A Comprehensive Guide to Grimtoothing

This guide is all about the Assassin skill Grimtooth. It is a powerful weapon in PvM for both, leveling and farming items and zeny.

A) Taking a closer look at “Grim”

Grimtooth has a lot of unique features, especially for the Assassin class. On lv 5 Grim deals 200% Atk at 6 cells range, with a 3×3 splash effect. It is the only non-poison skill a Sin can deal splash damage with, until rebirth. Most important, besides the splash damage, is the fact that you have to hide to use it. While hidden, the enemies will not see you or attack you. Grimtooth carries your weapon’s element and any status of status arrows you equipped, once you finished the “Throw Venom Knife” quest. This means we can stun, curse or blind the mob we are attacking.

B) Stats/Skills

This is an easy part for Grimtoothers. Put Str, Agi and Dex, leave the rest at 1 (some people might want to add a little bit of Int, but if your server provides SP healing items, you won’t need it).

Enough Dex to hit: A total of 60-70 will be enough.

Enough Agi foor ASPD: An ASPD of 176-178 will b

e enough.

Enough Str to kill: All the remaining points should go here… Try to reach at least 100.

The Skills is even easier. Put 10 Skill points into hiding as a Thief, then as Assassin, get Grim to 5 as soon as possible.

C) How to mob and kill

Mobbing is a thing one needs a lot of practice for. Basically you run from aggressive monsters fast enough so they can’t hit you, but not too fast, so they still follow you. That way you gather a mob of monsters. Then you hide and use grimtooth to kill them. In images:

D) Tipps and Tricks

  1. Use two Fortune Swords. They add a total of 41 lucky dodge to your flee. Lucky dodge is great, because it is not reduced by the number of enemies attacking you. Wear them while you gather the monsters and switch to the katar you use to kill when you’re hidden. The feature /q2 makes the Hotkeys F7 and F8 available on the mouse wheel down and up respectively. Putting the Katar on one and the Fortune swords on the other makes switching a matter of less than a second.
  2. Stand a tiny bit before hiding. When you stand still for an instant before you hide, the monsters will be aggroed on the cell you hid on and come together right next to it. That way you’ll hit all the monsters with every grimtooth.
  3. Get a Smokie, if your server has pet skills. A Smokie with its equip will allow you to hide from demons and insects, opening up a great range of new spots to go!

E) Equips

Important Equips are:

This being a short list shows, that the grimtooth assassin is not very gear dependant. Of course there are higher-level gears that will help a lot:

The last armors are required for soloing Nameless.

F) Spots to go

I’ll comment every spot with required (r), recommended (c) equips and a level range (Sin / SinX):

G) Thanksayings

I want to thank HeRo server for giving me an awesome place to play Ragnarok, and to learn all these information!

10 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Grimtoothing”

  1. Smokie (r), these was a custom implementation,
    smokie no longer give perfect hidding.

    Desert wolfs: as fast you had grimtooth you can do this (1 map right from Thor Dungeon), it’s pretty good loot: stiletos for sell, mink coats for over upgrade them and desert wolf card will suits you Ok as emp breaker or making a racial/size weapon.

    Juperos: i recommend a triple Tri Joint Card jur & cursed arrow, this allows you to make bigger mob using cloack as many as you want, cause every mob you kill will regenerate fully SP, (i used almost half of my full sp for cloacking and the rest 4 grimtooth) be carefull with the flee you need & the hit, isnt funny when the mobs run away .

    Ferus i recomend a bathory carded armor 4 avoid the phenomenas blood sucking (stucking).

  2. What is anti formless jur?

  3. Pecopeco Egg card

  4. o hey, in in IRO< Grimtooth always do neutral damage so I guess Elemantal Katars don’t work. Maybe it just doesn’t apply on all servers? IRO’s kinda like the official server so I was kinda wondering if the katar element can be brought over to your grimttoth. Elemental Katar are expensive after all so I couldn’t get enough to afford one yet.

    Owh, my friend’s playing the grim type though. But he never used elemental katars. Just curse arrows. Though he does have that double Fortune Sword and planning to get a full set for Morrigane. So yeah, I kinda knew from him. D:

  5. whew!!! sinx are godssssss

  6. Excellent guide, congratulations ! :D

  7. Searizeel,

    Elements DO carry over from your katars. You would know if you played with Grimtooth and elem katars. This is straight from IRO. You can’t say always and then maybe. You went with an absolute, then swiftly contradicted yourself.

    And you kinda knew what from him?


  8. I thought venatus can teleport?

  9. Son of a gun, this is so helfupl!

  10. Another spot is the Rachel Sanctuary.. for lv 80++ you can go with infiltrator and mob isilla / vanberk.. but you need to watch out for the gremlins and hodremlins because they can detect hiding.. hodremlins are bothersome but you can play smart to avoid these guys :D

    thanks for the guide anyway it’s very helpful! cheers!

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