The Epic Guide to Falconier Sniping

(this guide was at the same time based upon this guide, feel free to take a look at it, i will just explain a lot more about this unique type of build)

Falconier Sniper

Falconier snipers are those who combine normal arrow attacks with criticals and auto-blitz beat

Why Falconier Sniper?

tho this build wasnt used at all in most servers in the past. BUT with the last updates of gravity, they gave a LOT of useful stuff to this type of build, making it a VERY GOOD and VERY USEFUL all-around build.


(ill post what will be THE BEST equip you could get, but you can use any other upgrade)

+7 Apple of Archer


Gangster mask (or anything else like a smoking pipe or a romantic flower, up to you)

+7 Sniping Suit [1] [Marc/Evil Druid card] (up to you)

+10 Composite Bow [4] [Drosera Card + Hydra card x2 + Skeleton Worker card]

+10 Composite Bow [4] [Savage Babe Card + Magnolia Card + Breeze Card + Metaller Card]

+7 Wool Scarf [1] [Noxious Card]

+7 Tidal Shoes [1] [Matyr Card] (or green ferus, but youll have to tweak the build and i like more agi)

Brooch [1] x2 [Kobold Card]

+7 Valkyrja Shield [1] /Orlean’s Plate [1] with Thara frog card (preferably for WoE players, i explain this later)


-I almost ever use my equip +5, im quite lazy ;P you use it as much as you can afford

-if you are thinking why noxious and not raydric, its because no matter how many neutral property resistance you have, you will still die by Asura strike and attacks alike, (of course im talking just of this build) so its better to cover from long range attacks (which by the way, if you are trapping the precast of your castle in woe, its very useful)

-DO NOT FORGET to get the status composite bow, its needed to make this sniper to work plently, savage for stunning low vit characters, like sins, or wizards, magnolia to slow down runners, and low their attack, breeze card for preventing assassins to cloak (if they get external bleeding, when they cloak, the small damage uncloaks them) and metaller card to mute low vit characters, like champions, wizards, etc.


(use this as a GUIDE, of course you can also use exactly this build, but you can also make yourself’s)

(this has added attention concentrate lvl 10, owl’s eye lvl 10, true sight lvl 10, and awakening potion)

9+11 STR

98+32 AGI

32+8 VIT

4+10 INT

84+46 DEX

37+13 LUK

9800+ HP

570+ sp

182 aspd (185 with blessing and agi up)

58 Critical rate (no matter how much you modify the build, always make sure you get 50 or more crit rate)

15-20% of auto-blitz beat

(you can put more luk instead of vit for more auto blitz beat, but it wont change much)

What you should know…

-Always use normal attacks, and let the falcon and the crits do their job. Use DS (double strife) only for emergencies or to finish up a mob or something….

-This build among all the others, has an AMAZING locking effect, due to the aspd and the auto blitz beat. Its AWESOME for pve, monsters wont touch you, and in PvP the people will go nuts because they cant run.

-in pvp and woe, ALWAYS use holy arrows, which you can get from holy arrow quivers, check the link for the drops. OR shadow arrows, against known angeling cards and crusaders/paladins.

-in PvE, if you are going to use fire, crystal, stone or wind arrows, carry elemental stones (like crystal blue or wind of verdure) for arrow crafting, instead of quivers. Quivers are more heavy and you need the weight for other stuff.

-ALWAYS carry around 6 or 7 quivers of each type of arrow you are using, this build uses a LOT of arrows, (i mean it) so you dont want to get out of ammo at the middle of a fight ;P

-you and the traps are forever friends. While other builds uses the sp for spamming ds, this build doesnt, so you can have plenty use of your sp pool for spamming traps, and buffing yourself. I use ankle snare, sandman, shock-wave, landmine and talkie box ;P

-in PvE and PvP, remember the trap + arrow shower trick, which is very well explained in this FA sniper guide

-for PvE, use a +7 hunter bow [1] (im not sure if the slotting npc is official, but if you have it, good for you, if not, sorry xD) with Drosera Card, that would be enough for everything non Demi-human.

-Critical strikes traspass defense and flee, as well as auto blitz beat, so you can make A LOT of damage to high def or high flee targets.

-against ghost type targets, use DS for bigger damage per second, but i actually try to avoid them.

-ALWAYS BE AWARE OF HOW MUCH ARROWS YOU HAVE LEFT, it SUCKS when you are locking somebody and suddenly the message “Please equip the proper ammunition first” appears. thats your DOOM. so when you are with 100 arrows or less, open a new quiver or craft more arrows.

-in any battle, pve, pvp or WoE, a Priest or High Priest is your second best friend (remember, the first are the traps), this build gets boosted up to 185 aspd with bless and agi up, and like 60-70+ crit rate and 15-20%+ auto-blitz beat with gloria. so whenever you have the chance to go with a priest, do it.

Falconier Sniping and WoE

-while some people think only FA snipers are capable of going to woe, with its 9k hp, this build can go freely to woe and play like everyone else. Ill explain some of the most important points about being falconier in woe:

-THIS type of sniper can out-damage an hybrid sniper in woe. i found this small damage table that will explain this:

hybrid -1000——-1000——-1000——-1000——-1000——-1000

this is what happened in 4 seconds against a full equiped WS. 200 is the normal hit, 500 is the crit. the auto blitz beat are 134×5 damage, and was used with shadow arrows, perhaps the numbers would be a little higher with holy. (thanks Starry for the table).

-remember i put a shield over the equipment? well, this is the time you make use of it. when your guild or teammates enter the pre-cast, equip your shield, and start spamming Spring Trap over the enemy’s traps, so you open the way to your fellas, this is VERY usefull for a succesfull enter. you can use remove trap also, but if you go away your group, the other guilds will target you easily and blow you instantly. With spring trap, you stick together with your group, trying to hide yourself in the crowd, and happily start blowing off those traps.

-always use the status bow first, fire for like 10-15 seconds, and in the second it gets any of the status, change to the pvp bow, and start the barrage until it dies.

-in WoE theres no “pushback” so you cant push traps, so you have to rely in your technique to survive. the main goal is DONT LET ANY ENEMY TOUCH YOU, if you are able to do that with ankle snares, sandmans, or using the status bow, congratulations, a winner is you.

-if you are the only sniper available in the guild, and you have to trap the precast, DO NOT DIE. everyone relies in you, lay the traps and get into a safe place where you can shoot from afar.

-you use long range attacks, MAKE use of them, shoot as far as you can, sometimes they cant even see you, that desperates them and make them easy targets.

-this build is specialist in killing casters, like wizards and some dummy professors ( specially when you dont rely in sp, so if they burn it, you keep attacking). other snipers also, creators too (you dont let them cast, but beware of the homunculus, they hurt). and also can get easily (if trapped) lord knights, whitesmiths, and assassins. also some champions, if you mute them, they are all yours :) .

-you have the power of traps!, make use of them, if you are getting followed, let a couple of traps while you are running, that will get them instantly and give you time for counter-attacking or to run away to safety.

-Sandman traps are great for stopping emperium breakers in their way to the emperium.

-always carry at least 20-30 white potions, or 60-70 mastela fruit (this one is the best thing you can get, it weights 3 and heals a lot), like 100-200 traps, and make a friend creator or WS carry you other 300. try to avoid overweight, but if you have a professor that can give you sp, then full yourself of traps, and potions until 89% ;P.

Player Vs Player (pvp)

its almost the same than in WoE, but this time you CAN use push-backs, so abuse of the traps, here some tips:

always ankle snare them first, thats a MUST.

after that, start with status bow, and if you think it will release, lay another and push it against him with arrow shower, so he gets again trapped.

in case of assassins or champions, you can lay shock-wave traps and push them so you prevent them from healing or hiding.

after they get an ailment, start attacking.

you can accumulate many many land mines and throw them at the same time, its A LOT of fun, but it takes time and sp. you can use it also if they have TOO MANY flee, stun them, and then just take him down.

combine all this and enjoy.

Player Vs Enviroment (pve)

in pve, you can rely of your locking ability, but if they are large hp monsters, like in thor volcano or rachel sanctuary, bring traps and ankle snare them, then take distance and start shooting. if you feel like, you can keep them trapped by pushing ankle snares to them, or just keep trapping and walking, up to you.

In some cases its better to use DS, for example when you are in large partys, and you can rely in a professor to give you sp, you wont make as much damage as a full ds sniper, but it isnt so bad also. in other cases, even with large partys, is better to use normal attacks instead of DS, this is the case of large defense monsters, like Salamanders, you can hit like 1,5k with DS, and hit 1k with a critical + 900 of auto blitz beat.

Cons of being Falconier Sniper

-you have less HP than most sniper builds, with a diference between 2-3k, 4-5k to FA snipers.

-You depend on Aspd, so agi down, or curse are some of your worst enemies.

-Your blitz beat wont one-hit-KO people, but it will lock them, and make decent sp-costless damage.

-You will spend tons of arrows, good to know.

32 Responses to “The Epic Guide to Falconier Sniping”

  1. uhmm wats the main purpose of ur build??pvp??woe??

    if its for pvp/pvm i would understand
    like for woe u must hav a min of 25str n 50-60vit for higher weight limit n higher hp n resis

    but still 130dex is not gud for pvm
    n y 4 int??for sp regen u need int in multiples of 6 n also u get a little amount of sp

    i personally think falconer dont need drosera,ur dmg will b higher with 3x hydra n 1x SW

    i give u a 3 coz u sure know sniper’s way

  2. What this guide lacks is the disadvantage of falcon-snipers.

    They have lower hp than the usual sniping builds and they’re blitz are pretty much useless (except for locking) on GR – users.

    In my opinion, a falcon-sniper should have a higher aspd than 182 w/o buffs to be effective with auto-blitz

    Other than that, the strategy here are like any other sniper/hunter. Good job

    this gets a 3

  3. yes, i forgot the cons, ill fix that. thx for your comments.

    as i said, this is an all around build, i used it in woes of 1000+ people and it was great, so i dont think you need like “25″ str, you are not alone at woe you know? you have -guild mates- to help you. if you were completely alone, that would be another story.

    you DO need the drosera, trust me. i checked it in calculator. this build DOESNT base its damage in the auto blitz beat, its a mix of crits, auto blitz beat and normal attacks.

    the 4 int is just points that rested, and they are ok for getting more sp from usable items. thats why.

    Thanks again ;P

  4. Goddes Of Fortune Cursed Brooches / FLC Rosaries > Kobold Rosaries.
    You could add Diablos Equipment, too, since a lot of servers have EP 12 implented.
    And please don’t play this build in a WoE with Dancers/Gypsy.

  5. the guide says kobold brooches, you need the agi o.o.

    nice tip the diablos equipment tho :)

  6. I just noticed I wrote Kobold Rosaries. I meant Kobold Brooches. Sorry.

    You don’t need 2 Agi from the Brooches [1] since there’s no bonus for a multiple of 10.

    98+30 agi = 187.51 ASPD (without Martyr and two brooches)
    98+33 agi = 187.98 ASPD (with Martyr and two brooches)
    98+43 agi= 189.89 ASPD (with Martyr and two brooches)
    Both values are calculated with Sniper only buffs.
    Third one is with Blessing.
    Even with Blessing and Agility Up you wouldn’t notice if you remove the Martyr Card and 2 Brooches.
    Additionally you waste some bonus crit(Goddes Of Fortune Cursed Brooches)/dex(Gloves) with brooches.

    And btw. you can see the difference between ASPD values at xxx.2 ~ xxx.4 first.

    I hope this change your opinion on brooches.

    So long.

  7. mr Sires, your calculations where done unarmed, you need to put in the calculator “weapon type: bow”.

    now ill show you!:

    98+30 agi = (with Martyr and your loved Goddess of fortune cursed brooches x2) 181.73 aspd & 60 CRIT
    98+31 (another mistake in your calcs, you didnt removed the matyr) agi = (without Martyr and two brooches) 181.9 ASPD & 56 CRIT
    98+32 agi = (with Martyr and two brooches) 182.15 ASPD & 56 CRIT
    98+44 agi = (with Martyr and two brooches) 185.04 ASPD & 56 CRIT
    all values are calculated with sniper only buffs
    fourth one is with Blessing AND AGI UP.
    if you lose 1 agi, you lose 1 aspd, you DO need those brooches, and that martyr. if you want the goddess brooches, you will sacrifice 1 aspd for 6 more crit.. which i think its a waste.
    (i used this calc: )
    Please, check in calculators before critiquize guides.

    I hope this change your opinion on brooches.

    and people, i BEG you dont give such low rates if you havnt tried or seen or at least you dont know to use RODE calculator properly…)

  8. i think your guide will make god snipers, if they know how to play of course, i was just thinking in something like that for a solo mvp sniper, the damage is awesome and lock the target totaly, on bow i use 2x drosera + 2x abysmal knight, thanks for posting ;} and sorry for my bad english

  9. @Kenno:
    if you lose 1 agi, you lose 1 aspd, you DO need those brooches, and that martyr. if you want the goddess brooches, you will sacrifice 1 aspd for 6 more crit.. which i think its a waste.
    Erh. You’re aware that displayed ASPD =/= True ASPD right?
    The status window might show 180 and you remove one agi it shows 179, you didn’t lose a whole point, you just made it show one less. In effect, it might be 179.9, which is: 2.5 atk/s to 2.49 atk/s…

    (Those last values were not verified, but you get the point)

  10. anyways, im just way more secure with numbers than just “assimilations” and i can see clearly the difference of that 1 agi, im actually running this build in Vice RO, so im not inventing :P. perhaps in other cases it might not change, but in this one it does. this can be very very hard to evidence, youll have to check it by yourselves…

  11. Very good guide. I also used a similar build at some point and it is actually very helpful the locking effect on the enemies.

    And about the equipment, I was retired a very long time(I don’t even knew what tidal shoes were until I did a search xD). Gravity sure did a lot of updates in that time… well… I give you a…5 because you sure know about snipers and because you did some effort on creating the guide.

  12. “-in WoE theres no “pushback” so you cant push traps, so you have to rely in your technique to survive. the main goal is DONT LET ANY ENEMY TOUCH YOU, if you are able to do that with ankle snares, sandmans, or using the status bow, congratulations, a winner is you.”

    how to counter a player who use endure potion?

  13. @XD: simple.. trap the guy -_-

    The guide says… you have

    ppl should learn to use chars properly… snipers are more than aspd…

    i personaly dont like snipers but i like the guide…
    Good job KennoArkkan !

  14. :O thanks AzarielTear, i was going to answer that xD

    i will add a new suggestion to the WoE part :)

  15. not bad.. tought i use to think a falconer sniper is something like 94+6 vit for status, 50+30 about dex for cast and 90+ int for FA damage.. strange build this i’ll try it :D

  16. can you pls tell me the skill build(what to put the skill points on) pls

  17. I’m sry, but this build failed for PvP.
    This is a 0815 Agi/Dex Crit Sniper for PvE.

    1. In PvP you will never use Drosera.
    2. No Vit = No PvP.
    3. Flee is in useless in PvP without Vit, because of stun.
    4. In PvP the Damage counts! With 140 dex you are busted and most of players starting to rofl while taking low damage.

    For PvP you need:

    - +10 tripple bloody boned Composite Bow

    (tripple bloody instead of double bloody double boned because of the formula:
    (0,2+0,2+0,2)*(1,15) = 1,84 (184%)
    (0,2+0,2)*(0,15+1,15) = 1,82(182%+10 Atk)


    - +7 (or higher) Orc Archer’s Bow

    Apple of Archer always in usage? Failed again!
    For PvP Feather Beret is required. (For rebalance the lost 3 dex it is the best to use Fruit Mix (lvl 3 Dexfood))

    Switching shield for going into precast? Double failed!

    1. Nobody with 40 Vit will go into a well organized precast. If you are on a Pserver with 30+ people, ok. But not on big Servers.
    2. If you feel foolish enough to start trying it, use Valk Shield AND Combat Knife!

    Im sry, but I think you have no idea of playing seriously and successfully PvP/WoE.

  18. ^ win comment, 4s main gauche with 4 fabres will do if you can’t get your hands on a CK.

  19. Maybe an idea to compansate the 1 agi, Use an ulle’s Cap. Better defence and only 1 dex lost

  20. I will use this build with some changes. Like Gwaihir (reply above) Ulle’s Cap is great : 2 more def than AoA, skill reducing cost (nice with a low-int build like that. Especialy for using traps, detect or just buffs).
    But, the best change between AoA and U’sC is the slot.

    So, my question is : whitch card I should use in the U’sC ? I think that Vanberk Card could be a good one to increase crit rate to a “very high crit rate build”. But for PvP/WoE, I think that cards like Stalactic Golem or Gemini-S58 for the status res are also nice…
    Nightmare Card gives a +1 Agi… means that you could use another acc instead of brooch. Or switch for a green ferus

    Seriously, I can’t decide which one i should use =/.

  21. Okay, this guide is not well-writen, I saw some mispelling words.

    However, it is well-informative, good to know. I played the same Sniper as yours, it is Falconier Sniper. Their ability in sniping is marvelous, because of their godly-awesome-ASPD.

    But why 130 DEX? Lower VIT and increase DEX to 90. You have to SACRIFICE your VIT to DEX.

  22. how does some snipers get 190 aspd and over with or w/o buffs

  23. Hi.

    Well, I just create a pure falcon on IdRO. Took a very-very long time and lots of effort.

    the goal for My build are:
    AGI : 99 + bonus
    Dex : 40 + Bonus
    Int : 30 + Bonus
    Luk : 82 + 8 bonus = 90 (equal to 30% auto blitz chance)
    Vit : the rest of point if available

    im on 91 so far. the stats are
    AGI : 99
    Dex : 30
    Luk : 74
    Int : 30

    My EQ on PvP

    Flapping Angel Wing (+1agi, +1int add 3% attack Speed)
    Sniping Suit (+5 crit. additional 1 crit per 10 luk) (anolian)
    Cross Bow (Drosera x 2, Cruiser) + Composite ( skeleton x 4)
    Boots (Merman)
    Earring (Alligator)
    Brooch (kobold)

    here are my story:

    To lock on PvP is true. i got the falcon flew so often and locked the other player. the crit, based on the alt+a stat are 54 + drosera x 2 (30) = 84. my attacks are red!

    falcon reached 930 damage without buff. ASPD without buff 183. when buffed 186.

    unique! but hard to build. miss a lot because dex-less. but after reaching 84 crit i rarely miss. crit damage are 800++. normal damage 300-400 (+9 Crossbow)

    could go solo definitely! the falcon rocks against single monster. do try to avoid mob cause the damage would be equally divided.

    i hope the information is usable.

  24. Thanks for the Guide, Its very good, and.. Epic!

    Long time i don’t see a good falconier build!

  25. nice guilde Epic,,,,

  26. epic can u help be about suitable arrow when pvp…like example:
    enemy use water arrow,so we must use wind arrow like that lah..
    im kinda noob in arrow element…

  27. hye all..hurm.. i need some suggestion here.. i have been played a hunter for a very2 long time.. n it is my time to trans it.. i am confiused by the choices.. which is better FA sniper or CRIT sniper?? i dont want to waste my only main char because of this confusing choice i have to make.. pls.. any1?? answer me pls.. gimme the best answer.. so i can choose w/o any regret!!

  28. Kobold Cards? Really? 8% increase to Crit Rate would only give you around like 3 to 4 extra critical rate.
    That’s just a waste.

    Here are some cards that would actually be worth it:

    Dancing Dragon Card (+1 AGL +3 Crit)
    Ragged Zombie Card (ATK and MATK + 1%, Crit +5 vs. Demihuman)

    Ifrit (Increase ATK, Crit and Hit every 10 Job levels)

    Good luck getting ifrit. But Ragged Zombie would be a great choice. 2 x of them you’ll have an extra +10 crit and 2% damage and have a small chance for external bleeding. Which will open that slot on your status bow for somthing else. Maybe double up on the stun or silence.

  29. If you play in PvP your role is to AVOID being in melee combat. Status and Trap people. Kill low vit characters. Screw what that one guy said. Even a high vit sniper would die in a few hits from melee. This is a good a build as long as you stay away. Put VIT to 29 and up STR and INT to 12 and Drop LUK to 35.

    Im sorry to say a feather Beret is not worth it. You are better off with stat boosting gear. 10% of 1000 damage is 100. Woopty doo! If you are taking over 1k you gonna die soon anyway. What’s a few hundred extra damage. I’d rather have LUK and AGL boosted.
    And if you are that worried about stun get a damn Orc Hero Card on a Ulle Cap.

    I don’t recommend any more then 35 – 40 LUK. You aren’t benefiting that much at all. The falcon has a chance to attack LUK/3. So with 35 + 10 LUK you’ll have 15% chance each attack. With 70 luck it’s only 23%. All those points wasted for less then 10% chance and a few crit rate points.

    Maybe try increase your AGL all you can. Some LUK would be good too. Increasing LUK is fine with items but a waste with Stat points. It’s more beneficial with this build to increase AGL over dex. Because you depend on your Falcon and Crits more then normal damage.

    Fantastic build over all though. A+ to this guy.

  30. Velly,


    Well, I just create a pure falcon on IdRO. Took a very-very long time and lots of effort.

    the goal for My build are:
    AGI : 99 + bonus
    Dex : 40 + Bonus
    Int : 30 + Bonus
    Luk : 82 + 8 bonus = 90 (equal to 30% auto blitz chance)
    Vit : the rest of point if available

    Velly I also tried this build…………
    My sniper Rocks In PvP……..
    Awesome Build
    Thanks Kenno Arkkan Ur sniper Build ROCKS!!!!

  31. It seems to me you can do better armor (AOA, binoculars, you can choose anything for valuable?)

    sorry i dont speak english))

  32. Big fan of this guide, it’s one of the ones I looked at for research a long time ago. I love strange “non-optimum” builds. This one makes my lul in it’s hilarity. Here’s my build for it.
    99/70 Facolner/blitz-lock
    (Concentration pot. + All those Sniper buffs)
    STR – 1 +12
    AGI – 89 +32
    VIT – 1 + 8
    INT- 28 + 11
    DEX – 81 + 56
    LUK – 63 + 22

    +X Double Bound [3] (Obtainable from Endless Tower)
    – Drowsera + Hydra x2
    + X Ulle’s Cap
    – Vanberk (+2 Str, is ok but +100 crit really put the nail in the coffin)
    Mid Gear (Get something useful… it varies from server to server. Slotted for another ‘berk? You’re a bad bad person.)
    Low Gear (Something useful)
    + X Sniping Suit
    – Venatu (You’re piling on the AGI… so get double use out of your points)
    + X Dragon Mant. (Substituable with Ancient Cape)
    – Stem Worm Card (Dex, ’nuff said.)
    + X Crystal Pumps (I know… but it saves you points and the MDef isn’t bad)
    2 x Bradium Brooch (If they aren’t available… get something else. You’re smart)
    – Sting Card x 2 (DEX~!)
    ~~ ASPD 180+ | Crit 63% | Blitz 25%+ | Blitz dmg 1000+ | FA dmg 5000+ ~~

    Yeah, I know, it’s low… everything, but it’s built that way. This is a quick draw build. See a low INT class, nail ‘em with a volley of [Curse Arrow] and laugh as they move slower than molasses. See a spell caster? Just kill the caster… you’ll blitz so much, you’ll bury them in numbers. Also, just wait for that vanberk card to go off… your enemies will be seeing red.
    Remember your role… you are artillery. You’re the Gatling in the back of the formation… just like the first Gatling, you’ll jam. You get hit, you die, I’m sorry. With a good team, you’ll be locking down those high vit characters with ease and the low vit won’t last for long. You can’t just let the build do all the work, think.

    Also, an interesting thought, try using a Bongun or Wind Ghost card. The knockback from the bash or lvl 3 JT will make you even harder to reach.

    Just my two cents.

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