Mibu’s Soul Linker Guide

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. The original author is Mibu and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision.

Introduction – The part you can skip if you don’t feel you need one.

Alright, I took up playing a soul linker on a whim because I was tired of high priest and didn’t particularly feel like putting in the effort to level a character to 99 trans. I started playing it a couple weeks ago, so if this guide doesn’t suit your particular needs or explain everything as fully as you would like, tell me, and I’ll try to clear up whatever questions you might have if I can answer them.

Also, for general skill information and a skill tree to see what skills you need to advance, go to http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=skill_db&jid=4049.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=0dB3YsWrDtI :This is basically an overview video of Soul Linkers. Good for a basic understanding of how you can use several of the skills; it’s a good start.

Many people don’t consider soul linker to be a very serious class, and if you read the first paragraph just now, you’ve probably realized that I didn’t before I made one, either. Still, I’ve realized that with good equips and a good general knowledge of the class and RO in general, Soul Linkers can be both an invincible and invaluable support class during WoE, and a serious damage dealer in PvM. Soul Linkers can also be helpful in MVPing, but as I have not had a lot of experience in that area I’m just going to briefly touch on it. I have possibly overlooked several skills helpful in MvPing, but I hope that I have covered everything well enough that you have a good idea of what you’re doing.

PvM and the Rise From Novice to 99 Linker

If you only want WoE/PvP tips, move on to the next section. You can also skip the beginning parts if you’re already fairly high level. This will go fairly in-depth.

Starting out as a novice, I recommend going through the training grounds. It’s an easy, fast, and painless way to get from 1/1 to xx/10, and you net a few hundred free novice potions that will get you through the most challenging parts of taekwon – the early stages. At the end it is beneficial to try to get the NPC warp you to Payon where you will change into a Taekwon by doing this simple quest.

Before I go into leveling spots, I’ll give a brief overview of the kicks; You’ll only need them for taekwon leveling, but they are important. I recommend getting counter kick first, because it can’t miss, and then heel drop, because it has a chance of stunning the enemy. You shouldn’t need any more kicks than that. Afterwards I would get kihop and both break skills up to level 5, and then mild wind to level 7. It’s a very useful skill, during and after the taekwon stage.

With a huge stack of novice potions you should be able to easily get your first 20 or 30 levels killing things in payon dungeon. Poporings are the best exp there, and you’re going to want to kill a lot of them and start out pumping strength. Once you have strength up to a pretty good level, say somewhere from 50-70 total depending on your preferences, I would start putting a lot of points into agility and around 20-30 points total in dex. Once you think you can do it, head over to toy factory and start killing cookies. You’ll probably burn through the last of your novice potions while leveling there, and if you die, sell the loot from payon dungeon and cookies to buy some more potions. I would recommend orange or yellow potions, but if this isn’t your first character and you’ve got the zeny, whites are of course the best.

You can stay at cookies and christmas cookies until level 50, when you should be able to kill mystcases (you might need to put a few more points into dex), or you can head over to metalings (1 map north of Lighthalzen) at level 40-45. Kill them, and don’t worry about running out of potions; at this point you should have the money to buy more, since leveling at payon usually gets you a pretty sizeable amount of change from skeletons/zombies and cookie/christmas cookie loot also gives you a nice amount.

Mystcases should get you up to job 50 relatively quickly when you get high enough level to kill them. They will also get you enough zeny to reset to a more linker friendly build after the job change. If you don’t care about zeny and myst case experience isn’t as fast as you’d like, you can go leaf cats. They give VERY good job experience but low base experience. When you hit job 50, go and change to linker, get enough job levels with your current build to afford esma; you’ll probably have to go back down to killing cookies without the kicks, but I’m sure its possible to kill mystcases; Then, reset to a build with very high int. Reset your skills to include the following : Tumbling (FSK Max level), Mild Wind and its reqs, Sprint 10, Jump 5, and NO kicks besides FSK. You can put any extra skill points you have left over wherever you want, I mostly go job 50 because there’s no reason not to. You should have about 4 extra skill points if you go job 50. At this point dex does not really matter, because you are going to go kill geographers (1 map north of Einbroch) using esma, and they won’t be able to chase you. Use mild wind to get fire property attacks and murder plants up until level 75 or so.

At this point, do the Lost Child Quest. Then kill siromas using mild wind to change your attacks to wind property until you have 40 glacial hearts. Head to hugel, go to the building at (94, 103) and buy 20 fireworks from the man inside. Then, do Rachel Sanctuary Quest. Then, go do the Airships Quest Arc, followed by the Juno Remedy Quest. You will need 5 other people to play bingo with you for one part of the quest, and you have to win the game to talk to a quest npc. For Juno Remedy, you will need 5 darkness runes. If you ask politely, you will eventually be able to find someone that will help you to get them, but please don’t spam or annoy people if they refuse. Simply move on to someone else. The most likely people that will be able to help you get darkness runes are snipers. Do the Shadow Quest next. If you are not level 91 at this point, kill seals (cmd_fild02) until you are at least that level. Then, do the Friendship Quest Arc, followed by the Republic of Schwartzvald Quest Arc, the Curse of Gae Bolg Quest, and the Eye of Hellion Quest.

If you reach 99, feel free to stop doing quests. If you are not 99 and have finished all of these quests, you can look for a priest to go to Ice Dungeon with (use wind property, and with 130 int you can do upwards of 30k esmas with lex a.), or you can continue soloing at either seals or rachel sanctuary dungeon killing isillas and vanberks. Isillas drop high quality sandals, which you will want to upgrade eventually, as they are the best footgear for Soul Linkers in my opinion. Some other possible spots are kiel dungeon floor 1, you can use eswoo to slow down alicel/aliots and with high int you can easily kill anything there. You can also kill abbey dungeon solo for good experience at the early 90′s, but you die fairly often due to ragged zombies without a priest or healing items, so for the higher 90′s I recommend not going there alone.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=7fN-C5Cu4Mk : A Soul Linker completely owning Ice Dungeon with a priest.

At job 50, you will have the following job bonuses:

WoE : The Reason You Were Forced To Play Soul Linker

Soul Linkers are in very high demand during WoE; every guild should have at least two, since links improve all classes in some way and kaupe/kaite can shift the action significantly in favor of your guild.

I will cover equips in a different section, but all I have to say for now is WEAR A MARC/ED CARDED ARMOR SO YOU DON’T END UP LIKE THIS.

As for stats, get very high dex, high vit, and low-medium strength; at least 30. You should also get somewhere from 30 to 48 total int, on a multiple of 6 for the sp regeneration bonus. You do not need high int, because you are going to be spamming Royal Jellies or Blue Potions during WoE. If you try and WoE with high int and no sp regen items, it will not work in a competitive server. You should try and stockpile at least 600 royal jellies or blue potions a week. More is better, and if you don’t use them all, you’ll have them for next week.

Sidenote, some people have told me they would rather just use a high int build for woe, since they can regen more SP than they’re using; for low population servers, this might be best if you can’t afford large amount of recovery items. Also, if there are many linkers in your guild and you like to stay in the background and just support link, you would probably be able to get by with less dex/vit and no str with an int build. This is not my recommendation, but if it works for you, then it works.

Bring mastelas to heal your hp, they can be bought at the hugel fruit/vegetable shop. They weigh 1/5 the weight of white potions and heal about as much, and weigh 2 less than slim white potions. Even if you go a high int build you should make room in your weight cap for mastelas, just be careful about going overweight if you don’t want to use sp items.

This is a WoE:SE video of mine from LegacyRO. Most of the time I’m using magnum break with a mailbreaker, I glossed over most of the support linking because there’s not much to explain about that part, really. If you’re having a lot of trouble with your linking with battlemode, I suggest going to the main town in your server and while using your woe keys link everything in sight. You’ll get the hang of it after a while. About halfway through the video I start using the party window to kaupe myself and I found that it worked much better than trying to click my sprite.

I suggest keeping the video screen fairly small so it doesn’t get too blurry, I’m not too good with compressing videos and etc.

http://files.filefront.com/Mibu+CYALATER+SE+8+10+avi/;12484766;/filein fo.html

Use Jump and Sprint to move quickly through FE (WoE: First Edition) castles, but during SE (WoE: Second Edition) they are disabled (I know for a fact jump is; I’m not sure if sprint being disabled was just a bug on the server I was on at the time). Jump is the fastest way out of a FE precast if there is no CP, and even if there is it’s fairly easy to run through most current precasts far enough to get out of the song.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=33Y3rj5on14: A great example of a soul linker using leap and sprint to quickly navigate through a castle; there will be many more people in an actual WoE, but it still shows you how to do it. I would also recommend doing quick run-throughs of castles that your guild will focus on during WoE:FE, as practice does make perfect.

The most important links are SinX, Rogue, Bard/Dancer, Wizard, and Soul Linker. These are the ones that I feel no soul linker should go to WoE without, with the exception of wizard and rogue links; but at LEAST one soul linker in your guild should have those as well.

The reason these links are the most important

SinX Link

Adds to the amount of damage a sonic blow sinx puts out per hit by +25%. That is a huge difference considering how much damage they are already putting out with EDP. There are also very large amounts of sinx in most guilds, so no soul linker should go to WoE without it because you WILL be asked for it no matter how many other linkers are in your guild.

Rogue Link

Increases chase walk speed by an insane amount, making evading other guilds much, much easier than it is without it, and since most guild leaders ecall with a stalker, that is a hugely important part of what you do. It also increases the healing rate of ranked potions, and makes the stalker impossible to dispell, which is also very useful for escaping guilds/precasts.

Bard/Dancer Link

Allows both of those classes to move at normal speeds while singing, letting them affect a larger number of people with their songs, whether positive or negative. It also allows their songs to affect them as well; this is a huge help when it comes to a song like bragi. It ALSO lets them use the other class’s songs, which is very important for both bard and gypsy as it gives them new depth and ability. This is one of the most gameplay-altering links in my opinion, and no soul linker should WoE without it.

Wizard Link

Lets wizards use skills that require gems without actually using up the gem; they still need one in their inventory, but it will last as long as the link does. More importantly, if they have crystal fragments in their inventory, it will cancel the reflect of enemy soul linker’s kaite, meaning every guild should have at least one linker with this link around their precast.

Soul Linker Link

Allows other soul linkers to use ka- skills on things that are not other soul linkers/their RO family. EVERY soul linker should get this in WoE if there is another soul linker in your guild, because without it allied soul linkers are half as useful as they could be with it.

Blacksmith Link

An extremely powerful buff for both the blacksmith and any melee characters in his or her party. At least one linker in the guild should have this link at a high level.

Knight Link

Is often passed over for other links since it only buffs the Knight, and there are usually a relatively small number of knights in any given guild; still, it allows a knight to use a shield while still benefiting from the Quicken skill, increasing attack speed (and therefore DPS or chance of a status weapon activating).

Alchemist Link

Can be helpful and allow creators to heal others for substantially higher amounts with potion pitcher; however, most creators will spend most of their time spamming Acid Demonstration, and most good players will be able to heal themselves with items, so I would only get this link at a high level if all the other links are covered by at least one linker in your guild.

The hunter, priest, monk, sage, supernovice, and trans links are all useless in WoE. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if you’re one of those classes and you think you need one of these links for WoE, rethink what class you’re going to WoE with.

Also, as long as you yourself are linked, you should attempt to keep everyone in your guild kaupe’d and kaite’d. You will probably not be able to do so, but try. ALWAYS kaite everyone before entering an opposing precast in WoE:FE. If you see a wizard casting an AoE spell on your guild members, kaite as many as you can as fast as you can. If you see a champ running towards someone, they are going to asura. Kaupe as fast as you can. If you see someone being sonic blow’d, help them out with kaupe. In WoE:SE, you will always have an excuse to be busy. When attacking in FE, you will always have something to do. When defending in FE, just make sure everyone is linked, and kaupe/kaite the wizards. If there is a CP up, keep them kaupe’d. Do this and you will be good. If you don’t do it, you will most likely be complained at, and your guild will most likely suffer more than if you had done your job.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=s8-OGN0SuCk : Quick clip of a soul linker using kaite to kill a wizard.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=ru_LD03aJcQ : Another use for kaupe – wasting creator supplies.

If your guild has other soul linkers that have necessary links, you can include other skills in your build, such as eske; you can use eske on guardians to greatly increase their attack power, making them more than the minor annoyance they are to most players.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=0IazMixIYGQ : An example of archer guardians with eske not being completely useless.

Also, use battlemode. Type /bm and all three of your hotkey bars will be available using the normal F-Keys and the letters on your keyboard. It takes some practice and getting used to, but you will not be able to play linker well without battlemode. To talk once you have activated battlemode, push spacebar and you will be able to type text.

PvP : People vs. Player

In PvP you can basically just mess around and have fun; it doesn’t really matter, despite what anyone tells you. In my opinion, you should never use bolt scrolls, you should give them to me so I can use them.

Help who you want with kaupe/kaite, kill wizards when they test their cast time on AoE spells, prove to people they aren’t as pro as they thought they were by jumping/sprinting through their pvp rape party while they try to kill you and fail, etc. I will say this again; Have fun.

I do recommend a high amount of int for pvp, since you won’t be using sp items there, unless you are incredibly rich. You should also get SOME vit, and as high amount of dex as you feel you need.

MVPing – Support and Solo

Soul linkers are probably not the best class to solo MVP with, but it is doable on many of the weaker or slower MVP’s if you can find them and you want to give it a shot. It goes pretty much the same as all of your PvM; estun, esma, repeat.

Here is an example of a Soul Linker MVPing Eddga: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ViWVGBnwhuo

Also Watch: http://youtube.com/watch?v=i5w94NFaHvE, an example of a soul linker helping during the last part of kiel quest; not exactly an mvp, but relevant.

Support linkers can also be very helpful in MVP parties for larger MVPs, by using kaupe to negate normal hits and adding that one extra second for someone to put the Safety Wall back up, or by kaizeling the priests so even if they die the party doesn’t automatically wipe. It’s usually not really neccessary, but I’ve yet to hear someone complain about a little extra breathing room. If a class dies REALLY easily, however, you might not want to kaizel them unless asked, since if they die again immediately it’s just another 1% lost.

Also, I have recently made another linker for pvm and find that eswoo is a very helpful skill in MVPing, though because of the huge reduction in time that the target is affected (1/5 normal 7 seconds, so a little over a second), you have to spam it on the MVP.

Equips : How Not to be OHKO’d (One Hit KO)

Though you can make up for lack of equips with a lot of kaupe spamming in pvp and pvm, they do help, and in woe you are going to want to wear the best you can afford.


In PvP/WoE, generally just assume that a beret or Feather Beret is best. If you have neither of those, you can use an AoA, or if you have a great headgear card and plenty of zeny to spend on whatever you want, you could go with an Ulle’s. I would still prefer a Feather Beret for damage resist.

In PvM, headgears that add int or dex are what you’re going to want. I used a hat with an isilla card (+2 int) in it to level most of the time because it let me hit an extra matk bonus. Your preferences might be different.

Mid/lower headgear you can use any +2 def headgear (alarm mask, opera mask) that you have access to, or if you don’t really see the point in 2 def you can go with whatever looks good to you. If you can afford s. sunnies, you probably already know which cards you would want in them.


I use a silk robe, though a glittering jacket would be better. The higher the upgrade level the better it will be. As far as cards go, in pvp/woe I always wear a marc, and you should too. ED is also a good choice.

Armor cards for PvM are generally cards that add int or dex, or a card that gives your armor the elemental property of the monsters you are fighting.


You should get a valk shield as soon as you can afford it. It is 100 times better than a slotted guard, so I wouldn’t even waste the effort of getting one. For PvP/WoE, use a thara frog shield; for PvP you can also have a shield with a seeker card (stone curse) in it, but I would not recommend it for WoE because you won’t have any spare weight capacity for red gems. For PvM you can use shields that give you racial damage reduction from whatever you are fighting, or you can use a seeker card for the stone curse.


The best all-around weapon for a soul linker is a dex survivor’s rod. You can card either a fabre or drops into it, whichever you feel would help you the most. Also, you can make different status knives if you want to put the effort into it, though during WoE you will probably never use them since you will be busy supporting others and generally staying off the front lines, and even if you have them a mailbreaker or swordbreaker would be better (though it takes a little more time to get). If your guild does have another full-time support linker though, you could go magnum break in groups of people if you have the gear and stats to survive.


I suggest getting a muffler with a decent upgrade level and a raydric card until you can afford a decent upgrade level survivor’s manteau. Most people will probably tell you that I am wrong and that you should go for +4 survivor’s manteau to start with and ignore mufflers completely. They could be right.


My number one choice are high quality sandals. They have the same defense as shoes [1], and they add +10 mdef. I would go with a verit card, though if you can make +9 then an antique firelock is better. You could also go with a green ferus card, but I prefer to have the sp bonus as well.


In woe/pvp, I would get a hiding rosary or glove(smokie card), and either a zerom glove or an item that boosts your defense, such as an alligator/errende rosary or safety ring.

The End

That tells you pretty much everything I know about soul linkers, I know it’s a long read so thanks if you took the time to read the whole thing, and if you didn’t I probably wouldn’t have either. I hope it helped.

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  1. Thank you so much this build helped me a lot!

  2. Thanks alot for this. I read it all the way through, and I have been going step by step through it. One note though – If you ever make a Soul Linker, be sure to have a friend or someone make one with you! Sometimes it is almost impossible to find another SL.

  3. lol I didn’t even know someone had put my guide on rms, but whoever did, I’m flattered ;)

  4. I agree with having DEX, VIT, and possibly some STR. Why no INT? I do not believe spamming pots will be necessary, especially when you do have high INT. High INT provides high SP regeneration and lots of SP to burn. Kaahi would greatly benefit the SL, too.

    You wouldn’t be spamming skills like crazy, especially when you have a supportive build.

    Please do elaborate on why high INT (and no SP pots) would not work for WoE.

    Of course, bringing pots would only be natural any ways if you were to go WoE and be serious about survival.

  5. I have tested the effects of hi int and low int soul linkers…
    all i can say is if you want a killler type soul linker you put your stats to int. take note that int type soul linkers are also capable to become a support soul linker, lastly if i were a support linker i would rather be intless because if you use a low level soul link it will ear up all your sp. soul burn skills of professors are enough to disable the soul linker, so its better to bring pots

  6. I’ll add my woe soul linker video and let you see why I believe high int is a waste of stat points for woe, I guess. I woe mostly on high pop servers where you have to constantly spam kaupe, or constantly relink people being dispelled, etc, so I believe the points you put into int would be better spent into dex for fast cast and vit for survival.

  7. be nice if the guide didn’t ‘count’ on easymode server stuff like stat/skill resetters.

    An easier idea would be to suggest that they get themselves 5 rough winds, (and the other junk) then make your would be linker, get TK, do ice necklace quest(will need help) then do the juno remedy quest(Again will need help)

    On a x7 that is job 50 tk right there. And no need to ‘waste’ points in str.

    A good linker is around 2 int/ 1 vit /1 dex build, adjusted as needed, and with Kaahi and (the auto res one?) they make EXCELLENT slaves(Slap on a high orc shield, and craploads of autocast stuff, and have it autofollow you, or a friend, anywhere you/they may go, for free links, and an almost invincible tank)

  8. The guide was originally made for a guide contest on a server with a resetter, and most of the servers I’ve played have resetters, so if I were to make a guide based on something I haven’t done I would feel stupid really. I would also suggest getting a little str anyways in a server without a resetter for weight cap in woe, but thanks for the input.

    I really don’t like kaahi in 90% of all situations so without a resetter I don’t think I would waste points in it when you could get links instead. Also, without a resetter you would have to spend most of the leveling getting leeched or supporting people since I don’t support getting esma permanently unless you want to go pure pvm.

  9. im planning to make a soul linker..im playing in Prontera server and im not sure which build would be better.. AGI VIT or VIT DEX…it will mainly support…as for leveling…i will leech to level…

    personally i feel that VIT DEX is better for support..any advice ? thanks in advance…

  10. Vit is definately better than agi.

    You can already dodge with kaupe at 1 agi, and if you’re going to be supporting then agi doesn’t matter one bit.

  11. Oh, I thought you said agi/dex or vit/dex…. Vit/dex, you don’t need agi at all and dex helps a lot with cast time, which is the main thing you’ll have to worry about when supporting.

  12. thanks alot Mibu..i thought so too that agi wouldnt be useful…im on VIT DEX now…but the hp is pretty low at lvl6x tho vit is 84+6…roughly…what will the hp be at lvl99 ? i dont really trust the calculator..i used Doddler’s Calculator…so i wanna ask an experienced player who played a linker before..

    if im not wrong…the calculator says ill get bout 9k+ hp with 100 vit and a matyr shoe on…kindly advice..thank you.

  13. It depends on whether or not you’ll use survivor manteau and rod. My linker without that and with 90~100 total vit at 99 had about 9k hp, with it more.

  14. wow…nice anyway i dun use survivor rod and manteau…haha thx alot for the info Mibu…

    Linkers are fun…but i always get bullied lol…

  15. i were doing esma build till i were 99/50 but then i reset to surport but idk whats a good build i got 55 int 94 vit and 84 agi i got all the links and Ka’s and the monster effecting Es’s like eske eska eswoo i wanna still be more of a pvm linker that can tank and surport my party is that build good? with that much agi and vit and Ka spells id like to c any non mvp monster kill me but idk if its really good so any ideas?

  16. I would rather have dex than agi, but if you dont mind really slow cast times then that build is fine.

  17. Hi
    I would just talk about the earth spike level 3 scrolls that can be usefull in order to break casts… (remember the TK’s happy status)
    And to me Formal suit and vidar’s boots are good as well, and as a “mad” Soul Linker, i prefer get a low Mdef to laugh with Kaite, and get a little bit HP more…
    Anyway your guid is very good.

    Bon jeu à tous…

  18. erm…
    can u send me a mail for the SL stats
    stats :
    and what the best eq info should iwear????
    can list down??
    i reallly like sL but dun have the rite stats…..
    so me b-come so nooooobbbbb…..always been bullleeeiiiiiiiiyyyyyy

  19. I would say:

    40 base str, in order to carry some potions & co
    1 base agi
    97 total vit, with foods, immune status

    about 110 dex under blessing and foods, to cast enough quickly kaite / kaupe

    And put about 30 base int, to get some SP, and maximize your regen.

    This is my point of view.

  20. I mostly agree with Lillia except I think earth scrolls/happy rest state is a complete waste of time. Several people have tried to convince me of its merits and I still disagree.

    Formal suit is fine but I would really prefer a glittering jacket. Vidars boots are also alright. In my opinion the best shoes are still +9 hqs with firelock soldier if you can get them, but vidar’s boots are probably better than other hqs for 2.0, hqs are still useful in 1.0 WoE. The difference is still very minimal for any of these, though.

  21. Glittering Jacket is too heavy. Formal Suit/Silk Robe pl0x.

  22. I dislike Glitt as well, and I don’t use Scrolls x)

  23. please send me stats and equipment for soul linker please.

  24. scroll up a bit, already talked about stat builds in the comments and equip builds in the actual guide.

  25. I have a question !
    i playing SL Es and now i want to try support SL
    but i can reset skill, can\’t reset stat
    my stat : str 20, int about 9x, dex 7x, vit 7x
    so can u please tell me that stat can change a support SL WoE?

  26. my SL stats with level 78
    str 1
    agi 1
    vit 42
    int 99
    dex 30
    luk 1

  27. kangta, I’m not really sure what you’re asking, but the most important stats for support SL in woe are vit/dex (in that order), the stats you have you would be able to woe but you will stun pretty often in good SE woes, and your cast will be a little slow.

    If you’re talking about iRO (just a guess from the can reset skills but not stats), those stats will be fine, iRO is easy woe

    ChewJeng those are fine stats for an esma linker but I would remake if you want to be support since you’re only level 78.

  28. wow thank you so much for this great guide. it is the first truely useful linked guide I have read. but I am on essenceRO and the max lvl is 170 so there are a lot more stat points. I have 150 int and dex and about 100 vit. is that a good build for woe?

  29. I have a lv99 esma linker, agi 76+3, int 99+22, and dex 58+17- I’m looking to be able to cast higher-damage esma- at the moment, I seem to cap out at 20k, even with weaknesses.

    Any suggestions for equip/stat bouncing?

  30. what items are recommended for soul linker ?

    please reply

  31. For weapon, i’d recommend going bare handed, so you can take advantage of break fall/tumbling’s 20% dodge chance

  32. Nice Guide!
    Can you tell me a good skill build for support linker
    but I want to max Esma so I can do decent PvM?

    I’am kind of confused which Ka skill I should take

  33. Nice Guide!
    can you tell me a good Support skill build
    but with max Esma so I can do decent PvM?

    I’am kind of confused which Ka skill should I take

  34. I wouldn’t say monk spirit is useless, in a precast monk / champ can ruwash without wasting SP and they can snatch in fury without wasting orb and do some emergency call but yes, it’s not the most useful one, but think about it you have a champ EM leader, one SL should have it imo.

    ( Knight spirit is kinda useless though. )

    Nice guide, maybe a bit less vit for a bit more int would be interesting, too much vit is dangerous against AD maybe you can kaupe urself when running to the emp and say ” lololol naab still want to waste your pots you camp’ed two days ? :D ” but in SE when you’re in a LP and you try to protect those on the front it will hurt ; plus you have low hp.

    so don’t search immune, but that’s just my opinion.

  35. can sl solo emp????i hope it can

  36. The main point in high vit is stun reduction, having less than 97 means in any non-easymode woe you stun, which is bad. You can tank AD with decent resist and equips with that vit fairly easily as long as you’re willing to pot.

    In SE when you’re in LP and you try to protect those in front it will hurt them when a gypsy stunlocks you and they die instead of getting supported. Also, hide accessory is your friend; if a biochem targets you, get away from sight/ruwatch and hide. They will move on fairly quickly, a linker isn’t usually a priority target to them.

  37. Thanks for the guides, but the spirit but should be maxed lvl 5? could you post your skill tree? so many buff I can’t decide X_X


  38. http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/slk.html?10GA3ffEH qsdBdoqsrFbnad3kK

    Skill build for SE on eAthena servers

    http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/slk.html?10GA3ffEH qrdBdoqsrFbnadwN2k

    Skill build for FE

  39. What kind of stats and skills would I need if I only wanna do PvM. I don’t really like WoE and PvP

  40. if you want to do just pvm, get esma maxed and then get eswoo, for stats you can just max dex/int, you don’t need defensive stats because you won’t let them get close to you, and you can just avoid ranged monsters or get someone to support you.

    http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/slk.html?10GA3ffEH qndododA3jNahzuak

    that’s an alright soloing build, you can adjust it to your preferences if you have a particular link you want to get. eswoo is a really useful skill for an esma linker and pvm in general, you also have enough points to get some kaahi if you want it.

  41. my bad, i forgot to add in the kaina skill points, get kaina

    http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/slk.html?10GA3ffEH qndododA3jNbUzuak

  42. Hi Mibu, the both above linkse are not working. Can you please update new links.
    My email is [email protected]
    Thanks alot for this guide.

  43. this guide helps me a lot..
    thanks for your comment and suggestion
    also for this site..

  44. Hey, I’m a pure SL player. Following the info from the guide you made; One I will be using for sure, I whipped up a skill tree that I feel I should be going for. I doubt you’ll be seeing this soon but ehh.. why not :D

    WoE Support Build

    WoE Melee/Support
    I know that can be hardly doable, but I felt up to the challenge and made a skill build~

    Esma Leveling

    Eske is a double-edge sword. It has a lower SP(15sp) consumption compared to estin-estun(30sp) AND esma can be chained to it. Use it against NON-aggressive monsters or immobile. Aggro and Detect Cast monsters will screw you up. Non-aggressive or those without Detect cast won’t attack you at all and you can cast an esma without getting Hit. And don’t use kaupe against monster that has time to only hit you once or hit under 600 dmg. Let Kaahi heal you. Kaahi3=15sp Kaupe3=40sp.

    Focus your leveling mostly on ice dungeon if you are creative enough, don’t be afraid to use Estin to push back a monster, or to Eske an icicle if it wont be in your pathway to chain esma on an Ice Titan/Snowier. The only real threat of Ice Dungeon for a linker is a Gazeti; They attack fast, breaks your cast and takes at least 2 esma to kill when you don’t have good equipments. I can fare well with no equips in both level 2 and 3. Ice Dungeon level 2 is easilly doable at level 70+. Level 3 is a bit more challenging but the exp is worth the candle if you are good at surviving.

    Hope this can help other linkers or futur linkers :)

  45. that I feel you should be going for*** I\’m awful at re-reading me.

    I should mention that you should only use level 5 Kaahi for Ice dun level 2 or 3. Don\’t use 5 on level 1 it\’s a waste of your SP.

    Also if you prefer Eswoo and don\’t find Eske all that useful;

    You can sacrifice Eske and 2 level of Kaahi to get Eswoo level 5. Lasts 5 seconds but you got plenty of time to cast Esma effectively enough to avoid damage.

    Try to cast it in between estin-estun and esma for more effectiveness.

    Have a good day all x3

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