DodgingBullet’s Knight Guide


Knights are the masters of melee hand-to-hand combat tracing back to medieval times. When wars are being fought, knights are considered as “captains” of the front compared to the modern military we have now. They command their own squad comprised of swordsmen and other soldiers. Higher ranked knights, more often those who are part of noble families, are considered the commander of the knights. They have social standings equal to counts or what we usually call in Ragnarok as Lord Knights.

Knights in Ragnarok are also held in high regard. Knights are the only class that can wield several types of weapons and can wear almost all armors which contribute to their high defense rating. They can withstand tremendous amounts of damage while dealing great damage at the same time. This characteristic makes knights the ideal party front liner when hunting MVPs, fighting in PVP and especially during WoE.

*Note: Links to items, weapons, armors, monsters and other game references can be found at the latter part of the guide.


Knight Builds

Two of the most popular knight builds are the vitality knight (spear knight) and the agility knight (sword knight) . These two builds have sub-variants like the crit-lock agi knight and the power amplifier vit-type knight which are going to be discussed in this section. Agi knights are cheaper to level because they rarely receive damage because of high flee and they attack at lightning -fast speed. Vitality knights are costly to level because they are skill based leveling, spamming pierce and brandish pierce. Generally, agi knights are effective in PvM while vitality knights are more effective in PvP and WoE settings.

Not all of the sub-variant builds are discussed in this guide. Builds presented in this guide are just the basic Knight builds. These builds don’t mandate the players to striclty follow the stats and skills but to make it a reference and get some idea on how to make your own builds. Ragnarok is about personal preference and fun. Other builds are out there waiting for you to discover. (We can also make a follow-up guide about the sub-variant builds if requests start coming in).

*Note: Builds are based on Swordsman job level 50 and Knight 99/50.


Standard Vit-Knight (SVD)The SVD knight or the str-vit-dex knight is the basic knight build for the vitality variant. It has high strength and vitality with mid-high dexterity. Spear knights usually prefer to use one-handed spears in order to weild shields for additional defense. Pike[4] is the favored one-handed spear. Mummy cards are essential for knights because a knight’s main targets in PvP are the low vitality players like hunters, wizards and assassins, which usually have high flee rates.

Stats w/ job bonus:

Str – 92+8

Agi – 1+2

Vit – 80+10

Int – 26

Dex – 54+6

Luk – 1+4



Sword Mastery -2

Two-Hand Sword Mastery – 10

Increase HP Recovery -10

Bash – 10

Provoke – 10

Magnum Break – 5

Endure – 5

Spear Mastery – 10

Pierce – 10

Brandish Spear – 10

Spear Stab – 5

Spear Boomerang – 5

Riding – 1

Cavalier Mastery – 5


Power Amplifier Vit-Knight – This build is the ultimate killing machine for knights. This build produced the first aura knight (lvl99) in iRO, whose name escaped my mind. The downside of this build is that it has very low dex and accuracy. That is why it is highly recomemded to use Quadruple Ancient Pike (mummy card) for added accuracy. The skill build is just the same as the SVD vit-knight.


Stat w/ job bonus:

Str – 99+8

Agi – 1+2

Vit – 90+10

Int -35

Dex – 1+6

Luk – 1+4


Pure Agi-Knight – This build is the basic agi-knight class that attacks at raging speed along with destructive damage output. It focuses on strength, agility and dexterity to survive. Agility should reach a good level for this build to be sucessful and strength should also be raised for high damage output every single blow. This is the counterpart of the agi-crit build where the stat points are spent on dex rather than luk. Pure agi knights use elemental two-handed swords when leveling and carded two-hand swords for WoE and PvP [mummy, hydra, skeleton worker].


Stat w/ job bonus:

Str – 85+8

Agi – 90+2

Vit – 34+10

Int -1

Dex – 44+6

Luk – 1+4



Sword Mastery – 1

Two-Hand Sword Mastery – 10

Increase HP Recovery – 10

Bash – 10

Provoke – 10

Magnum Break – 5

Endure – 3

Two-Hand Quicken – 10

Auto Counter – 5

Bowling Bash – 10

Spear Mastery – 8

Pierce – 5

Spear Boomerang – 5

Riding – 1

Cavalier Mastery – 5

SPEAR SKILLS ARE OPTIONAL; spear boomerang will prove to be usefull when you have status pikes.


Agi-Crit Knights – This build focuses on dealing lightning fast attack speed and land critical hits as well; more like an assassin but with greater or equal speed. Your adavantage is that you will have greater armor and health than them. The preffered weapon for this build is a Muramasa or tqwo hand swords compounded with Skeleton Soldier Cards (Critical) and paired with two brooch of counters (Kobold Card).

Stat w/ job bonus:

Str – 80+8

Agi – 90+2

Vit – 32+10

Int -1

Dex – 20+6

Luk – 46+4



Sword Mastery – 1

Two-Hand Sword Mastery – 10

Increase HP Recovery – 10

Bash – 10

Provoke – 10

Magnum Break – 5

Endure – 3

Two-Hand Quicken – 10

Auto Counter – 5

Bowling Bash – 10

Spear Mastery – 8

Pierce – 5

Spear Boomerang – 5

Riding – 1

Cavalier Mastery – 5

SPEAR SKILLS ARE OPTIONAL; spear boomerang will prove to be usefull when you have status pikes.

Well’ these are the basic builds or thould I say the most common builds out there. Most of the players would make an agi-build keeping the future Lord Knight in mind because as I have said, agi-knights are cheaper and relatively faster to level. I will be making a Lord Knight guide soon, also some tactics and tips while leveling and going against your friend (PVP, WoE, PK).

Here are the links to the items other things mentioned in the guide. For more information, visit

Weapons / Equipments :

Pike / Muramasa / Two-Hand Sword / Brooch / Clips


Mummy / Soldier Skeleton / Skeleton Worker / Kobold Card

46 Responses to “DodgingBullet’s Knight Guide”

  1. hmm on pure agi build, i think is to low dex.. on the server i play, my friends have about 80 dex and mis..

  2. “Power Amplifier Vit-Knight”… what in the world? That’s the worst seriously suggested build I’ve ever seen. 1 dex is never a good idea. There are other problems with this build as well, but… even if you just took off 10 str and put it into dex, you get +33 dex. Despite having less str, this allows you to do more damage: Already that +6 atk and big increase in min damage from the dex almost completely compensates for the 10 str, and then you also have 33 more hit, so you can whack off a mummy card and replace it with a different card that increases damage, thus doing substantially more damage while still having 13 more hit and a bit higher aspd (since dex increases aspd some, too).

  3. ang panget ng pinag sasavi mo……….weak yang build mo eto gayahin mo para sa agi crt knight
    str 80
    agi 95
    vit 10
    dex 15
    crt 69

  4. DEX 1 lang CORNI mo!!!!

    sana maging maganda ang GRAPHICS ng ragnarok gawing tulad ng CABAL mag hihintay ako kahit 1linggo maintenance… bye CABAL .TANTRA, RUN adict

  5. why do we need sword mastery? spear knights doesn’t fight with swords O_o

  6. Ummm….Kung meon na nag lalaro ng valkyrie server..pa2ro naman ung tamang BUILD ng Agi crt Knight kc i’m Planning 2 make one^^…after nung sniper ko…. help naman po sa items and stats thx..^^
    AT sa lahat ng nag RO….Rok on!!

  7. amf noob naman nung 69 crit.. di po aabot..

  8. mga tanga mag build… nooB!!!!

  9. mga koopal kayu 1 lang dapat ang dex
    99 agi
    90 str.
    40 luk

  10. mga kua ano po build ng spear type na knight ??? akala ko str-agi-vit ??? nalilito kasi ako …

    -in english-
    friends, wat is the build for spear type knight ?? i thought str-agi-vit ?? im confused about it ….

  11. mga kuya.. kung dex nio 1.. edi nagmiss ng nagmiss eyun??? :)) kahit 10 lang de mo ok na ehh.. kasi ganun sakin.. kaso.. mabagal.. pano po ba tamang build sa skills pag spear type?? anu po mauuna sa mga skills?? ano po mauunang tapusin na skills?? please reply..

  12. str agi vit po ba spear knight??! akala ko po pure vit and str lang yun??

  13. duhh xempre ang crit never miss kaya 1 lng ang dex!! use your head noobs! d kau mknig sa experts

  14. ito po build ko… berserker crit type…

    86 str
    59 agi
    63 vit
    49 dex
    31 luk

    bout sa low luk… bawi nalang sa crit items… like vanberk card low chance 100% crit every physical dmg… or morregine set… 3ple,4ple crt weapon.. etc…

  15. noobs!

    1 dex is good enough for spear types.

    thats why you have a skill called magnum break with a Hit bonus of +100 if its level 10

  16. 1 dex nga lng talaga sa Agi Crit Knight

    *Eto Build Ko*
    Str 90
    Agi 80
    Vit 25
    Dex 40
    Wepon ko +10 Bastard[3] 2 Mummy Card/1 Soldier
    Skeleton Card
    Garment +6 Pouldron[1 ]Noxious Card

    Armor +4 Mink Coat[1] Remover Card

    Headgear +4 Ulle`s Cap[1] Vanberk Card

    Footgear +5 Greeve[1] Matyr Card

    Accessory Belt2x[1 ]Mantis and Drops Card

    Yan lang gamit ko Equips hinde pa ako mayaman sa Zenny ehehehehehheheh Tip naman jan…..REPLY ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  17. any new questions just ask freely i’m here to help too!

  18. ahmmm..,,,,,
    nasubukan na po ba ung build ng agi crit type na knight?
    di po b pwd 20 nalang ang vit dun?

  19. Ang bobobo nyo mga asa sa bot mga P*k*ng ina nyo tanga!

  20. ang babanoobs niong lahat, baka pde drops card sa belt..ampf..


  22. dex 1 lang.. ang mhirap sa umpisa.. kc nde k tatama. mkikita mo ung lakas ng crit knight mo pag dating mo ng level 70+ na.

    crit nga d b? u dont need to hit, papalit dun ung crit.. lalo n pag may crit n mga gmit k n,

  23. People shouldy really look up thing’s before neing immature and posting about a guide being written a by a “noob”. since this guide is very good. compare to the year it was made. wich is 2004. and yesi remember it from then, so look up thing’s before posting shameful post’s.

  24. para saan ung int sa knight? nakakalakas b un ng pierce???

  25. @syron int ng knight para lang sa mana pool

  26. wew, hina ng build, eto!!!!!!!

    tas vit ang na tira
    kung dsidido ka dag2xgan mu dex!!
    yan, sa gamit kaw na mag isip :D

  27. kaso e2 build ko!!!
    80 str
    80 agi
    60 dex
    kung may tira pa vit

    pag crit
    80 str
    80 dex
    60 luk
    kung may tira pa vit

    tsaka ang crit mararamdaman mo pag lvl 70
    kung mayaman ka good….
    pag poor ka mag antay ka mag lvl 70….

  28. Saan Ba maganda mag pa level ang knight lvl 68 to 70????plsss helllpppppp.

  29. Saan ba maganda mag pa level ang knight lvl 68 hanggang 70?????????

  30. bat d ka mag search sa ragnarok search mo try mo lang!!! ^^

  31. Yung sa aken Ragnarok Valkyrie

    Agi Knight Stats: share lang lvl 95

    Str: 80sh – note must be divisible by 10
    Agi: 80sh
    Vit: 10+? <

  32. Yung sa aken Ragnarok Valkyrie….

    Agi Knight Stats: share lang lvl 95
    Str: 80sh – note must be divisible by 10
    Agi: 80sh
    Vit: 10+? <..

  33. amf nacucut ung comment q tae NVM

  34. STR=70
    AGI= 9
    VIT= 70

  35. Try nyu kung gusto nyu…….

    STR>VIT>DEX at konteng INT only

    O KaYa

    STR>AGI>DEX at konteng INT only

    for Example:
    DEX=50 plus
    INT= above/beyond 20
    Same din sa AGI

  36. mga noob ang mga to oh!! eto ang killer F***ing build!

    STR = 1
    AGI = 1
    VIT = 92
    INT =
    DEX = 80
    LUK = 1


  37. e2 maganda!….
    spear type…
    int 30 lang

    yan mas malakas walang patawad yan!!

  38. Hai nako mga pinoy tlga puro mura nalang ang alam, mga walang disiplina, pinapakita nyu lang na wala kayung galang

  39. try nyo to

    AGI 99
    INT 99
    LUk 99

    AGI- para bumilis
    INT- ang pag iisip nyo at
    LUK- para swertehin kayo.

    ang tatanga nyo!

  40. ahm pnu po pg ang build ko sa spear type na knight eh vit at str lng po tpos;skill sword mastery 10 10 hp recover,10 endure,10 provoke pnu po un?^_^

  41. hm… pd n rin pero try niyu yung build q.pero dpt medyo may budget :DD
    yung natira vit
    agi crit vit knight ahaha
    use vanberk card for crit
    also use 2 g.ring for 10%a.speed
    then use conc.pots and awakening+ its up 2 you kung 2 handed or 1 handed bsta 1 handed qucken/2handed then you’ll get 190%aspeed
    now i have an lk lvl 98 siya at my crit is 3.5k-4k :P swak po yn try niyu :P
    unang build eh basta malagyan mo ng 40 ang agi at dex khit wag muna str at wag kyo mag lalagay agad ng vit..
    try to use whisper card for survival.. :) un lng haha

  42. also use a 4 slotted weapon for 4 pcs alice card :D

  43. kung mag hhunt k :))

  44. nice one josh. what a pro build i tried this on my lvl 99 lk but my crit in byalan is only 3k aww
    his build is for pvp,agi knight and crit,plvling and hunting. thx for the build dude :D keep d good work :))

  45. For Agi/Crit Lord knight:

    STR: 80
    AGI: 90 (with THQ and berserk pots and agi bonuses == 188 aspd)
    VIT: 31
    INT: 1
    DEX: 15 (this is fine i swear just aim for 20 with bonuses +1 aspd/20dex)
    LUK: 60 (+21Crit )

    Alot of you may ask.. I think this will yurn out wrong.. BUT WAIT!! THERES MORE!!

    the secret to my build is when you get into a rune knight.. YES you heard me right! a CRIT RUNE KNGIHT.

    Aside from that is the Equips. All you need is:

    RWC cap(Gives +10 CRIT)
    Bison Horn of Counter (+2 Agi +1 Str +4 Crit)
    Valorous Katzbalger(+20 Crit, +20% Crit Damage, +55% Damage to Demi Humans, +2 str)

    OH YEAH!!! SAN KA PA?!!!?
    EHEM Pardon my french..

    With that TH Sword You’ll never need another weapon trust me. Just get some elemental scrolls for higher damage(they’re very cheap) ;)

    At the end of being a lvl 99 Lord knight you’ll have 21+10+20+4+4 = 59 Crit!(+10 More with gloria) With 188 aspd?!
    Oh pota anu pa gusto mo?!?! AhurM!! My french is really bad.. sorry..

    When you get to run knight this is what you’ll do.. raise your stats to:

    STR: 99 (This is enough coz u’ll be critting alot you’ll get the damage you want)
    AGI: 120 (Getting 193 aspd? what More do you want? LOL)
    VIT: 70
    INT: 1
    DEX: 34 (Now i am aiming for another aspd bonus, get 40 with bonuses)
    LUK: 81 (Raising you crit +6 to crit almost everytime)

    Now i hit 2k crits on 193 aspd pace.. impressive? well i shared you my secret.. whats yours? :) i wont tell you my HP coz.. i got TGK and variant shoes on it ;) if you knew you may think this whole build is too over powered and unreal.. but believe me it is real O.o ..

    The rest of the equip is up to you.. you have alot of freedom in equipment in this build..

    and by the way you have a bit of perfect dodge on you and ALOT of FLEE.. So hitting you is like a dex knight trying to hit a guillotine cross LOL.! Good luck with your chars dudes IM OUT!!!

  46. eto build ng berserker ko

    81 str
    51 agi
    81 vit
    61 luk (the rest dex)

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