Sage/Scholar Leveling Guide

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About Sages

A sage is the second stage of a Mage, and the opposite class of the Wizard. Sages are mostly support characters and they do not learn any new fighting moves, though they get the buffs to make casting the mage moves alot more powerful

If you don’t know how to become a mage, or a sage.. the following links below shall show you how to become one.

Stats for a sage should be, 80 dex, rest int, until after you trans. Once trans-ed build both equally until instant cast is reached then build them your own way.

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Mage Job Quest:

Sage Job Quest:

First Starting Out

When you first get into the World of Ragnarok you are a Novice.

For Novice base level goes from 1-15 (unless you become super novice, then you go to 45)

And only have 10 job levels to learn all your basic skills (i.e; sit, make parties)

Leveling as a Novice

Leveling as a novice is probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

A good leveling place is west of Prontera, where weaker monsters roam. Here’s a list of a couple.



Once you have a Job level of 10 its time to become a mage!

Here’s the link for the mage quest in case you forget:

Leveling as Mage

Congratulation, you are now a mage! Welcome to the life of Magic.

Mages use Powerful Magic to destroy there enemies, though weak in defence, their magic does the move devastating damage in Ragnarok.

Starting out, go pure int for awhile, i would go back to the poring you were just fighting earlier to gain some Job Points. First skill you wanna put any points into is FireBolt! Max firebolt first then max Increase spiritual power.

Best place to go to level for a bit would be Payon Cave.

This cave is where most new people go to so they can get ready for bigger and better monsters.

BEWARE, there are two aggressive monsters, one is not so bad, the other can kill you pretty fast.

The one to look out for is the Zombie.

The less threatening, but even more annoying would be familiars.

Skeletons are Passive, but are also good experience themselves.

Once you have about 50int (remember to still go full int until your a sage), its time to go to the super leveling place.

Head to the Town of Einbroch. From this town, Head north.

Once up north all these monsters except one (which is the one you will be leveling off of) is aggressive. This is the best experience you’ll probably get until 85.

The monster of Choice is Geographers.

WATCH OUT! Geographers are aggressive, but for a distance attacker, they are harmless. As long as you keep your distance these monster WILL NOT ATTACK YOU.

Level here until your job level is 50. I DO NOT RECOMEND doing the sage quest at anything other than job lv 50, but thats my personal opinion.

Once you are done go head to become a SAGE.

heres the link to sage quest:

Leveling a Sage

Congadulations! Your now a mystical Sage. The masters of Elemental Buffs.

Sages come with the ability to use both Books, and Wands.

Best of all, Sages Have a move called Free Cast, allowing you to move while casting.

This is where you get your dex to 80, and go rest int from there.

The Skills needed to be mastered as Sage is Thunder Storm


To be able to level anywhere decent Free cast is a must! its a Godsend.. it has no right not to be mastered! You will also need to stock up on a very important item that benefits sages.

Authoritative Badge are like a Priests Buff, but it only Increases your walk speed, rather then agi and walk speed.

Authority Badges drop from Sohee in payon cave level 4, they are impossible not to notice, and they are passive, so you can set up to attack them with no problem.

I recommend staying at Geographers until 85. From then on We head to seals.

Now we must head to the Town of Bards and Dancers, Comodo!! from Comodo you go 2 maps east, and 1 map south, you’ll be at a beach where seals are.

To fight seals we’ll be using the Sage to its limits, By now you should have 80 dex, and rest int, or this will be even harder.

To fight them, you need Thunder Storm hotkeyed.

first, use an authority badge to collect the seals.

secondly, start collecting seals 3+ at first will be fine.

heres the hard part, you must run a distance from them and cast thunderstorm as far away as possible.

now you will be casting thunderstorm as you ready the seals up. Walk around the circle of where you casted until your about to cast and lure them into the center, then all you do is repeat this until your 90-95′s

heres a video i made showing you what i mean, hope this helps explain this.


In your 90′s, Its time to fight Anolians! Anolians are exactly 3 maps east of Comodo.

From here on you do the same thing you did with seals, although, i would have FireBolt or Frost driver incase you run into pests, they can really ruin your plans.

Once you hit 99 your ready to be Reborn!

heres a link on how to Reborn:

This guide is made so Sage’s have an idea of what to do while leveling, this is not a strict guidline, do what works best for you.

13 Responses to “Sage/Scholar Leveling Guide”

  1. for rebirth ones i suggest liv.4 rachel (echio) and liv.1 kiel (aliza)

  2. where can i level up? im 70 sage but i have 4 lightning bolts only

  3. where cai level up im 70 sage endower

  4. guys you arent reading the guide, it says stay at geo’s till 85

  5. lv 78 and at this point i dont eve get .30 for a geo any more
    takes weeks to get one live you are better off getting a party too help you lv in my opinon

  6. Get high int first and foremost.. 90~ or so
    Kill siromas with Lightning bolt slvl 10

    stay there until you get 2 siroma cards

    Next, go to West Orc village and cold bolt lotsa high orcs
    this might seem slow,especially after killing siromas but you will kill HOs really fast
    HO’s are pretty high on the “HP per bexp” ratio and their low MDEF makes them even better targets

    once you get to 89, equip your 2 imp cards, and join nameless/cursed abbey parties
    You will be the main Necro killer. SBK/Spiral pierce cannot even come close
    15-25k FireBolts, 90+ dex, full bragi = dead Necro in 1-2 seconds

    -Moon, LLRO

  7. I’d suggest metalings instead of Payon Cave. Leveled me up pretty damn quick, especially after I could 1-hit them.

  8. i dont think payon cave is a good idea i would train somewhere else since they mentioned train firebolt first =/

  9. hmph no battle sage section T_T

  10. Battle Sages are really only effective if you have the soul link buff. There are plenty of guides around. It isn’t as easy to be a Battle Sage as it is for Priest. You need a lot of gears/cards to be effective. Go for high int, vit & agi for ASPD with dagger. Dex isn’t that important since you can lvl on geos til sagehood, and you don’t need to land hits for hindsight to activate. This is, of course, a brief explanation and not a definitive guide. For that you can go to the forums of ROEmpire

  11. Sage with free cast lvl 10 can level by mobbing side winders with heaven drive lvl 5 or thunderstorm lvl 5 at lvl ~70
    personaly i think its faster than soils/geos

  12. Removers in Bio 1 are undead, weak vs ghost, and offer ALOT more exp than a geo, very easy exp as they go down with 2 or 3 soul strikes(max lvl) at lvl 70 (90+ int)

  13. Im new to this build. I just turned Sage awhile ago. I have a nice leveling area for those who are so called “CANT AFFORDS”. After becoming MAGE, I went directly to Payon Forest, 1 Map to the right and leveled up with whatever monsters i could find using a knife!!! Having learned Lightning Bolt, i went straight to MORROC. 1 Map down, then head left, talk to some NPC and head for BASTION CITY. ANT HELL is just around the corner. Learn LVL10 THUNDERSTORM as soon as you can. Job50 in about an hour or less, well at least i enjoyed smashing those eggs!!! /heh

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