Build for Pure Assassin Cross Sonic Blow PVP

There are two types of Assassin SB type for PVP.

1. Vit type

2. AGI type

Well I’ll start with a vit type. First of all, I want to make sure that vit types don’t nessecerily mean they have no flee, SinX are designed to have flee.

Vit types are good against :

High Wizards, because of their big hp they can withstand magics.

Dancers, because of their vit they have less chance of getting stunned by the screams of dancers / gypsy.

Snipers, cause their dex can reach up to more than 151 they surely won’t miss so better to have big hp.

Paladins, your hp is big it takes more than one or three matyrs to kill you, and you won’t die from its reflect.

White Smith, you gotta kill this job in one sonic blow if possible, cause once you get stunned you got some trouble.

Vit types are weak against :

Biochemist, especially this job, if your vit is 55-65 one acid demonstration will most likely kill you, so you’ll need a ghost card, best if you equip it in a Valkyrian Armor so it won’t break.

Ninja, well you can’t touch them so you’re gonna die, anyway ninja’s have to be dealt with by a Soul Breaker SinX.

Now I’ll go to the status.

STR: 80-90

AGI: 70-80

DEX: 45-50

VIT: 40-65

NOTE: 80 AGI should not be more than 80.

  1. It’s a waste of points, I’m not calling this a vit type for nothing.
  2. Once your AGI is more than 80, your vit will fall behind, and if you want your strength to be 90 then DON’T make you AGI more than 80, cause then the whole thing will fall apart.

For those who think that 80 strength isn’t enough to kill a paladin or a white smith with 80 vit and full defense equipment, I have some reasons that might prove you wrong.

Well the only problem is “zeny” probably.


Bloodied Shackle Ball (Accessories) Attack +50, however must be using “Ball ‘n’ Chain” (Feet) at the same time or it won’t be any use at all.

Vesper Core 02 (Accessories) Attack + 10 STR + 3.

Megingjard (Accessories) STR +40, this rocks, too bad there’s not many of them, well it is called “GODLY ITEM”, anyway if you do have a megingjard you won’t need the rest of these equipments.

Porcelio Card (Armor) Attack +25 Def -5, When equipped, “Of Wild Cat”, example: Formal Suit of Wild Cat.

Giant Whisper Card (Garment) Flee + 10 Attack + 20, When equipped, “Mystic”, example: Mystic Muffler.

Zeltrsh Mask (Head) Attack +5% on Demi-Human Monsters.

+7 – 10 Rune Infiltrator [1] / Skel Worker Card, Hydra Card.

NOTE: Hydra and Skel Worker Cards are supposed to have the same effect, however I tested it and it seems that Skel Worker Card has bigger damage for SinX that has STR over 88, and Hydra deals more damage for people with STR 80-87. +10 Bloody Rune Infil and +8 Boned Rune infil overall deal the same damage, this was tested on a Assassin Cross with 90 STR. If this is wrong don’t blame me, I’m just writing according to my server.

NOTE: The equipment I have listed above is attack equipment, attack only not defense ! Assassins sonic blow should kill in 1 hit so if it doesn’t change your equipments and kill them.

Defense Equipment:

Headgear: Feather Beret +7 – 10

Mouth: Oxygen Mask, it may look a big hideous but it reduces poison attacks by 20%!

Armor: Padded Armor [1] +7 / 10, Chain Mail [1], Pecopeco Card / Tao Gunka Card.

Garment: Wool Scarf / Manteau [1] +7 / 10, Whisper Card / Giant Whisper Card / Raydric Card / Orc Baby Card

Footgear: Tidal Shoes / Boots [1] +7 / 10 Matyr Card / Firelock Soldier Card

Accessories: Neckles [1] Spore Card Vit +4. x2


Accessories: Vesper Core 03, +5 Flee +3 Agi. x2

Items: Aloevera (Provoke Lvl 1) Box of Resentment (Attack +20) STR Dish Lvl 10 (+10 STR)

NOTE: Firelock Soldier is no use if its not equipped in a +9 foot gear or more.

NOTE: If you decide to use Orc Baby be sure to equip it in +9 garment or more, cause if its in a +9 garment it will be +15 Flee and Reduce neutral attacks 15%. (Raydric Card: Reduces neutral attacks by 20%) (Whisper Card: +20 Flee)

NOTE: If you do decide to use Padded armor, its good to combine it with Armor Charm, +150 HP +5 Def Only when equipped with Padded armor.

Basically to play a assassin cross you need to bring a sp regeneration item, potion for HP, and Elemental Converters !!

Before you Sonic Blow, remember to use elemental converters, if you use neutral there are 2 possibilities why your enemy doesn’t die.

  • 1. He’s using a Ghost Card
  • 2. He’s using a Raydric Card

Although Raydric Cards reduce only 20% that’s quite a lot, use converters so raydric cards effect don’t bother you.

My suggestion is to use a Earth Elemental Converter, because earth does not get blocked by Valkyrija’s Shield, where as Water Fire Shadow and Undead are reduced 20%. However there are counter methods to this.

  • 1. Use a earth resist potion.
  • 2. Undead Scroll (20% from earth, fire, water and wind) Lasts 5 minutes.

It’s important for a assassin cross to bring several elements. Fire, Wind, Earth and Curse Water.

If your friend fiber locks your enemy, use fire, or if your enemies are in a stone curse state.

If your enemy is frozen, use wind.

If your up against a Ghost Card, use poison.

If you keep sonic blowing your enemies but they just wont die, their probably using angeling card, so use curse water and your damage will times 3 towards holy elements and they are dead for sure. If they still don’t die cause their using a Isis Card (-30% towards shadow elements) then, simply use neutral since they have no raydric card.

The easiest way to play a assassin cross in pvp is to..

  • 1. Enchant Deadly Poison
  • 2. Elemental Converter
  • 3. Box of Resentment
  • 4. Cloak
  • 5. Speed Potion
  • 6. Sonic blow to your heart’s content.

NOTE: Don’t forget to backslide if your in danger.

If High Wizards Storm Gusts are annoying you and you just can’t kill them because of their safety walls, then simply hide and grimtooth them, it’ll probably damage 3-4k while using Enchant deadly poison and an elemental converter.

With AGI at 80 you can still get 300+ flee.

How to do it:

1. Use a wanderer / nine tails / whisper card (+20 flee), Honey Pastry (+30 flee) Agi Dish (+10 flee) 2 Vesper Core 03 x2 (+16 flee) and you got a Increase AGI lvl 10 (+10 flee) and your flee will be more than 300.

OK now I’ll start with the AGI Type.

AGI Types are good against:

Biochemist, cause your vit is practically 1 their acid demonstration would only hit about 50-70, if your tired of your equipment breaking then use a Dimik Card / Succubus Card these cards can – your vit so then their acid demonstration will miss.

Assassin Crosses, because your flee is high, it’ll take a long time before they hit you, AGI types are also good for one-on-one against another assassin cross.

AGI type are weak against:

Ninja, low hp low mdef = dead

Paladin, low hp = dead (unless using ghost card) then again you sonic blow him and then you’ll die against the reflect anyway.

High Wizards, low hp = dead

Sniper, low hp n defense = dead

Whitesmith, stunned = dead

Gypsy, stunned = dead

Professor magic type, low hp one double cast + fire bolt and bye bye to you.

Ok, there are more negatives than positives but this type is really good for one-on-one. With the right equipments and items your flee can reach until 330+

Flee Equipment:

Headgear: Special Evil Wing (Kafra shop, +3 flee) dunno if other servers have it, if you don’t then just use a ghost band.

Armor: +4 / 10 Rune Ninja Suit / Thief Clothes [1] / Thief Bug Card (+1 flee, +1 agi)

Footgear: +4 / 10 Tidal Shoes, Boots [1] / Chonchon Card (AGI +1 Flee +2)

Weapon: Fortune Sword x2 / Knife [4] / Main Gauche [4] / Four Fur Seal Card (Hit +10, Flee +3) x2

(Just to increase your flee)

Garment: Wool Scarf / Muffler / Hood [1] +4 / 10, Nine tails Card, Whisper Card, Wanderer Card.

Accessories: Vesper Core 03 x2, Brooch [1] / Yoyo Card (for those who don’t have money)

NOTE: Nine Tails Card is useless unless equipped in +9 garment or more.

if the server you are playing on has Honey and Sesame Pastries, use them their good.

Sesame (+30 hit)

Honey (+30 flee)

These pastries are really good help when your one-on-one with an assassin.

Well that’s the end.. hope this guide will be of some use..

here’s my own assassin if so you guys can get more of the idea.

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  1. Swt mah FNC, lu harus tajir koin maen FNC, gile aja FNC +1 aja bisa ancur ngawur tuh server. Lyto malak duit itu mah FNC. Gile aja masa ga armor dari koin kafra bisa jatoh… gile emang tuh server. lagian rugi lu assassin ga manfaatin agi, masa breaker? wong sinx di buat agi…

  2. kapok Sky gw pake +9 Booned Infil…drop kena MVP depan kastil…swt gede2. ga sekali aja…tapi 2 X.
    equip gw:
    +5 Feather beret
    Evil ears
    Romantic L
    +8 booned infil
    +9 mantle[ ] im not sure what card im goin to use
    +9 sandals [FL]
    +8 muffler [whisper]
    2X ring [mantis]

    PVP dex 95 ++
    main skill SB.
    dont SB till you know what type of your enemy.

    ps: ehh gapapa neh kita isi pake indo lang ?

  3. stau gw klo gw maen di private server stats 100 kbawah hampit ngga berlaku alias ngga effect.
    klo mau cba bkin stats buat yang statsnya diatas 100

  4. heyhey server ape ye? sebab susah lah tak same server nak guna build

  5. gw jg maen di FnC..
    Jgn ngmng private server deh… pake basic RO terms aja.
    menurut ga c str 99
    dex nya ini brp yah.. apa 80 itu dah gede buanget?
    mo crypton mw 80 lebih apa ga mubazir?
    mending kt masukin ke vit aja / int?

  6. hahaha mga weak pa kau ang aking gamit at +10 f beret dalwang +10main gauge cards: 3skel worker,doppel, +10 high risk min coat +10 high lvl boots +10 mystic wool scarf elven ears vesper core and pipe

  7. wew orang indo semua yah??
    aku tanya dong kk ada gak yang maen di Vanro nigtmare?
    klo blom coba coba daftar di “” harus dicoba tuh server enak bener tuh server :promosi:

  8. wew
    enakan mastela RO bro.. search aja di server search sini.
    stabil servernya.. lebih rame.
    WoE na seru lg..

  9. eh mga weak pala kayo eh….
    +10 FB
    +10 CK
    +10 High Risk Valk Armor
    +10 Deviant Valk Manteau
    +10 High Level Valk Shoes
    +10 Cranial Thorn Shield
    +10 Bloodlust Infiltrator
    2 HOB

  10. iye neh.. FnC malak duuit sumpeh…
    pinter2 ajeh loe hemat uang. klo g isa mampoes loe…
    yah, gw bilang pure ajeh lah. statusny nyampur2 cm bagus wat pvm.. pvp? pvp sing penting mang..
    susah hunt? Quote from KryptoN “tarikkkk mang.. “

  11. PVM susah mah nge quest ajah buoy

  12. Menurut gue sichh status emang penting .. . . . . . .
    tapi yang lebih penting adalah quip nya all !!!!!!!
    sebab quip sanggat ngaruh and lv nya juga.

  13. NICE GUIDE MAN, This is the Best I found

  14. wow. sinx kaya gitu abis brapa duit?

  15. hi, anybody can help me for soulbreaker stats with 255lvl.. pls reply or mail me… [email protected]
    thank you

  16. FnC+Legend+PvP = Server Sampah…..
    Gratisan ga guna

  17. oxygen mask do not reduce poison attack
    it only reduce the chance the occurrence of poison status

    this person is botter not pure playing you can buy it with real Rp
    huh no sports
    try playing on IRO

  18. high level = card?

  19. boss slamat ty ulit pinoy ka ako po ay vanro server hehe private geh po ty /gg

  20. how did you get 27xxxhp?

    Sinx 99lv 70 job with 99vit has only 15096hp
    even with a 50%hp boost you have only around 22xxxhp

  21. guys, i had problem..
    i play in server where has 150lv n 80job n then max stats is 150..
    i want build my killer ascros..
    i has:
    1. +10infil[1]
    2. preoni_card
    3. TurtleGeneral_card
    4. Incanation_card
    5. +7valmante
    6. +10FB
    7 .variant shoes
    8. 2 vesper core2

    How i must build the status with i has equipment??
    Which card must i use with my +10infil[1] to kill another player.. because if i use preoni_card, i can kill players with low vit. but, i can`t kill player with high vit if i use preoni_card..

    Can you help me guys???

  22. you should have used baphomet horns for ur headgear :D

  23. if i has baho horns is useless.. because, bapho horn = Atk 12% to demihuman n +80job(if the private has 80job lv).. i has it, but one sonic blow make me death… wkwkwkkw ^^

  24. I Find This Guide Great..

    Hmm Anyone Can Help me With Build And Stats.

    I Play 99/70 Server

    Got This Items:

    +10 Inifl [1] – T.Gen/Incan
    +10 Valk Armor[1] – TGK/GR
    +10 Tidal[1] – Firelock
    +10 Wool[1] – Dustiness
    +10 F. Berret
    2 Megs – “Megs On My Server Has ONLY +15 STR”

    Got This Stat Build:

    STR 98 + 62 = 160
    VIT 79 + 24 = 103
    DEX 63 + 31 = 94

    Still Miss With This Build.. Need Help.. Some Sinx Still I Cant Hit But If I Got A Lucky Hit They’ll Surely Die.. Still Miss..

    Max Damage EDP + Convert

    12k Per Hit 96k Max SB Damage…

    Email Me [email protected]


  25. ei, wat card did u use to have a high level boots??

    i’m playing MyRO..

  26. need help…

    what card/s should i use in my speciality jur[4]??
    turtle general??
    or other cards??

    is it advisable to use 4 cards with the same name??
    for example: quadruple explosive speciality jur..

    please reply or mail me at:



    btw.. thanks to the author of this guide… i really learned a lot…

  27. For those who need HIT…usually people would use
    1. Mummy card 20hit
    2. Howard alt Eisen card 30hit less 5% aspd bio3 WhiteSmith
    3. Phreeoni card 100hit not EASY to get on low rates since its a mvp…
    4th way(not by cards, support card). is to use a marine sphere card, magnum break and SB him to stun (best way for full damage sinx at low rates)

    usually, USUALLY people with high flee have low vit so…4howard, on various/spec. jur should 1hit them with link+edp, or if without edp first hit would usually stun him, so its a bye-bye

    this is an IDEA…(add it to the guide smart sinx on duels SOMETIMES use it…
    for those non-extra rich persons there is always (specially for high rates without card slot changing)

    to use elemental katars like: (to not waste converters)
    wind katar of piercing when freezing is usually 1hit KO (use marina/stormy knight cards to freeze with throw venom knife, OR frozen arrow equipped and grimmtooth him)

    or as always earth katar (for same way as wind katar valkyrie shield, doesnt make resist on Earth and Wind), is the ‘best’ katar if you want to deal high damages without wasting converters. BUT as always infiltrator will deal more damage with converters

    or even fire katar…for ed users or when you have a kind friend professor/wizard to SC/fiberlock (as the owner of this guide said)

    if your going to use a spec.jur i think, 2turtle general, 1hydra and 1 skeleton worker or 2turtle general, 2hydra would work better…(calculs from 0.20×0.20 etc etc counts)


    try to stun them…with Magnum Break(marine sphere) if they dont stun get hit cards like the examples i gave above in my post :)

    if only got ONE infiltrator +10 make it a damage katar, and if you need one for flee (whores, as many people call them lol) get another infiltrator, it doesn’t need to be +10…+4-7 is enough with hit katars (phreeoni?/howard alt eisen) since they have low hp…

  28. Sorry for doing DOUBLE post…
    but i forgot to say those elemental, non waste converter katars SHOULD be sloted (3 slots)

  29. Anyone Can Teach me about the Elemental Armor or Elemental Resist Potion will work if ur in a freeze status…..because i think they using it……when i use Lightning Elemental Converter my damage is so weak but we are wearing the same armors and garment………but when im in the freeze status his damage is so great……I got died………he didnt tell me his build up…… PLS TELL ME IF IT WORKS and PLS TELL ME HOW TO KILL THIS GUY!!! GROARRR….

  30. Elemental resist will… that’s 20%..

    I kind of lack details to help you with how he’s killing so. Would need the rate and stuff.

  31. Thx for the details u gave to me…….i know now his build up his wearing Giant Hornet and Dustiness Card——-Wind Resistance………..and were wearing the same card now , we cant kill each other so can u kindly teach how to kill this guy…….
    I am playing UltimateGamerzRO the max lvl our 99/70 and the max stats is only 99……….i Think his HP is 45k like mine because were wearing the same item as i think…….Can u Teach me what card do i use??????in killing an frozen enemy…….
    I am using:
    Headgear[Seyren windsor]Card
    Mid Gear[Seyren windsor]Card
    Garment[Giant Whisper]Card
    Shoes[Antique Firelock]Card
    Accessory[2pcs. Meggingjard]
    Weapon Specialty Jur[1Incantation / 2 Drainliar / 1 Turtle General]Card

  32. Headgear[Seyren windsor]Card
    Mid Gear[Seyren windsor]Card

    You can refine the midgear? Seyren Windsor won’t give you strenght on unrefined stuff, but remove some, just making sure.

    If he’s wearing maximal wind defense, I’d suggest you take a look in a stone-cursing equipment, such as pest(armor), fire skull(shield), or seeker card(shield, allow use of stone curse one), then switch to fire katar_.

    That’d be my tidbit, anyhow, since I can’t evaluate myself.
    But that elemental resist potion will give him +15% damage received from earth, so you could also attack him with earth Katar if you need.

    (You can also use a converter)

  33. hmmm……Thx For the details but if im not wearing Tao Gunka Card i will gonna die……the Fire skull or seeker Card maybe i can use it……..but the Pest is not suitable for me i need HP……
    The rest of players of are server is wearing Tao gunka…….
    So is there any way how to kill this guy even stone curse????
    Plss think i need ur idea……..and BTW my headgear and midgear are +10 so there`s no any problem……Also this can u teach me the Each Elemental Weaknesses………THX ALARDUN FOR UR RESPONSE…….

  34. The Seeker Card Effect is good it can use LvL 1 Stone Curse nice one maybe i can test it …….but response first at my comment my first comment at the top of this comment haha thx…..

  35. You:
    I am using:
    Headgear[Seyren windsor]Card
    Mid Gear[Seyren windsor]Card

    No tao gunka here?

    Tao Gunka is an horrid card to use for hitpoints when defense is needed to blunt an hit. Going from 50 def to 0 is indeed taking 2x the damage. You didn’t get a compensation in regeneration rate thought. Seems hot.

    Stone curse has two phases.
    During the first phase which last approximatly 3 seconds, he’s in soft-phase, and can move, but not act. You can hit him without breaking the curse. He’s however not yet vulnerable to fire.

    During the second phase, he cannot move, his defense is decreased, and he’s vulnerable to fire. Enjoy it

    Fire > Earth > Wind > Water > Fire
    Using an element or elemental resist will weaken you to the previous element and strenghten you to your own element, and in the case of armors, also strenghten you (Thought somewhat less) to the element behind it

    A pasana armor for exemple (Fire element) will make you take more from water, but less from earth and fire.

    RMS has a property table in the misc section. Any armor/frozen/stone curse will put you at lvl1.

  36. ok Thx for the details again hehehe the porcelio card is for my switching attack im a Battle Mode user or in short good in Shifter or another term good at switching hehehe…….im using Tao gunka Card the seeker card is not good i able to test it but its only lvl 1 stone curse its useless…..Thx for ur response ALARDUN……..lets change the topic now ok??? Thx hehehe………can u teach me how to break an emp………THX

  37. ..what card in boots that has a suffix “High Level”
    ..the only card tat i know who have that suffix is orc baby which u can put on GARMENTS not on BOOTS..
    mail me for ur response [email protected]

  38. could you post a pure sb build for a high rate server??
    – forsaken ragnarok online

  39. Does This Build work? on a Server That can Max all stats?

  40. Can This Equips Work w/ this Build

    +10 4sloted jur
    Icantation samurai card
    Turtle General
    Phree Card

    Pls Reply

    i neeeeeed HELP!!!

  41. You do realize we can’t help custom server most of the time if we don’t play them due to sheer variety, right?…
    Be more precise. Or ask on your own forum?

  42. Also (Darn, sorry for doublepost, my bad)

    Incantation and Thanatos overlap.
    Thanatos depend on the enemy defense, incantation ignore that defense.
    Incantation override Thanatos, which basicly is just a -def card from there.

  43. i dont think thana and icantation stack together

  44. +10 4sloted jur

    Thanatos card
    Phree Card


    LustRO Server

    But its Been HACKED and Destroyed

    And That a Waste of My Summer Time

  45. Owhh yeah ? :)
    ima talk about lvl 99/70 first.
    Oke.. use Specialty’s Jur[4]..
    easy to get it.
    And u can easy Refine it to 10
    The cards Is. Turtle/turtle/hydra/hydra.
    Or turtle/turtle/skelwork/Phreeoni if u got low dex.
    This Weapon Card Build work on Heat-ro.
    And use Converter .
    -> Box Of Storm.
    Water Element.
    ->Cursed water
    Box of storm drop from monster at tur_dun03
    u need Stem worm Card :D

    Thats all ;D

  46. itu yang di screen shot ragnarok mana ??

    kalo ada gw minta dong

    kayak nya keren bgt

    kalo gw sih senjata sb mantep


    +10 Speciaty Jur [4] Dopel , Phreeo , IS , Hydra <<< mantep

  47. ..hi guys e2 lng ang recommend q sa nio..qng SB type ang gamit nio sa sinx nio..dapt alm nio qng panu gmitin ang combo nun..ang sinx q 1 hit SB lng deds ang enemy..e2 lng gmit q..

    armor: V.armor (tao gunka)
    weapon: inflator (1 paper,1 thana, 1TG, at 1 hydra)
    Headgear khit anu bsta e2 card: (seryen widsor at cecil damon)
    Shoes: V. shoes (moonlight or lady tannee )
    manteu: (deviling or raydric)
    accessory: (infrit card ol accessory un).

    pg ganun gmit nio im sure 1 hit ng SB nio sure dedz ang enemy nio…RECKONING-Ro po nilalaro q..

  48. Gusto ko Sb type with flee kaso kulang yung stats sa 99/70 Wenkz


  49. I had a cygnus helm, white petal, +6 boned infil and 1 bloodied shackle ball, with 99 str. How come my sonic blow didn’t get to more than 40 000?

  50. what is the best cards for sinx dagger typ???
    please help i dont know how to be strong…
    im in private server max lv 255/120 99rebirth…
    please reply…

  51. but i am playing high rate server
    n i need some help ppl r doing 300k++ dmg for soul break so pls help me find a way

  52. What Is The Build 4 SinX In High Rate 500/120 Dagger Type Please E-mail Me in [email protected]

  53. what’s is card effect high level in the shoes?

  54. what’s is name effect of card high level in the botts

  55. pergi ke kampachi untuk makan buffet..aku ajar korang main sinx

  56. wa jg main di F&C
    main drop item bru enak
    ga malak kuk
    malah seru..
    Happy ro

  57. stat builds in the guide are horrible

  58. how do you get sesame pastry btw?

  59. wlah2 . . . . .. . .tpe snic blow naikin ap yah yank

  60. any good 255/120 balanced server? invite me im a sinx pro :)

  61. kk +10 bloody roar nya dapet dari mana?

  62. is bloody roar the best weapon?

  63. is the bloody roar the best weapon?

  64. what card used in “High Level” Boots ?

    please tell me .

    email me at [email protected]

    kasi tau yah kk .. tolong ..

  65. increase hp?

  66. it’s antique firelock card.
    bcame “high level” @ indonesian RO n some other private servers

  67. yap agree

  68. pag experimentohan nyu kya sa character nyu kc depende po yan sa RO server na nilalaro nyu ehh ..^^

  69. can someone help me i am playing at 250/120 high rate server

    I need advice! Here are my Weapons and Cards

    Please arrange it!

    +10infiltrator [1]
    +10 spec jur [4]
    2Turtle general
    Phreeonie Card
    Stormy Knight Card
    Incantation Samurai Card
    Plankton Card
    2Hydra,1Skel Worker Card

    leave comments thx

  70. ^
    2 Turtle General Card.
    1 Baphomet Card.
    1 Stormy Knight.

  71. hi
    can guys help me
    im playing skylineRO

    actually i dont have any idea for what kind of card i will use it from a sonic blow build and what weapon..
    can you guys help me


    you can mail me at [email protected]

  72. kalo untuk gebuk emperium pake kartu apa paling bagus?

  73. to mhondz:

    for me, a +? boned infil is good..

    2 MEGS


  75. bobo nyo nmn lht ako sa 255/120 un nilalaro ko na ro
    sb ko doon 300k per hit
    pag sa mga full def eq na pally 100k per hit
    wla na nbubuhay doon

  76. kalo stat gw kayak gini
    str 80
    agi 90
    dex 70
    sisa luck
    kayak mna kk/cc???

  77. good info….tq

  78. u nid a 2 wep the 1st one is for frost and the 2nd one is for SB the cards on SB type +10double perfect double bloody S.Jur if ur enemy is using GR card us curse water an……….if the enemy frost use lightning converter …………….u nid soul link 2 double SB and strong SB………..if theres a Prof or Wiz use GTB card……………after u SB use ur back slide and cloaking

  79. wla sa gamit yan XD

    +10 Bapho Horns
    +10 Bloodlust Triple Bloody Specialty Jur
    +10 Ghost Varmor
    Variant Shoes
    +10 Mystic Vman
    Ring of Resonance
    Ring of Flame Lord

  80. Hm..


    why are you using refined armor and mantue

    some player are not use thanatos card..

    If your armor and Mantue is refined your defense is increase..

    and your vitality too.

    in PVP your character will be died faster..

    man try non-refined armor and mantue..


    have a good Ragnarok play :D

  81. hi..

    ako ulit to..

    bqt ka gumagamit ng my upgrade n armor.. at mantue.

    bqt ayaw mong gumamit ng walang upgrade

    pag ganyan ang armor mo masmadalikang madededs sa pvp room kc tataas ump buhaii mo..

    tama ump cnabii ni GM FLIP..

    gumamit k ng walng upgrade n armor at mantue..

    tapos ang wep mong gamitin specialty jur pora me slot

    lagyn mo ng turtle general card..

    tapos sa mantue mo.. lagyn mo ng raydric para ndi masakit bawas ng mga monk sau.

    kung pally nman kalaban mo.. deviling card at ghostring.. para .. ndi masakit bawas,

    sa armor mo din tapat dalawa GR at tao ang card

    sa boot’s mo.. daapt ang card green ferus..

    at lagyan mo ng upgrade ang headgear mo dpat ump le slotted ang headgear

    para malagyn ng seyrenwinsor card.. maganda attribute nun.. STR-6 increase STR by an amount of refined rate of the equipment of thiscard compund

    yan lng cguro mabbgay cong tips :D

    happy RO playing :D

  82. hehehehe! ang lvl ng sin x ko ay 255 at 100 job level.
    ang mga gamit ko ay 2 desert wind w/ 2 TG, 1Hydra, 1 doppel sa right. sa left naman 2hydra, skell, sniper card.
    Valk Armor – tao gunka, 2 niles owlduke, wikibine, Valk Shoes – moonlight, +7 Valk manteu – noxious card. head – no slot kage, angel wing ears w/ vanberk card. torn wing. yan lang.
    tae ang build ko 255 str 120 vit ang sobra sa luk na lahat para sa mga perfect dodge na kalaban.

  83. ang hina ng gamit mo cross sakin 2pcs +10 skewer – sniper card 2 TG right.
    white smith card 2 hydra left. +10 VM deviling card, +7 Valkyrie Armor with Ghostring. 2 niles with 2 mantis card. +7 Valkyrie Shoes with matyr card. travelers hat with gemini and blank eyes with gemini.


    try to enter our pvp….
    and all of you will die…
    because of the overpower SinX

  85. Huhh?
    High Level Boots??
    Paan tuh..
    lom pernah denger..

  86. Nice Build ..

  87. pag pinoy tlga ang nagsalita oh.. nagpapangap na malakas e mga weak at bobo naman.. kung magsasalita kayo make sure ung hndi sa private server.. ska kung sa private server man yan, dpat ung malakas kayo.. ang weak nyo naman e.. mga bobo..

  88. Don\’t be scared of Acid Demonstration due to the maxxed out VIT… Ghostring, Thara Frog and Raydric will take care of that.. :D

  89. pRO Valkyrie (Sonic Blow build and equips)

    93 STR, 40 DEX, 99 VIT

    +4 Large Baphomet Horns, Angel Spirit, Gent. pipe, +8 boned infil(switch to +10 quad hit s.jur for AGI/FLEE type targets, switch to +7 Cranial Valkshield when receiving damage) +7 immune valk mantue, +7 Deadly ValkArmor, Variant shoes, 2 medal of honor

    Ghostring SCROLL (doesnt get frozen if wearing deadly armor)

    white pots/slims, buffs scrolls

  90. oh yeah I forgot … COMBAT KNIFE

  91. eto pa hah… please lng … ung mga pinoy talksheet jn…. hindi lng pilipinas ang nakakabasa ng guide na ito… kaya please lng… wag nyo nang iexpose mga kabarberuhan nyo sa ibang bansa… kung sila naglalakas-lakasan huwag nyo nang tularan if you know sa sarili nyo na malakas kayo

  92. boss anu po ung high level card paki sabi naman o send nalang sa mail ko [email protected]

  93. i play ragnarok and i find the great weapon cards

    and i find the great weapon

    +10.Desert wind[4] with skeleton worker card and 2 turtle general……next
    +10.Desert wind[4] with 2 hydra card 2 tutle general card
    or 4 lord of death card

  94. eh mga weak pala keo eh
    ang tamang build headger
    +10alice doll
    sunglasess[1]w/ vanverk card
    +10 chain mail w/ GRcard
    +10Desert wind w/ Vcard 2paper card 1 hydra
    +10Desert wind w/ 2 hydra 2 paper
    +10 wool scarf w/ devi card
    +10boots w/ amonra card
    2x goddes of fortunes cursed brooch

  95. for me

    Infil with SkelWorker


    Katar of Quaking (2hydra/1SkelWorker)

    no talkshit, simply pawns

  96. pwede po ba kung…
    str 90
    agi 80
    dex 50
    vit ??
    agi type kc para lng mag lvl!

  97. panu po kung ang build kuh..

    str 90
    agi 80
    dex 50
    vit ?? ilan kaya matitira?

    tatama na po kaya sb kuh nian?


  99. hey..anyone who know’s SB Type With Unfro Armor?.. Coz im playing at a server with sb then switching to a blade with 4 Stormy Knight card w/c causes my char to frost.. implementing the damage of the katar.. then.. he’ll use a wind katar coz im frost.. which would result to death..
    by the way here are my equips..
    +10LBH (Seyren Windsor)
    Angel Spirit ( VanberK) Hit+15 Str+2
    +10 Angeling Bag( Seyren Windsor ) – Resistance To Wind Prop 3%
    +10 Glit Jacket Vit+ 3 ( Marc Card )
    +10 Katar Of Quaking ( Inca, TG, Phreeoni )
    +10 Piercing Wind ( TG, Drainiliar x2 )
    +10 S.Jur ( Thana, Hydra x2 Phreeoni )
    +10 Infil ( TG )
    +10 Wool Scarf ( Raydric )
    +10 TIdal Shoes ( Antique FireLock / Superior )
    Vesper Core 02 x2

  100. um.. hello can u teach me how to kill with 1 hit SB and teach me equips cuz im new in SB type.. pls anyone

  101. what is high level boots? what does it do?

  102. where can i found honey pastry?

  103. @makie 46 vit


  105. hey im playing valkyrie server its a PH server and max level is 99. what do you suggest vit or agi? and whats your build agi or vit? what items do you need if your a vit type? and what items if your a agi type. please help!

  106. SB type Build lvl 99/70 w/out Equips
    Str= 95

    total HP=10k SP=500+
    =) I hope you like my sinx build

  107. Baphomet Horns
    Angel Spirit/Robo Eye
    Gang Scarf
    Boned Infiltrator +4/+10
    Deadly/Porce Valkyrie Armor or Pantie
    Immune/Mystic Wool or Undershirt
    Green/Fledge Tidal or Valkyrie Shoes
    VCO2 or Bloody Shackle Ball(Ball n Chain=Shoes)

  108. i agree with some people out there saying that there\’s no point on acting like you are the most strongest and have best equipments with any private server they played. if you really want to prove yourselves play on legal server and let see how really tough your character can be. This page is a guide for anybody who wants to have information or get some tricks about sinx, its about sharing of information and ideas so please stop talking like $#!+ (wag ng mapayabangan)

    Salamat na lang sa mga taong nagiisip… pagpacensyahan na lang ung mga hindi…

  109. Valkyrie server po ung shinare kong info la rin ako nung mga gamit n shinare ko di rin ako ngyayabang =) pro yan ang s tingin ko na mgandang gmit for sinx haha.. kya yn din ang mga equips n hunting ko.. =) yan lng po ang plan build and equips ko.. =)

  110. i dont understand my sonic B is miss miss miss pls help

  111. Any suggestions on this build?

    Job :70

    STR:84+16 100
    AGI:75+15 90
    VIT:47+3 50
    INT:1+0 1
    DEX:30+10 40
    LUK:52+8 60


    Items that affect stats:
    2 Ring of Counter- +4 STR
    Sandals/Shoes slotted with Antique Firelock Card- +2 STR
    Angel/Evil Ears- +1 STR



  112. pano ung build sa SB type pag 500 allstats pano po

  113. L u dont have enough hit u need more dex

  114. Hi. What is the advantage of using a quacking katar?

  115. High level boots? what card can make boots to High level boots? please reply.

  116. Cool guide !

  117. hello sir,teach me what is the good stats and build for sinX SB type..message me at

    [email protected]

  118. Str- 99
    Agi- 28
    Vit- 60
    Dex- 70
    Int- 8
    luk- 1
    This Build Gives:
    HP- 12k
    Aspd- 170 (with awakening potion)
    This build really rocks…:D

  119. Hey~ im playing a Super High Rate server(100% drop rate)
    Base Level : 254
    Job Level: 120
    Any Pro here can guide me on PvP(sonic Blow type)stat and eq reccomend here pls?

    kindly drop me a msg on [email protected]

    thx alot..Cheers : )

  120. anu po mgndang build ng SB typ
    pag s sever ng REBORN RO?
    depend din kc s server ee….

  121. grabe nmn,.,., pang sabayan n sinx
    mas ok n gamit
    headgear+10 valk helm[1] (vanberk)
    sunglasses[1] – (orc hero) for stunn immune
    pirate dagger

    armor +10 valk armor[1] GR card or DETALE card “orclord” optional
    weapon = right +10 orchish axe[4] “thanatos”. “2xTG”, “Ws card”
    Left = +10Scalpel [3] aka.mes “Metaling card” “LOD” “Dophel” “attroce”
    shoes-t+10tidal[1]green ferus
    accesories-rosary[1]errende ebecce, bufalohorn[1]wikibinetres

  122. HIGH LEVEL BOOTS = Antique Firelock / Firelock Soldier

    …for those who are asking.

  123. is that u GM fliptone? hehe
    here is my build u can try this if you want :D
    str – 99
    vit – 65/70 depends on you :)
    dex- 45
    the remaining is put on AGI. this is good 4 SB and GT type sinX. hahha sa mga pinoy jan try this server.
    well balanced server even it has custome items!! :D

  124. this-
    -alice-maya Purple
    -evil ears
    -tao gunka-angelin-evil druid (armor) valkery[1] no plus
    -deviling-rydric(mantue) valkery +10
    -GTB-maya-thara frog (shield) valkery no plus
    - 2pcs vesper core V02
    -thanatos-inca-preeoni-TG (+10infil[1])
    -ice pick – icepick[1] +10 and combat knife+10
    -curse water = holy amor
    -enchant poison =ghost armor
    -fire converter = undead armor- stone curse
    -wind converter = frozen status
    -water converter= stun-sleep
    -normal use enchant poison..
    - always use of EDP +250% damage or x2.5
    -box of resonance +25atk
    -alovera = lv1 provoke -targer self

  125. -moonlight – vshoes[1] no plus

  126. all of u are noob

    Top: +7-10 FB/ Alice doll with (10% elemental resist card of ur choice)or Dark Illusion
    Mid: Elven Ears[1]//Sunglasse[1](10% elemental resist card of ur choice)/Blush of Groom
    Lower: Flumask[1](10% elemental resist card of ur choice)/G.Pipe
    Armor: +7-10 D.Armor with TaoGunka/Porcellio/PecoPeco Card or either Marc/Or any Armor Element Enchanting Card Of ur Choice
    Shield: +7-10 V.Shield/Bradium Shield with Thara Forg Card (Switch technique While SBing)
    Weapon: +9-10 Infiltrator/ Combat Knife/ Assassin dagger / (Mailbreaker/SwordBreaker with status Cards) switching needs a lot of timing, just practice and practice
    Garment: +7-10 Skin Of Ventus/Diabolus rManteau/Skin of Tendrilion/Proxy with Giant whsper card/raydric or any 30% Elemental Resist Cards Of Ur choice
    Shoes: +9-10D.Shoes with General Egnizem/Green Ferus/Matyr or Dark Lord Card Combo /(Bloodied Shackle ball Combo)
    Accessories: Diabolous Ring with Mantis/spore or For low dex Sinx Cursed Hand with Mantis/Spore balnce ur stats Properly

    Enjoy :D Balancing Stats Is Hard So make ur own build

  127. mga weak

    +10 LBH
    +10 OM
    G PIPE
    +10 KTar OF wind Piercing (2hydra1skel)
    +10 HIGH RISK DRAg VEst
    +10Immune Drag MAnt
    +10 BLB (DULL)
    game na!

  128. PLEASE HELP ME I PLAY IN A SERVER have lvl 255 and stats to 255 i have
    3 turtle general card
    1 inca
    1Lord knight
    1 specialty jur +10
    or please email me the soul breaker stats [email protected]

  129. ano po bang ang stast ng sonic blow

  130. super weak ng mga build mo and mga sinabi mo.. anong pinagsasabi mo deads ung agi type na sin-X.. Ang sabihin mo di ka lng marunong.. lack of knocwledge and experience.. Amateur.. tignan mo items mo.. hahahahahahha poor and weakling.. if i were you.. go back to abc’s of RO so you would learn more the fundamentals and advance aspect of RO.. Sin-X is one of the Greatest character especially the AGI TYPE ONES.. hahaha they are good in dealing Fast and Great DAMAGE.. and skills are spamable

  131. eto akin oh, pahelp naman sa Card ng Mid headgear , yung the best dun at kung anu magandang card ng Mid headgear at ng Accessories

    +10LBH/ Dragon Helm [1] Orc Hero
    +10Robo Eyes [1] *I dont know what to put here*
    +10 Sprint Mail [2] Awake [+3 STR] Ghostring // Marc // TGK
    +10KOPW/ [3] inca/TG/phree. OR Swith to +10 KOFI [3] triple Stormy Knight
    +10 Proxy Skin [1] Immune/Other Elem Resist
    +10 Diab.Boots/ +10 Variant [1] Superior
    Accessories I DONT KNOW!! @_@ HELP ME WITH THIS

    Help naman oh Reply kayo ! TY!

  132. LOL that jehel was really stupid, why would u put a seyren card in a mid? hahahaha, stupidest eva xD

  133. Full Damage SB

    +10 Inifl [1] – T.Gen/Incan
    +10 D.Armor[1] – TGK/GR
    +10 D.Boots[1] – Firelock
    +10 D.Mantaue[1] – Deviling
    +10 F. Berret
    [1]Flu mask – Vendark
    2 MGG +40 STR

    Got This Stat Build:

    STR 99 + 92
    VIT 80 + 42 = 103
    DEX 50 + 40 = 94

    Add Food All Status n Box +Hit

  134. anyone know’s the stats of a Lord Knight …

  135. Any one

  136. Multi-language thread, wtf? yang baca juga bingung LOL

  137. @JEX tol parang maganda yang build mo ah..pero anu ung pde paki full word ung mga acronym mo..d k kase malaman kung anung item yan e..:)

    THANKS looking forward aq sa rep. mo.:)

  138. what is the best stats for SB type sinx?

    — im from DIVINITY RO —

  139. @Shalom

    Max luck, max int, change server.

  140. kaung lahat ang mga bobo ganto tamang build +99str +70dex+70vit tapos ganito gamit +10 na infil wiyh inca card tas d set na +9 lang sa acce ay meg sabay bh mga bobo build eheh!

  141. mga putang ina nyu weak kau sa sinx hindutin ko mga nanay nyu

  142. @kiel
    sinx dagger.
    feather beret free
    free valk armor (TGK)
    MG (thana, TG, TG, hydra) MG (Phreo, LOD, VR, TG)
    Valk manteau (giang whisper/alliot) /aesprika valk shoes (antique firelock/green ferus)

    str 255 not meging
    agi until aspd 190 (+concen and awakening + scroll of agility lv 10)
    and vit ~

  143. krami nman myayabng d2 kau kya mag post ng guide mga hambog

  144. this is my items..for SINX crit type..
    +10 LBH
    +10 EKE[1]w/LKC
    +10 FLU[1]w/Kiel card
    +10 VMw/TGK or GR or ED dealing w/ SINX
    +10 VM[1]RC or DC or NC for long ranged attck
    +10 VShoes[1]or Variant more usefull
    +10 OC[4] w/ Thana card,2Turtle Gen,1 SKC
    +10 MG[4] w/ WS card,Radris card,Turtle Gen..>3 Turtle gen may Effect..:D
    for accs..this may usefull.. 2pcs MEGS!!
    or ROR and ROF for Random skill…eeheh..!!!
    this items may help you..building your SINX!!!!

    CUPU LA !

  146. for me its not that correct, why? because why would you need the main coat if you can use Chail Mail or Assassin Robe if you’re server have it, but i respect this post :) will share my build and items aswell :)
    dont use too much overups items like all of it +10? because if someone wears incantantion samurai card or thanatos card your defense will useless, more defense more damage specially if your enemy is Sin X aswell. here’s my items and build :)

    ( Head Gear and Cards )
    Poo Poo Hat, Feather Beret : -10 damage from demi human, put Giant Hornet Card on it.
    Gigantic Magestic Horn : -12 damgae from demi human. ( if your server have this item ) put Giant Hornet Card on it, helps you increse resistant to wind property.

    ( Middle Heag Gear and Card )
    Blush of Groom [1] : -3% damage on demi human, put Giearth Card on it, helps you increase resistantant to Earth Property. DON’T make it +10
    Mask of Goddess [1] : Str +5 Hit +50, it helps you dont miss with your enemy’s specially Sinx Vs Sinx, put Giearth Card on it, DON’T make it +10

    ( Lower Heag Gear and Cards )
    Gentelmen’s Pipe [1] : 3% decrease damage on demi human, put Leaf Cat card resistance to Water Property or Ghoul Card resistance to Poison Property.

    ( Armors and Cards )
    Assassin’s Robe [1] : decrease damage from demi human by 3%, put Evil Druid Card. DON’T make it +10

    ( Mantue and Cards )
    Diabolus Mantue [1] : Hp +??? I forget :) but it will increase your HP, put Raydric Card or switch it to Dustiness card if you got Frozen. DON’T make it +10

    ( Shoes and Cards )
    Diabolus Boots [1] : Increases Maximum HP by 10 times base Level. put Antique Firelock Card. DON’T make it +10
    Combat Boots [1] : Reduces damage from Demi-Human monsters by 1%. MaxHP + 100. MDEF + 1. put Antique Firelock Card. DON’T make it +10

    ( Shields and Cards )
    Valkyrie Shield [1] : put Thara Frog Card to decrease damage from demihuman. MAKE it + 10.

    ( Accesories )
    Megingard : Str +15 if you’re server have it.
    Vesper Core #2 : Str +3

    please use pastry’s like Sesame (+30 hit) Box Of Resentment Increases your ATK by 20 for 60 seconds.

    This is the BUILD.
    STR+ 90
    VIT+ 90
    DEX+ 50

    That’s the reason why you dont need to Ups your Armor’s, Shoes and Mantue because you’re VIT is high, the reason is to balance the build and the items. :)

    Thank you and Have a great Day :)

  147. Excellent web site. Plenty of useful info here. I’m sending it
    to a few buddies ans also sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thank you in your effort!

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