Fastest Solo Levelling Priest – TU Anubis

This guide is for the poor folks, my gears are budgeted gears. Second of all, this is specific to Anubis.

How does Turn Undead (TU) work?

Only works on Undead element monsters. The race don’t matter. Anubis is Demi-Human by race but Undead by element. It also don’t work on Boss protocol monsters.

If TU is casted successfully, its instant death. Don’t matter how much HP the target have. There is no difference in the TU success rate between a Skeleton and an Anubis. The success chance are identical. If u wanna know your chances, use the TU calculator.

As u can see TU is affected by:
1. INT
2. LUK
3. TU Level
4. Your Base level

So, when u get higher level, TU becomes much easier. I started TUing Anubis at about lvl70 (3-5 tries to kill an Anubis), at lvl80 (took me less than 3 TU), at lvl90+ (mostly on the first try)

Why Anubis?

Anubis It rewards good base and job experience. It’s also the highest job experience contributor for non-boss protocol monster outside of Bio Lab 3. Since Bio Lab 3, have a lvl95 Non-Trans restriction, this means, u can start levelling at Anubis at a very early stage, I started about lvl70. However, its item drops rates are very low. But when u do get something it will be a joy.

Anubis can only be found in Sphinx. Level 4 has the highest spawn rates of 15 (instant)

STATS- what are important and wat are not

INT HIGH : for Heal. Anubis cast lvl2 Critical Wound, which reduce your heal effectiveness by 40%. So, make sure u can outheal its damage.

DEX MED-HIGH : faster cast of TU. KE. Heal. Gloria. everything in general (Aim for multiple of 10s)

VIT MED : You need to be able to take a more than a few hits. Not only from Anubis, but from Minorous, Mimics and Pasanas. Minorous do, VIT above 50 is recommended. (Aim for multiple of 10s)

LUK LOW-MED : I just try to run it off to the closest 10s. Just make sure u have Gloria on when u TU; adding another +30 LUK.

SKILLS – what are the essentials

Kyrie Elison lvl10 – u dont want your cast to be interupted. KE works perfect. No less than lvl10. KE will protect u from Sonicblow. I was surprised that KE will prevent Critical Wound. Apparently Critical Wound is a Status and a Physhical Attack (short range in this case)

Turn Undead lvl10 for maximum effectiveness. I am currently on a server which allows me to reset Stats/Skills, so I went for lvl10 TU. If u cannot afford 10 skill points to TU, then I will recommend a minimum of lvl4. A level 4 TU is equivalent to a lvl4 Resurrection minus the cost of blue gem.

Magnificient lvl5 is recommended. At least lvl3.

Gloria at least lvl3. You will notice even at level 3, the duration is pretty short.. and u will need to continue casting. Just cast before u TU. You dont need to have Gloria activated all the time.

Lex Divina/Silence. Dont underestimate this skill. This is the key to it being so successful. Anubis, by nature have a low VIT. So, they can be silenced easily. Once silenced, no need to worry about Thunderstorm, Critical Wound or Sonicblow. Recommended level is 5. You want it to last long enough for you to TU. You will noticed when u are low level…Lex Divina is useful, because you have to TU more than 3 times… but when you reached higher level, your chances are higher. So, a direct TU is recommended. Besides u are stronger… so u can take more punches.

Phase I – when u are starting out
Lets say I started with mostly all NPC items. Shoe[0], +4Muffler[1], Coat[0], Rosary[0] X2 +4Rigid Buckler (Thief Bug Egg card) and a Poo Poo hat (10% protection from demi human). Yes… u will die a lot… and it can be annoying at lower levels… but every success TU you gained like 20-30% (depending on your server rates).. and every death you loose 1%. SO… you do the math.

Phase II – when u have a few millions (just some suggestions)
Poo Poo Hat
+5 Staff of Recovery (compliments of Anubis)
+4 Cranial Buckler (Thara Frog Card)
+4 Stone Curse Saints Robe (Pest Card)
+4 Vali Manteau/ +4 Immune Muffler (Raydric Card)
+4 Vidar Shoe/ +4 any shoe with cards
Earrings[0] X2 (compliments of Anubis)

I used the Skeleton Prisoner/Skeleton set because its cheap on my server. Nobody wants it. It has the same chance of Status Effect +9% chance to cause sleep when hit. Ideally, Pest card will work better. But a Pest card cost 4m more than Skeleton Prisoner card /swt (a bit too much for me). On the positive side.. you can cause Anubis to sleep, while you cannot stone curse Anubis (Undead – remember). You just need a status armor to TU Anubis in peace. And Bathory card (Shadow Armor) is not essential. Anubis’s shadow attack don’t hurt much. Be flexible, get something reasonable on your server.

1. Buffs (last buff will be Gloria, its got the shortest duration)

2. Teleport and locate Anubis

3. Lex Divina Anubis

4. Turn Undead Anubis until its dead

A screenie of my Built and my Gears at lvl96 (44% TU success on first try)


There is something called Offensive Blessing (you can type /nc to make it easier). If u bless Anubis, it will reduced its STR, DEX and INT by 50%. Does this means much to TU Priest… not really… but if you are unable to Lex Divina it.. and find some of its Magic Attack a bit too much… Offensive Blessing is recommended. Btw.. STR have nothing to do with its attack power (ie. Sonicblow or other melee attack), i.e. Offensive Blessing do not reduce its melee attacks.

Any acoltye class could duplicate this success with Grand Cross (a mace equipped on Aco class – Priest, Monk and Aco with a minimum base level of 40). Grand Cross enables you to use Turn Undead level 3 (Why doesn’t the description reflect this? – Read This ) Or as mentioned above, you could ResBomb which will cost you blue gems.

Some problems you will encounter when TUing Anubis

1. Mimics. They are fast and sucks the blood out of your Priest. Either you run away by teleing if you are weak, or you just let the status armor do its work. Luckily there are not many of them.

2. Critical Wound (Level 2) attack from Anubis. The negative status will last for 30 seconds. It lowers the effectiveness of your healing skills by 40%, including heal, sanctuary, aid potion and HP recovery items (potions, meat, etc). You will notice a yellow icon on the right of your screen if you are Critically Wounded. On iRO (official server), you could simply relog and Critical Wound will be gone. Unfortunately, it does not work for the server I played on (eAthena). Just check with your GMs. Its worth noting that there are no known cures for Critical Wound or an effective way granting immunity to it (Cards or Gears).

3. Stun from Hammerfall and Sonic Blow. Eventhough the damage from Sonic Blow may be great, if you are not stunned, you can still heal yourself or tele away. But if you are stunned, after being Sonic Blow, your chances of survival if not well equipped or high enough level is pretty slim.

10 Responses to “Fastest Solo Levelling Priest – TU Anubis”

  1. When I am out of hotkeys I would use blessing instead of Lex Divina. It make the soul strike, thunderstorm to hit 1 1 1 1 1 1 on me. But still sonic blow will hurt … a lot.

  2. Anubis is good to level a Priest because you can use Poo Poo -or Feather Beret- and Thara Frog and you’ll resist a lot. But if you don’t have equipment, instead of that, using Lex Divina will be enough to survive.
    Good guide ;3

  3. Great guide.

    You should also add Teleport in the skills essential. When got used to using teleport really fast(the little delay after using Teleport until you can actually choose teleport. Well you know what i mean.) Fly wings works fine also. But they cost money. And you wont be able to get much money around anubis. And by teleporting its easyer to locate the next anubis. And it makes the leveling faster. ;)

  4. Edited.. Added some gear suggestions, step-by-step with screenshots and a few handy tips.

  5. i enjoy anubis with aco set. makes life very easy

  6. Taka

    I would not recommend the Aco Set for Anubis. Aco sets special bonus includes:
    - Receive 30% less damage from Demon and Undead monster.
    - Receive 5% more Experience Points from Demon and Undead monsters.

    It’s a common misconception that Anubis is Undead by Race. Its not, its race is Demi-Human but its element is Undead (or Undead property). The Aco set only benefits u, when u are killing Undead Race and Demon Race monsters and gives no additional benefit when killing Anubis (Demi-Human). A simple set of WOE gears will be far better than the Aco Set.

  7. Actually I’ve tried an another build to Fast Lvling at Anubis. This build is, on my mind, cheaper and more “secure” than a Int/Dex/Vit/Luk Priest.

    Remember that Offensive Blessing reduce about 50% the STR/DEX/INT of an undead. So, anubis spells will hit to 1 1 1 1 1, Dark Soulstrike too, or simply miss.
    The other great thing is that the DEX of the anubis is reduce by 50%. Instead of having 227 to 95% dodge, you just need 189.
    Wearing a simply pantie/Undershirt combo at lv85 and with ~70 agi (with buff) make you dodging anubis.
    There is my stats at lv 85 in doddler simulator :
    Str 1+5 / Agi 71+21 / Vit 40+5 / Int 80+15 / Dex 1+14 / Luk 23+37

    The cons of this build is that you have a really low casting speed and other Priest will probably say “Lol ! Cheaty build !”, but YOU, you can easily tank about 4 Anubis and never move :D.
    I prefer very High survability to fast cast. Just take care of train of pasana. With your agi and med-vit it’s ok to tank one or two but be careful to mob train.
    Hammerfall could hurt too if you’re tanking 2-3 Anubis :D.

    Sorry for my bad english and this confuse presentation but it still a comment and not a real guide ;)

    Agi Priest FTW !

  8. I agree with Warp that the AGI build is one of the nicest fast-levelling builds for TU priests. I’d recommend a build something like 86 DEX / 70 AGI / 78 INT / 14 LUK, approximately.

    The drawback of this version is a lower TU chance. Instead of 40-41% chance with most high INT-LUK builds, there is a 37-38% chance at level 10 TU. This build is also harder to level at lower levels, but once you get past level 90 you’ll even be fleeing Mimics and Pasanas. As long as you diligently bless and Lex D every Anubis, there’s almost no way for you to die.

    Gears for this build don’t need more than a Beret, Panties, and Undershirt. If you get a Whisper Card + Slotted Undershirt, you can flee Zombie Slaughters in Abbey 2, and TU Ragged Zombies for zenny.

    Overall, the AGI build is one of the easiest builds to level to 99 with.

  9. Teleportation is not in pRO already because of bots… how will we get out of not undead monsters? Hit them??

  10. have any better suggestion on the gears???
    it seems pretty incomplete (at least for me)

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