Leveling for Assassins over level 90

Please read the comments below the guide before trying this build, major flaw being now that Venatu can teleport after a Gravity update.

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If you’re stuck after getting to level 80 or 90 training on seals and anolians, this is a guide for you.

Please read the whole guide at once, before starting to take actions. You need to know if such type of leveling is suitable for you.


The most common way to get 99 (and more on custom servers) is killing Venatu monsters in Juperos dungeon. They’re basically a bit stronger than seals and give similiar amounts of experience. But the power in leveling on them lies in the speed. The average amount of them on screen varies from 5 to even 30, depends on if they happen to be at one place or many different. An average level 95 Assassin kills 50 venatu per a few-minute-run in the dungeon. Let’s get started then, since it takes a bit of time to prepare for that kind of leveling.

1. Getting Equipment

First, you need a good weapon. The best option is nicely upgraded Katar slotted with 2 Peco Peco Egg cards, or a heavily upgraded Jamadhar with one of those cards. If you prefer speed over power, you might try Infiltrator, since apart from nice attack power it gives you some additional flee rate. To increase damage on venatu, you can also use a Knocker card in a headgear.

Next are parts of armor. For the body, something with a nice DEF and maybe some slot, unless you’ll want to have Undershirt+Panties equip set on. As for the garment, if not the combo mentioned above, it would be nice if it was a +9 garment with a Nine Tail card, but it’s really unlikely you’d be so lucky to make one. I suggest using a Falcon Muffler instead. Last thing to take care of are accesorries. You should either get 2 slotted Rings with a Mantis card in each if you want attack power, or 2 slotted Brooches with a Kukre card in each if you need some flee rate. The rest of equipment is up to you, just anything that adds attack power or AGI/flee.

2. Getting a proper build

Venatu are fast, and have a relatively good hit rate, so you need much flee rate to be able to stand their attacks. But also they are fast enough to dodge yours too, so you need to hit them as well. There are 2 types of builds for leveling there:

2.1 – AGI build

First is the AGI-based flee build, which helps avoiding being hit by large groups of Venatu or randomly
spawned Dimiks. The build is as following(it’s better to add stats in exactly that order):
DEX: Enough to have about 110~120 hit, no more is needed.
STR: Enough to deal some damage to Venatu, like 400~500 damage is enough.
AGI: Put the rest of points here, and add with each level-up only AGI stat, ignoring the leftovers of stat points (save them for later).

2.2 – DEX build

Second build is DEX-STR based build, which is good to kill mobs of venatu in a short time, losing small
amounts of SP and hitting all venatu. This is not recommended for characters under level 90.
DEX: 140~150 hit needed, if you’re over level 100(on custom servers) you can add more.
STR: It’s good to deal 800~1000 damage to them, but it’s not needed to. Add as much as you like, but keep
some points for AGI as well.
AGI: At least 240 flee, but no more than 300, otherwise it’ll be just a waste of points.

3. Useful and useless skills.

For leveling you have usually a limited amount of skill points when still low level. Choose your skills wisely.

3.1 – useful stuff

Skills required to level in Juperos are:

- Hiding (level 10 would be useful, but not needed at all. You just need as much time to stay hidden as to kill the monsters, 1 minute is enough.)
– Grimtooth (level 5) [required Cloaking level 2 and Sonic Blow level 5]
There are few not necessary, but useful skills too:
– Cloaking (at least level 3): Good for re-mobbing a scattered bunch of Venatu.
– Enchant Poison : Enchants weapon with Poison property, dealing +25% of damage to every Venatu except the blue water-property ones (those have -25% damage)
– Katar Mastery/Adv. Katar Research : Added damage from these skills is added to Grimtooth skill damage.

3.2 – useless things

Don’t bother to raise skills like:
– Poison React : Even if countered, the hit will probably kill you anyway, cause you get usually hit by few Venatu at one time.
– Double Attack : Even if it raises the left-hand damage for Katars, this additional damage doesn’t count for Grimtooth.

4. Monsters

There are 3 types of monsters needed to know while leveling in Juperos.

4.1 – Venatu

Venatu are the basic “exp producting unit”. They’re dumb, but fast and powerful when attacking in groups.
These are the ones you have to mob.

4.2 – Dimiks

They can hit you, they have range, and they can make you mad, killing you when you collect the largest mobs. Spawned only in Juperos F1.

4.3 – Apocalypse

Those big things appear only in Juperos F2, just don’t touch them and you’ll be fine. They’re not aggresive.

5. How to level…

All of that is based on simple rules:
1. Collect a mob, making the venatu follow you.
2. Hide in a corner, making sure they’ll see you right when you’re disappearing. (note: some people think it’s bad to hide in a corner, but keeping away from the middle reduces the chance that someone will run into your mob)
3. Spam Grimtooth in the middle of mob, until most of them die.
4. Show up and either keep mobbing or use Fly Wing to warp somewhere else and continue(do NOT warp in Juperos F2 – keep at the outer circle).

There are 2 ways to do that, though.
You can either deal with the Dimiks in F1 or try getting into F2 each time… decision is yours. But reaching F2 is almost impossible without Cloaking. (The entrance is located on top of the tower, Venatu don’t spawn here, but Dimiks tend to appear there sometimes)

6. Things to remember

- Always keep at least 50 fly wings handy. You never know when you’ll have to warp.
– Take Butterfly Wings too, sometimes you get overweight and have to warp back to town.
– Use a Awakening Potion each time you enter Juperos. Increased ASPD makes better chance to keep Venatu mobbed.
– Sell your stuff using a merchant, for much better zeny.
– Keep Eluniums and Steel, they’re worth it instead of NPC selling.
– Buffs are never bad, but do NOT ask ‘plz’ to priests/monks – ask nicely~! Saying ‘Please’ is somewhat better.
– NEVER steal Venatu mobs from other players. And never hesitate from reporting. You can however kill the ones that pose a threat to leeching characters(if allowed on the server). You could be rewarded with buffs if you accidentally happened to save a priest. And remember not to use Dead Branches or Hylozoist card in the dungeon – it’s really annoying to level there if you do that.

7. One note added by request on the comments.

After that one certain update, venatu started to teleport after about 2 consecutive hits. It makes high STR, or usage of a deadly poison highly recommended, so they would die before being able to teleport. It doesn’t apply to most private servers though, so check first if it’s enable by trying to grimtooth a single venatu.

17 Responses to “Leveling for Assassins over level 90”

  1. Venatu now teleport on rude attack meaning you can only hit them once or twice before they tele. It will take a lot longer and probably isn’t worth it unless there are several mobbers on the same map. F1 is the best with lucky dodge equipment. And using cloak and gathering the mobs is handy and worth it.

  2. lol i made a build just to level on juperus (as assassin) i just got the peco eggs and now i know venatus are teleporting.. =(

    thanks for the info Chojiro.. you just saved me two peco eggs + lots of zeny @_____@;

  3. I think this guide should be edited to avoid others frustration

  4. WTF!!! i wanna try it but… look at the coments dont wanna be like them ~_~

  5. I’m sorry but your tactics for mobbing venatu is very bad. Running into a corner and hiding? Your mob would be in shambles. Level 10 hide is not needed, at all.

    There’s plenty of other things I can point out in here that are wrong or not that effecient as Dark Orcale put it:

    “I think this guide should be edited to avoid others frustration”

  6. An easier, cheaper and somewhat safer but slower method is to get a Grimtooth build (alot of STR, decent AGI, enough DEX, some INT and/or VIT, no LUK) and get the following weapon (left as Jur[3], because they’re cheap):

    For levels 85 to 95, grimtooth build with a Jur[3] or Katar[2] with Goblin Cards and mob Hill Winds.

    For levels 90 to 99, grimtooth build with a Jur[3] with triple Hydra Cards and mob Rachel Sanctuary’s Vanberks and Isillas. (Simply: Just take your main PvP weapon.)

    For additional equips get are a Teleport Clip (Creamy Card) and either a Ninja Suit combo or Morrigane’s combo.

    Some people would recommend High Orcs, but they’re harder to mob than Vanberks and Isillas due to having stun attacks, higher DEX (I think they have higher DEX, can’t remember off hand), and usually have Orc Archers/insect monsters around (traps, high DEX, see invisible).

  7. check it, i use that tatic in the brazilian Ragnarok Online Official Server, it works like a Charm, but u forgot to sey there one thing, Try to get double dagger and use 2 Fortune Sword. 2 of them wil get u Enough Perfect Flee to mob even More. a good Thing is to Equip an arrow that deals Curse. it Works on Grimtooth like an Cursing Grimtooth, and the mob will be much more slower to move out.
    That Tatic Works like a charm =) i make something like 1%/5 min but on this 5 min theres the time to recover SP.

  8. o yeah. sorry for my english =)

  9. i think its better to level on anubises than on this

    sacrificing a number of pots is better than leveling for a long time

  10. well i already use the Juperos Tatic… i just added something… take a Priest With KIRIE ELEISON 10… with kirie eleison, agi, bless, 2 Fortune Swords, Yoyo Clips, and player Skill u can mob lots of Venatu. In my Build (i like Agi>Str) i’m mobbing a lot there and just as rememeber, loot there is Great! Steel and a lot of stuf that are expensive. and Something… forget Endow Poison… u need to change Weapons All the time, then endow poison will ends, always equip a Curse Dealing Arrow, im SinX lvl 91 and i make 20%xp/Hour, i wont be lvl 91 that long.

    Sorry for my english. =)

  11. Well, that’s a nice guide. I’ve got a few comments to make about it:

    In order to improve the leveling at Juperos, now that the venatus teleport, you could try using a Jur [3] with Metaller cards [yes, the Venatus got some VIT, but still, it's possible to mute many of them on the first Grimtooth, depending on the mob] along with a mute arrow. Also, if you have the cash, you could get yourself an Ungoliant Card and just pick that Specialty Jur [4] with 4 Metaller Cards. I haven’t tested this yet, but it would seem to work somewhat nicely.

    Another strategy I have for myself, and that is quite the money-making one, is to grab yourself a Smokie pet, a couple Fortune Swords and a Jamadhar [1] with either a Goblin or a Nereid Card and go make the XP/Drops fest in the Ninetail Map [two down and one left of Payon]. Dragon Tails are the most numerous here, and their card has a nice price on most servers. Ninetails, on the other hand, drop OBBs, Ninetails [to make that tacky Kitsune Mask] and Royal Jellies. I call this a self-sustained grinding map. If you server allows, you can always leave a supporting Priest/High Priest on the Wolf Map and just buff yourself every once in a while. The XP isn’t as awesome as Venatus, but at least they don’t teleport, they’re easy to kill and are quite profitable. :]

    Hope to have helped!

  12. i nid bot leveling..its to much it will take me 40 yrs to reach lvl 99

  13. LVL 70-80s you should go at high orcs, the stats build should be like 80 something agaility 40 on dex and rest on str. U should equp like a ice katar or socket a orc lady card.
    LVL 80s_99 hmmm anubis seems correct like 60-70 dex, 30 on int and the rest on str. Or you could do this main guide using 30 dex, 30 int and the rest on str

  14. I like to mob magmarings. I find a willing wizard with Storm Gust (above lvl 5 is helpful) and have a party on EXP share and then walk and drop items (one at a time :D) and once you think have enough,have your wizard move outside of the mob and use storm gust. Have the assassin attack them before they attack your wizard and use Storm Gust again. Its real good exp in my opinion (and possibly might get u a card. 0.01% chance of the time :P).

  15. BTW the best place to find Magmarings is outside of Thor Dugeon. :P

  16. Tnx for the advice is it good @ GH darkpriest and use some afm’s??

  17. Obviously the guide works the easiest when you start at level 1 but you don’t have to..When I first statred using this guide I was in the 60 s..when you start part way through no matter what your level the easiest thing to do is find roughly where you are in the questing line, and start from there..for example if your level 60, start the guide for level 59 then work your way through usually within a level or 2 your in line with what the guide wants you to do.

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