Playing a High Wizard, Build & Leveling Guide

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High Wizard

Warning – Refrain from getting skills not mentioned in this guide

Since some people cannot understand ,

THIS IS MERELY A GUIDE. It is not to be used

soley to create your build , although the

builds are recommended!

For Skill References in this guide: Mage Skills, Wizard Skills, High Wizard Skills.

Part 1: How to level to High Wizard

First you begin by killing Spores and wolves Until you get to roughly level 40. To kill spores you should take use of the towers in the start of payon and lighting bolt the spores from the top where they can’t reach you , If you can’t find any spores , then you will have to hit and run , lighting bolt and run like hell. As soon as you max fire bolt , your off to wolves. Now you must be very careful here , their are 2 ways of doing this , One you get someone on the map to tank them for you , or you solo. To solo them , get an aco for agi up , and use level 2-4 firebolt on him until he dies (To do this you should have pumped dex equally as int) Once you hit level 40 , your off to soils , now their are 2 ways to do soils effectively:

Soils (lou_fild01) : First you must make sure you have Fire Wall , but that is the easy part , you must learn to do vertical fire wall , to do this you must cast fire wall 1 cell left and down , or one cell right and down , or 2 cells down of you , note when doing soils you won’t have time to count cells , so test this at spores or wolves first . You must do 3 firewalls , or 2 .

While the soil rams the firewall , you must fire bolt it , use level 10 , don’t worry the fire wall will keep it at bay.
Now the second Technique (for when your a bit higher level) is to use fireball , hot key level 1 fire bolt , gather 4-5 soils , hot key fire ball , and make sure the soils are on your screen but far away , circle around the soils are fireball spam them until they are all dead.
When you are done with soils you should be job 50 and around 64 Base . Now you must do the scary wizard test , here’s a guide for that here:

Note you must be about 70 to do the following effectively! So continue to kill soils until then!
siromas: Beware of Gazeti:

Now you wanna get 99 asap , this is the boring part i guess . To get 99 you must start off at Siromas (Before you get to the Ice Cave you need Jupital Thunder Maxed and make sure to have Frost Diver) (it is also wise to use a quad hill wind rod , not needed though) To do siromas , you should Jupital Thunder all siromas in Sight. Your main enemy will be Gazeti‘s , the only way to kill these is to stay out of the gazeti’s sight , and to Lord of Vermilion , and then walk the gazeti into it (be very careful) . As for roweans , use frost diver and Jupital Thunder them . You can also kill the green plants with fire bolt. (Siroma cards sell well , you should save them and make a vending slave later) After a while of grinding you should be 90. Now you have 2 choices , party till 99 , or come to the nine tail map (pay_fild11, I prefer option 2).

nine tails: Dragon Tail: Avoid Walking into :

Nine tails : These guys are very scary , but don’t be afraid its worth it. To do these you must have , Quagmire level 2 , Heavens Drive level 1 , and Storm Gust level 5 Hotkey’d . First Step is , get a priest slave , and always have Kyrie Eleison, bless , and agility up on. Step 2 : gather a mob . Step 3 : Get about 10 or so cells away from the mob . cast level 5 storm gust and all the nine tails should be dead. Now to kill the Dragon Tail, you must Quagmire (always keep them Quagmired) , now heavens drive them , and run in circles at the same time , soon they should be dead. This map gives very good exp , and very good zeny . now if you Still don’t understand how to do this map watch this video Nine Tail Mobbing(Credits to BananaWeed) Note he does the opposite , and Heaven Drive’s first , its fine ethier way , stay a bit further back when killing the nine tails though (His dex is higher )


Party Leveling 1 : Thor’s Volcano

For the Bow Guardians Stay In PNUAMA !!!

Do Not Walk into the Salamanders !! Stay Back and SG !!




Thors Skills Need :

1. Storm Gust

2. Jupital Thunder (in case of low sp)

Members needed:

1. Paliden

2. Clown

3. 1 High Wizards

4. 2 High Priests

5. Professor

6. Possibly Sniper , not needed though.

How to do it :

First off , The paliden or prof stays in front to lure mobs. You must move slowly , and everyone must have a pasana Armour. One Hwiz stays in front and casts SG , as soon as that happens the Hwiz behind casts SG . So when the mob walks through it will usually die.  Try to not run low on sp. If you run into a sword guardian , make sure your hp spams pnuama and then you walk around in circles doing SG. Kasas are very annoying , they have high mdef and spam that KO’ing skill if pasana is off. So be very careful around those guys.



Party Leveling : Monastery / Abbey 02

Fly Wing on Sight of Hunter Fly or Beelzebub:

Necromancer Skills Needed:

1. Storm Gust

2. Meteor Storm

3. Jupital Thunder

4. Fire Bolt


1. Soul Strike

Party Members needed :

1. 2x High Priest

2. High Wizard – Your going to Spam MS with suff , if you don’t have that just SG , but don’t kill multiple Necromancers

3. Paliden – His Job is gather mobs and then to devo you once he gets the mob back

4. Professor or Gypsy

How to do it :

The paliden will go get a mob of 3-7 necromancers. The HP MUST spam suff on you , and while that happens you must Spam MS level 10. When the mob comes in they will die before they even get close to you. But if that fails , cast level 1 sg and quagmire. Then cast level 5 sg , they will ussaully be dead by now.

Stay in Pnuama for Ragged Zombies:

Teleport Or Rude attack on Sight for Fallen Bishop (Tips at bottom for info):

Abbey Level 2 Skills Needed :

1. Storm Gust

2. Meteor Storm

3. Lord Of Vermilion (optional)

4. Fire Bolt

5. Jupital Thunder

6. Quagmire

Members Needed:

1. High Wizard

2. High Priest

3. Clown

How to do it:

You basically either walk and kill , or have the HP mob and you kill.  For normal mobs , Cast Fire Bolt or JT . If you run into a mob , locate pnuama and then cast SG or MS.  MS ussaully works best with higher dex. if you run into a necro , cast level 10 SG and walk around the necro until he dies. The HP must lex once.

Deep in GH



Skills Needed :

1. Storm Gust

2. Lord of Vermilion ( optional)

3. Quagmire

4. Heavens Drive

5. Earth Spike.

Members Needed :

1. Wizard or High Wizard

2. Priest or High Priest

3. Clown or Bard

How to do it : The High Priest will make the mobs , while you stick with the clown. When the HP comes your first priority is to take out Gargoyles , you must use Earth Spike here. Afterward you must do SG , you can ethier cast LoV after they freeze or you can use Heavens Drive. Right After do SG again. Once they die you get a ton of exp!


At the end of this you should be 99. Now you should do some quests till the last step so when you trans you can just get job 50 with no work . You should do the Lost Child quest , and then do the Rachel Quest until the final step . You should also do the ice necklace quest till the last step . And the Friendship quest . this will get you 7x trans and job 50. Go talk to the npc and yuno and go make novice . kill some porings till level 10/10 , go make high mage . and then go talk to the last npc’s for your quests. Your a high wizard now. Use the same methods of leveling.

Part 2: Gears and Equipment

You will rely on 2 sets of equipment The first set is the survivor’s set for You know , surviving. This set consists of:

A Feather Beret or Drooping Kitty or Frigg’s Circlet

Purple Sunglasses(Optional But Reduces blind chance) or Alarm Mask

Gangster Mask
Silk Robe +8 With Marc Card / Silk Robe +7 with Swordfish Card / Silk Robe +7 with Pasana Card/ Silk Robe +7 with Dokebi.
Survivor’s Manteau +7 (this will take a long while to make stick with a +4 till then =P or a +7 wool scarf with a Noxious / Raydric Card
Survivor’s Rod (Int or Dex whichever you prefer) +7(Drops or Necromancer card)
Valerie’s Shoes (Verit or Matyr card)
Thara Frog Carded Valkyrja’s Shield / Thara Frog Carded Orleans’s Plate

2 Slotted Rosaries (with Alligator Cards) / 2x Earrings / 2x Slotted Gloves (with Zerom Cards)


The Second Set is for Precasting , and for killing monsters:
A Feather Beret / Ulle’s Cap (With Clock Tower Manager Card) / Frigg’s Circlet. Or a +9/8 headgear with a Kathryne Keyron Card
Sunglasses / Opera Masque / Alarm Mask
Silk Robe +8 With Marc Card / +7Odin’s Blessing with Pasana Card / +7Odin’s Blessing with Swordfish Card /+7 Odin’s Blessing w/ Dokebi Card
Wool Scarf (with Raydric Card/Noxous)
Tidal Shoes ( with Matyr Card/Verit )
Quad Red Ferus Rod / Quad Luarel Wandar Rod / Wizardly Rod / Staff of Destruction [ Luarell Wandar Card]
Thara Frog Carded Valkyrja’s Shield / Thara Frog Carded Orleans’s Plate / Alice Card for MvP’s / Penomena Card
2 Slotted Rosaries (with Alligator Cards) / 2x Earrings / 2x Slotted Gloves (with Zerom Cards) /1  Spiritual Ring

Acessories to Switch! Rosary with Smokie Card /

For PvM invest in a Creamy Card Clip ! Or Earring or Glove!

Please note , earrings are meant as temporary accessories and this is why quoted from Accent

“The +4 int difference from two earrings did raise the mattk to the next bonus.

Your fact is very easy to prove incorrect using basic math. I’ll even take your glorified example of 156 int versus 160 int:
Begin Math
At 156 int your matk bonus (not the actual matk, just the bonus from the floor(int/5)^2, as I’m only concerned with the derivative) is 973.
At 160 int your matk bonus is 1024 + 4 (from the additional int), or 1028.

The gain from 4 int resulted in a (1028/973)-1)*100% change: 5.65% change in damage.

If we assume you have dex with bonuses totaling 110 (very low considering you have gospel with 160 int), that leaves you 40 dex from the point of instant cast. This means you are at (1-(110/150))*100% = 26% cast time of the full cast-time. Increasing your dex from 110 to 118 (two nimbles) puts you at (1-(118/150))*100% = 21% cast time of the full cast-time.

Meaning an increase in dex from 110 to 118 results in a (1-(21/26))*100% = 19.3% decrease in total cast-time.

We let your DPS be a function: DPS = f(int damage) * f(cast time) where f(x) denotes function of the variable x.
Since we’re interested in the change in DPS, we take the derivative and get: delta DPS = delta f(int damage) * delta f(cast time).

Taking the earrings we get: delta DPS = 5.65% * 1 (variable did not change) = 5.65%DPS
Taking the gloves we get: delta DPS = 1 * 119.3% = 19.3%DPS.
End Math

Its very easy to see that the dex increases have a much stronger effect on the DPS formula. Of course, skeptics will claim that I did not include after-cast-delay, but as has already been stated with a decent guild(read: clown) the delay is almost inconsequential. If you dont accept the claim, then the difference in the delta DPS will change, but I assure you that as long as you are in a decent bragi, the dex change will always surpass the int change (you can do the math yourself, its a little more complicated though).

I also took a very low total dex for the wizard, considering he is in gospel; had I used a base dex number like 130, the change in nimble gloves would have resulted in a 50%DPS change whilst the int change would have remained the same. This mathematical proof is backed up by doddler’s calculator which clearly shows that the DPS is changed by dex far more than int. “

The above is meant to be applied for stackable spells , however if you want to do more then MA and SG , i would have a decent amount of dex.

Stat Builds : Pure Power House
97~99 int ( Or 126,135 Int total)
89 ~93 dex (120 Dex Total)
40~45 vit
rest into str
This build is mainly for precasting , hurting others very hard , and to MvP / PvM

Speed Caster ~!
99 dex (130 Dex total)
85-89 int (115-120 Int Total)
45-50 vit
rest into str
Battle Chant outside of emp room/mvp area. (aka premp) This is mainly for MvPing and WoE’ing

Tanker ..? Moderate
95 Dex (124-126 dex Total)
84 Int   (114 int Total)
50-70 vit

This build is meant for WoE SE , I do not reccomend ever using it in FE castles , or PvM situations.

Pure Precast / MvP Build
99 Dex (130 Dex Total)
99 Int  (130 Int Total)
2x~3x vit (25, 35 vit total)
rest into str (You can only get str with 2x vit)

Its mainly to precast (which is a bit boring sometimes) And its to party MvP or level. This build is for fun , but in woe it suffers , be ready to tax large amounts of damege from most things :(

PvM Pure Build

Usually in this build int and dex are evened out so mvping  or in pvm it won’t be as bad . Since both int and dex are the same.

95-96 dex ( 124-126 dex Total)

95-96 int  ( 125 int Total)

1-35 vit



Skill Builds :
The Wizard Leveling build :

The Offensive Skill Build For WoE : (3 points into what you want)

This build can break empiriums (Yeah xD I KNOW) , this build can hurt people . It incorporates Safety Wall and Stone Curse (use while running to emp or when someone hops on emp) Ah also don’t forget Gabantian is a nice skill to invest into if you want to ruin smartass Scholars.

The Pure Defense Build For Woe:


Another Alternative for pure precast (slightly Different)


This build is purely for defense , using SG , MS , and Fire Piller in the build . Fire Piller is used to cancel Kaite and to deal some damege. You can also change the build by removing fire piller and getting lord of vermillion. And you can Lower Sp Reco to level 1 and get ice wall to level 5.

~Soon to come PvM skill Build

Part 3 Mvping:

A High Wizard can solo a few MvP’s , Such as

GTB : SG and Fly Wing , or bring bragi slave . and hitlock w/ sg and kill .

Important drops:

Gold , Golden Thief Bug Card

Important Gain:


Eddga : Walk Circles and SG , Make sure you have buffs.

Important Drops:


Eddga card

Main Goal :

Easy Items

Garm : Amplified JT , or Amplified LoV , Bring a Marc , and stay as far back as possible

Important Items :

Garm Card

Ice Flachion

Garm Claw

Important Gain:


Osiris : Amplified SG , SG on the corner of the screen so hes visable , and walk him into it , afterward , teliport and repeat till he is dead.

Important Items:

Orsiris Card

Assassin’s Dagger

Important Gain :


Moonlight Flower : Do not get on her screen , just SG and lure her into the SG and tp , if you get on her screen she spams , ME , Mammo . and screen silence.

Important drops:

Long Mace

Important Gain :


Maya : Teleport , locate her , SG . and she will teleport , repeat , until she is dead.

Important Drops :

Safety Rings


Maya Card

Main Gain:


Mvps Needed with Parties!

Important Drops :

Old Card Album

Gloom Under Night Card

Main Gain :


Gloom Under Night – On some servers he may be very easy , this is specifically for servers which do not have hitlock!. The best way to kill this guy , is to first clear the area on side. You must lure gloom to that side , near the bottom of it. For the party : You need 2-3 Hwiz’s , highest Int casts SG and others cast MS. You need 1 hp and a prof and clown.You just Walk backward while hailing him with AoE Attacks. He should go down within 10 Minutes. Make sure the area is completely clear before advancing!

Important Drops:

Combat Knives

Ice Pick

Assassin’s Dagger

Main Gain


Bio Mvps : Ussaully the method used to kill this is the ledge method. First step , make sure to teliport all random mobs away , you do this by getting the monster stuck on one side with ice wall and then casting sg. However SG will not work on Cecil Or Howard. For cecil you must either MS and move away a bit , or heaven’s drive on pnuama / wall of fog. For howard just JT him in the ass , he’ll tp instantly almost. Makes sure the mob cannot walk to you while doing so , this means the gap must be completely closed , for this to work well you can adjust your view to see the wall vertically, however it must be done quickly. Once you are sure it is closed , you may use the correct skill to teliport them. Next you must get the champ on one of the 4 ledges and then have a sinx or stalker lure it there. However in many cases a sinx can be used to teliport the non demon mobs[Hwiz /Cecil/WS]

Marked off here are the ledges:


The champ will have to be ressed many times over and over .Now the hwiz must Cast 3 Icewalls to block off the mvp. They must be constantly up , directly 1 cell behind the mvp. The icewalls cannot be right on top of the mvp , they must be just blocking its movement.Next the champ will use steel body and depending on which mvp you will ethier AD, TSS , DS , AV , ect to kill it. The mvp if set up correctly will most likely take 30 minutes to and hour to kill . if you lucky with getting him on spot it will take roughly 10 minutes or so.


Tips and Such : In woe try to stand near your guildies , if you get to far you are endangering yourself. Use the party menu to locate bards on the woe map . Make sure your bards bragi you.
In Woe , try to precast all the time unless something dangerous comes through , for instance an LK , quagmire him and go back to precasting.
Even though you are a fragile character , do not be afraid to pot. When breaking some guilds precast (for 150 dex build) , let a guildie distract the precast , and then rush in and mainly target Guild Leaders, Other Wizards . etc.
Sometimes their is room behind Loki’s Viel near the portal , use this to your advantage and storm gust level 1 the bard/dancer , it usually kills them. Never Underestimate your skills , Storm Gust and JT are not the only skills you can use , make use of all of them! This guide will be updated sometimes to match the par of new ideas.
Rude Attack : Use level 1 SG and move back as far as possible this will make certain MvP’s/mobs to teliport

Learning to Dance

Learning to dance , simply means , being able to act quickly and to be able to pot , or spam different forms of skills . For example at necromancers , you should be able to , SG , then fire bolt the necromancer , while Jupital Thundering away the banshees . This takes a very long time to master , and should be tested on weaker mobs . a good way to develop this skill is to do nine tails or stuff like that. Being quick is important in woe you should be able to , Quagmire White smiths in your way , while doing level 1-5 SG , and be able to keep sight always on , while heavens driving every now and then. In woe you have to learn to , have an SG going , while heavens driving , and keeping SW on all 4 cells , and then go back for that SG again to keep precast going. Note if you are not on SG duty and on MS duty it will be much harder to do this , so just stick to MS and Heavens Drive in this situation.

Battle Mode and skill Bar

Battle mode is important . if you don’t use it get it! . without battle mode playing a wizard , will suck .Because you need to use many many skills in order to do well in woe! Battle Mode is basically like a normal skill set up , except it uses 3 rows . To activate it , press /bm. Afterward your skills will be move from the : Q-P for The 3rd Skill Bar, A-L for the first skill Bar , and Z->(or perioid key) for the second skill Bar . Most High Wizards use Z for mystic amplification and the A-L keys for secondary skills , and Q-P for main skills .

I will show you an example of this with my skill Bar :


Whites on A Greens or Pacea on G Safety Wall on F which is a Supportive and Energy Coat on H which is also Supportive


Mystic Amp on Z Quagmire on X Earth Spike on C (use to kill stalker and annoy Sinx) Firebolt on V .


Storm Gust Levels 1 , 5 , and 10 in order . MS on R . Sight and Sightrasher next to each other( Great in pvp)


Using foods is usually necessary. Its usually best to use +8  foods being of the most easy to make , but the downfall is the needing of royal cooking sets for high success.  You should use Dex And Int foods , vit food is also very helpful. You should never spam foods when you know you will die. Its ussaully best to use while defending , or while mvping  with a decent party. You should carry bwings if you plan to use food often , for if you die it runs out and you do not want to waste it! so hotkey those bwings!

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide!
Credits to : RatemyServer , RO Empire . and burizone!

Dark Orcale’s Guide to The High Wizard

Some Random Pvp/Woe Videos.


21 Responses to “Playing a High Wizard, Build & Leveling Guide”

  1. very good guide. tought to level at low level I prefer kill metaling against wolf, and it for very low time. usually I go outside ice dungeon and kill muscipular.

  2. I prefer mandragona and flora at low levels, mindless work leveling at those. Then argiope isn’t too bad before going to soil.

  3. This is dark’s older bro… who played HW waaaaaaay longer then him…. what i can say abt this young grasshopper is that its a very good guide just dont get stuck on certain things like lvling spots… cuz wizzies with a good party can go to places like stals anols etc… I HATE HIS HOT KEYS lol….

  4. very good guide, i would suggest different lvling spots though.

    With a priest Majos gives great exp for a wizard of any lvl.

    Also the way i lvl a mage is first i get firebolt lvl 5 from the things outside geffen, then i go to the geffen castle map and kill poporings until i get firewall, then i move to Metalings then to Geos. You become a wizard/HW in a few hours.

  5. I didn’t add those becuase you can use common sense for them !

  6. common sense for the majos? Ill tell you there are a lot of newbie wizards that dont even know what a majo is, let alone how to kill them. Iv seen a lot of bad wizards down there, not bec they are terrible wizards, just because they dont know simple stuff.

  7. also i would suggest as a wizard/HW investing in a teleport clip, a hide clip, and a healing clip, all of which is very usefull both in WoE and lvling. Also, if you don’t have a guild pally carry +10 dex food with you. In woe you need to get as close to instant cast as possible, without gospal, im nto sure its possible.

  8. Soon To Add , Majo and other Alternitive Leveling Spots
    and Food guide

  9. I agree with taka! if u are a low level high mage u opt for metalings. they will get u 10 levels in 2 hour or so.then when u have got 50+ int move to geographers ans they should need 3-4 firebolts(lv 10) and done u ll get higher me i got my wiz the same way!

    ^_^ enjoy lving


  10. Updated a bit

  11. On the full level build, shouldn’t Soul Strike be added as well? Many people use it to level faster (in some places)

    And i don’t know if ice titans are worth to level…but a wizard can easily kill them with a marc, quagmire+Jupitel Thunder or Jupitel Spam if you got some dex

  12. I’ve always played a wiz, and found geos to be good up till shortly after you acheive wizard. before geos i just killed outside geffen or some stuff on bibilan lvl1. as a lvl 77, the best i can come up with to lvl alone is clocks and alarms in al de baran clock tower. you can mob alarms, but you need to be able to cast large area spells fast before your firewall dies.
    just my input – this stuff is good too, but sometimes wiz just can’t find a party…

  13. Nice guide……*_*
    keep it up….

  14. Soul strike is only useful in killing small stuff , but soul strike is a requirement to Safety Wall so you will have it nonetheless. I am a bit biast to geographers , i mean it takes no skill to kill them , and their heal spam is just annoying . I just find it better at soils then geographers. Alarms/Clocks are really annoying being that if your going to mob them they hit you once and your dead , and you gotta have good Dex , and at 77 most wizards have just pumped int. However it is a good alternative at like level 85ish to nine tails.

  15. More Guides Please I’m keeping in touch I’m following your guide its working well but i also prefer leveling at anubis(only for the rich okeeieee) using yggrasil leaf with high dex can kill lots of anubis ……..
    . .

  16. wizards have low hp.. and they usually put status points to dex and int(of course) any advice on how to raise up the hp with just a little effect to dex and int? I’m quite noob when it comes to high wizards coz i prefer professors more..

  17. Get 45 vit and your fine it won’t affect you much

  18. oh and one more thing, lvl 3 against anything not water or wind prop is better to chain with 10 than 5 is (this depends on your dex but if your willing to use lvl 5 than using lvl 3 should not be a problem) its only a little bit faster than 1 and holds almost as well as 5, and even if they do break in time as long as there not ranged if you know timing and distance and can apply it properly you would end up fine. (which is key when soloing with a wizard) my opinion will differ from others however for your hot keys I suggest SG 1, 3, 10. instead of 1, 5 10. once again I’m just kinda skimming so maybe I don’t have all the info. however other than the things I nicpic at nice guide

  19. My Leveling Mage:
    2-5 Job stuff outside Geffen til 4 fire bolt
    Mandragora (NE of Prontera)
    Muka (2 south of morroc) or Wolves (2 south of payon)
    Soils (South of Louyang)

    The alternative here is Geographers North of Einbroch; give slightly less xp than soil; are they only aggressive thing on the map and are immobile. Takes some effort if there are a few next to each other cause they’ll heal but can easily spend job points just getting 10 fire bolt and never need another mage spell (though fireball spam can be effective on some groups).

    The strength of Siroma (B-2230/J-1005) over Geographer (B-2715/L-2000) or Soil (B-2760/L-2110) is that the loot sells a little better and hopefully would be less competition for enemies but for gaining Job and to some extent base you want Geo’s and Soil.

  20. Thanks for the guide! I’m currently using it to make my high wizard, but theres something you may want to add to the leveling at ninetails.

    I found that it was very difficult to mob them up and successfully kill them all with just quagmire and a lvl 6-7 storm gust, mainly because even with the equips that I had, I casted too slow.
    So my solution was that I hot keyed Quagmire, Storm Gust lvl 1, Storm Gust lvl 7, and Heaven’s Drive.
    The Storm Gust lvl 1 is to freeze the mob first, and then I use SG lvl 7 immediately after wards. :D Hope you can edit this in, it’ll make it alot easier for new wizards to level.

    -Potato from Amistr RO

  21. I don’t mean to be a stickler here, but… I think your arithmetic is wrong. You see, if f(x)=g(x)h(x), then, by the product rule for taking derivatives, dy/dx= g(x)h’(x)+g’(x)h(x)
    Just, from what I understand you’re trying to do, it’s not a simple “f’(x)=g’(x)h’(x)”

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