Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun

Hello Citizens of midgard.
You are here today maybe because your in need of help for you GX?
Well look no further cause heres a complete guide for a PVP/WoE/BG GX

First of all whats a guillotine Cross?

A Guillotine Cross is the 3rd job for the Assasin Job in Ragnarok Online it is one of the most versatile Jobs of all.
Now like most all of the jobs in ragnarok it also has its pros and cons .

– GX Can dish out alot of damage and mostly one hit other classes such as Warlock/Sorcerer/Other GX and possibly Some Sura’s
– Flee is very high therefore Normal physical attacks will mostly miss on you. and with Hallucination walk your Flee can reach to a Ridiculous   amount.
– Very hard to catch because of Cloaking Exceed which now lets the Assasin Take 3 hits before it uncloaks


-Durability against some magic attacks and Physical attacks will be hard with lack of skill.

-Not for PvM, if you are planning to PvM with this job dont bother.

-Most of its equipments will cost you.

Now Lets talk about the skills you are gonna need.

-Cross Impact

This skill lets is probably one of the most painful in terms of physical damage. its basically an upgraded sonic blow. which is highly spammable.

Tip: if you are planning to spam CI. you should practice the lord knights Bowling Bash Dance. CI works like that too. So now we have a Cross impact Dance

-Rolling Cutter and Cross Ripper slasher.

Now this will be your most devastating blow to the enemy.  Now if you cant kill your enemy with just CI spam. why not try 1 hitting him. Basically what you do is spin around 10 times then Decapitate that mofugga.

Tip: Dont Spin around Sura’s Cause they can easily use Cursed Circle and will put all your efforts to waste. Instead wait for them with your charges set to 10 and then click theyre dead.

Venom Impress

This skill Literally is like Lex but for poison.

Now for the stats.

Str 100~110 Main source of atk

Agi 100~110  Be sure to get lots of agi because it is the main factor for Cross Ripper Slasher your most Devastating Skill

Vit 70~90 Depends on your gear, Mostly for survivability purposes

Int (Rest goes here)
Dex 70~80 you will only be needing enough dex to hit your opponents and since you have Crit what for?

Luk 90~110 ABSOLUTELY depends up to you. This attribute will increase your pDodge therefore i suggest getting some to not get pwned by other GX’s


Upper HG – +4~10 Large baphomet horns[0], +4~10 Feather Beret[0] , Beret[0]

Middle HG – Angel Ghost[0],Blush of Groom[0]  Or any HG within association with ATK/Reduce Demi

Lower HG – Pdagger[0], Gentlemans Pipe[0], Hankerchief in mouth[0]

Armor – +4~10 Valk Armor[1]

Garment – +4~10Diabolous Garment[1], +4~10 Nydhog Shadow Garb[1], +4~10 Valk Manteu

Shoes – Variant Shoes, +4~10 Diabolous Shoes[1], +4~10 Valk shoes[1]

Weapon – +4~15 Infiltrator[1] , +4~10 KVM Katar[0]

Shield – +4~10 Bradium Shield[1], +4~10 Valk Shield

Acce1 – Bradium Ring[1]

Acce2 – Bradium Ring[1]


Upper Mid Low HG – None, But if you dont want to use my suggested gear and went on with something that has a slot use Maya Purple

Armor – Tao Gunka Card , Sealed Tao Gunka Card , Evil Druid Card, Pasana (PS : Only switch to Pasana When up against a DB type RK)

Garm – Raydric Card , Devilling Card ( PS: Only use Devilling Card when you see a Sura Casting Guillotine Fist on you)

Shoes- Matyr Card Card , Green Ferus Card

Shield – Thara Frog Card , Golden Thief Bug Card (PS: Only switch to GTB when you see a wiz casting Tetra on you)(PSS: Only switch to cranial when a Sura has you locked in Cursed Circle)

Weapon – Turtle General Card , Hydra Card

Acces1 & 2 – Gold Scaraba Card (+20 ATK   -1% HP)

Explanation for the gear.

Upper Mid Low HG –  Why so much with the anti demi human?Because Surviving is one of the factors to achieve victory in pvp

Dude Srysly you already dont have a shield and low HP pool.

Armor – The main objective hear is to not get your Armor broken( Valk Armor ) and also because TGK will be one of the things youll be thanking for surviving a Tiger cannon or Two. Reaching a high amount of HP for survivability is a must.

Shoes – Why the matyr card?  it gives you +1 agi and as i always say every stat point counts  ~ it also gives the same effect as a Ferus card

Shield – The whopping 30% reduce damage is very nice for when a sura has you locked in one of those Cursed circles. Or a GTB card whe nup against magic users.

Garm – Raydric card reduces damage from neutral attacks like Tiger cannon and Hundred Spear | I repeat only switch to devi when a sura is castng Asura strike on you.

Acce 1 & 2 – Gold scaraba card is very awesome. as it can drastically increase your damage output because of its +20 atk for each card. so thats +40 atk for you. and with a mere cost of -2% hp for when bot acce’s are equipped.

Weapon – Your main idea is to kill your enemies so Racial Cards all the way ~ BTW  Racial Cards affect all of the skills that i have mentioned.


This part is easy. Now always to remember to do all these things before going into action.

1. Always Have your Poison react, Enchant poison and Weapon Blocking Buffs UP as for it is very important in Dealing out damage and also Surviving.

2. Always use EDP and Venom Impress before you attack an enemy so that you can maximize your damage output on them.

3.Always Use Exceed Cloak and Backslide it can save your ass trust me.

4.Never take an Enemy too lightly because they might soon be your worst nightmare.

5.If you cant kill your enemy try to ask for striking buff from a sorcerer friend.

6.If you cant hit your enemy with Enchant poison buff UP . chances are hes wearing Evil Druid Card. so What you do then is Cloak then take off your weapon, then put in back on. the enchant poison buff should dissapear and you may now use converters to pwn his ass. i suggest using earth to surprise them. Wind is too common nowadays~

7. Reflect against RG? CRS his ass.  Defender? use Rolling cutter and outpot him. Defender&Reflect together? Rolling cutter while outpotting him then use CRS at the exact time when you hit 10 charges.

8. Millenium Shield? Pfft. We have Cross Impact dance ~ BREAK IT (PS: CI dance is exactly like Bowling Bash Dance LK)

9.Cursed circle? Equip a cranial then spam Backslide.

10.Frozen by a Warlock?  Lols switch to GTB Then when he uses tetra backslide then switch to Evil druid card and your weapon. then go for the kill.

11. Dragons breathe? Bitch please Pasana card ~

12.Vacuum by a Sorc? Bitch please Backslide ~

13.Gfist?  Bitch Please Devilling Card ~

14.Gate of Hell? Dont take any chances CRS any Sura as soon as you see them.

And that concludes my Guillotine Cross Guide hope you liked it ~

Any feedback will be appreciated even bad ones ~ keke.

Also sorry for my bad english im a filipino ~

PS- im not on any server right now ~ so feel free to ask me if you would like me to play for your guild :)

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  1. dude can you help me out in getting the right kind of armor set in Blackout RO? im kinda new in the game and im doing research on the best EQ for the class that goin to create…some of the items you mentioned are not in the game(SOME) can you give other alternatives??

  2. how to get permanet 3rd job?

  3. awesome guide.

  4. BlackoutRO? hmm ill try add me on fb [email protected]
    Thanks for the positive feedback guys :D

  5. very nice guide (^_^) i can take some hints on what to do with the 3 rd class

  6. Sehun, can I still reach you on FB? I need help with my GX build. This is a very nice guide btw, but I’m a bit confused about the build I’m going to make..

  7. nice! do you have some tips for dual daggers GX.

  8. Very nice and interesting! Gz

  9. im playing RockRagnarok , u know what the best eq for glt cross ?

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