Hugel Monster Race Guide

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Okay, I’m gonna share a guide about the Hugel Monster Race. Please note that it might not be available on all servers.

First you have to go to Hugel town, located at the far northeastern of the Ragnarok world.

When arrive in Hugel, go south, and to the south west (lower left) of Hugel, there will be 2 npcs:

Eckar Ellebird – Single Monster Race

Eckar Erenes – Double Monster Race


Single Monster Race and Double Monster Race cost 2000 zeny to enter one of them. Difference is that you bet on 1 monster in Single and bet on 2 monster in Double. The prize is also difference, but I haven’t found out the prize differences yet. Need to take NOTE that you need to wait 5 minutes between each race.

When you enter one of the race you want, go to Ticket Helper near where you got in. (If the Ticket Helper is not there it means the race has already started or has already ended).

And then choose which monster you want. As it is now, I haven’t found out the effect of LUK and HP of each monster for winning chance. Wait for the race to begin and have fun :D

Don’t forget to bring friends here and cheer your monster xD
After the race ended, if you win go to Medal Distributor to change your ticket for medals.

Please NOTE that you only have 5 minutes to exchange your ticket for medals.

And then exit from here :D

If you have sufficient number medals, trade them here for items (at NPC Wayne)

Lists of Trade-able Items for Marvelous Medal at Wayne:
[# of medal needed] – [ name of item, only 1 can be chosen] (# of item gained)
1 unit – Hinalle Leaflet (2), Aloe Leaflet (2), Mastela Fruit (1), Witch Starsand (5), OR Red Slim Potion (4)
3 units – Royal Jelly (1) OR Holy Water (6)
7 units – Cookie Bag (1) OR First Aid Kit (1)
8 units – Gift Box (1)
16 units – Old Blue Box (1)
25 units – Set of Taming Item (1)
42 units – Old Purple Box (1)
59 units – Poring Box (1) The guide ends here.

Have fun Racing your monster :D ~

Made by Healing Priest

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  1. Nothing to say but,
    Quite fun:~)

  2. when the race is begin?

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