Joaquim Kineas’s Gatling Gs Guide


Please Keep In Mind I have Made this guide to Help those People that want to make a Agi Gunslinger.Keep In Mind whether the best gunslinger build or not its Not a place to discus that. This is JUST a guide to Help.So Please refrain from attacks and Criticism.This Build Is Entirely My work.

It Has Taken Me Many Attempts AND A LOT OF TIME Making Gunslingers As Research to Reach Perfectionism. The Build As Much As Possible So Please Respect My work.

An Agility Gunslinger Can be fast,The Damage rate is a High if its well built,Not only that they are quite fun,Just to see your character shoot Like a movie hero or something like that can be quite entertaining.

Agi Gunslinger are Fragile But Strong If Well Built,The defense is low,Hp is low,But the damage per second ratio is Big.These Characters are more suited for Pvm and Fun since their Unique Composition.However If Brave enough an agi gunner can Kill quite alot in pvp. Many that have seen My Main character Have witnessed its quite possible.Woe Is Definitely a challenge since Most of the time death comes quite fast,But in a large group an agi gunner can quite show power.

Agi Gunslinger can be a bit Harder to use since the Lower hp and defense does not allow you to tank big things.


An Agi Gunner Cant count on Its defense or Hp,Alas The Flee is Decent enough to Dodge a few attacks thrown at you.You Cant always count 100 % on your flee so avoiding Direct with the opponent as much as possible is a way.By lvl 75~85 an agi Gunner has enough firepower to be a threat.They May Start out weak But in time they are dangerous too.
Here is a description of stats and such:

Str-Defines the weight Limit.Its good yes but you cant spend too many points on it since carrying pots can be quite useless due to the low vit.In Issues of ammunition with 15 str you can carry quite a few Cartridges without worry.Weight Is an Issue so Light equipment is good.Starting with an panty and undershirt quite helps since its light and gives you a nice amount of flee and agi.Since you have no need to be carrying large amounts of things you have no need to worry on str that much.

Agi-is One of the most Important stats,Defines your flee,atack speed.Having a High Agi amount Is good but 99 is overkill,You’l Need to Spend quite a few points in other stats so an agi of 90~95 Is very good.

Vit-Defines defense,Hp, An agi Gunner Will Never have godly Hp,However you can still manage to have at least a bit by adding a bit of vit to the stats.Since the build is more power speed Oriented you wont have many points to spend in Vit But with 30 ~36 Vit its decent hp. Not godly but at least its something.

Int-Defines Sp,Magic defense, Its Important to Have at least a bit of int since you’l be spamming alot of skills,Many skills will leave you sp dry but By that time in most cases your opponent is dead already.If the Sp will always be low But its good to have some sp,magic defense gears Like some of the morpheous equips.An amount of 20~25 Is Nice.If you spend too many on int then youl end up sacrificing the other stats Making the build less stable.

Dex-Very Important stat,Defines Hit,attack power and Vice versa.A High amount of Dex Is NEEDED For the agi gunner since its what defines the attack.Hit is also Important Since you CANNOT AFFORD to Miss on your opponent or else that would mean certain death.
Dex is needed In a large number but too much of it will alter the build a bit and make it unstable.So a number of 90~95 Dex is Very good.

Luk-Defines the critical Rate and success rate of the flip coin skill and such.Your aspd will be so fast you got no need to add up here.Critical hits block out the double hit skill so it ruins the build of damage per with like 9 or so you should be fine.

So In Summary Its:
str – 15
Agi -90~95
Vit – 30 ~36
Int – 20~25
Dex – 90 ~95
Luk – 9


Skill Wise Its Recommended to Use all the Fast skills,An Agi Gunslinger cannot afford to Have a delay or cast time.Agi Slinger Motto is “Live Fast,Kill Fast,Die Fast” so this pretty much explains the Idea I am trying to present you here.

Heres a Recommended set of skills and some explanations of why having them:

Flip coin lvl 5 = Consume 1 zeny to flip a coin. If it lands showing heads, the caster will gain 1 coin, but if it shows tails, the caster will lose 1 coin. The caster can have a maximum of 10 coins, and increasing this skill’s level raises the success rate of flipping a coin that will show heads. Gunslinger coins are displayed as glowing orbs around the caster. (Youl Need the Coins to increase your hit even further and some skills require em.)

Triple Action lvl 1(chain action lvl 10,flip coin lvl 5 Required) = Spend 1 coin to shoot an enemy 3 times in one attack. (Its useful when you wanna Kill a weak enemy without spending a large amount of sp,also can be stacked up with rapid shower for some more damage.This skill can also be use with all weapons so if you choose to go Gatling youl have an offensive active skill to defend yourself with,Uses 1 coin so Keep it in mind.)

Madness Canceler lvl 1(Gatling Fever lvl 10 Required) = Consume 4 coins to activate Madness status in which the caster is immobilized, but has +100 Atk and +20% Aspd.Madness Canceler has a 15 second duration, and cannot be used with Adjustment.(This skill is good for Offensive In Large Parties since yiou can be away from the Target and dish out this Huge amount of damage in low time.Even if it doesn’t deal massive damage it slow down the target quite alot if it doesnt have endure.)

Increase accuracy lvl 1 = Consume 4 coins to add +20 Accuracy, +4 DEX, and +4 AGI for a 1 minute duration.(Many People say this skill is Useless. But thats not entirely true,a Gunslinger can certainly Make use of a 4 dex + 4 agi bonus for one minute in Madness canceler or what ever else,But the main Point here is Its One Minute of pure Bliss.)

Single Action lvl 10 = Essential Gunslinger skill that enables Gunslingers to fire their weapons more quickly and lvl 10 It Increases a total of +20 hit,Attack Speed + 5.

Snake’s Eyes lvl 10 = Increase attack range and Accuracy,at lvl 10 +10 Hit,Range + 10(This skill is very Important since an agi Gunners needs quite an amount of range to take down his targets.)

Chain Action lvl 10 = Enables the chance of firing two shots in a single attack while fighting enemies when equipped with a Pistol Class Weapon.At lvl 10 Its success rate is Quite high and damage is literally”doubled” since your attacking 2 times at once.This makes Hit locking a breeze for gunslingers making it easy to train.

Rapid Shower lvl 10 (chain action lvl 3 required)= Consume 5 bullets to perform a rapidfire 5 shot attack. Requires a Pistol Class Weapon.At lvl Its 1000 % attack strength. (So if well built the guns with proper gears will be able to deal nearly 900 damage per hit of rapid shower.[Not Counting Defense Reductions and stuff])

Desperado lvl 10(rapid shower lvl 5 required)= Consume 10 bullets to perform a haphazard attack that may damage enemies within a 7 cell radius around the caster. Each cast has a maximum of 10 strikes, and requires a Pistol Class Weapon,At lvl 10 deals 550% attack strength per hit. (The Infamous Desperado,One of My Favorite skills.Its deadly to many classes and One of the Main Weapons of the Gunslinger.Keeping you In Mind that its an Aoa,Sins Cant Cloak to hide from it, Meaning death to many Melee classes.Desperado is a Melee Skill Therefore Phenuma does NOT stop it,All Phenuma does is Give a False Hope to the caster when going against a gunslinger.Desperado is a skill that activates 6 ~ 10 Hits at random around you. Therefore its Possible to change weapon in middle of it to boost up your damage Incredibly.Also, When In Magic Strings Desperado can be the meanest Skill ever seen on the face of earth, You Can spam it hella fast nothing in it can survive the full sp blast.Also can Be useful as a Mobbing skill.)

Gatling Fever lvl 10(Desperado lvl 5,rapid shower lvl 7 Required)= Temporarily increase Attack Speed and damage at the cost of reducing Flee Rate and Movement Speed.
Gatling Fever status is canceled when this skill is double cast. Requires Gatling Gun Class Weapon.(The Gatling gun is a real Bitch when it comes into emperium Breaking.It has a nice attack and if Used wisely it is formidable in pvp too.This skill can Be useful when in the low lvls because gives you a bit more attack and speed but its not advised to solo train using this skill)


Since an Agi slinger can reach High attack speed,Its rather easy to lvl at many places but for people whom are new to the Class this is an easy Training plan.(I Trained this way)

Lvl 12 ~ 25 Spores (Payon)
Lvl 26 ~ 44 Wolves(Payon)
Lvl 45 ~ 55 Metalings(Lighthalsen)
Lvl 55 ~ 70 Geographers(Einbroch)<— Its a bit hard but it Can Be done(also try Minos)
Lvl 70 ~ 85 Seals (comodo)
Lvl 85 ~ 99 Hodremlins (Rachel) <– Youl Need Priest,2 santa poring card western outlaw + silver ammo

Khoe Sugests Hill Winds Instead of seals and Geos but I guess thats up to the person.

There are always Other alternatives.


Stick to Handguns.
Since Most the skills are Handgun Usable you got no need to worry on other skills that need to switch weapons.
In Terms Of equipment the Best Weapon for an agi slinger is the Western outlaw[2].Increases HIT and aspd Depending on the agi of the Wearer.a Nice choice is Double Bloody[2 Hydra cards]
an Nimble glove is needed.Glove[1]+ Zerom Card= Dex +4 and also an apple of archer.(Preferably in a Donation hat)But alot of people like to use the famous Feather Beret.
On Terms of equipment on Defence youl need to decide and use your head since theres many possibilities and choices.

Flee Equipment isnt always good so I recomend Having more than One set of Defense gears.

Maybe a flee set and then a Hp+,Defense set.

Rybio Card is Good But theres many other options.


The Fact that Gunslingers can Use Berzerk Potions Is quite an tip since it can help high lvl guns to achieve a higher attack speed maintaining themselves alive Longer.

Gunslingers Can Wear shields so Keep this in mind if you feel like wearing a Cranial shield.( I Personally do sometimes)It will restrain you from attacking but could save your life in a Difficult situation.

Both Gunslinger Builds are good and the results of having a vit gunslinger and an agi gun slinger in a party is quite extraordinary.

There’s No Chance In Hell a Gunslinger can be compared to a Trans Class so its complete stupidity to try and compare a trans class with an gunslinger,its obviously that gunslingers are still first class characters so the Status Bonuses,Job lvl stat bonuses arent as high as a trans:

Gunslinger : 70 Job lvl
Trans Class: 50 + 70 Job lvl

To Defeat A Trans Class Character Whom is Fully Geared Is The Ultimate Moment in The Career as a Gunslinger.

Don’t Be Discouraged By What People say since its your choice.

GATLING GUNS ARE GOOD If you Have the GUTS to Use one.In Short, the Aspd You can reach with one + the attack added by both skills IS AWESOME For Emp Breaking. I Myself AM known For Breaking an emporium In woe in just 15 seconds and relatively cheaper than a sin x with the usage of edp.

Triple action is DEADLY with a Gatling gun…Try Spamming it with Madness + Fever And a bezerk Pot!
(ive Taken Down Agi Lk Using this Method, I Call It The Death Shower, Its Basicaly Like Unleashing the Full Potential In a Burst Of a Gatling gun,Its easy to restock On Coins once you gots high aspd)

Don’t try to take on a paladin By Yourself.(I Learned the hard way.Lol)

With This Information I have Posted I hope to see many More Strong gunslingers in Ro. I Could have never done this without the help of Khoe and stylish,whom Supported greatly into my research.

Many Thanks to Graver,Avius,Stylish,The Toma,And all those great Gunslingers out there that Are Always showing that we ROCK!!

Any Questions feel Free to post em, and Il try My best to answer.

29 Responses to “Joaquim Kineas’s Gatling Gs Guide”

  1. nice joa, but you know you can hit and run metalings as well south of einbroch after you change to gs. otherwise, nice guide

  2. Yeah Thats true XD I forget to add those Little details,Anyways I Kinda retired from Gunslinger,Now I have a Sniper :3

  3. Gatling Guns don’t take advantage of double attack. However, that’s not to say your guide is useless. I have no idea how a sidewinder card or chick hat will effect it.

  4. nice guide… only thing missing is d equip list.. but it all depends on the user though…

  5. Well You don’t really need double attack as a Gatling Gs,What you need is More atk power, as Gatling gs are some what lacking in that side,It really depends on The User More.

  6. Pro Tip:
    (Fun To Try)

    Jungle Carbine [1] + Soldier Skeleton Or Drosera Card

    Then Madness Canceler.

    Aspd + crit

    Very Good Combination:

    Kyomotachi (Gunslinger Colleague)

    “I Found This Combination Pretty Useful In pvp as sometimes there’s Really armored Characters,Also I found it useful In Woe Since the Crits + Cursed Water Have Helped Break the emp faster.”

    Gunslinger Rafe (Gunslinger Colleague)

    “I found the Madness canceler very helpful With a Jungle Carbine[1] when it was time to take down Valks, I was able to provide support fire and deal moderate damage, I Will Continue to Test it and bring news”

    Enjoy -^_^-

  7. Chain action doesn’t apply to sidewinder, it’s double attack only. I find the 5% of double attack pointless for a gatling GS. Besides that, great guide.

  8. Haha, nice guide Kineas !

  9. Nice Guide.

  10. I Am Back in the show and with the new updates at hand I HAVE TO MAKE MORE RESEARCH LOL Updates should Follow soon

  11. Nice guide but please only use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence instead of all throughout.

  12. I liked it…
    But i want to put something clear:
    Western outlaw > butcher,
    cuz western has 2 slots and chain action.
    o.O are u serious going to the pvp with agi build?… i mean u need to be really fast in order to make realy good damage, oh well, the triple action+butcher sounds interesting….
    Emp Breaker ! I like the idea…

    I tried 2 sidewinders on my western and it doesnt stack with chain action, it gives the skill double attack and nulls chains action giving u like 10% to make a double attack, doesnt work srsly…

    What do u say about the sniper combo cards? (dragon tail, marman, etc)

  13. The Butcher Works Better In Parties and Its Maily Cuz Support Fire,The Side Winder Card Idea sucks, and the western outlaw with cards is a bit more sane, How ever I still get the Impression that you area Gunslinger that Solo trains,Gunslingers agi build arent meant to solo too long.

    The Pvp: I was King Of Pvp In euphro,I have screenies if you desire to see of Pvp Rooms Cleaned out, it takes Skill and time to learn but its quite possible

  14. I know right who the hell gets wiped out in pvp by a GS.

  15. Lol thats because many People were just talking trash,and didnt walk the talk.

    To be Honest I dont claim to be the Best Gs there was in Euphro but theres one thing clear:

    I did clear Out Pvp Battle Dome Many times,Even some Ws over there were pretty easy to kill,It all a matter of Madness canceling and desping as soon they are in range,they walk in taking tons of damage and when they are close enough for the kill its too late.

  16. also I didnt mention I had Stun Resist all over.

  17. To tell the truth , Joaquim is the ONLY good AGI gs , I ever meet in my life…And I was surprised that he’s good as an agi.Anyways , he had some stun resist…lemme remmeber…40% from vit , 30% from gemini , 5% from obsidian and 2% from dark blinder…thats 77% total.

  18. hmm interesting =o
    Those who say things like GS dont do too much is because havent seen any good gs so lets them talk…

    And by reading the comments i would like to make my agi-pvp guns, i got some ideas in mind /gg

  19. here’s a fun thing to try, it will help you survive more in pvp, though i dont think the effect in dmg will make a difference…

    put a skeleton card in any slotted gat-gun and u get 2% stun per shot =D and with so much attackspeed from agi, pvp should be really… uhhm… even with this it wont be easy… lets keep it at do-able =)

  20. i dunno any cards with more then 2% stun so if they exist and u have em u get better chances of stun thus keeping you alive for longer

    also if you care alot about the damage you do and you have more than 1 slot in ur gun, keep it at 1 stun card at max so you can put hydra cards in it =P

  21. whoa, great guide….
    i almost giving up as a GS but since i look this guide maybe i’ll try it out again

    anyway thanks for the guide

  22. Savage bebe card 5 percent stun

  23. dude stun wont help you, in pvp, woe, EVERYONE has some vit.

  24. Do you suggest another status ailment?
    On my list of the most useful:
    -Strip (armor, weapon, whatever)


  25. fixing bad credit…

    This is a great site…

  26. Nice guide.
    I like it.
    Because everyone told me to not to be agi GunS and you told me agi GunS isn’t bad

  27. if u guyz ned pvp build this is my build

    vit+ 80
    dex+ 90
    str+ 25
    rest int
    Full buster & desperado


    kielDD & +7westren outclaw [2] hydra

    till now got many kills chk and rck

  28. For Your Information…

    Im new to websites and just learnt about trackbacks, which I venture is a way for me to recognize your site through a linkback through my blog. I ran into your internet site in the “currently buzzing” segment of one of the bookmarking sites that I wa…

  29. This is great man , i’m playing in the fRO (ragnarok europe server) i need some help what kind of equipment i should use or can u state your current equip? :)

    and also what cards i should put on my gatling gun and pistol ^^

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