Basic DD SinX pure EMP Breaking Build

This is my guide, and no one else’s. You do not have to use these builds and if you do, don’t fail at it.

I will also not add any upgrades (+10) to equipments because it is up to you, not me. If it were to be my choice, I would enslave you in to upgrading your equipments to +99, which is unlikely.

These builds are for LOW RATE and LOW RATE ONLY… 99/70

If you have any questions about a certain build, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.

This sinX build is only basic. It does not include many factors such as the players defending the castle. You MUST change your build a bit and make it fit in to your server. There is no way for me to tell what server you reside in therefore this build is something for new players to start and perfect with. Please read the title of this guide and make sure you do not bring in comments that irrelevant.



  • STR: Exactly or over 80 ( If you want to go over, best to leave it exactly )[ Includes bonuses ]
  • AGI: Exactly or over 70 ( if you want to go over, best to leave it exactly )[ includes bonuses ]
  • VIT: 50+ ( Whatever you have left from agi, str, and dex )
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: Exactly 30
  • LUK: 1


Yeah, just be sneaky, get up there, go INSIDE THE EMP, LITERALLY, and uncloak and EDP and break it.

Overall Look:

To keep it simple, if you have +10 weapons, full buffs, cursed water, edp, str/agi/dex food, you can break the emp in about 2-4 seconds.

Updated: 29/08/2008 – Thanks for the feedback!


EDIT: Also, I’d like to point out to those that this build consists of two daggers, yes, two daggers. This SinX is a pure emp breaking build. You are a DD sin as well.

The agi is not for flee, it’s for the attack speed. However, it has brought to my attention that it’s too high and the strength is apparently too low. But, I would like to add in the fact that was missing: Your stats include bonuses from being a SinX and from your equipment.

Changed the overall look since people do not seem to be happy with the fact that AGI does in fact, play a role in killing the EMP faster.

This is not an advandced emp breaking build, it is more of a basic build, hence the title.

My idea was that if you are capable of sneaking in the emp room, breaking the emp quick enough before getting hit, you have succeeded your job. I did not add in the factor of the defence so it was my fault on my behalf.

But, if I were to add the defence of the defending castle, I’d end up listing possiblities of getting to the emp room, and adding the fact that you in a guild as well, who are opposing the castle.

In that case, I’d have to counter most factors by using your guild mates in helping you. Players tend to have trouble defending and aiming particularly at you when you’re hidden amongst your guild.

Plus, I’d have to add in the factor of who is defending, how many is defending, and what types of classes are in the emp room. As well as who you’re attacking the castle with.

Hence the reason why I said this was a basic build, to keep it simple and only a rough layout of a decent SinX capable of breaking an EMP. Any improvements made by you or others is a good pat on the back, you shall deserve a gold star for finding a better build.

I will however, edit this guide in order to improve it’s quality for those who wish to seek help from it.

As stated in the top of the guide, you do not have to use this build.

I’d like to throw in the fact that this shall not include how many players are in the server. In some cases, your opinions about your own SinX might have been used in a server with low population. That makes things completely different in WoE and changes my build quite a bit.

It also goes for the other way around, your build might have been used to emp break in a server with a high population. That changes the aspect of the environment and will result the build to have a major setback and flaw.

I shall continue to stress out that fact that this build is basic and meant to throw out majority of possiblities of what type of population your WoE resides in.

Also, I’m rather confused by the comments and feedback. There are way too many people contradicting each other. I’ll leave the build as it is. I’ll edit them when I deem it’s necessary, such as now.

A realistic time for the emp break with the consideration of all players within WoE is about less than 6 seconds. I do agree on that. Sorry for my lack of consideration.

79 Responses to “Basic DD SinX pure EMP Breaking Build”

  1. If you’re on a High Rate, you can look for a Lord Knight card on helm; with Berserk you can break in less than a sec with more str, less agi and more vit !

    But, be aware of high Priest that Aspersio …

  2. 10/10 five star build i like i use this build all the time

  3. for the left hand the best is a main guache[4] with 2 orc skeletons and 2 desert wolf and fore the right a mes with 2 orc skeletons and a desert wolf
    sasquatch and peco peco isnt the best marc i prefer
    the agility must’t go over 80 or 81 it’s a waste of points and if u have 90 of str and 80 of agi the vit can go over 50

  4. have 90 of str and 80 of agi the vit CANT go over 50

  5. well you gear needs work
    ice pick, +10 Mg with 3 orc skele , 1 desert wolf
    or even sin dagger is better than those glad’s
    also ED or marc is much better choice of armor card(what good are you if your frozen or stone cursed on emp)

  6. This is a sin dagger, gladius = dagger, not katars.
    Thanks for the feedback, changed the daggers and the card in the armour.

    Changed the stats a bit. It seems people we’re getting the wrong idea of what I meant by exactly or over.

    Changed the vit stats since it was too high.

    Lol@ice picks. Mes [3] is better than main guache [4].

    instead of Mes [3], I’ll leave it up to you to get Mes [3] & Ice pick [1] or just two mes [3].

    Keep in mind, this is low rate server, not high rate.

  7. I do not agree with this build. I also know for a fact that you have stated some false facts.

    First, your build does not incorperate The Sign (or vesper cores although they aren’t as easy to get). Changing points around for 4/3 more str is well worth the 5% extra damage.

    Also, no matter what way you put it, not having 120 str does not make the greatest use of your skill points or contribute to higher damage output. You’ll also be able to carry more potions, and if the Emp is being SWd constantly, you might need them. Swapping str for agi is a bad idea, mostly because you’re relying on aspd as well as atk. Quagmire and Slow Grace will pull the aspd you get from agi down.

    The low dex you’ve put into the build is enough for 100% hit, but if you’re blinded that’s a different story. You’ll miss the Emp quite a bit, so it would be a good idea to raise it even a little as it will cost few points. I’d consider this a must with lower than 80 vit, since blind can last just too long. That brings me on to another point. Unless you’re on a server with pretty bad builds, you’ll want 80+ vit and have to wear a shield for cranial.

    An ED is useful on the Emp because you cannot be aspersiod, but a good priest will attempt to resurrect you (or TU if they are not FS) so you should be prepared to swap.

    “You will break the emp in less than 5 seconds. Less than 4 seconds with Max upgrade on weapon. Less than 3 seconds with STR/AGI Food and the above and curse water. Less than 2 seconds with ALL buffs and all of the above.”

    This is just untrue. Even with gospel, slotted Ice Pick, cursed water, aloevera, BS buffs, gloria, bless, +10 weapons, DD, a good assassin cross song, box of resentment, 99 base agi, you cannot break the emp in under 2 seconds without double atk. And even with 2 meginjards you would need stats from gospel. The only way to do it is with god items and double atk from gospel. I personally have yet to see an emp broken in under 6 seconds. I believe ~4.5 seconds is the fastest considering a realistic build and the chances of not having full buffs on for the whole breaking time.

    “Mes [3] is better than main guache [4].”

    In the left hand an MG is better. They are referring to DD and the left hand atk is reduced too much with a mes.

    “or even sin dagger is better than those glad’s”


  8. “The only way to do it is with god items and double atk from gospel.”

    I meant the only other way was with double atk.

  9. Thank you, someone who actually knows something about an assassin. This has to be one of the worst builds I’ve ever seen, are you serious when you say 80 agi? This is nowhere near a pure emp breaking build. In woe flee is useless, everything will hit you, you’ll be one of those sinx’s dying because he got stunned from a gyspy or an LK or meteor storm. Just pathetic. The str is terrible and any decently geared person will live, you won’t even be able to one shot a champ, and it’s bye bye for you. Even noobs on high rates have better builds.

    I’d get about 130 str (with bless, 2x mantis ring, angel wing ears and +5 str foods)
    90 vit (green ferus +7 vit foods, which are easy to farm)
    those are the two critical things, you can get 30-50 dex depending on whether you have a hit katar or not, and the rest agi, balancing those two out. With this build you’ll be able to break emps and defend in woe.

  10. i tried making a sinx emp breaker juz try 2 criticize my build im open 2 any suggestions:

    STR – 96
    AGI – 80
    DEX – 50
    VIT – 34

    Lord Circlet
    Ninja Suit – ED
    Wool Scarf – Raydric
    Tidal Shoes – Matyr

    Atk spd wid Priest buffs and Foods – 183

  11. Right Hand – 3x Desert Wolf (Gladius +10)
    Left Hand – 4x Orc Skel (MG +10)

    oh i forgot..i used a cursed bottle and i was able to break the Emp in around 6 sec.. What do you think? does my build look ok or im juz an easy target? hehehe

  12. Im sori my atakspd was juz only 175, i got a 183 atkspd together wid a WS wid Full AR..hehe

  13. Thank you for the feedback.

    Some of you have taken this basic build a bit too far and I have been way too unclear with certain parts of the guide.

    @Yami This is a pure basic emp breaking build, not a build to kill players with. Technically, you kill players by breaking the emp because it causes everyone to be kicked out of the castle. Flee is useless, I changed the stats a bit and made it more clear. I meant agi only for the attackspeed of breaking the emp quicker, not for the flee. Whatever the case, it’s been changed. Do keep in mind this guide is not there to kill players, but to do it’s best on the emp. Lol.
    It’s for those who are also confident in sneaking in to the emp room and landing a good few seconds on the emp before they’re spotted and killed. Whatever the case, I do agree, a better SinX would consider many factors, but you also have to consider the factors that aid you, such as your guild… which is totally not something I’d like to put up in the guide considering that it’s only a basic guide to let others who are new to improve from.

    @Chojiro Thanks! I have not considered some of the things you have said in my guide only because it’s stated as the title that this is basic. I did not feel the need to make a guide for those who know how to emp break properly already, such as you. Making an advanced guide such as that will take a while since you’d have to include many factors and different types of skills use by other classes to defend the castle. You’d also have to write about the things that prevent you from stopping which is what I’m not aiming for this guide to show. It’s only a simple basic guideline for those to follow and learn and improve from.

    I did not meant for this build as a dagger sin by the way. I got confused slightly and forgot that SinX have either DD or Dagger & shield. Was trying to say DD all along. My fault on my behalf.

  14. hmmm….how about if lvl is 255/100 how to build a sinx emp breaker…..

  15. and what is the build of sinx in pure Pvp…

  16. In my opinion I think that a pure sinx emp breaker should have more vit.

    Yeah, sure they can break it in a few seconds.. the question is how are you gonna get up to the emperium without being killed by an Champion or a assassin..

    Well if i were making a assassin cross for breaking emp.. this is what i would put for its status…

    Str: 80 (not more)
    Agi: 70-80
    VIt: 80-90

    Well first, you need aspd for breaking.. and the reason the vit is so high its so you don’t get stunned by dancers scream and hammer falls of mastersmiths. The strength should be enough for breaking.


    Ice Pick [Right Hand]
    Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card) [Left Hand]
    Chainmail / valkyrie armor (evil druid / marc) [Armor]
    Feather Beret [Head]
    Wool Scarf (Raydric) [Garment]
    TIdal Shoes (Matyr) [Shoes]
    Angel Ears / Evil Ears
    Vesper Core 02 (+10 attack, +3 strength) [Accessories]

    Well upgrade them to 7 – 10 if you can.

    To break the emp simply use curse water awakening potion to hit the emp, it should be destroyed around 5-10 seconds at least.

    With this equipment and status your more likely able to withstand the enemies attack.

    Note: Valkyrie shiled reduces several elementals attack by 20% so its very good to use.

  17. There are several types of assassin builds for pure pvp.

    In my server all the assassins are sonic blow type, cause we can use assassin spirit, enchant deadly poison and sonic acceleration (quest skill increase damage of sonic blow +10% and chance for stun)

    A flee type, critical type and a vit type.

    Flee type
    Str: 80-90
    Agi: 90
    Dex: 50-60
    Vit:1 (against biochemist use succubus card / dimik card so your vit is -1 / -5 so their Acid Demonstration will miss and your armor and weapon wont be destroyed)

    Note: this type can easily die against wizards Storm Gust cause their hp is only 7k-9k and magic hurts!

    Vit type
    Str: 80-90
    Agi: 80
    Dex 45-50
    Vit 40-60
    (WIth the right equipment it can withstand sonic blows)
    If we’re talking bout 1 on 1 against another sinx this type can easily win. With the right equipment and food items its flee can be 300+ (enough for the enemy to have to sonic blow you with a jur filled with mummy cards just to hit you, coz jurs attack is low and does not have extra effect like infiltrators to demi human their sonic blow wont kill you since your vits big).

    To get to 300+ flee you need +10 agi dish, Vesper core 03 (flee +5 agi +3) 1 or 2
    Honey Pastry (cant get to 300+ without this, well in my servers many people have it coz of special events. Is only obtainable from special events in my server).

    Critical type
    Str : 80-90
    Agi: 90-99
    Luk: 50-60
    Note: weak against wizards and champions who have dilema lvl 5, also sucks against proffesors who are int type with their double casting fiber lock and fire bolt combo.

  18. ok thanks for advice but if your opinion is not effective no problem i make own technics thanks for the helping…

  19. Yeah, that aspd will really help you if there\’s a gyspy on the emp spamming scream. Your excuse for not getting the break can be that someone else got a lucky hit :)

  20. In my case though, I know how to kill beelzebub rather efficiently, as well as valkyrie randgris. So my gear is probably better. With whitesmith buffs, berserk pitch I get about 186 aspd with 50+30 agi, 187 if i pop an agi / dex food.

    Minimum Damage 3336
    Average Damage 3518
    Maximum Damage 3732
    Damage Per Second 18859.9
    Minimum Number of Hits 13
    Average Number of Hits 13
    Maximum Number of Hits 14
    Average Battle Durration 3.63s

    With my build / gears this is how fast an emp drops ( with an orc skel ice pick and a shield.)

    Double dagger is probably the dumbest thing you can do, the people who use this type of build are the ones who drop to the precast line. A cranial valk shield gives 50% reductions against water and fire based attacks.

  21. imo, a lto of times it is better to just use an icepick in one hand
    and to use a cranial valk shield in the other

    your damage will be lower
    and your break time will be a little slower
    however, yoru chances of Failing go wayyyy down
    Single Sgs wont mess you over too much and you wont die from stupid things liek CT as long as you are potting

    also, use ED instead of marc
    aspero will eat you alive if you are using marc

  22. btw on sky’s suggestion….
    1 dex doesnt hit emp 100% of the time
    dont do that lol

  23. i think having a 1 dex makes you delay a little bit on breaking, aside dex having an attribute on the accuracy but it also gives a little bit share on atkspeed and every 5 dex is 1 atkdmge..

    8s ok everyone has their own strategy..well thanks for the suggestion..

    for sky we had the same build but my sinx is sonicblow and emp breaker at the same time..

  24. Do know the build up of White Smith forger type?

  25. nice guide ^^ now i can go for a DD type sinx /gg

  26. What about soul breaking sin x

  27. What stats I mean

  28. I’m just don’t know this

  29. GOOD!!! ^_^
    But I suggest you use Aliot Card instead of Raydric Card cuz’ people now uses converters ~peace

  30. nobody has an answer to my question?

  31. 120 str (with bless and food)
    90 vit (food)
    50 dex (food)
    rest agi

    Ice pick
    Thara valk shield
    Vesper core 02
    Anti-Arrow horn of the buffalo
    Wool Raydric
    Tidal Green Ferus
    Valk Armor Evil Druid
    Feather Beret

    Cursed water
    Box of Resentment


    Break EMP



    Aspd will be around 179 with awakening potion.

  32. soul break build?

  33. LOL ALL OF U why i dont see this Build

    Feather beret
    sunglas[1]w/ LK card
    Abyss Armor(Gloom under night)
    Right Mes[3] 1 thanatos card 1 damned 1 orc skeleton
    Left Mes[3] 2 Deserwolf 1Bapho card
    2 Megingjard
    Superior boots

    Stats Str divisible by 10 i recomend 120 str
    agi low agi cuz u have LK card
    More Vit For Hp like 60-70
    and the rest Dex

    u can break emp in 1 second

    This Guideis Only for Low rate that have Gods

  34. sorry about the previous post i dind’t write very well
    and that made a lot of wrong things :X

    the agi cant be over 80 it’s to much waste of points
    the str it’s more important than aspd in low rates

    the mes should be over +7 to be more efficent
    and if you want more aspd leave the dex at 40 or 45 depending on the agi

    i havn’t proved the mes with ice pick but in a few days i will and i will put the results

  35. iv’e proved it and the main gauche it’s better than the mes

  36. I’m looking to make an emperium breaker and I need help with the build, and this is what I gather

    VIT should be high to survive while breaking
    ASPD is good at around 180?
    Ice Pick is the best right hand, Main Gauche (2x orc skel, 2x desert wolf) for left hand?

    would a valk shield be better or using a main gauche?
    how much DEX is good?

  37. uhh when you say use cursed water, do you mean the sinx itself uses it or does an hp have to buff it on the sinx?

  38. I think The Best and strongest sin is SB sin.
    max str and dex
    ung tira ay int

  39. may i ask about something?
    is player(our characters) type=demi-human?

  40. Yes.

  41. Who cares Bout Private Server we play in P2P servers….

  42. what is the real build of emp. breaker sinX???

  43. well im playing super high rate server and my sinX need help so if someone could help me to make a build i be really gratefull.!

  44. I will talk only about the weapon
    +4 Ice Pick [1] Turtle General (+10 ice pick is bullshit)
    +7 Orcish Axe [4] (sorry but main gauche? You already has the double attack using ice pick and main gaunche is weak, low lvl weapon and low attack) 1 Orc Skeleton, 3 Abysmal Knight (yes, the emp is a boss type)

    You will need some cursed water (shadow deals more damage on emperium). You can test all I said on rms test server.

  45. anyone who knows about SinX crit type build?

  46. what about you dont have LK CARD..!!!!? WHAT IS THE BEST COMCO CARDS …please rply.. i need ur help ..,,,,,,,,,,THANKS

  47. MS build ..

    STR – 96

    VIT – 95

    DEX – 42

  48. stupid builds, if ur aspd goes 190 much better to break than to ur sucking builds.. 50 vit?
    50-65 vit most likely u can be 1 hit by an acid demo!
    breaker does not nid any vit..
    stupid suggestions..
    go n dont play ragna forever

  49. and by the way, orchish axe? wat a dhumb!
    yeh its true mg has weak double attack but atleast ur aspd is not reduce dan using that shit..
    orchish axe

  50. how about highrate server..

    255 MAX LVL 300 all stats..

    what is the best combo cards to break emp faster than the other breaker.. i have a LK and GLOOM ..i want to break emp ..thanks i need a suggestion here… ^_^ I LOVE THIS FORUM

  51. hi guys…I have a problem for my sin x…it surely breaks the emp fast but 1 SB & im surely dead… T_T

    91 – str
    82 – agi
    1 – int
    51 – vit
    40 – dex
    1 – luk

    can u help me guys? how to reduce the damage of SB?

  52. maybe becuz of elemental weapons. Since most breakers use unfro(marc card), wind-type weapons(e.g katar of piercing wind) especially slotted will surely kill you, 1hit. It’s better if you put demi-human damage-reduction cards/equips, elemental resist potions, and superb strategy as a breaker ^^

  53. Uhmm … for the writer of this guide, may I ask this? Is Abysmal Knight Cards usable for emp-breaking?? I mean, is the EMP really a boss-type monster ?? Please reply, thanks ^_^

  54. you guys forget the Hibram :D

  55. What about Abysmal, I think it gives more dmg than orc skel, but I got the same question with wenkZZ, I think the answer is yes but many ppl use orc skel in their guide

  56. For me, The items for low rate no LK card
    for new Emperium, some Private server low rate their emperium is a boss type , so here it is
    “R”+10[3]Mes >2abbysmal knight card 1OrkSkel
    “L”+10[4]MG >1Abysmal card,1OrkSkel,2Desertwolf
    Pantie[1]>Marc card or Evil Druid card to avoid frozen,
    undershirt[1]>raydric card or giant whisper card
    +10BLB[1] with matyr card or thantos odium
    2pcs VES02

  57. @my post if you are asking a question why i dont use 2 mes and it is more attack than main gauche?

    well.. bec of the card % of your damage

    ill give you and example

    EX:which is the high damage
    2 boxers
    BOXER1 using boxer Glove
    BOXER2 using boxer glove with a covered steel his fist inside the glove?

  58. what is the best stats for sinx dual dagger pure emp breaker??
    please post the equip and stats thank you^_^

  59. and also the total ASPD and emp breaking time.. TY^_^

  60. I have a trouble with the Ashura Strike.
    Is there anyway to be able to survive a Ashura Strike?
    By the way, without a MVP and mini boss card.
    because, we can’t get an MVP or Mini boss card on our server.

  61. ui help nyu nmn ako oh yung magandang gamit para sa aero maximum stats ay lahat ay 500
    yung gamit anuh
    plzz help me email me

  62. ui anuh ba maganda gamit para sa aero yung pang break ng emp sa guild plzzz stats ay lahat ay 500
    anuh gamit at card plzzz email me
    [email protected]

  63. im sinx from myro. server..

    im using:

    +10 mes (thanatos crd 2 abbysmal) (ryt Hand)
    +10 mainguage (2orcskel 2turtle gen.) (lefthand)
    +10 Pantyset [1] (marc card and GiantWhisper crd)
    +10 BLB[1] (Black leather Boots) (Antique Fireclock crd)
    +10 WindMiles Stone[1] (+12agi,-5%demi-human,def5)(seyrenwindsor crd)
    Pecopeco ears[1] (+5agi,increase movementSpeed) (Vanberk Crd)
    Refined Leaf [1] (Lordknightcrd)

    ASPD 190 using LK crd

    888k Lyf of emperium on our server
    (i break the with exactly 10secs.)

    with Foods +5str,+3ag,+3dex
    alovera and resesment

    try this….

  64. Is there any updated guide like to emp breaking???
    since this guide is dated back in 2008 and A LOT of thins happened since then

  65. MYRO server… right now im the leading breaker in myro: (dont call me idol) lolz..

    my perfect build for semi-god breakers:

    3 Goals to Follow:

    1. 99 str – max your damage!
    2. 190 aspd w/ safe hit rate of 215 HIT!
    3. wear: LK card (headgear), Ice Pick[1] or thanatos card (weapon)

    You must break the Emp fast! you dont need Vitality… invest in damage and ASPD, LK card will save you from everything because it will triple you HP and gives you 190 aspd.

    The Strongest & the Fastest BREAKER will rules! like me ^_^

  66. well, if you are playing super high rate servers. it’s best to stick with this build. Try for you’re self. Or you could use ur pvp weapon and w8 45mins to break that EMP

  67. Oh God,

    Okay first off, no shield? Srsly wtf? You’ll die 5-10 seconds after entering the emp room, unless you’re a huge gearzilla, or the opposing guild’s stupid. Try a Valk Shield(Thara) or a Thorn Shield(Thara) if you got the zeny to spend for a HOB.

    Second, +10/9 Ice Pick[0/1] > all other daggers for emp breaking.

    Third, at LEAST 70 vit total for the stun res and hp, unless you’re in SE WoE, then 97 total vit for full stun resist.

    Last, WTF

  68. tatagal na naman yan!!! iba na ngayun!!! hahaha!!!

  69. Someone can help me how to build the BEST combo for SinX for the EMPERIUM ^_^ Please tech Me Please Rply..
    Max Lvl:255
    Max Stats:255
    High Rate

  70. i need help to make sinx sonic build for 255lvl for pvp

  71. im playing Super High-rate server anyone plz help me how 2 build an emp breaker GX..


  72. can you make a build ?

    999 max lvl job 80

    500 max 2 all stats. real pvp 2dagger sinx

  73. is it better with dual Mes[3]+10
    so right hand mes[3] +10 and left hand mes[3] +10?

  74. AERO RAGNAROK KAMI hi lvl 999


    +10dWING 4==
    +10dWIND 4 ==
    +10mg 4==



  75. anuh anuh magandang Card ???

  76. kng high vit e d [1] Ice pick/ Desert Twilight&Sandstorm 1 with Thanatos Card. :P

  77. This are my current Hybrid build. Its good for emp breaking, defend, attacking, tanking and ecalling. I play a low-rate server and it depends on how you play sinx class because swapping gears is important to do all of the above.

    Top Headgear : +8 Feather Beret / Alice Doll [1] – Marduk card
    Mid Headgear : Sunglasses [1] – Vanberk card
    Lower Headgear : Ganster Mask

    Armor : +7 Glittering Jacket [1] +3 STR – Evil Druid
    + 7 Valkyrja’s Armor [1] +3 STR – Ghostring card

    Weapon : +6 Bravery Carnage Katar
    +7 Infiltrator [1] – Incantation Samurai card
    +4 Ice Pick [1] – Orc Skeleton card

    Shield : +7 Thorn Shield [1] – Golden Thief Bug card
    +7 Valkyrja’s Shield [1] – Thara Frog card

    Garment : Aesprika
    +7 Diablos Manteau [1] – Deviling Card
    +7 Wool Scarf [1] – Noxious card

    Shoes : +9 Tidal Shoes [1] – Antique Firelock card
    +7 Tidal Shoes [1] – Verit card
    + 8 Shackle

    Accesories : Bison Horn [1] – Horong card
    Bloodied Shackle Ball
    Orlean’s Glove [1] Marine Sphere card

    STR = 99
    AGI = 1
    VIT = 39
    INT = 40
    DEX = 80
    LUK = 1

    For best result, use suitable consumable items like Awakening Potions, Cursed Waters, STR foods, etc..

    In my build, STR is the key to make sure anything I hit get the highest damage possible. I don’t need AGI since in WOE, everybody gets hit and my only friend to keep me alive is ranked condensed potions as they heal more than normal potions. I will need a lil bit of INT since I will always use Soul Destroyer for range attacks and EDP will eat lots of my SP. High DEX will make sure I hit almost all class in WOE regardless their build as well as reducing my SD cast time. Through my experience in WOE, I find it hard to single hit Sonic Blow on Flee build Stalker and Snipers. The rest are easy target.

    For emperium breakers out there, this build will not promise fast break. But it will promise to get the job done as well as staying alive. There is no point getting in emperium room to break and not surviving enemies’s assault. It would be more awesome if you bring a well geared High Priest and Professor class with you. Both of this class can tank AOE skills perfectly and able to support you at the same time.


  79. Sir help me po sa Breaker gusto ko p crit type eh high rate po sya 255/120 3oo allstats po may mga megs lkh help me po

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