Common Buying and Selling Etiquette

Hi everyone. I dont know is this considered as a guide or anything. But i would just like to start a thread about etiquette that comes into buying and selling in RO. I dont know did someone already have something similar up already? because i still see alot of people do this.

Selling etiquettes:
1) When you sell don’t ask buyers to PM you deals or prices. Have you ever been to a grocery store where the cashier ask you how much a box of cereal is? No.. so don’t do it. Always put up your own price first. Because it should be the buyers choosing the sellers not the seller choosing the buyers.
2) Never overprice. It’s bad for the economy and it will just make people dissaprove of your sense of numbers
3) Don’t underprice either. It will make the value of the item decrease and its also bad for the economy.
4) Let your buyers bargain.. and always assume that they will bargain.
5) Make sure you know the market yourself, so that when a buyer bargains they won’t bargain too low.
6) Try to give your customer an extra service by thanking them (this goes for vending as well)

Buying etiquettes:
1) Make sure you know the market of the item you want to buy
2) Always shop around or ask around a little before considering who to buy from
3) Always bargain
4) Don’t ever over cut the price
5) Be nice about it when you are bargaining. The better you let the seller feel the lower they will be willing to drop the price

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  1. People really should start following this.
    Sometimes it may occur that or the server is still fresh or no one has the item. When you want to sell that item, you should make your price by the difficulty you had to obtain the item (aka the item’s rarity). For example: You were the first one to drop a Burning Bow from a Kasa and it took like 400 monsters to drop. You won’t really make it cheap.

    Another thing that bothers me is the number 1 on your list. I love having people say the price they wanna pay. Sometimes when you announce you’re selling something (telling people to make their offers) and get THOUSANDS of whispers you have a HIGH probability of finding someone who is willing to buy the item and WILL pay a price lot higher than you expected.
    Not being rude but Ragnarok isn’t real life so the grocery store won’t match. This is called merchanting.

    Underpricing might seem bad for the economy but sometimes you simply have to do it. When there are lots of people selling them and people don’t seem to be buying it, making the item a few (or more than a few) thousands of Zennies lower might just get you a buyer.

    I don’t really like your “Always bargain”. Buyers probably like it but sellers DON’T (most of them actually). If I state the price of an item for 200k, I really WANT 200k for it. I could make for 19xk but nothing less. Sometimes when the buyer is really persistent, I simply don’t sell for him.

    Hope I could give out my opinion clearly =]

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