Dokebi Battle Quest

Reward: One Random Taming Item

Okay! Here’s a small, simple quest that can get you a random taming item! It starts in Amatsu with an NPC named “Publisher”. She will be standing between 2 cherry blossom trees in the mid-eastern part of Amatsu.

if you talk with her, she’ll say how she published her latest story scroll. A story about a town being harassed by Dokebis, and of the small boy Mimitoro, who rescues the citizens by defeating the Dokebis. Because of the great success of the story being published(over one million scrolls sold) they decided to hold a Mimitoro field trip. Agree to participate in this field trip and you’ll be warped to an waiting area. If theres a person in the battle room already, sit down and wait.

As your warped into the testing room, you will first see a little bit of acting. Two people ranting how the Dokebis hacked their accounts and made off with 120 million Zeny. When the game starts, 8 Dokebis spawn, and they have to be dead within 6 minutes.

When all 8 Dokebi’s are dead, a coach will appear, and then you can talk with him. If you say to him something like “Psh, it was easy.” or “it was Boring”, he will then challenge you to another round, except this time with Am Muts.

If you finish earlier, you will have to wait out the 6 minutes in the room. When the 6 minutes are done, you are then warped out into a random area of Amatsu. Walk back to the Publisher lady to receive your reward.

Yep! This quest is a short quest, but it can be done with any character once. And this is a random Taming item reward, meaning it could be anything.

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13 Responses to “Dokebi Battle Quest”

  1. why don’t you friggin say it’s a silly custom made quest just in your server!?
    it doesn’t really exist!
    although it’s kinda easy to tell by the way the npcs talk

  2. this is not a custom quest, it exists in the RMS test server. Your server might be just outdated.

  3. this is not custom quest.
    official RO has it.
    i’ve tried it once.

  4. First of all, this is an official quest.
    I think this quest is bug, but I’m not sure.

    A year ago or more I did this quest and when I defeat the Am Muts, I spoke to the Coach, he warped me out and the Publisher gave me 2 Taming Items. I did it other times, and when the Am Muts killed me, the Publisher only gave me 1 Taming Item.

    Recently, I’ve done it again and when I defeat all the Am Muts the Coach don’t speak to me – when time before spoken -. I had to wait to be warped out and I only had 1 Taming Item, like the other times, when I was killed.

    Do you think it’s bug or the quest has changed?

    PD.: Sorry if my english isn’t so good, I’m not english speaker ^^U

  5. It’s not a custom quest. I’ve seen it in several servers. The only problem is that I think it’s bugged in mine, or else I don’t remember which character has done it lol

    What happens is that I’m warped to that place… but the dokebis never appear o.o

  6. i cant even get in the battle room

  7. IT’S an OFFicial quest
    i tried it once in my server..
    its lame though^^
    because its very easy..^^

  8. It’s not easy and i’m a dumbshit, forget what i wrote before.

  9. Hey! My Acolyte have a warp to Amatsu. I talked to “That” publisher but she didn’t warp me in the BattleField. Does that REALLY exist? I mean, does that exist in my server, Valhala?

  10. Is this repeatable? :P

  11. unfortunately, its not repeatable T_T

  12. What about if your the only person in the wating room. Do U have to wait or what?

  13. If you are the only one in the waiting room AND IF there is no one in the testing room, then when you click the waiting chat box you should be the first to get warped. Remember someone could be in the testing room killing so you might have to wait even if you are the only one waiting.

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