Cuddle’s Guide to Star Gladiator in Thors

The Cuddly Starglad Guide!

Ho`Kay, I’ve decided to make this guide…Because Blake was asking about various SG things.

Disclaimer: My friend Cuddles made this guide last year. He has since stopped playing. All credit goes to him for writing the guide. I just added bedazzling pics and color to it.


First off, Let’s go over the build.

Str -> 99

Agi -> 1

Vit -> 30

Dex-> 77

Luk-> 40

**Remember this is just a base build, You can experiment if you want, and if you find a good one feel free to post it in here and I will add it.**


Now let’s go over the equips, Now I will break it down into two groups…Low cost, and High cost.(I will go over why you should use them.)

Low Cost:
Upper Headgear: Magni’s Cap

Middle Headgear: Angel or Evil ears.

Lower Headgear: Doesn’t matter.

Body: Odin’s blessing With a Pasana card in it.

Weapon: Book[3] with 2 peco egg card’s and 1 Vadon card.

Shield: Stone buckler with a Penomena Card.

Garment: Muffler with a Jakk card.

Shoes: Shoe[1] with a Firelock soldier card.

Accessories: Either, two ring[1] with a mantis in each or two glove[1] with a zerom in each.

Now, Why do I use these equips you ask? Well you don’t have to these are just some things that may help you feel free to wear as you please!! But I will explain why these item’s will help you.

For starter’s you may ask why am I using Magni’s cap, Odin’s blessing, and Stone buckler. Well this is because by wearing all three you get the pretty good combo that they offer which is…STR + 2, DEF + 5, MDEF + 5…Which comes in handy.

Angel and evil ears, Mainly are used for the STR + 1.

Now, let me tell you about the cards I tell you to use, First off please note that Kasa is Formless and also considered a boss type monster.

Pasana card: Enchant Armors with the Fire Property,DEF + 1.
Peco egg card: Increase damage of attacks inflicted on Formless monster by 20%.
Vadon card: Increase damage inflicted upon Fire Property enemies by 20%.
Penomena: Receive 30% less damage from Formless monster.
Jakk card: Increase resistance to the Fire Property by 30%,Flee Rate + 5.
Firelock soldier card: STR + 2,[Refine Rate 9~10]Maximum HP and SP + 10%.
Mantis card: STR + 3
Zerom card: DEX + 3

Now you have to choose if you’d rather have two ring[1] or two glove[1].
Ring[1] gives you a nice str bonus.
Glove[1] gives you a nice dex bonus.
You can even use one of each if you want.

High Cost:
Upper Headgear: Magni’s Cap

Middle Headgear: Angel or Evil ears.

Lower: Doesn’t matter.

Headgear Cards: Lieb Olmai Card and Stalactic Golem Card are two good headgear cards for Thors Dungeon.

Body: Odin’s Blessing or Glittering Jacket with a Pasana card in it.

Weapon: Book of billows[3] with 3 Abyssmal knight cards.

Shield: Stone bucker with a Penomena Card (only because you can’t flying kick with a Valk shield.)

Garmet: Muffler [1] or Manteau [1] with a Jakk card.

Shoes:  Shoes [1] or Boots [1] with +9 or +10 and a Firelock Soldier Card.

Accessories: Either, two ring[1] with a mantis in each or two glove[1] with a zerom in each.

Again as I said above, feel free to wear as you please this is just base stuff.

Well first of all the viking or golden flower is good for the +4 to all stats bonus but I guess if you’re a VIT junkie you can go with a Bhaal Helm (Donation Item).

For the ears and such I like equality because you get +2 for all your stats which is nice but if you like Vit you can use redbull, if you want more str you can use fatallity.

For card info please look at the low cost section. Now I know alot of you are say wtf why would I use abyssmal knight cards??? Well that’s simple, Because Kasa is also considered a boss type monster.

Now this concludes the Equip section let’s move on to Skills.
First of all lets get to know the main skills we will be using:
Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars: (Skill ID# 427)
Type: Active     Max Level: 3
Required For: Warmth of the Sun (L1), Warmth of the Moon (L2), Warmth of the Stars (L3), Comfort of the Sun (L1), Comfort of the Moon (L2), Comfort of the Stars (L3), Blessing of the Sun (L1), Blessing of the Moon (L2), Blessing of the Stars (L3).
SP Cost: 100
Target: Self
Cast Time: 1 sec

Effect: Permanently memorize a map. Can select the same map for the 3 Feelings if desired. After ‘memorizing’ a place, when you use this again, it will display you the memorized location. Do note, that you can use this only ONCE. Yes, only ONCE. You cannot assign a new place to memorize by using this skill again. When you use it, the game will ask you if you are sure about memorizing that place.
Level Description
1                        memorize as “Place of the Sun”
2                        memorize as “Place of the Moon”
3                        memorize as “Place of the Stars”

Warmth of the Stars (Skill ID# 430)
Type: Active     Max Level: 3
Requirements: Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level 3
SP Cost: 10 + see below
Target: Self     Range: 3×3 cells
Attack Type: [Splash Damage, 1 cells]
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: 10 sec, 20 sec 60 sec or until SP run out
Knockback: 2 cells (Except during Guild War Siege)

Effect: You can use this skill anytime in a map designated as “Place of the Stars” (in other maps the skill don’t trigger and the SP is not spent). When this skill is used, it creates an offensive barrier around you, affecting 3×3 cells centered on you. It deals 100% damage to monsters right next to you, and push them back by 2 cells. Enemy players receive SP damage instead of HP, and no push back. Every time the barrier hits, it takes away 2 SP. If you do not have enough SP, the barrier will disappear without making damage.
Level Description
1                     lasts 10 sec
2                     lasts 20 sec
3                     lasts 60 sec

Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars: (Skill ID# 434)     
Type: Active     Max Level: 3
Required For: Anger of the Sun (L1), Anger of the Moon (L2), Anger of the Stars (L3), Blessing of the Sun (L1), Blessing of the Moon (L2), Blessing of the Stars (L3).
SP Cost: 100
Target: Enemy     Range: 10 cells
Cast Time: 1 sec
Duration: Forever

Effect: Can be casted only once per Target. When you use this skill, the name of the monster whom you just marked will be displayed and marked. You can also use this on player characters, and they will be categorized by class, ignoring size and HP. Example: It will show above the player characters, Champion, if target player was a Champion character, and on all other characters who are of Champion class.
Level        Description
1                Mark as Target of the Sun. On mobs, it can only be used on Small monsters.

2                Mark as Target of the Moon. On mobs, it can only be used on Medium size monsters that have a  Maximum HP higher than 6,000.
3                Mark as Target of the Stars. On mobs, it can only be used on Large size monsters that have a Maximum HP higher than 20,000.

Anger of the Stars (Skill ID# 437)
Type: Passive     Max Level: 3
Requirements: Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Level 3

Effect: Grants a bonus of +((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/(13-3*SkillLV))% ATK against Target of the Stars mobs.
Level Description
1            +((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/9)% ATK
2            +((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/6)% ATK
3            +((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/3)% ATK

Comfort of the Stars (Skill ID# 433)     
Type: Active     Max Level: 4
Requirements: Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level 3
SP Cost: 80 – SkillLV*10
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: 80*SkillLV sec

Effect: It can be used anytime when you are in the Day of the Stars in the map that is memorized as “Place of the Stars” (in other days or maps the skill don’t trigger and the SP is not spent). This skill increases your ASPD by (LV+DEX+LUK)/10 %.
Level        Description
1                    80 sec
2                   160 sec
3                   240 sec
4                   320 sec

Blessing of the Stars (Skill ID# 440)
Type: Passive     Max Level: 5
Requirements: Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level 3, Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Level 3

Effect: Increases EXP given by Target of the Stars (monsters only) in the Day of the Stars by 20*SkillLV%.
Level        Description
1                    +20% EXP
2                    +40% EXP
3                    +60% EXP
4                    +80% EXP
5                    +100% EXP

Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars (Skill ID# 444) 
Type: Active     Max Level: 1
Requirements: Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level 9
SP Cost: 100
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant     After Cast Delay: 0.5 sec
Duration: 600 sec

Effect: The power of this skill is unleashed when linked by a Soul Linker using the Star Gladiator Spirit (if not linked, the SP is wasted and nothing happens). When linked, your movement speed is increased and all your attacks never miss and ignore DEF, but you loose 2% of your HP every time you attack a monster and 8% HP every time you attack a player, also if you attack a player when you only have 20% HP left, you will be killed instantly afterwards.

Break Fall (Skill ID# 420)
Type: Active     Max Level: 1
Requirements: Flying Side Kick Level 7
SP Cost: 1
Target: Enemy     Range: 4 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: Until turned off

Effect: This is a skill you can turn ON and OFF by pressing the skill button. When you leave this ON, there’s 20% chance of dodging an enemy ranged Physical or Magic attacks. It is not removed after death.

Flying Side Kick (Skill ID# 421)
Type: Offensive     Max Level: 7
Required For: Break Fall (L7).
SP Cost: 80 – SkillLV*10
Target: Enemy     Range: 9 cells
Cast Time: Instant
Required State: Requires to be able to move

Effect: Attack an enemy who is away from you by jumping at him/her/it, landing in the same cell than your target. Normally, you would have to target this skill manually to attack, but if you use it while doing Break Fall, you will automatically attack the dodged target. The damage of this skill is 30%+10*SkillLV%, but if used right after Break Fall, it becomes stronger as your BaseLV goes up. Also, this skill has a unique property, when you hit the target player, any TaeKwon/Star Gladiator/Soul Linker-based buffs – such as all Spirit buffs, new skills bestowed by Spirit buffs, or Berserk Potion acquired through Berserk Pitcher – they may have, are all dispelled. However, if the target player has Preserve skill used on them, then they are invulnerable to this dispel effect. This skill can be Plagiarized by a Rogue. When this skill is used while using Running skill, the power of this ability will increase based on the character BaseLV. The power of this skill goes up even further if you do it while under “spurt” mode in Running skill.
Level      Description
1                 40% ATK
2                 50% ATK
3                 60% ATK
4                 70% ATK
5                 80% ATK
6                 90% ATK
7                 100% ATK

Warm Wind (Skill ID# 425)
Type: Active     Max Level: 7
Requirements: Peaceful Rest Level 5, Enjoyable Rest Level 5, Fighting Chant Level 5
SP Cost: 20 for LV 1-4, 50 for the rest
Target: Self
Attack Type: Earth Property
Cast Time: Instant
Duration: 300 sec
Effect: This skill changes your attack element according to used skill level. When the weapon is removed or changed, the enchant remains for all except the Holy element.
Level        Description
1                  Earth
2                  Wind
3                  Water <- We will be using this level.
4                  Fire
5                  Undead
6                  Shadow
7                  Holy

All skill info provided from
Ok, Please note: That is not every skill a SG has, but those are the ones you will be using for Thor. Note: you do not need to use the Warmth of the Stars you can use any of them, Stars is just the one with most damage.

Class Mechanics

Now, you need to enter the Thor dungeon map… and use Feeling level 3. Once it is set, find a Kasa and use Hatred level 3 on it (this only has to be done once). If you can’t cast it in time, get someone to help you tank it while you cast. Next if it is a day of the stars, you can use Comfort of the Stars which just increases your aspd making you able to kill the Kasa faster. Now you’re almost ready to start killing, make sure you cast Level 3 warm wind when you enter thor to endow your weapon with cold. Warp (teleport) around until you find a Kasa. Once you find one you have 2 choices: you can either use Warmth and then Flying Side Kick at the Kasa, or you can do it in reverse which is Flying Side Kick then Warmth once you’re on the Kasa. About the break fall skill: it is just a skill that you cast once and it is on forever but you can turn it off by casting it again. It’s good for when you encounter a sword guardian and accidentally move so he can sense you and he goes to spear boomerang you. Instead of dying, break fall has a chance of activating which will make you dodge so that you have time to warp away. Trust me, it has saved my life several times.

**Note** This guide is for Thor SG’s who use Warmth of the stars, But it’s practically the same thing the only thing that varies are the skills.

I hope you enjoy, Sorry it is kind of boring and has no pictures, colors, etc..If a mod would like to add that stuff please do.

Cuddles: I hope you like this guide.

Shiro: I love it~!

Please feel free to add more in this post and I will edit the guide.


Shiro: Hope you don’t mind I added and posted on rms. ^^

Shiro’s Notes: Teleport away from sword masters, bow masters, and byorgue. Imps can be a pain to deal with, just fwing away or use Running to elude them.

You need to be soul-linked to use Union. I suggest making your own Linker on a second account. Once linked use Union once. It lasts 5 minutes, even if you die. No Union = Standing. Union = Floating. Using Union will double your damage, I highly suggest it.

I also highly suggest making a high priest or offering to leech one. Assumptio will make you live much longer, but Kyrie Elison will not reduce enough damage.

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31 Responses to “Cuddle’s Guide to Star Gladiator in Thors”

  1. lol..

    why would you say that middle headgear isnt important?
    since you can put a cramp card on it + tarou card on accessory which gives 5 str..
    having high str is better than high dex and luk, so just use ring[1] instead on glove[1]

    FYI, you can FSK (flying side kick) with a valk shield.. and it\’s better to put alice card on a shield because kasas are considered mini-boss

    it would be a lot better if dex and luk are equal, like 60+60 > 77+40

    and using valk items except valk shield wouldnt make any sense since they dont have any bonuses for star gladiators..

    be more specific with the items and stats.

  2. hmm. I personally don`t know and don`t like taekwons. :p. But to be honest, it is a good guide!

  3. Kasa can instakill you with Reflect Shield, with Union this is worse, as you take 2% damage for each hit, and Warmth hits the enemy so fast that the HP can’t heal you in time…and piperz is right, Alice card is much better

    Oh right, any book is OK for cards, as Warm Wind would change its element, and I prefer Vidar set (Vidar’s Boots, Vali’s Manteau and Odin’s Blessings, it gives you more VIT, and if I’m not wrong, it can help you to survive against Spiral Pierce).I like Paladins with Devotion too, they can help a lot.

    Anyway I think this guide if very good for those servers without the annoying Kasa Reflect Shield =p

  4. Ops, misspelled, *IS very good

    Oh yeah, you should mention about Miracle of The Sun, Moon and Stars, and if you don’t like the map, the right way to reset it =p

  5. hey.. i like ur guide dude tnx.. ^^ and for addition, i would like to edd also a marionette doll with a card that plus str on it, you can also use raydric card which reduces damage taken from spiral pears, also a valk shield or stone buckler with a alice card on it, and if you dont have a infrit armor (armor with pasana card) you can also use swordfish card, makes no difference, also in accesories, you can use either spring rabbit card or a hell poodle card(slot in a ring or clip) so that you can use meat to replenish ur hp…

    sorry if its too long but thats all i want to add XD… i’ll leave a reply again if i miss something XD…

    i hope also help a lot ..


  6. Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to help people who are new to the game or who have never made Stargladiators before.

    I hope they will read your comments and learn from them!

  7. This is a wonderful guide. But i have a few questions since im trying to build one myself for leeching at thor:

    What lvl can i start doing this at? im thinking like 80+ but im not all that sure

    And some of these skills can only be used on day of the stars right?

  8. yup, you can use all of those skill at the right time.. ex: day of the sun=warmth of the sun=comfort of the sun… just like that..

    you just need to max all the stars(warmth,comfort, anger, blessing), and also max all the comfort just in case you want to train or leech on other time, cause it works better when day of the stars, and you can also try lvl at thor at lvl 70+, as long as you have the right items

    and also i want to add the combo of shackle and bloodied shackle ball, adds ATK +50

  9. nice guide!

  10. If you get basic TK gear, then start Thors 80+

    If you have exceptional TK gear, then you can go as early as 60+

    Examples of Exceptional TK Gear:
    Valk Shield + Penomena Card Or Alice Card
    Glittering Jacket + Pasana Card
    Mantle + Jakk Card
    Shoes + Gold Acidus Card
    Slotted Headgear + Leib Olmai Card

    Good Luck~

  11. Since when star glad can use valky set O.o i thought it was only for rebirth jobs or star glad is considered a rebirth job?

  12. i m actually confused about that too.
    imma try it out.

    nice guide tho.

  13. You can’t use Valky SET as a star gladiator, but you CAN use Valk shield.

    Thanks for the compliment, but it’s Cuddles who condensed all this into one guide.

  14. Of course you can use valk shield but you mention valky armor on the high cost equipment for your SG so..

  15. Also im talking abour the guide you posted not your comment about equipment you wrote on august the 2nd. You can check if you wish and you’re clearly saying the best gear an SG could use is the valky set and since i can remember SG can’t use the valky set. I thought gravity changed it since no one said anything bout it.

  16. Ah I see this. I believe my server was glitched and that starglads could actually use those items. If it was like that it’s fixed now… Either way, my bad for leaving it in the guide. I changed the suggested gear, sorry again! ^^

  17. How about on owl dukes on thanatos level 5 :)

  18. You forgot to mention that you need to bring some kind of SP pots.. every time heat hits it takes 2sp, If you dont have Sp pots you will run out of SP before the Kasa died.

  19. Where can i get the Viking helm or Golden Flower you talk about Q.Q The server i play doesn’t have it =(

    Srs, when talking about specific items, you should refer what server this applies because i didn’t find it on the guide or I jumped some pieces lmao

    Anyways, great guide of your friend ^^

  20. If you have shield reflect, can this be used in odins 3?

  21. Can this be used in odins 3? This same strategy?
    I dont think skelloids use shield reflect, and they give some good exp.

    Also forgot to mention having a priest helps alot /swt.

  22. Can a SG level up SOLO effectivly? At which level can i start Thor?

  23. The stupid Viking Helm and Golden Flower are from a horrible server. I’ll remove it.

  24. Not sure if this guide has been touched by Shiro in a while but.

    I don’t think I read it in the guide (and pardon me, I’m a little blind at times, ha)
    But what exactly are the days of the moon sun and stars? Is that an actual RO time mechanic or just when the skill is used?

    And how the Heck do I know? LoL. Pardon, and thanks for your reply when it gets here XD; Cheers.

  25. Days of the Sun are even days, Days of the moon are odd days, Days of the star are every five days. I looked it up. And I use it with my SG… Though I didn’t know about FSK with weapons… And, I already marked my places, so I guess this is for my next SG. ALSO, having a scholar on the team could help you with the SP issue, and yes, this works if you have the right gear.

    I think the best option regarding gear are the elemental books, mainly because they are easier to obtain than the Book [3] and have a high chance of being slotted. PLUS, you get the ‘I can hit you with my book while my SP returns’ opportunity if you’re not fighting in Thor’s. Otherwise, keep your warmth/heat on.

    I have a question though, I thought Warmth/Heat didn’t push back Boss type mobs, though you didn’t mention this… I don’t know yet, haven’t had my chances at Gopinich, but I think I read about that somewhere. Please clarify on this doubt if you can… :3

  26. is it ok agi type go to thors? star gladiator?

  27. ahmm i have all of the characters also i have a star gladiator but im confuse which one should i use!! so u thinks guys SG is better enough??? can Sg’s do DUel’s??? pease answer this it wil help me to make a decision please thanks EDGE FROM REBIRTH RO. LOKI SERVER ROYAL ARMS GUILD

  28. i really prefer agi type SG…… i got 99 agi. forgot the str and dex though….. but fudz and bufs really help alot!!!

  29. i think the blessing skill thing is just a waste of points…… just use AFM.

  30. for those who want to see actual SG who make ppl drop dead in pvp, look in , the player is in pRO, and I think he is a beta tester long ago in korea. i see he killed amonra in 12 seconds. take note, pRO server is not a private high rate server. it is an official server.

    SG rules.

  31. Hey, that’s a clever way of thninikg about it.

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