making another guide ( With more detail. I rushed this one, took me no longer than 10 minutes to make it. ). Thank you guys, and more power!

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