Lord Knight Guide 2011

The guide guide is not for people who are new the game . If u are new to the game then please visit other guides about knights and then visit here. I hope that those people who are reading this guide know the basics of how the game functions and about the knight class.

Most of all this guide is built for your preparation on Rune Knight Job.

I have here the hybrid build which is common nowadays but different skill and stats set.

I won’t state how to level up or to loot, you’ll see skills, stats, equips for mid funded character

With this guide you must be good at weapon and armor switching.

Lord Knight CS BB Build.


at least

+5/6 Hunting Spear (w/abyssmal knight card)

+5/6 Executioner (w/ Hydra Card)

+5/6 TeNS (w/ 2hyrda Sword Guardian Card or 1hydra 2 SWc)


+4 Valkyrie Shield ( Thara Frog Card )


well in here its up to you if you will buy D.armor or D.Robe or FARM for glorious suit

(w/ Peco2 card for D.armor/robe)


+0 Variant Shoes


+4 Piece of Agent skin

(raydric Card)


Diabolous Ring & Medal of Honor

(Smokie Card for D.ring)


Choose wisely: Evolved Orc Hero Helm – Upper and Mid

LBH – Upper

Blush of Groom – Mid

G.pipe – Lower


(Base/Job Level= 99/70 high 1st job level = 50)

Stats: (w/ buffs and food)

Str -  84 + 15 = 99 + 10(bless) + 10(food)

Agi – 60 + 8 = 68 + 12(agi) + 10(food)

Vit – 81 + 8 = 90 + 10(food)

Dex – 43 + 9 = 52 +10(bless) + 10(food)

Skill Build


Sword Mastery 10

TH Sword Mastery 10

Increase Recovery 5

Bash 10

Provoke 5

MB 5

Endure 4


Spear Mastery Level 10
Pierce Level 10
Spear Stab Level 5
Two-Hand Quicken Level 10
Auto Counter Level 5
Bowling Bash Level 10
Riding Level 1
Cavalry Mastery Level 5
Tension Relax Level 1
Berserk Level 1
Spiral Pierce Level 5
One-Hand Quicken Level 1 Soul Linked
Charge Attack Level 1 Quest Skill

7 Responses to “Lord Knight Guide 2011”

  1. What kind of guide is this??

  2. Aside of that kind of guide is this…..what kind of build is this…..this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…

  3. He really wannabee a good guide writer…

    Lots of stuff with pRO names that doesn’t make sense to many players, build is horrible since is not optimized and with wasted stats.

    Srs, what type of guide is this?


    STR= (for high DMG in spiral)
    Agi=(Dont Need)
    VIT=(MAX for Specialy for Dragon breath)
    Dex=(make your dex high ,too avoid miss and reduce Casting for Spiral and dragon breath)
    LUK=(To support ur ATK DMG)
    INT=(dont need)
    -> slotted any good headgear w/ [Kiel] reduce delay (for spamming Spiral)
    –>slotted any good midgear w/ [Kiel] reduce delay and also switch Maya purple to detect h idden enemy.
    –>Sprint armor [1] [tao gunka card] or Marc Card
    –>Sprint shoes[1][Amon ra] or switch Sprint shoes w/ [Enigem] while using DB
    —>Valkyrie Mantue +7~ +10 w/ [SInx card] or [aliot] or [giant whisper card]
    —> Asperika
    >>>> Accesory
    –>sprint ring
    —> Megingard
    —> Expert ring -5% cast delay .. w/ berzebub or Errende
    –> Orleans Glove[1]
    –> Improve RIng[1]

    Weapon.. 2handed (Spiral type_)
    –> +10 Violet Fear[2] [Thana][Tgen]
    –>+Kranasya[3] [Thana/Inca] [Tgen/Hydra] [Skel/Drake]

    weapon 1handed (good for Dragon breath)
    +10 Balmung [3] [2 Stormy knight][Thana/Inca]
    +10 Naught Seight twin Blade (RED) [3] same
    ( fire element weapon effect of 2x dmg of ignition break)


  5. SHield
    +10 Valkyrie shield [1]
    +10 Orleans Plate[1]
    if ur using orleans glove too

  6. anung guide ito @_@
    what kind guide is this!!

  7. what the hell ?? stop shortcutting the name of the equipments and skills damn it ..

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