Taekwon Ranker Guide

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Taekwon Ranker class is a really fun class to play, even though I played it for only 2~3 months, I find it a really nice class for WoE, PvP and PvM. Plus, it’s definitely one of the best hunters in the game. But prepare yourself; you will suffer a LOT until you get ranked.


  • Taekwon Kid
    • Job Changing
    • Leveling
    • Skills
  • Taekwon Ranker
    • Advantages of being ranked
    • Leveling 90~99
    • Stats
    • Equips
      • WoE/PvP
      • PvM
  • War of Emperium
    • First Edition
    • Second Edition
  • Credits

Taekwon Kid

– Fighto fighto!

Job Changing

After getting novice job 10 (Probably on Training Grounds), head to Payon and go to the marked place showed below and talk to Phoenix.

He will tell you to get 1 more base level; do it and come back. Now he will ask 2 questions, the answers are “I face it head on” and “Accept differences and learn from them”. Talk to him again and you will receive a Guard[0] and turn into a Taekwon Kid.


Different from most of the other classes, Taekwon Kid is not easy to level at all. Well, maybe until level 60 or so you may find it okay, but after that it becomes a pain in the ass.

First, you should start on Payon Dungeon level 1, just to get like level 15~20. Now you’ll stay a long time at wolves, they are easy and give nice exp. Stay there until like level 55~60, you’ll notice the exp gets really slow. Time to try something harder. You can go High Orcs (west of orc dungeon) with Mild Wind level 2 (Water), preferably bring a buff/heal slave. You will stay here until level 85~90. You could also start your quests once you get level 8x, so you will be ready to get ranked when you reach level 90.

Actually the best way to level a TK Kid is by leeching. :’D They are really fragile, and don’t have too much dps yet. I myself always leech my TKs at Anubis. So yea, do it if you have this choice. <:


Kicks and Stances

Each kick has a Stance. Once a Stance is enabled, you can use a certain kick. That’s basically how you kick with a TK Kid. I never get more than 1 kick in my build as a normal TK, so I never get confused to which kick I must use when xxx Stance is enabled. But if you choose to get more than 1 kick, you’ll have to pay attention, because your kick will fail if you use the wrong kick for a certain Stance. Example: You can’t use Heel Drop kick with Tornado Stance.

Here is a link to the effect and description for each skill if you are not familiar with them. Otherwise, keep reading.

Tornado Kick

AoE kick in a 5×5 area around you, doing 300% attack.

Roundhouse Kick

Damage its target by 400% attack and also pushes back enemies around you (Don’t damage them though)

Heel Drop Kick

Damages for 300% attack and has a chance of causing Stun status for 3 seconds on the target.

Counter Kick

Damages for 400% and never miss.
Get Counter Kick level 7 and Counter Kick Stance level 1.

Flying Kick

Awesome PvP/WoE skill, it’s a ranged kick which gets you to your opponent’s tile instantly. But the awesomeness of this skill is that it cancels Links, One Handed Quicken, Kaahi, Kaite and Berserk Potion. Arrow also influences on this skill, a Sleep arrow for example has a small chance of leaving the target asleep when you use Flying Kick. Needed for Tumbling.
GetFlying Kick level 7.

Sprint and Spurt Status

Spurt Status is when you use Sprint Skill level 7+ and stop running right after, you’ll receive the Spurt status, which gives you +10 STR for 150 seconds if you are barehanded. Also, each skill level of Sprint increases its user’s barehanded damage by +10
Get Sprint level 10.


Awesome Skill, blocks 20% of any ranged attacks. If you are in Spurt Status, it will block 20% of other attacks as well.
Get Tumbling level 1.


Good skill, mainly in WoE where you always have a big party with you. The more members on your party, the more damage you do with your kicks, going up to +10% per Party Member.

Get Kihop level 5.


You jump:

  • Lvl 1 – 5 secs cast – 2 tiles
  • Lvl 2 – 4 secs cast – 4 tiles
  • Lvl 3 – 3 secs cast – 6 tiles
  • Lvl 4 – 2 secs cast – 8 tiles
  • Lvl 5 – 1 sec cast – 10 tiles

Don’t need to get it as TK Kid.

Happy Break

Restores your SP by a certain amount when sitting next to another Taekwon class character. Affected by your Max SP and enhanced by a +3SP each level (+30 on level 10) with the /doridori command. Doesn’t work when you are over 50% weight.
Needs it at least level 5 for Mild Wind.

Peaceful Break

Restores your HP by a certain amount when sitting next to another Taekwon Class character. Affected by your VIT and enhanced by a +30HP each level (+300 on level 10) with the /doridori command. Doesn’t work when you are over 50% weight.
Needs it at least level 5 for Mild Wind.

Mild Wind

Enchants your attack with a certain elemental property for 5 minutes. SP Consumption and property by skill level.

  • Level 1: Earth – 20sp
  • Level 2: Wind – 20sp
  • Level 3: Water – 20sp
  • Level 4: Fire – 20sp
  • Level 5: Ghost – 50sp
  • Level 6: Shadow – 50sp
  • Level 7: Holy – 50sp

Get Mild Wind level 7.

Until now, with all my skill advices you should be job level 49. The next skill point should be put at Taekwon Mission, so you can start doing your missions.
Remember, getting ranked before level 90 will only give you the ability to spam infinite kicks.

Taekwon Ranker

– The King of kicks

To turn into a Taekwon Ranker, you’ll need to do some missions and earn Rank points. Each mission gives you 1 point, and you can check the Top 10 Ranked TKs by typing /taekwon.

On each mission you will have to kill 100 certain monsters, and you can start a mission by using your skill “Taekwon Mission”. If your mission is a hard monster (Like Frus for example) you have the choice to change to another monster by spamming the skill; you’ll have 1% chance of getting another random mission.

NOTE: You can’t change a mission if you already started one (i.e. killed 1 of the required monster), so be careful when you choose your missions; I myself had a hard time killing 100 Anubises at level 8x. @[email protected]

Advantages of being ranked

  • Infinite kicks, meaning you can use ANY kick with ANY stance, and can also use a kick after another, making an infinite combo (If you have fast fingers that is. :}). This advantage can also be achieved under level 90.
  • Triple MaxHP/MaxSP. Requires level 90.
  • All skills enabled. Yes, meaning you’ll have all the kicks/instances/other skills even if you didn’t use any skill point on them. Requires level 90.

Now that you are a Ranker, it will be way easier to level up. Also, you’ll need to change keyboard every 2 months ): . Nah just kidding. But indeed you will spam a lot of kicks. I suggest you to stop a bit after 2hours or so, your hand will start hurting. Anyway.

Leveling 90~99

Now you’ll have absolutely no problem on Anubis, your flee should be high enough to flee most of their attacks and you have a huge amount of HP. Bring a buff/heal slave and you’ll do fine.

You can also party in Abbey Sanctuary, exp there is really good and the drops are nice also.

Actually TK rankers can adapt to a LOT of places. With an “okay” flee, nice STR and super HP you’ll definitely survive and kill lots of stuff. That lead us to the Stats part.


  • Your main stats are STR, AGI and VIT.
  • Secondly comes DEX.
  • LUK and INT aren’t needed on this build.

Your stats should be something like this (total with buffs and Spurt status):

  • STR: 120~140
  • AGI: 60~80 (WoE) 70~100 (PvM)
  • VIT: 70~90 (WoE) 50~80 (PvM)
  • DEX: 40~60
  • Leftovers go in INT/LUK.



  • Headgear: Feather Beret or Drooping Alice with Nightmare.
  • Armor: Odin’s Blessing(combo with Valis/Vidars)/Glittering Jacket with Marc.
  • Shield: Valk Shield with Thara.
  • Garment: Vali’s Manteau (combo) or Manteau with Raydric
  • Footgear: Vidar’s Boots (combo) or Boots with Green Ferus or Firelock (if +9)
  • Upper Headgear: Evil Wing Ears because they are cool. ):
  • Accessories: Mantis Rings, Magnum Break ring/rosary/clip/whatever, since you need to hit someone to activate a Stance, magnum helps a lot.


  • Headgear: Magni’s Cap (Combo) or Ulle’s Cap (Combo) or Spiky Band.
  • Armor: Odin’s Blessing (Combo), Slotted Pantie (Combo) with Porcellio(?).
  • Shield: Stone Buckler (Combo) with a Size Reduction card.
  • Garment: Vali’s Manteau (Combo), Slotted Undershirt (Combo) with mhmm Whisper/Raydric?
  • Footgear: Vidar’s Boots (Combo), Firelock Boots.
  • Upper Headgear: Evil Wing Ears because they are cool. ):
  • Accessories: Mantis Rings, Magnum Break ring/rosary/clip/whatever, since you need to hit someone to activate a Stance, magnum helps a lot.

Actually you can play a lot with gears, it’s just some basic information.

War of Emperium

WoE: First Edition

Your main role here is to ANNOY people. Seriously, you will not be able to solo anything else but High Wizards or other stuff with low VIT. You got a nice DPS but it’s easily out potable. No you are not immortal. No you are not an Emp Breaker.

Flying kick is your friend, the main targets are SinX’s and WS’s; they will become way less effective without link/berserk pots, but use it against other classes as well though. Also, use it to get into a Precast line and spam Heel drop + Tornado Kick on it, you won’t just annoy them, but may also kill some wizies.

Leap will help you a damn lot. Since WoE:FE got lots of portals that normal players can’t reach, you can use this to get into the Emperium room in a few seconds.

Your main kicks are:

  • 1st- Heel Drop Kick
  • 2nd- Counter Kick
  • 3rd- Tornado Kick
  • 4rd- Roundhouse Kick

Try to spam your kicks moderately. I mean, don’t just hammer your keyboard or something, the best way to get a nice combo is by timing your kicks correctly.
Always be in a party with lots of members, so Kihop will help your damage.

WoE: Second Edition

Same thing as FE but Flying Kick/Leap/Sprint doesn’t work here.

PvP is also the same thing, always Flying Kick your target before starting your combo, in some time you’ll get used to the Flying kick small delay and be able to start your kick combo right after you use it. Leap and Sprint will save your ass lots of time.
Use Magnum Break accessory against high AGI chars, stun/sleep/blind arrow with Flying Kick may help too.

You can also MVP with a TK , including Bio ones (HW and HP are easy for you), of course there are easier/faster ways of doing those, but it’s really fun.


  • Khalin, for advices and pics
  • My girlfriend, for the “Fighto fighto!” idea and the animated gifs. <3

I hope you liked this Guide. Thanks for reading.

59 Responses to “Taekwon Ranker Guide”

  1. one of the few guides on star gladitor…really good guide..

  2. Did mild wild is really necessary for a Teakwon ranker WOE?

  3. what if I will turn my taekwon ranker into a star gladiator, will it still have an infinite combos?

  4. After you change into star glaidator you can no longer do infinite combo’s lose the extra skills and the 3x hp/sp. If you going star Glaidtor never get taekwon master.

  5. Is there any way to see your progress on the missions?
    I got fabres for my first, haha.

  6. @Snakebite,

    Just use the Taekwon Mission skill again, it will show you the % of the current mission.

    As for how many have you killed, well, that you have to keep track of it yourself.

  7. ok

  8. D: how do I get an arrow equiped?

    I drag the arrow to the equip window and nothing happens

  9. [quote]aditya ravi, on September 17th, 2008 at 2:53 pm Said:

    one of the few guides on star gladitor…really good guide..


    Taekwon ranker= not taekwon master…

    Did you even read his guide?… SGs cannot use kicks and they become useslees once you switch, same goes for the taekwon mission…

  10. how many points needed?

  11. Another extra something I noticed playing with a TKkid:
    It seems comboing ranked kicks are faster with two correct duos of kicks… If I remember correctly, Tornado+Counter and Round+Heel.
    In other words, if you cancel Tornado with Counter, then Counter with Tornado and repeating, the combo is faster.
    This one is totally uncomfirmed, but it worked for me and I guess it’s worth the try… :/

  12. isnt a taekwon master the same as a star gladiator?

  13. help me please…my star gladiator have blind prob..every time i login is blinded…how to make it not blind?

  14. taekwon mision until how much % is this??
    100%? or 200%?
    if 100% where i must report it?
    sorry 4 my bad english

  15. @??????????:
    Read the guide pplz!!! “Taekwon Ranker” is the name of the normal Taekwon that dedicates to ranking with the skill “Taekwon Mission” instead of increasing job level. They are similar to Super Novices, only difference the “Rankers” reach full power by killing 100 target monsters, gaining points, and having more points than other players, not by changing jobs.

    This is NOT a SG guide. But, anyway, in order to gain the skill “Solar, Stellar and Lunar Shadow”, increasing your ASPD, you must sacrifice your own vision. The skill itself only activates at job level 50, and you will be blinded as long as you have the skill (if you can’t reset, that means forever).

    What the…? Sorry, but that’s no “bad english”. That was terrible, dude.

  16. hi all.i got a problem.My taekwon-do got stuck on mission. my problem started when i’ve to kill 100 eremes to complete the mission.and thats insane because biolab is damn hard and full of mob.so i keep spamming the skill taekwon mission, next monster i got is giant hornet,and i keep spamming until got zombie prisoner.but suddenly my mission stuck.although i’ve kill the monster needed in mission, it still stuck on 0%.can anyone explain this?

  17. @TKGeneral:
    Well, that happens sometimes. Probably this “Zombie Prisioner” you got is a MvP Mob OR an event/quest monster. Anyway, you can’t find him at normal circumstances, and it’s not the same monster you can find at our everyday dungeons. You’ll have to spam TKMission again… :/

  18. What do you mean by arrows, just by being in your inventory? because TK cant equip arrows

  19. can ia ask you where i can do taekwon master quest?

  20. if i change SL or SG…..
    my hp / sp / stats and skill r back to normal??

  21. Yes, your hp and stats and skills will go back to how they would be if you were never ranked.

  22. i’d like to know how much points taekwon needs to become ranker…

  23. tae kwon do rules!!!!! but this characters dont use dobok xD

  24. can taekwon equip weapon? any?

  25. wat is the max hp if the tdk ranker lv99 and vit is 99?????

  26. I’m new for here sry for asking silly question .
    wht eq suit taekwon job ? Is tht only the eq tht suit all profession only can be wear for taekwon ?

  27. sry…
    whre i can put arrow for flying kick?

  28. Stalker can, not taekwon, due to their bow skills and thief ancestry.

  29. Just to sum up what people have been asking, the amount of points needed to become a Taekwon ranker depends entirely on the server you play, in order to be a ranker you need to be in the top 10 rankers on your server, on most servers you can type /ranker to see the top 10 and it will show you how many times you need to do it in order to become a ranker.

  30. so whats you means is for every monster you kill through taekwon missin you get stronger by bonus stats??

  31. sorry I mean for every taekwon mission you complete you get stronger by having bonus stats??

  32. do i need to activate the stance skill first or does it activate by itself?
    hehe got dustiness as my first

  33. i need to know something about tk ranker
    does the skill (taekwon mission) still working when i reach 99 lvl? because i couldn’t get any % when i reach that lvl

  34. @wolfie, i think your killing the wrong monster (probly one that isnt spawned normally, or a pet) this happens from time to time on p.servers, specially mid-high-shigh sones

  35. I’d love to see an MVP guide for TK Rankers, though it’s really quite simple as to how you’d use your TK

  36. for mvping, its quite simple really. you need a priest with high dex and a bard w/ bragi and apples song. you either have the priest spam SW while you kick it to death, or have the priest spam KE. since TKrs have lots of hp, KE will become much more effective. a properly geared and well stated TK will have around 30k MHP w/ apples on. leading a KE w/ 9k hp block. whether you spam the KE or SW is completely dependent on the mvp your killing. if it has a large mob summon like
    GTB or dracula use KE, otherwise use SW. simply put, they are very similar to zerk knights mvping. they dish out lots an are capable of doing the same.

  37. WHEN will i be able to enjoy the benefits of being a ranker? when i become the top 10 taekwon? or when i reach a certain amount of points?

  38. You will receive the benefits when you become one of the top 10 Taekwons.

  39. uhm… what if i still dont belong in the top 10 and im lvl 90\1 already can i still spam kicks?

  40. I have read that every time you complete a mission you get bonus stats, is it true or you will only get the indicated bonuses of the skill(that is if your 1 of the top10 rankers)?

  41. Pretty good guide but as a ranker i suggest becoming a ranker before working on to becoming lvl 90. I didnt lvl up 1 time without working on my mission and when i became a ranker i was lvl 86 and then i could spam kicks to get to lvl 90..

    1-You do not get bonus points/ stats just cuz you do missions thats bull.
    2- you cannot spam kicks unless you are a ranker. that is the point of being a ranker. at lvl 90 you get 3X hp and sp
    3- depending on your server will depend on how many points you need to be a ranker
    4- you put on a stance skill and it stays on and then there is a chance of going into the stance while you are kicking normally. once ur a ranker you can do any kick out of any stance.
    5- if you plan on being a ranker do not switch to star gladiator or soul linker because then you cannot be a rancker.. as soon as you switch you will not be able to do missions anymore.. and if you are a ranker and switch you will not be a ranker any more.. and you time will be waisted.
    6-you can use some type of sword but then that defeats the point of being a tk..

    Last of all that is some good equipment but i am a ranker with a vit str agil build. and i have the goibilns set and i have 50k+ health and with my agil i do not get hit that often and if i do i have 50k health to back me up

  42. do i need to have 90points in taekwon mission?

    im lvl 90 and i have 0 taekwon mission points…

  43. It depends on your server..

    Type in /taekwon on ur server.. look at the 10th guy on the list.. you need to get 1 more point then that guy to be a ranker.. Like i said it depends all on your server.

    it could be 100. could be 50. only you can find out

  44. YO!!!! Dalestroyer!!! just do the mission!!! i know it sucks!!! but ones you become at least top 10. Its gonna be FUN!!!!

  45. Q>how many hp ill gain for every % of missions i got started yesterday and ive got 2 points and my hp still stuck in 17k no changes…please help me

  46. but my level is 99 help me please

  47. Need attention~!
    i have done read this guide, and its really help me alot with my tk ranker. But im confusing with the arrow part..anyone know bout that? i mean, in what connection did arrow effecttive with flying kick? blur blur~

    Thx in advance

  48. @TKHector you stupid fool, can you even read? Mark the 2nd point of what Oliver Queen said.

  49. Hi,

    Great guide, and nice details by Oliver Queen /no1.
    Got a question for you all…. i only have tornado kick/stance for leveling also flying kick/tumbling but seldom use. so whats the best kick before becoming a ranker?
    kudos to all

  50. Nice guide, it really helps me
    But I still have one question about TK ranker
    Well let say I could managed to be the number tenth rank with 10 points and I stop doing mission.
    And one day someone else got 11 points and take me down to rank 11, will I still got the TK ranker advantages?
    Or I have to catch em up again to be one of the ten to be TK ranker?

    Thank you before

  51. @valdos vladimir

    You have to catch them again by 1 point i’m afraid..
    playing TK is fun.. just think of it as grinding for the TK mission..
    and also spam the skill until you got the monster that spawn instantly or shortly..

    and just following the guide said i only do 1 kick (tornado)+stance..
    right now i still lack 33 points to be ranked.. but still this class is enjoyable..
    (desperately speaking)

  52. when you have a shield, is that considered barehanded or not?

    because in your eq guide u have a shield in it..

    Tnx.. :D

  53. @allen it’s still count as barehanded.. Because the shield will not affect the atk attribute..

  54. am i still need to prepare item to change job to taekwon master if my job level is 50

  55. Nice Guide

    @GreenGale, please watch your tongue he’s just asking for help

    @TKHector, it depends on your server some rankers are way off too far to reach :)

  56. if u get enough points to be like the 10th taekwon ranker in the server and after someone takes ur place, will u still be able to spam kicks ?

  57. if i reset my skills, i will lost all my rank point?

  58. Nice guide… worth it :)

  59. thank you, this guide still guides someone like me who first time user for TK.

    but, you said ‘you can use any kicks with any stances’ I dont think it was true.

    Tried only activate 1 stance , but tried with any kicks wont work.

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