Writer Guidelines

All guides and writings will have to first approved by our staff before they are in published. This means that after you finished writing, you have to change the Publish Status of your piece of writing to Pending Review (the option is at the right side of the text editor). As shown in here:

Our staff will validate each writing in pending review status and approve them as soon as possible. This is to ensure nothing out of hands is going to show up on the site.

Here are the rules that will ensure an acceptable guide or writing:

Content Guidelines:

1) All guides and writings must be your original work.

2) All guides and writings must of high quality. We require screenshot and/or mini-map be shown whenever possible to provide maximum comprehensiveness.

3) All images in your guides and writings must be uploaded to this site. Instruction on how to upload and insert images while writing can be found here. This requirement is to ensure images are kept by us to avoid them going expire on third party hosts.

4) Use proper English. Please avoid using short hands to make your writing more understandable. If you need a spell checker there is one built-in in the text editor (the ABC icon with a check mark).

5) Put your writing in the correct category. If you scroll down below the text editor, you will see the list of category available for you to choose from:

You must only check the categories that your writing applies. If none of them apply, you can try create your own category or file it under Other RO Writings or Uncategorized.

6) For anything that already exist in write.ratemyserver.net or our quest database, we will make the decision to publish it or not. It is recommended that you do not repeat the guides we already have.

Sponsor Placement Guidelines:

7) Graphical representation of sponsor must be of reasonable size. Normal banner size (468×60 pixels) plus or minus a little is fine.

8) Sponsor link must not lead to website that contain adult or inappropriate materials, including but not limited to Ragnarok exploit softwares, illegal activities, scam, marketing, referral system, pornography or website in competition to the RMS Network.

9) No more than one sponsor link and graphical representation.

10) Position of sponsor link and graphic must be at the beginning or the end of the writing, and NOT in the middle of the writing.

Best Practice (Optional):

11) It is recommended that you link item, monster or map names to the corresponding pages in ratemyserver.net to increase usability. To make words into a clickable link, just highlight the words in the text editor and click on the chain icon ()then input the link into the box and insert it to the post.

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