Guide to Ragnarok’s Emotion Icons

As you play Ragnarok online, you will notice that many of it’s players use Emotion icons to express some situations. This guide will list all the command’s for the Ragnarok emotion icons.

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  1. There are the “hand” icons too…


  2. and the flags too, are the /e1 to /e5 etc are up there?

  3. Thanks for the info ( i forgot about that). I added /bo /gawi /bawi as well as the phillipine flag.

  4. Hello!

    In Nameless Island Episode in bRO ( Brazil ) add more emoticons:


  5. Thanks for the info. I have added all the flags and the other missing emotion icons.

  6. what does /who or @who ??????

  7. thanks for updating <3

    err /who is to see how many ppl online.
    @who does similar but shows location or more info, might not be available to players.

  8. nice, i didn’t know about /e20 and /e28-33

  9. Isn’t the last one /grat instead of /gratz ?

  10. in pRO….when i used “ctrl+2″ the flag never shows…why is it? not only ctrl+2 but also ctrl+1 and so on except ctrl+3.

  11. The reason why only the ctrl+3 works on your pRO is because, usually you can only do the flag that corresponds to your country.

  12. I don’t get it… it says in PRO “Comeon” in the Com… And “Congrats” in Gratz… I don’t get it much! =(

  13. dont forget about /dice

  14. /dice is included.

  15. So anyone have a list of which monsters use which emote?


  17. very helpful thnx a lot!!! /gg

  18. Tks…

    I really need it,thank you very much!!!…

  19. Hello, I’ve got a problem…
    My emoticons aren’t workin…

    WORKING emoticons are:
    • /delight – which is an alternative for /ho…
    • /x
    • /o
    • /dice
    • /help
    • /e1 – /e33

    The rest aren’t, can you help me with this?

  20. how to add emoticons

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