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First, you need the taming item, such as unripe apple(poring) and orange juice(drops).

Then find the monster, click the taming item in your item window, and your mouse pointer will become like an oval ( like when using a skill) . CAREFULLY click on the monster. If you click on ground, you’ll just waste it.

After you click it, a slot machine will appear in the middle of your screen. click the slot machine. If you’re lucky, that monster will disappeared, turning to an egg, and you’ll get the egg.

Tips : It’s easier to catch Aggressive monster such as earth petit using mage class . You need frost diver . Freeze the monster, and catch it. And if you’re a hunter, trap it, and catch it.


You’ll need 1 Pet Incubator. You can buy it from some NPCs, or get it from eggyras.

Use the pet incubator, choose the egg you want to hatch, and the pet will hatch.


Awkward / Very Shy ->Shy->Neutral->Cordial->Loyal

When a pet is hatch, the intimacy level is Shy.

Pet can talk and usefull when it’s intimacy level is loyal.


Very hungry->Hungry->Neutral->Satisfied->Stuffed

When you feed you’re pet, it’s intimacy level will go up.


don’t wait until it’s hunger level is Very Hungry. It’s intimacy level will dropped.

If you feed the pet too often, it’ll DIE.


Don’t forget to equip you’re pet’s accessory so you’re pet able to use it’s skill. It will also randomly help you attack when you are in battle if your pet is equipped with its accessory.


[Monster-taming item-food-accessory-pet ability when accessory is equiped]

PORING-Unripe Apple-Apple Juice-Backpack-Looting (Capacity: 10 items)

DROPS-Orange Juice-Yellow Herb-Backpack-Looting (Capacity: 10 items)

POPORING-Bitter Herb-Green Herb-Backpack-Looting (Capacity: 15 items)

CHONCHON-Rotten Fish-Pet Food-Monster Oxygen Mask-Agi +4 for 10 sec every 50 sec

STEEL CHONCHON-Rusty Iron-Iron Ore-Monster Oxygen Mask-Agi & Vit +4 for 20 sec every 40 sec

HUNTER FLY-Monster Juice-Red Gemstone-Monster Oxygen Mask-10% chance of casting wind property attack with 2×444 damage

ROCKER-Singing Flower-Pet Food-Rocker Glasses-All stats +1 for 10 sec every 50 sec

MUNAK-No Recipient-Pet Food-Punisher-10% chance of casting undead property attack with 1×444 damage

BONGUN-Her Heart-Pet Food-Grave Keeper Sword-Chance of casting undead property attack with 1×555 damage

PICKY-Earthworm The Dude-Red Herb-Tiny Egg Shell-Str +3 for 10 sec every 50 sec

PECO PECO- Fatty Chubby Earthworm-Pet Food- Battered Pot-Increase walking speed by 25% for 20 sec every 20 sec (meaning all the time)

LUNATIC-Rainbow Carrot-Carrot Juice-Silk Ribbon-Luk +3 for 10 sec every 50 sec

DOKEBI-Old Broom-Pet Food-Wig-10% chance of casting Hammer Fall Level 1

BAPHOMETjr-Book Of The Devil-Honey-Skull Helm-5% chance of casting undead property attack with 1776 damage

ISIS-Armlet Of Obidience-Pet Food-Queen’s Hair Ornament-cast Magnificat level 2 when master HP & SP lower than 50%, with a 60 sec cast delay

EARTH PETIT-Shining Stone-Pet Food- Stellar Hairpin-10% chance of casting Heaven’s Drive with 500 damage

DEVIRUCHI-Contract In Shadow-Shoot-Pacifier-Agi, Dex, Str +6 for 20 sec every 40 sec

BABY DESERT WOLF-Well Dried Bone-Pet Food- Transparent Head Protector-chance of casting Provoke Level 1 on enemy

ALICE-Soft Apron-Pet Food- none (may not be available on all servers)-cast Heal Level 5 when master HP is lower than 25%, with a 60 sec cast delay

ORC WARRIOR-Orc Trophy-Pet Food- Wild Flower-10% chance of doing an ignore target defense attack with 100 damage

SPORE-Dew Laden Moss-Pet Food-Bark shorts-cure poison every 60 sec

POISON SPORE-Deadly Noxious Herb-Pet Food-Bark Shorts-10% chance of casting Poison on enemy during battle

SAVAGE BEBE-Sweet Milk-Pet Food- Green Lace-Vit +4 for 10 sec every 50 sec

SOHEE-Sliver Knife Of Chastity-Pet Food-Golden Bell-Heals master 400 HP when master HP is below 33%, with a cast delay of 60 sec

SMOKIE-Sweet Potato-Pet food-Red Scarf-Allow master to use ‘perfect hide’ (Hiding skill where no monster can detect you except boss type monster.)

Yoyo-Tropical Banana-Banana Juice-Monkey Circlet-Looting (Capacity: 20 items)

ZEALOTUS / ZHERLTHSH-Forbidden Red Candle-Immortal Heart- none-Small chance to cast Sonic Blow level 1

CHRISTMAS GOBLIN-Sweet Candy Cane-Scell- none -Small chance to cast Sight

That’s all. Have fun !

Guide made by : Plain White

(Modified by Staff)

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  1. this is for all servers eathena?? or only in some?

  2. If you have a recent Server, You can add on the Pets :
    Goblins 1,2,3,4 ; Wanderer ; and Diabolic

  3. i just suggest that you will feed your pet on neutral because it will have a chance that the intimacy level will go down..

  4. dosn’t your pet’s intimacy drop if your char dies?

  5. nobody knows my question?

  6. >>dosn’t your pet’s intimacy drop if your char dies?
    yup2..this also same goes to homoculus,if im not mistaken

  7. ok thanks

  8. @@ yup2..this also same goes to homoculus,if im not mistaken
    m0st servers dun dr0p the h0mun intimacy when the char dies

  9. @Eshiri: Homunculus intimacy does NOT drop when the character dies. It only drops if the homunculus is overfed, underfed (starved), or uses an attack that sacrifices intimacy.

  10. hey uh.. my pet was cordial.. and i was waiting for it to “get hungry” and its status dropped to nuetral?

    can someone plz explain why?

  11. theres only one suggestion that i have… catch a pet easier you have to get its hp as low as possible before trying to catch it…it will give you a better chance of catching.and app it drops because when you feed it on nuetral it has achance of gaining loyalty and it will lose that lolaytly easier unlees it is completly loyal.

  12. So what… do you feed it when its neutral? ( When the intimacy is loyal) just so i can keep it to its status?

  13. Yes. It loyalty will dwindle if it stay hungry for too long.

  14. how to equip accessory onto the pet??? does the pet’s loyalty has any effect??

  15. anybody knows if i get a new pet.. would the intimacy lvl of my previous pet go down when i get a new pet? or would it go down if kept it in an egg for too long?

  16. I would like to ask if anybody knows when will a poring will start its skill, i mean when will it start looting and how do you get the things it loots? or do you know if your pet do level-up? because there is a level indication which says that your pet’s level is 1. thanks.

  17. At what servers are the pet skills implemented? Or what patch, rather? Because I would love for my pet to help in battle, though I have yet to see these wonderful skills take effect.

    Like Enkie’s question, for the poring, if it ever loots anything, how do you take its load off? And for the pets that provide skills, like Smokie, how do you activate it?

    An answer would be greatly appreciated.


  19. the pet level depends on your level. it levels up every ten levels that you have.

    they can only attack when they’re loyal after a cirtan number of hits. they’re really weak though; don’t count on them in battle. its just fun when you make then attack a monster, hide, and then use @pettalk on the first person to walk in

    take off the load by pressing “performance”, and it’ll spit everything out.

    now my question… does this work on all servers?

  20. As I know, when a poring picks up an item, the item automatically goes into your inventory. I’m not sure how to activate its skill though. Apparently, my poring just suddenly started picking up items. Maybe it’s automatic or after you equip backpack.

  21. erm…
    i hatc a homoculus…
    if stone of sage doesnt work 4 evolve…wha else can i do 4 evolve?

  22. if u walk a lot will your pet get hungry??

  23. your wrong, u need it to be neutral to feed, and, at loyal your pet attacks

  24. if ur pet’s intamcy is neutral is that the time that u will feed your pet every 5 minutes… pet is poporing…and i have read that it will get hungry in every 5 minutes

  25. How do I equip an accesory onto my pet?

  26. how does a pet level up???? or Does it level up???

  27. make sure your pet has the right accesory to equip..

    if you have the right accesory, just double click it

  28. where can i get the taming item for :

    wanderer = vagabond skull
    diabolic = red burning stone
    deleter = holy marble
    goblins = goblin ring
    christmas goblin = sweet candy cane

    thanks before for everyone who gives the answers…

  29. ARE the ‘pet skills’ available on the offical servers like iRO Chaos / Loki and Valkyrie, too?

    Or are those skills only on private servers?

  30. its available in iRO too…

    by the way is there no one who knows the answers of my previous question…

    i really need if someone knows can you please share it with me..

  31. MY baby desert wolf has an intimacy Loyal but it did not cast provoke not evn once….. Y?

  32. Couple Q’s~
    1. Neutral is the best time to feed forsure?
    2. if i lvl a pet up with one char then trade it to my next toon?
    3. Does it retain its loyalty to the next char?
    4. How does the smokie hide skill work? in the skill tree when hes loyal or what?
    5. and lastly.. what are some tips to catching pets.. i allready use a wiz and monster prop lets me know when their at 1-5 hp. anything else?
    :P thx

  33. 1. Neutral is the best time to feed forsure?
    2. if i lvl a pet up with one char then trade it to my next toon?
    3. Does it retain its loyalty to the next char?
    4. How does the smokie hide skill work? in the skill tree when hes loyal or what?
    5. and lastly.. what are some tips to catching pets.. i allready use a wiz and monster prop lets me know when their at 1-5 hp. anything else?
    :P thx

    1) Go ahead and feed the pet at neutral. It doesn’t really matter if you wait for hungry or not. Just make sure you don’t feed them before they hit neutral or lower.
    2/3)Yes, your pet will retain loyalty even if you trade it to another character
    4)The smokie hide only provides perfect hide, aka you can’t be detected by insects or demons. It doesn’t give you the skill. You have to either be a thief or get the card which enables use of hide lv 1
    5) Best thing to do is beat the daylights out of the monster and drop its hp to the lowest possible value you can without killing it. Its all relative so with a poring try to get it to 1-10 hp, a succubus or Zealotus on the other hand you’ll be looking to drop them below 500. I can’t back this up, but it seems luck does have some effect, my crit sin X appears to have a higher catch rate than my other characters. Other than that just pray it works.

  34. Hi! I have a hunterfly pet with an oxygen mask accessory equipped. Its currently shy, and I have a few enquiries.
    1) would it attack or must i feed it to loyalty first?
    2) does the hunterfly attack when i physical melee something?
    3) If it does attack would it do the 2×444 dmg all the time and have a 10% of casting a wind property attack? Or does the hunterfly jutst have a 10% chance of attacking and it doesn’t always attack?

    Thank you so much!
    I’d really appreciate the help ^_^

  35. All those three thing depend on server setting.
    // When the master attacks a monster, whether or not the pet will also attack. (Note 1)
    pet_attack_support: no

    // When the master receives damage from the monster, whether or not the pet attacks back. (Note 1)
    pet_damage_support: no

    // Whether or not the pet’s will use skills. (Note 1)
    // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or
    // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking).
    pet_status_support: no

    // Rate at which a pet will support it’s owner in battle. (Note 2)
    // Affects pet_attack_support & pet_damage_support.
    pet_support_rate: 100

    It would be wiser to ask your Admin. The melee is set to no by default, the skill to yes per default

    All of them require loyal status to activate.

  36. **The skill to no per default. My bad.

  37. How much time it would take for a Zealotus to lower its hunger from satisfied to neutral?

  38. how to equip an accesory to homunculus

  39. Here’s a little answers to questions that have been asked and some that haven’t.

    -Each pet has a set chance of being caught. They are not pokemons, dropping their hp does not help. Freezing them might be a good idea just because they move. Also, nor luk nor dex will help. In fact, nothing you ever do will affect the chance. It is like cooking.

    -The pet’s equips are in your inventory, with the regular accesories, except the pet’s weigh 0, as do pet eggs. When you have a pet (released, aka not in its egg) and double-click its equip, it will be equiped. If you return the pet to egg the equip may be lost or not, depending on the server config.

    -All pets start in “shy” intimacy. It drops if you starve it, overfeed it, die, take off their equip or return it to egg. Depending on the server, giving them their equip may or may not give it a set extra intimacy and/or increase the intimacy gain rate. Please note that in any case the intimacy gained will be lower than the intimacy lost, that is, you cannot bring it to loyal by putting the equip on and off; you’ll only lose your pet (i saw it happen once). Intimacy grows with the time spent above “hungry” state. The “hungry” state does not damage intimacy, but it also does not grow there, so the best time to feed is between normal and hungry. “Very hungry” causes intimacy to drop at a fixed rate, and feeding in “satisfied” or “loyal” causes a fixed damage to intimacy. Killing a strong monster may or may not increase the pet’s intimacy, again depending on server config. Lastly, as said, returning a pet to egg status causes a fixed lose of intimacy. It is to be done when you got no food nor inmediate means to get more, when you are leveling stubbornly on a place where you die a lot, or want to change pets. The lost intimacy is not enough to lose “loyal” status, if used once. Intimacy will reset to “shy” if the egg is hatched by other character.

    -Skills will start to take effect when intimacy is “loyal” and the equip is equipped, except for looters, where the equip is enough (at least for Poring types; not sure of Yoyo). Looter pets will pick up any item dropped in their inmediate surroundings. Poring and Drops will stop when they are full, but Poporing will pick more items, deleting the oldest one each time. Not sure of Yoyo, seems to be like Poporing. Right-clicking the pet and choosing “performance” makes the looted items to drop to the ground, and the pet won’t pick up anything for a given time (enough for you to pick up everything). Using performance on other pets has no effect, save for the visuals. Reloggin with a looter pet usually causes the items to be lost, though your server might be configured for them to go into your inventory. Similarly, returning a looter pet to egg should vanish those items, but they might go into your inventory or drop to the ground.

    -Pets do NOT level up. The level listed in the Pet Info Window is the same as that monster’s base level, wich might be easily checked with the database. Even for servers hacked for the monsters to level up after killing a player, catching a leveled-up monster will return a normal pet. Also, pets cannot be attacked nor damaged, and thus can not and need not be healed. They also cannot be “buffed”. Their use of skills and attacks cannot be directed by the player in any way.

    -When the intimacy is loyal, the pet talks at certain intervals of time. Each pet has a given set of sentences (lunatic asks why rabbits drop feathers, munak says sohees are pretty, sohee asks whether you think she’s prettier than munak, Alice says her apron is a bit more revealing than she would like, bongun says he misses “her” (munak), etc), and do not interact if you talk back. Aside from the regular every-now-and-then text, each pet has a number of frases for when you are about to die, when you die, when you level up, when it’s hungry and when you feed it. So yes, it should warn you when it’s feeding time. There is the @pettalk command, which makes the pet say whichever text you put after the command (@pettalk My master will smite you!!!). It might be disabled, specially if the server is hacked to provide pet renaming.

    -Yes, Munak is quite popular. She’s also the prettier of the pets, isn’t she?

    That seems to be all I can think of right now. Happy Pet hunting!

  40. @petfact:
    1 is incorrect.
    pet_catch_rate = (pet_db[i].capture + (sd->status.base_level – md->level)*30 + sd->battle_status.luk*20)*(200 – get_percentage(md->status.hp, md->status.max_hp))/100;
    Source: eAthena source code.

    Player base level, luck and monster HP % does have an influence.
    (So does cooking. Number of attempt, luck and dex play a role).

    5- Pet can actually level up if the correct setting is enabled in the server configuration. I won’t delve on that, however, because by default, it is disabled.

  41. how can i get a chung e/green maiden as a pet?

  42. double clicking on pet armor isn’t working for my loyal pet Bongun for some odd reason. please tell me how to equip pet armor.

  43. The biggest conflict seems to be when precisely to feed the pet.
    By what I understand, you shouldn’t feed exactly when it turns Neutral (by experience it’s the longest state of hunger a pet remains in, stuffed being the shortest I’ve experienced).
    If you notice, after the pet is fed (usually when it turns hungary) it is “Stuffed, Satisfied, Neutral” Neutral for long…and then it says the pet looks at you.
    So my plain guess is you ought to feed the pet short seconds after it looks at you at the best time, because the following minute it becomes hungry.
    Thus preventing it from even reaching hungry state, nor risking overstuffing it when it’s on Neutral.
    I’m just throwing darts here but I suppose it’s why the pet looks at you to begin with.

  44. I think u dont believe me cause….
    I saw my friends in my server can catch MVPs as pets !

  45. Does Chun E/GreenMaiden Pet have an accessory and skill?

  46. how do you make the intimacy level higher??

  47. is this the latest update? because from wht i heard and read…they update the skill into something that totally different…such as peco peco doesnt giv movement speed increase anymore…

  48. I just got a steel chonchon, and the equip for it is a monster oxygen mask. Apparently though, they only drop from old blue boxes and old violet boxes. Does anyone know if there is any other way to get this item? If not, that means it’s virtually impossible to obtain… :(
    Thanks in advance!

  49. is diferrent pets must equipable with diferrent accesories

  50. Umm hi,

    I just want to ask if a pet could “run away” because when I re spawned my pet wasn’t there… could you help me??

  51. alice’s eat white potions, idk if it’s only on rebirthRO but yeah..

  52. “I just want to ask if a pet could “run away” because when I re spawned my pet wasn’t there… could you help me??”
    Yup. a pet could run away.

  53. so how do you prevent a pet from running away when you log off?

  54. the pet don’t run away if you feed him properly. If he starts to do bad faces and the status became less then hate, then pet run away and you’ll need to take another.

    When you log off, the pet don’t run away. The same for using warp or changing maps. You can return him to egg if you think better.

  55. is the perfect hide skill from smokies supposed to be random? I just got my smokie to loyal with the accessory and it does hide me from demons and bugs but sometimes it doesnt. I tried this in abbey where i would cloak and a banshee would try to hit me and i would keep cloaking and eventually it would stop. Is this normal or is it just the server?

  56. ulagi baho ka ta3

  57. umm.. is it ok to feed it when it is neutral?,
    can it do actions when its intemancy is neutral?,
    can it talk wen its intemancy is neutral?,
    and i have munak can someone pls. take care of it its already neautral and ll pay.
    name:High Wizard Ka Ze Yo
    Server:RebirthRo Loki
    Place:on Amatsu(@go 10 or @go amatsu)

  58. my character is on aero and my pet is a yoyo… and when i mean the aero i mean the NEW one like the server is old skool and mayaan… my yoyo doesnt even give a hint if its hungry and my lunatic just went away i love my yoyo… how do u feed it? PLEASE


  60. is there a way to change what the pet says?

  61. Somethings wrong XD
    You can feed your pet when it’s in neutral!
    If you wait it to be hungry, it will sometimes lowers its intimacy!

  62. guys can anyone please help me i want a pet like chung-e or green maiden pet how will i get one??where can i find the taming item for them?? please anyone help me im very very desperate…..please

  63. OK, the list above is all the OFFICIAL PETS, if your server has ANY OTHER PET, it is specific to your server, ask around on YOUR SERVER BOARD, NOT HERE.

    Chance at catching pet, affected by pets current hp level, lower hp the better it is, Base level higher then mob and Luk also affect it, but from personal experience, having lower hp on mob helps the most.

    Feeding the pet, I have heard anything from feeding when neutral to only feeding while hungry, Leaving pet hungry lowers intimacy as well as feeding pet while it isn’t Hungry.
    While at Neutral it is SAFE to feed your pet, as this last awhile it saves the risk of you leaving pet too hungry for to long. If you wish to risk it for the slightly lower then neutral to save you money on food, feel free, but for easiest pet management, feed it at Neutral.

    Pet Attacks. The pet MUST be equipped with the accessory to get the support. Intimacy Needs to be Loyal, Whether the pet will attack after this I am not sure if it’s 100% of the time or just random. I do know that these conditions must be met, if you have any problems with this, ask in server, as if you are not on an official server, admins may have the pet attacks turned off.

    That answers every question I read above.

  64. Oops, With i could add to previous message,


    Hit Alt + J

    And Homunculus are NOT PETS. they have no Accessories.

    To equip accessories, it’s the same as equiping a peice of equipment from inventory, you double click it and if it is meant for your pet it will equip, if you have the wrong accessory, it won’t do anything. If it doesn’t work first time, and it is the right accessory, then try again.

  65. Oh correction on the feeding comment, it’s in the guide!!! Feed when hungry, and check often so it doesn’t drop below that.

  66. i ahve baphomet jr. and does he attacks? if does then how can i make him attack?

  67. I have a question. Does eathena servers’ pet have skills or they give bonuses?

  68. 1.
    the guide says that pet armor is required for pet to use their skill. butzealotus does not have any pet armor, will it able to use its skill when it become a loyal pet?

    pls help me: at what state is the best feeding time for pet, neutral or hungry?


  69. Hi everyone newbie here.. just wanted to ask why do all my skills disappear when i hatch a pet??? n besides that my exp also drops to 6%.. is that normal or am I doing something wrong??..

  70. why my pet green petite not attcking its loyal hve acc.^_^

  71. Does pet adds stats to our character?

  72. What is Alice’s Accessory?

  73. My Petite never attack or cast skill after I equip it with Stellar Hairpin. She has reach IntimacyLoyal. WHY?

  74. hi……….im asking is their other pets or another cute pets than the poporing drops loli ruri peco peco and lot more?

  75. how can i make my poporing pick items when its loyal?
    anyone plsss answer my question cuz that would be great

  76. I am curious of the general selling prices of pets of all ranges. I am looking to establish a small pet shoppe, and am having a hard time as everyone sells just Porings anywhere from 1 mil to 15 mil… Does anyone have a more stable idea of how much pets should really go for? or know where to direct my question even?

  77. To answer some of the general questions here:

    Q1) My pet won’t attack, why not?
    A1) Pet’s don’t attack. They either give you status increases or have special functions like looting or using abilities every so many seconds.

    Q2) What is my pets armor? I can’t seem to find it.
    A2) Actually, not all pets have armor that they can wear. However, this means that they come with a standard function different from the other pets.

    Q3) My pet is loyal but won’t loot/heal/stat increase, why is that?
    A3) You’re pet might be loyal but for most pets they require pet armor to actually do anything. Example: Neither Poring, Drops, Poporing, or Yoyo will loot unless you have their pet armor; which is the Backpack or Monkey Circlet, and have a high loyalty level.

    Q4) Okay. My pet is both equipped with its pet armor and has a high loyalty level but still doesn’t use it’s special function, why?
    A4) Probably because other certain conditions haven’t been met. For instance; Earth Petite has a 10% of casting Heavens Drive. It’s is possible that before it casts Heaven’s Drive you may need to either be attacked with a spell, physical, or melee attack. And it even when you are in one of these ways there is still the 10% chance of it attacking.

    Q5) Do pets level up?
    A5) No. Outside of the loyalty level, they do not level up.

    Q6) Are there more pets available then what is on this list?
    A6) Yes. As Ragnarok continues to update it is inevitable that it’s pet list will grow too.

    Q7) How do you know so much?
    A7) I’ve been playing for nearly 5 years and this is what I know or understand to be true.

  78. how to make the pet intimacy level become more higher?

  79. Not sure if they have special skills disabled on Valkyrie or not, but I have a loyal Smokie with a red scarf (pet armor) and I do not see the Perfect Hide skill anywhere.

  80. I have an Isis with the accessory, and the condition is to cast Magni Lvl 2 every minute when the Master’s HP and SP are below 50%. The intimacy level is cordial, i believe this is enough.
    I just tried this yesterday and it’s not working. I think it’s not implemented yet.

  81. As i see, now pets don’t attack and have ability as they used to be. May be from ver13. . Now pet sonly give some stats when they are loyal .

  82. Hi if someone could answer my question please…..:)
    ——–if i for example i make a new character take a bapho jr pet and get the intimacy to cordial (example) and give it to my mane character will the intemacy go down or stay the same or what?———————-reason why i want to do this is because i dont want to die to much just in case.———————i;m not so familiar with pets but other than that i’ve been playing for a while so i know a bunch to————— thank you please answer my question :)))

  83. ————My character is a mechanic (my favorite(speed)) 2nd sura 3rd star gladiator———–

    answer the question please:DD /\—/\
    / + + \
    \ o /
    \ __/

  84. Ithink the intimacy won`t go down, the intimacy level will only go down if you forget to feed your pet, i guess

  85. Ok thank you very much.

    how sure would you be tho?

  86. i love all the security codes — they are all of ragnarok xDD

  87. i have an succubus pet.. what is her accessories ? thanks

  88. can anyone tell me?
    what is succubus’ accessory?

  89. succubus’ accessory is black butterfly mask, an item mall, some private server didn’t add this item, so succubus can’t have it’s accessory.

  90. Alice eats white potion!!!!

  91. do u know how to play with a pet my sohee dosnt go up from shy

  92. Do anyone know how to check the numbers of pet intimacy lvl? not the neautral status etc, but the numbers of its intimacy lvl

  93. please help i just bought an incubator from pet groomer i used it on my poring egg after i used it nothing happened i cant see the hatched poring why?! please reply A.S.A.P!!!

  94. hmm i have a desert wolf pet it isn has accesory so it cant attack?

  95. Can someone help me? I just got a steel chonchon and i have the monster oxygen mask but i can’t equip it because it’s in the “etc” section of my inventory instead of the “equip’ section. NEED HELP PLEASE.

  96. Andrew, it might be the wrong item? is it identified? it should be in equip and double click it will equip it for the pet.

  97. Question?

    What is the Equip of Chung E Pet or Green Maiden Pet?

    thanks… /no1

  98. i want to know whether there is a way to communicate with the pet?
    i have a Drops, and its intimacy level is loyal and it often talks to me,but i dunno how to reply it…
    i have equipped it with a backpack yet it won’t help me loot the item dropped by the monsters…i really don’t have any idea…

    really need helps from you all…thanks

  99. That kinda depends on the server. If it follows the official updates then the pets should give stats instead of having skills like that but if it never updated that part or is a retro server then it should work fine.
    About the stats that the pets give: To make the pet give you stats, just make it loyal. Each pet has his own set of stats that give you, for more info just check

  100. some days ago i forgot to feed my pet a little while since then it dropped the loyality down to awkward… i feeded it since this time everytime its hunger changed to neutral it it never changed its loyality again. since it made the /ok emotion after i feeded it it now allways makes /pif. does anyone know how long it will take until my pet geht neutral again?

  101. Triper,
    thanks for your info…

  102. I have some use full tips to tell about pets here they are
    1. If you still dont have pet’s assign food ex. Poporing ( green herb ) Just hide it in its eegg status.
    2. If pet’s egg is traded you will get a shy itmacy but sometimes the people who got it and traded it had it in loyal level.
    3.The statuses u should feed it is when its : Neutral,Hungry,Very hungry.If not they might go away or if u feed it too much it might die
    4. If your pet says for example in Valkyrie server it will say What a refreshment
    5. If you want to trade for a pet egg you must not trade its assigned food to the person who’ll give u egg cause if you do youll not have anything to feed ur pet .
    Thats all my tips thank u, You may see Yukushi the assassin in ragnarok with maistsuru the poporing
    See you all !

  103. POPORING BEST PET EVR !!!!!!!!!!

  104. Dear John,
    It wont go out maybe because you have traded it because some people trade fake eggs

    Im from A.S.A.P. Thx

  105. I have some questions for u to answer i need to know !
    1. I have a poporing it keeps on having a mad sneaky face everytime i go near a player why is that so?
    2. My poporing always go back to its egg when i fight a momster why does it to thatn?

  106. Hi,i’m asking if u equip them wit their prespective accessories . What happen when it turn egg does the equipment gone forever??

  107. When I right clicked on my pet (A succubus whom I have named Lilith), I noticed one of the options said ‘Performance’. Anyone know what that does?

  108. What happens to the accesory when my pet dies?

  109. I can’t hatch my Alice egg. On display I saw the word Alice Egg have a red shadow..
    What happening??
    Sorry my English so bad, I’m Indonesian heheee

  110. How do I evolve my little poring? I have 3 unripe apples and 3 Yeddresil leaves but there seems to be no option to evolve. Also, my little one does not do anything. Any ideas?

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