Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build

This guide is dedicated to dear rossana who will live in my memmories forever!

Note from the author: the below guide is not for people who are new the game . If u are new to the game then please visit other guides about knights and then visit here.I hope that those people who are reading this guide know the basics of how the game functions and about the knight class.

DO NOT JUMP TO THE FINAL BUILD LISTED HERE!!. Read all the pros and cons and then proceed.

Introduction to Lord Knights(LK):

LK’s have the highest HP mode in game i.e simply they gain the highest HP with respect to vit, and yes even more than paladins.Lk’s have very nice offensive as well as defensive skills and have very high survivability.

They have good offensive power but not as much as other pure offensive class e.g(champion,assasin cross)
and have good defensive but not as much as pure defensive classes e.g(vit paladins). So LK’s are a good blend of power and durability. Much skill(and money!!) is needed to perfect the art of playing a lord knight effectively.

Different builds of Lord Knights:

There are three main LK builds and the fourth special build.

1)Two-Hand quiken parry Lord Knights
2)Spear bowling bash(BB) LKs/Spear clashing spiral(CS) LKs
3)one handed sword BB LK using link
4)Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build(This is the special build that you are interested in)

1)Two-Hand quiken parry Lord Knights

This is the staple LK build and one of the most common and popular build in ragnarok.this build uses the skill parry with two handed swords with 2 handed quiken to reduce incomming meele attacks by 55% i.e it blocks 55% of all attacks on the player.

This is the best PVM build among LKs because parry acts like two racial carded shields and reduces the consumption of healing items , but this build very weak agains magic and is not advisable for for people who are intrested in serious pvping and woeing.

Rare weapons like the executioner can be used to have a very high dps but the 10% extra damage and the missing carnial shield is too greater a handicap for this build.


VIT build

str 100~120
vit 70~90
agi 20~50
dex 40~60
int 1~6
luk 1

AGI build

str 100~120
agi 70~90
vit 30~60
dex 40~60
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Very good build agains monsters and to level up.

b)A very cheap build as compared to other LK builds.

c)High dps with berserk pot,agi up and 2 handed quiken,can break emperium very fast with 190 aspd(berserk skill).

a)Weak vs magic attacks.

b)Quite brittle if parry fails to block powerful attacks.

c)Not a good build for pvp and woe.

2) [a]Spear bowling bash Lord Knights

This build utilises spears mainly pike[4] with different set of cards as the main offensive weapon.
A spear gains more damage if the user is riding peco peco (Dont know if its true with the latest updates).

This build can use shields and can do good damage using BB and bash.Because of the use of spear the aspd is quite low, so the dps of this build is also low,due to this it is not an advisable build for pvp/woe, it can still do good damage but not threatning damage.By using weapons like brocca this build can do high damage,but to have good dps it need highter amount of agi which is not advisable at all.

the only viable build for spear type is the hybrid vit/agi LK.If u go less agi then the dps will b too low to do serious damage.

str 100~120
vit 50~70
agi 40~60
dex 50
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Can do higher damage per hit than sword builds because of spear atk bonus for mounted LKs.

b)A very versatile build with many skills to use in pvm/pvp/woe.

c)level up is quite easy because of pierce and bowling bash.

a)Poor aspd as compared to sword builds.

b)Poor dps because of poor aspd.

c)Most of the spear skills except spear boomerang to some extent is usless in woe(in pvp its useful).

2) [b]Spear clashing spiral build(CS)

This build is sometimes refered to as the old school LK build because this build was very famous during the initial implementation of 2nd job class.

This type uses the skills clashing spiral to achieve the high damage. Clashing spiral can do anything from 2.5k to 5k+ damage to a player depending on the reductions.

It requires high investment on dex, str can be neglected or reduced considerably because most of the damage is taken from the weight of the spear than the players str.

CS has a cast time and cooldown time, the cast time can be reduced by increasing dex but the cooldown time(2 sec) cannot be reduced without outside help(strings).Due to this the dps of this build is the least among all the LK builds.

this build can have highest vit/HP for LKs, and can have very high hit rate.

str 50~100 (str can b minimum,if going for pure spiral LK)
vit 99
dex 70~100
agi 1~30
int 1~30
luk 1

a)Can do high damage with just 1 hit.

b)Has high vit and dex , thus increasing  hit rate, defence and HP.

c)With support like strings and lex aterna can do very high damage on large monsters.

a)Has very less apsd as compared to other builds,can never achieve 190 aspd with spear+berserk.

b)Has very less dps due to poor aspd.

c)Can be completely blocked by penuma.

d)Due to cast time this skill can be hidden from easily(hide accessory).

e)Very Less damage in woe because of long range skills reduction.

3) One-handed quicken LK build

This build uses knight spirit from soul linker to use the one handed quiken skill.This skill is similar to 2 handed quiken but increases aspd of 1 handed swords.

This build can have as much dps as the 2 handed parry build if not more.Has the shield equiped all the time hence has high damage reduction.

This build has no ranged skills except charge attack which is quite weak skill.Bowling bash and bash are the only two effective offensive skills.

This build is one of the most pwerful LK builds in terms or offense to defence ratio.Has endure lvl 10 and head crush, gives mdef and status.

Can include use of spear skills but ill talk about it later!!.

str 100~120
vit 80~100
dex 50~60
agi 30~40
int 1~6
luk 1

a)Has high apsd with the use of 1 handed quiken skill can reach 190 aspd effectively.
b)Dps is also very high due to increase in aspd coupled with bowling bash.
c)One of the best builds for pvp/woe.

a)Cannot use high end weapons like brocca or executioner to its maximum potential as compared to other specific builds (doesnot have any spear skills to complement brocca use , dose not have parry to complement executioner use).

b)Not very effective in pvm.Needs many shields with different cards and weapons.

c)Dosenot have any ranged skills except charge atk which is weak.

d)Once the link weares off then its not possible to use 1 hand quicken again(soul link dependent).

e)can b crippled by using dispel.

f)Not a versatile build at all.

Varsitile LK with mix-match skills from other builds:-

A) Bowling bash – clashing spiral spear build

this build is a hybrid between speak BB LK and spear CS LK.
it has both BB and clashing spiral to use in specific situations.

a)You have both BB and CS^^.
b)Leveling up is very easy because u have 3 of the best pvm skills available(BB,CS,Pierce).

a)BB requires high str and CS requires high dex to work effectively,so if u up str and dex to a considerable amount like 110 str and 70 dex,then it is not possible to have more than 70 vit which is not at all good for LKs.

b)agi will be 30 with this build so dont hope to drop many with BB.

c)this build will have lees HP and less defence so making it less durable.

d)Very high money investment on equips is required for this build since pvp pike and hydra hunting spear is a must.

B) 1 hand quicken – clashing spiral build
this is really a something build because ITS JUST SOO WIERD!!,this build will really be a surpice for people.

a)Great aspd with 1 hand quicken skill.

b)PVM will be easy because of 1 shot level up with CS skill.

a)Pierce skill can not be maxed.

b)CS will b less useful after level up is complete as the most offensive skill here will be 1HQ BB^^.

C)The parry-clashing spiral build

This buildis not possible because after you take BB and CS you are only left with 6 skills to put in to parry!.

4) Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build

So, this is the icing on the cake, the build which incorporates all the positive aspects of all the above builds.


The six majoy skills that this build has is
a)One hand sword mastry lvl 10
b)Two hand sword mastry lvl 10
c)Parry lvl 10
d)Spear mastry lvl 10
e)Bowling Bash lvl 10
f)Bash lvl 10

you need at least 68 job lvls to get every thing, but its worth the wait.


a)Since 2 hand quiken + parry is the best pvm skills(Blocks 55% of all incoming melle atks+ great aspd) level up will be piece of cake.

b)Very high aspd(182) and dps because of 1 hand quiken + berserk pot. 1HQ builds are the best in pvp/woe.

c)2 hand sword mastery and spear mastery both lvl 10 allows you to use both brocca and executioner(if u get them) effectively without any loss in damage potential.

d)Has high aspd with less agi,which means that more points can be given to vit(more vit is always nice).

e)In woe you can use 1HQ + BB to achieve high dps without loosing your carnial shield,When link wears off then can switch to spear or 2 handed sword+parry.So this build can never be totally crippled by dispell.

f)Can achieve 190 aspd in 2 ways(what more could  want).

g)Can use every weapon available to LKs effectively.

a)There is absolutely no disadvantages to this build,at least in my mind.

b)Has no spear skills whatsoever (no spear stab,pierce,spear boom,CS,brandish spear) 99% of all the spear skills are useless in woe,except spear boom to some extent, but let the snipers do the ranged status giving(hehe).  As for breaking casts use provoke or just BB spam them.

c)You will not miss CS ever, if you play this build.(BB out shines CS/brandish in nearly all aspects)

str 94+1+15 or 92+1+2+15 (evil/angel wing ears ,+9 firelock footwear)
vit 85+8
dex 51+9 (60 dex w/o buffs and 70 dex with buffs gives very high hit rate(221)and even more if coupled with bash)
agi 32+8 (this gives 182+ aspd which means awsome dps)
int 1~6  (just pot a few blues or RJs !!)
luk 1    (do you really need this ?)


a) 1 handed sword must be your preferred offensive weapon against players because of the following reasons brocca surely does more damage per hit but has less aspd.So 1HQ will do more damage over time(use brocca to kill high def chars like 99 vit paladin with +10 equips!!)

Executioner has the Power to kill any 1 because of dps and ignore def of opponent, but the 10% extra damage from demihumans and the missing crucial shield can not be compensated.  You will be 1 shotted easily if you use executioner in all situations.

b) While it is possible to use 1 handed swords as emperium breaking weapon, it is highly not advisable because you will be dispelled 99% of the time even before entering the emp room.  After you loose link u cant recast 1 HQ so kiss breaking emp good bye.  So it is advised to go 2handed sword + parry for breaking emps.

HOPE you guys like my build!!

55 Responses to “Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK build”

  1. i think sinx have higher hp then LK, correct me if i’m wrong, nice guide otherwise

  2. The answer is NO,if u compare the 3 highest HP classes in ragnarok then the ranking goes like:-
    So, sinX comes in 3rd.You can get HP close to 18~19k if u use all HP gears and the assasin dagger.

    LK:-Can get 27k++ if u use 99 vit and goibne’s set(try it).

    Paladins:-Can get roughly 25k hp.

  3. http://calcx.wushuang.ws?aavbLbibIaLbtaUababKcaaaskababacaclnhdTaaaaaa kWhLgnaaeEe3bllybplIgKpWaapWaahhhhambkafkgffakbkbkkaaaaaibokaaacqaabaf aaaaaaaaaaaaaH
    http://web.hc.keio.ac.jp/~fk061999/himeyasha/skill3/lkt.html?10JkrOHXb qeFcFHOdncL

    This is my LK build. Skill masteries really don’t add enough damage to justify the skill points. Spear boomerang is purely for fun. Although I don’t reach 183 aspd this spams BB faster and has more hit (BB and Frenzy are my main offensive skills). I use +8 str food, +8 dex and +7 vit food for woe. I use +5 str food for pvm/mvp (vanberk marionette to keep the str bonus). For pvp I ditch all str gears and use defensive gears. 2 medal of honor are better then 130 str.

  4. Very very nice build,the stats are fine and well rounded.I would suggest players to drop agi to 40 and not go above it or go below 30^^.
    base vit can be increased to 85 so more hp.
    You mentioned the ur main attack skills r berserk and BB.So if u go berserk then masteries do play a huge part in dealing damage, this is beacuse masteries adds damage to every hit and lvl 10 mastry increases atk by 40(if i am not wrong).
    But when u use BB you hit just 2 times so it may not increase damage more than 200 to 300 per BB.
    So i will advice people to get masteries lvl 10 so that u can do high damage while in berserk^^.

  5. When I use frenzy I almost always use 2H swords and that mastery is needed for parry. I rarely berserk with a 1 handed sword and never with a brocca.

  6. I will not advice people to use two handed swords in pvp and woe(Vs players) , 2H swords r ment only for pvm and emperium breaking(u have no other choice^^).
    When using 2h swords u dont have carnial shield(valk shield).Acid demo, all HW skills ,sinX SB and asura which is not blocked by parry will destroy u .

    As u know that 1hQ>>2hQ:-
    u get 190 aspd with a shield equipped all the time and u get nearly equal offensive power if not more.

    IF u want to berserk then definately go for ur 1 handed sword and lvl 10 sword mastry.(use berserk as a last resort i.e when u run out of pots)

    Emp breaking(only if the guild sinX is missing):-
    Here u will have to use 2HQ+parry there is no other option, 2HQ can b cast by the player even after dispell where as 1HQ can not.
    *only if 1HQ could not b dispelled , then it would have been the most awsome breaking skill ever!.
    *Nerver berserk with a spear even if u have brocca(common sense).

    Spear boomerang:-
    This skills is not at all worth the skill points invested on it.Does very pathetic damage in woe, in pvp it can b used to some extent(harrasing WS, hahah funnn!!).
    It can b used to give status to people but i suggest leave status giving to snipers because they excel at it^^.

    because of the above resons the Ultimate pvp/pvm/woe LK ishe best LK build at present and has no flaws what so ever.

    I think i made this guide too late, the age of LK’s is ending and the age of Rune knights is begining.

  7. why weapon masteries are so important :-

    lvl 10 weapon masteries increase damage of skills by roughly 200~300 per skill use(can change with weapon and cards used).
    This extra damage may not seem much but is very very important because with just 200 more dmg u can out damage a healing HP or any other char.
    This is the reason y people use equips like the masquarade(3%extra dmg to demi humans) and
    Sing accessory(5%extra dmg to demi humans) just to increase their final damage by 50~300.

    If u have a good weapon(1 or 2 h swords,spears) then
    definately max their masteries with out any hesitation.
    follow the build suggested in the guide.

  8. Spear Boomerang in actuality is very nice – even if it’s falls behind SLed Shield boom.

    It’s only real positive effect is causing status effects to cripple certain high-risk characters(Sleep for other Lks/Sin X, Curse, and so on)

    This needs more specifics on what an LK’s role is – and what do avoid doing in a PvP/WoE situation. At a minimum consider how badly Creators and Professors can cripple and LK in any situation.

  9. a)There is absolutely no disadvantages to this build,at least in my mind.

    wtf? creators will rape you with that vit lol.

  10. this build is hybrid. there’s no such thing as ultimate in ragnarok online (unless your a GM or a stalker with GTB card)

  11. @xile015:-
    Hello, you have completely misunderstood the title and the objective of my build.

    My build is not LK vs other classes, all class has its weakess and strengths.
    Ultimate means the best LK build skill/stat wise you can ever make.If u have a LK build that is better in pvp/pvm/woe than my build then please post it.

    I should not write this here but since u have asked:-
    LK vs creators(unbragied):-
    My build have 95 vit which means AD will do about 950~1.2k x 10 per AD in pvp.Thats about 9.5k~12k damage, since your HP is 26k++ you can tank about 2 to 3 ADs without potting at all.If u r using mastella fruit/whites u can easly tank all their AD effectively (Tested).If the creator is bragied then AD will kill u no matter how much vit u have.Suppose u have 70 vit (17~18k HP) then AD will deal about 700 x 10 i.e u will any ways die to about 3 AD.So every one now understands that more vit is always optimum.

    LK vs Professors:-
    Professors dispell makes almost every class less effective . You will have to gangbang this class if you every see them.Kill this as fast as you can b4 they do much damage. A professor can never kill LK in woe if potting.

    This is the best LK build , if any 1 contradicts my claim then please post your superior stats/skill build on this forums.

  12. Hmm Cards Like kiel and equips such as expert ring reduce the after cast delay of Clashing spiral?

  13. btw, nice guide

  14. Wondering what accessories you would use in your build. Just wondering coz if you have str bonus without these included. Would help if you stated non BG accessories too. Thanks.

  15. the spear mastery 10 is just to use brocca? cause the other one-hand spear are a bit useless without pierce or CS and the 2hands are suicide, since you dont have any shield or parry

    just to remember: LKs can use axe and daggers too

    Very nice guide, my lk concepts changed a lot.
    It just doesnt have the complete skill build and equips, but it is right. Who makes the char is the player, not the guide.
    good job

  16. can I ask about equipment other than Executioner, broccas etc. for more effective builds and extra stats… for better info for LKs

  17. I didn´t like this guide. LK’s metagame in WoE is focused in crowd controlling. They have the highest HP pool, great HP recovery and an excellent AoE skill (BB), but as Damage Dealers they are just horrible. But far from useless. All of the builds here are PvM/PvP oriented builds.

    Full WoE build:

    3x ~ 5x STR (weight)

    99 VIT (the more, the better. Using the best HP modifier it’s a must-do for any WoE oriented LK)

    7x ~ 8x AGI (BB delay reduction)

    xx DEX (As MB gives the effect of a VVS weapon, HIT isn’t neccesary. But anyway, 6x DEX would be a nice option as DEX reduces the “animation delay” of BB).

    Defensive Gear. Thorny Shield/Horn of the Buffalo combo can be a good option also.

    Mail/Swordbreaker as the main weapon for this build, status daggers and Pikes, and CK for rushing.

    Bye :)

  18. I think LK spear build is not quite as great as zerk build for WoE (just my opinion, though). What I like about zerk is that it’s a great offensive build – you have ~65k HP, 190 aspd and 1337 damage.. idk maybe it’s just me, but I think zerk is a more efficient use of LK than spear. Zerk build is also pretty easy to level, contrary to what many others believe – just stock up on grape juice and relog whenever zerk runs out.

    Although it may not be as quick in killing the emp as its sinx counterpart, this build is still cheaper (no need for EDP), and decent enough for me to solo castles on another private server with 2000+ players online.

    Str: 93+37
    Agi: 1+20
    Vit: 97+8
    Int: 1+12
    Dex: 29+19
    Luk: 27+33

    Feather beret
    Evil wing ears
    Cotton shirt [Marc/ED]…. haha just kidding, but I don’t know if the armor matters since your def will be 0 during zerk anyway
    Wool scarf [Vagabond wolf]
    Tidal Shoes [Firelock soldier] <– try to get +9 if possible for the 10% hp bonus
    2x Ring [Mantis]

    + Berserk, 2h quicken, parry, yada yada yada
    =7.2 sec to destroy emp.
    Not as great as some sinx breakers who kill the emp in 3 sec, but still competent enough.

    You can reach 190 aspd with just 1 agi, thus allowing you to invest more stat points into str. The equips are also not impossible to get, either. After you have everything, you just need berserk pots for WoE. (no need for potions since items are nerfed during zerk)
    Also, when you’re running to the emp, make sure you have Bloody Axe on for peco-boost, haha

  19. awsome guide.I was just calculating and i had to adjust stats a bit but still works out very well.if u could add a bit more detail in regard to using the build the guide would feel better finished.
    Thanks and nice guide.

  20. nice build dude….ill try to use this one..btw,im a newbie in LK so hope this build will help me a lot..^^

  21. Spear LK is better than a Zerk LK in many ways. As you said Zerk LK is good in leveling but in PvP or WoE, i think its just a nuff move. There are skills like dispell, hiding, quagmire, decrease agi, stop blade and etc. in which are very common in PvP,WoE maps. But Zerk LK can be a substitute breaker too, and as last resort.

    There is no worst skill on LK i think, it only differs for what will you use it to. Your ultimate build is more balance and flexible, i’m happy that you have created a good skill build, but in terms of stats. You are somehow little far from stat building, in which there is a nicest way of stat building and that is for you to know.

  22. The best weapon for my an LK is the valorous gladiator sword a BG weapon(1 handed), the dps and damage is outstanding.

    the spear mastery lvl 10 is not only for the brocca but also for assaulters spear which can do igh damage but its a spear so dont expect god dps.

    Please make a paladin and not a LK. with that kinda str u cant carry much or break the emp.

    explain y spear is better than sword?.

    Use of berserk in woe:-
    there are 2 ways to get 190 aspd with serk, 1 and 2 handed sword and their respective quikens + serk pot +serk skill.
    In woe try to use the 1 handed sword and serk with link.

    1)Use serk in the emp room with an entire guild+allies backing u up, when the breaker mostly the sinX with CK and IP ready to destroy ur emp in seconds enters the room use ur berserk and get 190 aspd and hit the breaker, ur 190 aspd will stop him in his tracks and he will not b able to move.By this time ur guild ppl can come and nuke the breaker to oblivion(He will then pm u and curse u hehe).

    2)Be in the perma serk state while defending and run around the castle killing loners and avoid HP,clown and proff, if u get dispelled or dec agied then run back to the emp room refill on sp and link the go hunt with serk again.

    its simple and quite effective!! not many will b standing if u do 800damage/per hit with 190 aspd!!!!!

    3)If u dont like my stat then please post ur own superior stat build in this forum.

  23. delock im a nub but i liked ur build, i would like to know the equip u usee with that build plzz :D

  24. this guide is retarded, you never use 1handed swords for BB. BB is a spear build for the specific reason that you have the ability to use other things like spear stab and boomerang to make your build more viable. crap guide

  25. @DocHoliday
    It seems u have never played an LK before, u should read other guides about knights then read my guide.
    Anyways every 1 knows that for BB 1HQ LK >>>>any spear LK!!!

    Damage is KING, DPS is GODLY!!!!!

  26. my lk serves 1 and 1 purpose only and that is to kill snipers in pvp lol i just use a hunting spear and range reductions like horn alligator nox and i CS to 1-2 hit the sniper

  27. Coz Zerk LK is like a zombie, only knows how to attack and like a ticking bomb getting their HP reduce in time.

    If you will go defending your emp with a Zerk LK, its better to defend with Spear. Can do alot of things, dish damage or cripple the enemies and yet can still do other things a Zerk Lk wouldn’t. You can go Spiral = dish out dmg and stun lock a target for a second. Joint Beat = go for an ailment, that cripple them away. And if the intruder targets you, you can still pot and do the same things, while in Zerk mode you can be debuffed and do nonsense dps, can be killed if the intruder still standing and your HP decrease in a low amount.

    I don’t mean i don’t like your stats, i’m just saying there is more nice way to stats allocating. And if you know that, we will still have different stats amounts. for we have each and own decision for that. But you will have done a good stats build as the same of mine if you know how to allocate stats wisely.

  28. alo..
    im just start play Lord Knight,can anybody tell me what is suitable card for hunting spear.( I N P V P ).
    cuz ..hunting spear just have 1 slot.
    the stat
    my lord knight stat is
    LV : 99 JOB : 70(mid rate server)
    str 90

    hope u all can help me help me build my Lord Knight in PVP.

  29. ops>…
    Im use spiral in PVP

    Hunting spear(Hydra)

    hope u can help me build my Lord knight Build in pvp..

  30. @owner:-
    hello, according to me and most other LK players spiral pierce does not compliment the high str that u put in .That much str is not needed as it does not increase your damage by a good amount.
    A good spiral build is:-
    vit 90+
    dex 70+
    agi 40
    int 30
    str 10~50

    yes agi because if u r under strings then u need to swing that spear fast ,so need atleast moderate agi.you can skip int for more dex or str if u want ur taste.

    For pvp/woe:-
    my advice is to go for 1 hand sword + link build . It has maximum aspd with a carnial at ur disposal all the time.
    if u can reset then definately try out my ultimate build!!
    I think even in high rate servers bowling bash is better as compared to spiral.
    best of luck!

  31. about bowling bash..
    i dont no how to setting stat and suitable card/weapon..
    anybody can help me to build stat/weapon/card for pvp?

  32. i thing spiral is suitable skill for pvp..

    suggestion build:
    str : 1 (can increase your weight)

    for high hp build
    vit: 92+8
    dex: 99+++
    rest:agi and int

    for increase after/delay build


    pole axe/hunting spear+8(hydra)

    use converter

    converter is most important,to make 2k or 3k per atk.

    that all..

  33. alo..

    can anyody help me set lk for spiral piece in pvp and woe..

  34. can anyody help me suitble eq set spiral piece for pvp/woe…

  35. im newbie in lk char

    what is suitable card at head gear,i have 2 slot at my head gear.
    so please help me,,,

  36. what is a good build for an spiral LK in RO philippines?

  37. ok..
    about spiral lk skill,to increase the dmg at spiral skill is not depend on

    suggestion build:
    str : 1 (can increase your weight)

    for high hp build
    vit: 92+8
    dex: 99+++
    rest:agi and int

    for increase after/delay build


    in my opinion this build just for increase speed cast time.

    i thing to increase dmg in spiral atk. str+50.
    to increase dmg on spiral only at weight spiral not at dex.
    dex only increase accuracy and delay not at dex.

    str can increase the dmg at spiral.
    str :1

    spiral atk 9200 (orc type monster)

    dex:71 or 75

    spiral atk 9400 or 9500 (orc hero monster)

    that all..
    sorry about my bad english…
    (remember spiral dmg only at weight spear)

  38. hey deslockxxx!!! nice guide!!! i was wondering… can i use this build on an official server? ’cause i just started playing again and i’m planning to create an LK… I hail from PRO ^^

  39. also abt ur ultimate build… it’s really possible to attain an attack speed of 182?? with only 32+8 agi?? haha sorry i’m new at this.. ^^

  40. i think it’s really late, but i am still want to know..
    Which better parrying or joint beat.. Please explain to me :) for WOE and PVP

  41. If you want be a killer use Joint beat but if you want using parrying is for protection on your self.


    Joint Beat :- This skill make a player that clocking or hiding can’t clocking n hiding normaly and it’s mean it only just 5 or 10 second.

    Parrying:- Block all melee attack but only block 10 times.

    This is just my opinion about that skill.

  42. Both are Weapon Exclusive skills so…
    Choose from 1. Either a Spear or a 2hSword

    Joint Beat is good for crippling high VIT char
    While Parrying gives you a 50% protection against physical attacks, on which is used for offensive purposes like ramming in the emperium.

    So basically, Joint is for defensive and Parrying for offensive purposes.

  43. can u give me LK bowling bash type?
    and d’ item’s
    i want to know

  44. I am a LK Pro user

    the build in wep is Thana+2tg+hydra 1handed sword

    when LK to LK use 2handed sword

  45. what is the best card using for WOE to break the emp ??

    Plz tell me ^^

  46. use gloom card

  47. wahahah nc nc….i would like to know if it is possible to achieve 190 apsd w/ no agi but 2HQ+Berserk pot+Bersek?? BTW i suggest BG sets for demi human resistance to 2handed sword typs hehe

  48. I still prefer my 20k hp lk 99/70 with 186 aspd with one hand sword without link and without sacrificing any reduce at all using 0 mvp cards lool

    Srs, if that’s the best to you, you’re missing a lot of stuff.

  49. Not that this guide is useless, it helps a bit. Just wanted to make it clear… LK’s ARE COMPLETELY USELESS IN WOE. Ufff…. needed to say that…. Hybrids sucks in RO. As for crowd control yes, they can do “something”…. but a professor will kick any LK ass in the crowd controlling aspect. As for damage…. well, you should know what would I say if you know how to play RO correctly. Emp breaking? Don’t make me laugh, please.

  50. LK is never a bad damage dealer xD
    though not the best but always will fall at 2nd best
    the best defensive character will always be a paladin but LK will always follow it.
    a sinx is the best physical damage dealer but a LK will always fall at 2nd or 3rd place ,smiths are pain in the ass but can be countered.

    for woe
    bring 3-4 switchable weapons,
    status weapons for example is effective with bowling bash and brandish since both of them do a double attack , just don’t fall at a gutter line if ur gonna use BB xD
    plankton ,cursing silence or decrease agi (maero of thanatos card) is good for a MB/SB[3], Pike[4]

    for characters with massive vit bloody IP does the trick , better attackspeed compared to brocca , allows you to wield your shield compared to executioner

    a high power weapon for low – average vit character example , 2bloody boned TENS and +10 2bloody boned mes for general purpose , can be effective with bash and other skills

    and a BB exclusive weapon

    2SG bloody +10 one hand weapon

    at lower str range 3 slot lvl3/4 weapons are in fact better than 4slots blade which is a lvl.1 and has pathetic weapon attack.

    so u can actually lessen your str but also deal as much as a high str character

    and always bring your fberet,beret,poo , for shield bring 2, cranial and anti-range (horn card) it saves you from AD you can also use alligator accessories. hides and sight is a must! and so are elemental armors

    and LK is in fact one of the best class for woe
    they distract , deal damage and kill most classes
    while your nukers (snipers , bolters , aoe ) destroy guilds

  51. What if 255

    What build LK?

    BB TYPE?
    And what card?

  52. @streamside-ro

    weapon for berzerk/manual
    +9~10 2hand sword with the aoe lifesteal thingy xD (forgot the name , drops from tendrillon)
    it has 2 slots , add 1 LoD card and if possible thana,

    weapon for BB
    custom weapon or +10 elemental sword/sabre/mes/TENS ( any high atk damage weapon )
    a common misconception about race and size cards is that it adds damage to total atk
    where in fact it only increases weapon atk, while the sign , robo , MoH and the likes increases total atk not weapon atk, SG card increases total BB damage , weapons with different cards actually increases damage better compared to 4 similar cards compounded on a weapon ( 2bloody 2boned > 4 bloody )
    +10sabre , mes , E.Sword, TENS with 2 SG and thana/inca or 2bloody thana/inca , bloody SG thana/inca etc etc,
    oh and turtle general card is an all around RACIAL mod card , not a total atk mod card :)
    +10 g.weapon is also great ,
    don’t forget to use converters !


    +7~10 KVM armor FTW ! haha

    or , variant/sleip on footgear , immune proxy/d.mant/v.mant etc. on garment
    tgk / GR / elemental +3 str D.armor/brynhild ( any armor ! )
    the sign , diablous ring of muscle/d.ring of sight and hide etc. BG accessories , MoH , or 2x megs xD
    on headgear anything that is custom on your server then add maya p. ( mid or lower headgear)
    then +10 slotted custom headgear then add seyren,
    on shield
    cranial v.shield
    horn v.shield ( counter for AD )
    maya/gtb shield , against bolters or nukers , ( dual casting prof w/ 2 siroma/imp and SG is a pain in the ass specially if they are wearing kiel xD )
    tested on pvp-RO when all hope was gone because my pRO account was hacked :’(

    str, max this out ! ( must be base of 10 )
    agi, enough so you can get 193-197
    dex, just enough dex so you won’t miss , no BB cast time , aspd and atk
    luk, p.dodge against manual types with phree or crit ,also adds atk and crit
    int, add enough so that you can BB all day, also increases mdef xD
    vit, not too much that thana and AD can hurt but also enough that asura can’t 1hko

  53. just wanna ask, so what will be the equipment for that “ultimate build”?

  54. How about +5zweihander[2hydra] vs executioner

    You can contact me on FB : Jui Tanadol


  55. I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this information.

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