Lancer Vit-Knight Guide


This guide will focus mainly in WoE and hunting aspects as a knight. This guide was made for low rate server. Actually it’s fun to play as a vitality lancer knight, because you can use wide collection of skills in your arsenal while enduring hits to get lots of exp. Big HP, defense and damage per hit is the main thing here. With decent equipment and some pots plus a little trick, getting into 99 is a cheap thing (well, except your patience…)

But, dont expect a high aspd and flee from this guide. if you’re afraid of being a tank, just left this guide and find another. Well, here we go…


I. Vit-Knight build

II. Equipments

III. Leveling

IV. WoE using a Vit-knight

I. Vit-knight build

str-> 91++ (more str means more damage and weight limit. it’s essential since you’ll need to carry pots and lots of armor)

vit->91++ (as the guide name. get lots of vit to get more HP and less damage)

dex-> about 50 (I have try this, you can hit sins with 80 agi only with this amount af dex)

int-> 24 (just for xtra SP and bigger SP regen)

agi-> 9 (left it as you pick it when you make the novice, preety useless for tanking)

luk-> 1(really useless in this build)

And the skills…

swordman (change when Jlv hit 40)

-bash 10

-increase HP regen 10

-provoke 10

-endure 9


-spear mastery 10

-pierce 10

-spear stab 8 (just get 3 at first and complete the last 5 when hitting jlv 45)

-brandish spear 10

-spear boomerang 5

-riding 1

-cavalier mastery 5

II. Equipments

What i am using now is…

• +5 Helm [Grand Peco}

• +5 Full Plate [Peco peco]

• Fin Helm

• +5 Manteau [Raydric]

• +5 Grave [Verit]

• +6 Shield [Thara Frog]

• +9 Pike [Orc Lady] [Orc Lady] [Hydra] [Hydra] (for hunting in orc village)

• +9 Pike [Hydra] [Hydra] [Skel Worker] [Mummy] (for WoE)

• Ring [Mantis] x2

• Clip [Horong]

• Wind Spirit Armor [Marc] (to hold wizards down)

• Padded Armor [Argiope] (padded armor are lightweight and cheaper, argiope to avoid sinX’s EDP)

• Guard [Medusa] (once again to shut off the wizards, guards are cheaper and lighter)

I use peco and grand peco because the combo add 3vit and 3def. Thara frog found to be useful both in leveling and WoE. Clip [Horong] only useful in WoE to detect rogues and sins. The others are just the essentials.

III. Leveling

1-10 -> find some pal to hit spores together in training ground. Hunting together is better in order to save some novice pots.

11-30 -> change into swordie, hit some spore to gain JExp. Use as little pots as possible.

31-40 -> peco peco or wolf shall lead your way. Kicking their ass will add lots of BExp. Start collecting money to get pike for hunting.

41-55 -> warp to Lighthalzen and get metalling there until you’re hitting JLv 40.

55-75 -> change into a knight and find a priest (or aco that are around 60) to hunt with you in orc village. It’s really hard in this time. Dare yourself to hit some High Orcs. Try to buy the pike with 2x orc lady and 2x hydra. It ‘ll be good to have cranial shield ASAP.

75-99 -> start soloing, cuz’ even shared exp will slow you down. Here’s the real trick: go and get water elemental converter. Sage can make this item. 70 str,+9 pike[2x orc lady 2x hydra] and converter leads you to fast leveling. High Orcs will down in 2x pierce. It only take 2secs to kill a High Orc, and also 2 secs to kill lots of High Orcs with brandish spear. just get some white pots, oranges, and converter and you’ll just doin the right thing. In normal conditions, this knight can produce about 4.000.000 exp per hour.


I use my vit knight in WoE as a real tank. With 100 White potions, I can hold off 3 paladin (they’re using matyr’s reconning all the time) while my pal using Emergency Call inside the emper chamber. and vit knights are pretty useful for castle defense. just team up with a gunslinger with desperado, keep using sight (horong clip) and tank the enemy while the GS desper-ing the enemy.

In WoE, suitable jobs for this knight’s build are:


•Killing Wizards (use WSA[marc] and charge thru’ SG and then bash’em till they’re down. if they’re in a hard spot to close in, use spear boomerang)

•Killing bards and dancers (just pierce or bash em all)

In the end, different playing style will result in different usage of this build. Thanks for the space, and I hope this guide are useful for you.

24 Responses to “Lancer Vit-Knight Guide”

  1. Padded Armor [Argiope] (padded armor are lightweight and cheaper, argiope to avoid sinX’s EDP)

    EDP doesnt chage the weapon element of Sinx into poison

    making a guide and doesnt the skills of other character…

  2. Wow! Terrible Guide is Terrible!!

  3. I think what he meant is most sins use enchant poison with their EDP.

  4. lolz! the Worst Knight guide i hv seen :P

  5. If the sinX are not poison enchanted u ll get wholesome 24 k dmg!! enjoy the damage!

  6. WOW this guide is terrible. You’re telling people to run around with a MEDUSA card in a GUARD. First of all, Guard should not be used as a WoE shield. get something better. Second of all,

    Thara Frog Card (-30% Damage from Demihuman) is 100% necessary when WoEing with a vit spear knight.

  7. I also have to ask, why the hell does a knight need to worry about weight? A knight should never ever have to worry about weight!! You seriously have no idea what you’re even talk about, do you? Next time you write a guide it helps to know what you’re talking about. ¬_¬

  8. alright, his guide maybe lacking a bit on equips, but is the stats part and the skill part, say, right? never played with vit chars as they are not really my thing, now i\’m getting interessed in it so any guide/help/whatever on it would be helpful.

    appreciate it.

  9. The stats and skills are okay, howerver you may want 20~50 agi for some aspd to increase the Damage Per Second of spamming Pierce.

    If your server has a resetter, You’ll want to drop Brandish and have Spear Stab at a low level so you can get Bowling Bash instead. BB is a Fantastic skill for WoE.

  10. “100 white potions”

    Do you know blue potion/honey/royal jelly and <90% like 89% to use skills?

    And seriously, change only at job 50 lol, endure at 10 and magnum break helps =P

  11. zomg normal knight sux at pvp/woe if yu want to go there and own just get lord knight and pwn

  12. Dude if I see you using Spear Boomerang in WoE I’ll tell your GM to ban you xD

  13. Actually, spearboom is a good move in woe/pvp…I think you need to be banned if you don’t know how useful spearboom is in woe/pvp .

  14. Spearboom is great as an interrupt/delaying move due to it extremely large range. It’s somewhat poor at damage output, but it’s quite versatile.

  15. LOL you don’t what youre talking about :))

  16. Then please, enlighten us.

  17. kua papalilot nung knight ko PM me nlng sa friendster kung payag [email protected] bata pa me eh naha pa hihi

  18. @Holly What NB

    Evidence with deeds than with words, your useless. Leave even a guide. Or did you just a big flap?…

  19. lmfao what a bunch of novices, GREAT guide very informative and tells you the basics you need to know
    p.s. play a vit knight in a DECENT WOE and ull understand

  20. What did I just read?
    I…if this was made years ago it’d be fine
    But with all the updates, new information, and such…what?

    There are much better strategies, equips, training places, and general builds than this one.

    But if it is old then it’s fine – if not…then why

  21. n00b guide. Please do throw this guide…

  22. to say that your character is a vit type one of the most essential cards is the tao gunka which can boost ur hp up to 30 k…..also you need to use /bm command to be able to kill hw if they are the sg types……

  23. ^

    ALL HW SHOULD HAVE SG.. and /bm is practically a neccessity in WoE (if you’re good).

    And Tao Gunka is not “essential”, I’d take a GR card over that any day.

  24. @xreaole

    30k with a tao ? last time I checked it doubled the hp. and 50k+ is easily in with that.

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