Speedy Speed Potion Guide

The Speed Pot Quest:


Speed Potions increase movement speed for a short period of time.

They are useful for escaping or catching up to enemies. They are also great to use during War of Emperium.

This is a Map of Lighthalzen, Location 1 (top: 240, 216), Location 2 (middle: 220, 169), and Location 3 (bottom: 164, 127).

Pickpocket NPC Locations

This is the NPC that you will walk by to start a dialog. The NPC name is Suspicious Guy.


Each character that wishes to buy speed pots must have the NPC “pick pocket” them for various amounts of zeny (10-200z) at one of the locations 1 or 2 until he warps off the screen. You will have to let him “pick pocket” you until you catch him and he escapes to location 3 (there is a 1/3 chance of success).

He will only be at one location at a time. If you can catch him “pick pocket” you at location 3, he will have no where to escape (there is a 1/5 chance of success). He will then sell you your choice of 1, 2 or 3 speed potions for 15,000 zeny each.

*If you have 0 Zeny, he will still pick-pocket you and warp off screen, costing you nothing. So get your money to buy speed pots AFTER you have warped him away from location 1 or 2.*

*Make Sure to get your money before going to Location 3, Speed Potions cost 15,000 zeny each. This quest is repeatable*

The slow way to get speed pots is to be pick-pocketed at location 1 until he warps away, then at location 2, and repeat until he appears at location 3. Then you run down to location 3 and buy the potions. You can only buy three (3) potions at one time. Once you buy potions he will warp back to location 1 and/or location 2. The warping is not consistent. Often he will jump between location 1 and 2 repeatedly, without going to location 3.

Three people are needed for the most efficient way to get speed pots. Ask any woe active members, or your guild-master (who should always want more), to come with you. There is a good reason for 3 people to go at once. Otherwise it takes forever and involves a lot of running between the three spots. If you bring more than three people, more than one person can buy the speed pots at once.

The Fast Way:

If you have only 3 people: One person standing at Location 1 (with 0 zeny), a second person at Location 2 (with 0 zeny), and the Third is given all the money and buys all the pots at Location 3. That person will split the pots 3 ways between all three players when finished. Obviously, bring only close friends. You can only buy a Maximum of Three (3) potions at a time and only at Location 3. If you enter 4 or more when buying Speed Potions, you will get None. After buying the potions, the NPC will warp off screen and must be bribed off Locations 1 and 2 with more pick-pocketing. Then you can buy at Location 3 again.

If you have 4 or more people: Make sure that everyone has been pick-pocketed at either starting location. Have 1 player on each Location 1 and 2. The Third Location will have the other 2-5 people. When the NPC appears at Location 3, walk by him to get the dialog, but Do Not Buy Speed Pots Yet. Use the insert key to sit without leaving chat with the NPC. Once everyone has entered chat with the NPC they will all be sitting, at this point you can buy a Maximum of Three (3) potions at a time. If you enter 4 or more you will get NONE. The NPC will warp off screen and must be bribed off Locations 1 and 2 with more pick-pocketing. Then you can buy at Location 3 again. All the people that start a chat with the NPC before he warps away will be allowed to buy speed pots.

If you can run more than one game client at once: you can set up a character at each Location, or multiple characters at Location 3.

The more people you have on Location 3 the faster you can get speed pots. I highly encourage going in large groups and stocking up as much as you can.

~Thanks to ratemyserver.net, my primary research source for all things RO related.

~Thanks to the guild, for always listening to each other and working together to get speed pots quickly.

~Thanks to Limitless RO for being spectacular!

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  1. Is it available in all server?

  2. It should be, unless the quest was deliberately removed by the server owner. However, some servers do not allow speed potions in war of emperium.

  3. it should be available in all RO server eg like NLRO … Dark Ro especially

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