A Few Important Things That Aspiring Priests Should Know

Okay, well to begin, my name is Laurie and I’ll be your tutor for the remainder of this little helpbook. I won’t be divulging complete character builds (stats OR skills) and I won’t be giving you an equipment list that you need. That’s for lazy people. All this guide will contain is a little basic knowledge that should help you along your way to becoming a better Priest.

First of all, and my friends, I cannot stress this point enough. Forget your party members. Now, after reading that, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Well, this guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” in which case I simply ask; what good is a healer if the healer is dead? So the name of the game is to keep yourself alive. YOU take priority. You are the Captain, the King and the Queen. You are the life of everyone else in your party, so don’t go acting reckless until you’ve much more experience in handling yourself.

Second, and this might seem a tad contradictive to the first point, Be in the thick of the fight. All I mean by this, is that if you’re standing too far back, then you can’t help the people at the front. I DON’T mean run up and attack things (unless you’re a battle Priest, of which I have incredibly limited experience with) because you’ll probably just die.

Third, Always look to the right. See those symbols on the right of the screen? Those are your positive effects (buffs) and your negative effects (de-buffs). If you make sure to always buff up your party members at the same time as yourself, you’ll have a good idea when they need re-buffing too.

Fourth, Don’t forget your bling. And by bling, I mean your blue gemstones. Now for those new players, I’ll explain. Blue Gemstones are an item that is important for Priests, as it is required for Resurrection, Sanctuary, Safety Wall (which is essentially useless really, unless you’re being crazy and using Magnus) and Magnus Excorcismus. Blue Gemstones are your lifeblood.

Fifth, disregard that last sentence. I hope you like Honey. Honey, children. That and Grape Juice. Get to know it. Cherish it, because you will be using a hell of a lot of it. They both restore SP (what is needed for skill use) and in the case of Honey, some hp as well. You could also use Royal Jelly, which has the added benefit of curing nasty status effects like Blind.

Sixth, and this is as much attribute advice I’ll be giving you, Needs moar smartypantness. Yes indeed, intelligence is the main prerequisite to a helpful support Priest. Intelligence determines Magical Attack intensity (which directly affects the strength of your Holy Light and Magnus Excorcismus) and Magical Defense. Oh, also Dexterity is a helpful idea if you plan on using any cast time skills, such as Magnus, Increase Agility, Turn Undead or Resurrection (below level 4).

So, that’s all folks. All you need to become a competent Priest is contained within the text above. To become a great Priest, you need to develop your own style. Using someone else’s playing style could be called stagnation. Which is why there was general shock and outrage at the first person to create the template which is now known as “Battle Priest”. So, follow my tips if you wish, if not, that’s okay. I’m just here to offer advice. <3

Your very helpful (and incredibly handsome) Priestalicious friend, Laurie.

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  1. “Safety Wall (which is essentially useless really,”

    I’d advise all new players to NOT read this “guide”.
    First off, you didn’t specify what scenario this priest is in.
    WoE, PvP, MvP, PvM?

    Second of all, your second point, doesn’t just “seem” contradictory. It IS contradictory; forget your party members, so you’ll survive, then stand in the middle of the battle to help.
    Great guide.

    Someone please delete this misleading guide.

  2. I don’t mean to be rude, but there’s just way too much I disagree with.
    Follow the first point and you’ll never get a party,there are quite a lot of times when you have to risk yourself for the sake of the party.
    Also I don’t think you need to worry too much about your SP either,that’s why you got magnificat and sp recovery. Buying or farming honeys is just a waste of time or zeny.
    As for SW,it is usefull especialy during WoE for saving the emp and other players.
    Heal is determined directly by your INT and not magical attack.
    Once again,don’t follow this guide…

  3. Haha! Well, I understand most of it, really.

    1. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore your party entirely. It simply means that you have to survive as much as you can once you opponents start hitting you. Remember that in PvP/WoE, priests are often one of the first targets. Playing hero just wouldn’t cut it since it deprives your party of a support member, unless you’re pretty sure they can handle themselves.

    2. Likewise, when you are trying to keep your distance, if you’re too far away from your main party, you’re just as useless as being dead.

    So in the end, if your opponents start hitting you, then it’s time to use your skills and potions to heal yourself and retreat, but keep your distance so you could keep an eye with your party.

    Another important thing to note I’d like to add though. You should also keep an eye on your opponents and not just your party. When you know who you’re dealing with, you can use your arsenal to counter them. For example, if your opponents are mainly ranged attackers, use Pneuma on your party.

  4. Okay well, first off, this is for an MvP/PvM Priest. Secondly, and I’d like to thank Clips for having enough brains to understand the first two points of the above piece of writing. Also, I would like to point out that I never meant for this to be a ‘guide’. I just said its a few tips that players could follow. And if you also actually read the thing, I do point out that each player should develop their own style, so if you disagree with anything in the above piece, that’s fine, no need to get all rude about it. If I say that Safety Wall is essentially useless, that’s my opinion. And consequently, if people reading this find that it suits their playing style to have it, then they’re developing their own instead of adhering to mine…also EXACTLY what I said people should do. Also, in response to one of Dr4g0n – Lexis’ remarks; any support Priest worth their salt will probably be put into a situation where they are the only Priest in a large party, usually consisting of multiple tanks (Crusaders/Knights and their transcendent equivalents) and a LOT of healing/buffing will be necessary, usually without much time for sitting and recovering, even with the bonuses from Magnificat and SP Recovery. So no, obtaining Honey is not a waste of time; it could very well save the lives of all of the party, after all what good is a Priest that has no SP? (also updated the thing about Magic Attack affecting Heal, directed an experiment, and you were right)

  5. Well sorry if I misunderstood something, but if you are playing in a big party then there are usually more priests and a prof. Also safety wall isn’t a style, it is needed in WoE, because what will you do if there is a sinx breaking the emp and u can’t do anything just sit and watch?
    Anyway about the honey, it’s really up to the player, however you won’t need it that much.

  6. Well…if the Sin X has brains at all, he’ll kill the Priest first =/

  7. Well I play an FS PvM priest ._.
    And only have 70 int and I keep my party alive.
    It’s no good if you have no Vit to keep yourself alive.
    A priest with no vit would just die all too often.
    But I guess it all depends on how good your equips are.

  8. I suggest removing the “useless” comment of Safety Wall, or add an comment that it’s basically just your opinion and that players can freely use it whenever they choose.

  9. SW great skill in PvM,PvP and WoE, so honestly I have no idea where you got “SW is useless” from. Quite obvious you need more experience with a HP before you go teaching everyone how to noob it up with HP and recieve a hell lot of flaming.

  10. sw is great in many sutuations but i really do think its a style i only got mine at lvl 3 with all ther other buffs to get and some magnus just in case i never even used sw once since i got it i agree with laurie

  11. Chris2Pro are you stupid?
    Laurie said a few posts up that this WAS NOT intended as a guide and that this was her OPINION on what a priest should have and having read that note people with half a brain would have realised that people dont have to follow this it is mearly something you can develop into your own style as she recommends to the reader.

  12. @Laurie: Well, in the middle of woe, trying to kill a hp with people trying to kill me at sinx = stupid, i would just equip a pneuma clip and let’s go to emp with al reduces on. I would only kill the possible people that could kill me and ignore the others since i could pot the dmg while breaking. Then if after some secs the safety wall > pneuma, i would grim the hp to hell.

  13. Yeah the Guide really helped some of the aspiring priests because now we know that safety wall is not really a safe place (hahaha) and though i collect some of Blue Gemstones( the ones that are needed for the skill to work) i now know tht im going to stop collecting them hahahaha!!!!!

  14. Is like a reminder, so its okey, and for those who think the first point is contraditory, there is always resurrection, so unless you are under sacrifice of a paladin, you HAVE to stay alive, at least one priest, so everyone else can be resurrected.
    And nowadays, for High Priests, Int isn’t a SOOOO needed atribute anymore, unless you use magical attacks. Take a tour thought HP skills and you will see that you don’t need that much int anymore for your healings.

  15. a little comment about the sinx attacking emp… if you buff him with aspersio you could get a little time for you or your party (holy 1 x holy 1 = miss) – til the sinx change back the element… and if is a player using frenzy (berserk), he won’t change back the element… then you use angeling card in armor and you won’t die too (against him… hahaha)
    i’ve played a lot of time in high rate servers with custom 4 slotted headgear (upper, middle and lower too), so this strategy may be a little unusual…
    i hope i could help someone…

    p.s.: with 4 slots in headgear you can make a really amazing heal: bacsojin card x 12 = +360% (heal, sanctuary and potion pitcher)
    p.s.²: in my server, high rate, lv 254/130, max stats 250 —-> heal > 200k (displays 28k, but is a lot more)

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