A Comprehensive Guide to the Creator Class

Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy RO’s Character Class Guides Event. The original author is Nevermind and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itakou, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us and we will respect your decision.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Pros and Cons of a Creator
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • 3. The Merchant
    • The Skills
    • Leveling
  • 4. The Alchemist
    • The Skills
    • Soul Linked Skills
    • Homunculus Related Skills
    • Leveling
    • Ranking
    • Homunculus
  • 5. The Creator
    • The Skills
    • Leveling
  • 6. PvP
  • 7. WoE
  • 8. Builds
  • 9. Equipment
  • 10. Potion Making
    • The Method
    • Checklist
    • The Potions
  • 11. Cultivation
  • 12. Credits
  • 13. Conclusion


Hello and welcome to my Creator Guide. Just before we begin, I would like to say a few things. I have had a decent amount of experience in playing a Creator, although it may not be as much as many of the players. Therefore, if you see any mistakes, or something that I have said of which you have a better alternative, please comment on it.

That’s it for the introduction, let’s get on with the guide!


This is probably the first question anyone asks oneself when deciding to start a class – what are the pros and cons of my class? Below is a list of all the Pros and Cons of playing a Creator.


  1. You would probably have one of the highest damage potentials in all classes.
  2. You can be one of the highest damage dealers during MvPing (however its harder now, since MvPs have been given 30 VIT by an official nerf).
  3. You have a homunculus which adds a new dimension to the game.
  4. Your cart acts like an extended inventory.
  5. You can break armors and weapons.


  1. It takes time to play a Creator to its fullest extent since you will need to use time to collect many ingredients for various potions.
  2. Acid Demonstration is highly dependent on your opponent’s VIT.
  3. A Creator is probably one of the hardest classes to lvl during the Alchemist and Merchant stages.
  4. A Melee Creator will probably be weaker than the Whitesmith counterpart.
  5. Most skills need some item or another to be used, therefore you cannot attack effectively without using up some item.

NOTE: There has always been confusion between the names of skills in both iRO and kRO. In this guide, I have tried to use whatever names appear on this server, which I believe is mostly kRO names with a few skills having iRO names.


“Born in a wealthy merchant family, he/she was taught that everything in life is about money. Thinking that an easy fortune is awaiting, he/she decides to join the other adventurers gathered by King Tristan 3rd.

He/she has many different skills to utilize in selling items, as well as the ability to carry more items in the cart. There is also the skill Mammonite, which uses precious money and does damage that well meets the value of the money being used.”


Click here for a page to all merchant skills and descriptions. My comment for each skills are written below each skill name in the following.

Enlarge Weight Limit

A nice to skill to get, even max. Unfortunately you probably wont have the skill points to max it. My advice is to definitely get it to 5 so you can learn Pushcart and you can add more based on how many skill points you have.


Really nice skill to have. Usually most people either choose discount or overcharge at the Merchant stage. At Merchant High stage you will probably have enough skill points to max both.


Awesome “money making” skill. Get this as soon as you can to increase the money you get from loots.


Max it. There is no reason not to.

Item Appraisal

Get it if you have an extra point to throw, otherwise magnifiers are cheap and easily available anyway.


If you would like your Creator to do a bit of vending now and again, get a few levels of this. Maxing this isn’t really required, although you can get it if you have the points, it will only help you.


An all-or-nothing skill. Max it if you have STR in your build, even medium amounts, otherwise dont bother with it.


Cart Revolution

You get this automatically.

Change Cart

You get this automatically.

Crazy Uproar

You get this automatically.


A Merchant is one of the hardest of the First jobs to level. They don’t have the health of a Swordsman or the flee of a Thief. Therefore, they tend to rely on pots a lot more than other melee classes during these stages.

A nice place to start your leveling would be Culverts. Immediately when you become Merchant, move to Culvert level 1 and start by killing the few monsters found here while making your way to level 2. Remember to get stocked up on pots. The Novice pots you get as a Novice is enough at this stage. In case you want more, make a new novice and put the pots in storage .

In Culverts level 2, I usually tend to ignore the Plankton and Spores found here since their HP/EXP ratio isn’t really worth it. Target the Tarous when you have reached a high enough level. Target all Thief Bugs found here but be careful, since they assist, do not provoke a big mob since your Merchant will not be able to handle it.

Make your way through the dungeon and rake up as many levels as you can. When you feel the Experience is getting slow, it is time to move on.

There are usually two places I go to after Culverts. One is Orc Dungeon and the other is Metaling (North of Lightalzen). Orcs are harder but give lower experience, however there are many Orcs found there. Metaling are found far away from each other in the map, yet there is a decent number of them. If you are going to Metaling, be sure to carry Red Potions, in addition to Novice Potions as well as Fly Wings, to find the Metaling faster.

I went to Job level 40 in Metallings/Orcs. Most people can do the same thing. However, if you are planning to go further than Job 40, I would say that a leech is the way to go, a Mage or Archer at Geographers. I know many people who have become bored to death by this stage and quit their Merchants because of this. However, if you still feel like leveling on your own, you could try Porcellios too. Another option for you is Leaf Cats, they give AWESOME Job exp, however you will wind up a Weaker Alchemist since their Base Experience is quite bad.

Another option for you is if you have VIT, go 2 maps south of Payon. It is a map filled with wolves. If your VIT is high enough, you can start mobbing them with Cart Revolution. Hit one and walk slowly, letting it follow you. If any other wolf sees the wolf hitting you, it will join in. Gather a decent mob, and spam both Cart revolution and your potions. The experience is pretty good. Also, wolves drop both meat and monster feed which you can use as your potions! Strawberries can be used to refill your SP if you ever run out. Continue this until job level 40.

The leveling stays the same for a Merchant High, except for 1 thing.
I recommend stopping at Job level 40 as a Merchant. As a Merchant High, I encourage you to go all the way to 50.


“Active in fields from ancient biotechnology to combining and creating mixtures, he/she joins the adventurers recruited by King Tristan III to perfect his/her biotechnology, and in the end, to successfully summon a Homunculus.”

The potions he/she makes have much better effects than those sold in stores.

The advanced biotechnology also allows summoning of monsters that will help you.
He/She continuously gathers materials and researches up to this day, amongst the many adventurers, in order to create biotechnology’s greatest advantages, homunculus.”


Click here for a page to all alchemist skills and descriptions. My comment for each skills are written below each skill name in the following.

Axe Mastery

Not so good a skill. Axes are not a good idea unless you have a constant Blacksmith partner during leveling. However, if you do choose an Axe as your weapon, this is decent skill to shoot for. Don’t get it first though, there are better skill at first.

Learning Potion

A really nice skill to have. Get it to level 5 immediately and try to max it after getting other important skills. A Brewer definitely needs to max this skill.


You need this skill at various levels for certain other skills. Therefore, if you are not a Brewer, get it to level 5 or 6 depending whether you want Bio Cannibalize or not. Any Brewer must max this skill.


Very useful as a precast in WoE to break your opponent’s weapon. You need level 5 for Acid demonstration anyway, so max it. Under usual circumstances, the item required for this skill is too painful to make for frequent usage of this skill. In any case its not very useful outside PvP and WoE. .

Acid Terror

Quite a useful skill in both PvP and WoE situations. Not very useful against monsters and MvPs. The item needed for this skill isn’t that hard to make either. I suggest maxing it, you need it at level 5 for Acid Demonstration anyway.

Potion Pitcher

An awesome skill to have. I recommend maxing this skill as soon as possible.

Bio Cannibalize

Quite a useful skill. Since Alchemists are not strong on their own and rely on their Homunculus/Summons for damage, this skill is needed. Making the item for this skill is also easy. You may not want to max this skill, but just get as high as the summon you want.

Sphere Mine

An interesting, useful skill to have. Only in certain situations does this skill become usable. Making the item for this skill isn’t easy. Its an all-or-nothing skill. Either max it, or skip it.

Chemical Protection Weapon

A useful skill in PvP and WoE and against some MvPs. A really good skill to get. The only problem is, this skill has heavy pre-requisites. If you are planning to get this skill, make sure to get Full Chemical Protection as a Creator. The item used is also a pain to make. Its a very good skill for parties too since they can benefit from this skill if you use it on them.

Chemical Protection Shield

A nice skill. Useful to avoid losing your Cranial Buckler or something due to breakage or divesting. Either max it for Full Chemical Protection as a Creator, or get it to level 3 for Weapon Protection or you could even skip it if you don’t want to bother with this tree of skills.

Chemical Protection Armor

Useful skill to have. It will avoid your losing your armor due to breakage or divesting. Max it if you want Full Chemical Protection as a Creator. Otherwise either get it to level 3 for other protection skills or skip it. If your armor is something awesome, like Ghostring carded armor for example, max this skill or definitely get Full Chemical Protection.

Chemical Protection Helm

Not all that useful since the Helm is usually not all that important. Its needed at level 3 for opening up the other protection skills and level 5 for Full Chemical Protection however.


The skills:

Berserk Pitcher, Twilight Pharmacy I, Twilight Pharmacy II and Twilight Pharmacy III

become available only if a Soul Linker casts the Alchemist Spirit buff on you. Below are the special buffs given to you for the duration.

  • Increases effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by Soul Linker’s BaseLV%
  • Allows usage of Berserk Pitcher skill.
  • Alchemists having Prepare Potion LV 10 are allowed to use Twilight Pharmacy I.
  • If there is a Super Novice in the party the Alchemist is further allowed to use Twilight Pharmacy II.
  • If there is a TaeKwon in the party the Alchemist is further allowed to use Twilight Pharmacy III.



Quest Explained: Bioethics Quest

Call Homunculus

If you want a homunculus, get it.


If you want a homunculus, get it.

Resurrect Homunculus

If you are serious about your homunculus, get it to level 5. Of course, you can always just use level 1 and heal it using Aid Potion. I will have a separate section going into details about the various homunculi and their skills and about their controls.


Not to sound like a broken record, but the Alchemist is also one of the hardest of classes to level, since they lack skills which are useful against monsters and that most of their skills need an item of some kind. In this context, the quickest ways to level an Alchemist are making a leech, AFKing with your homunculus, or actually training with your homunculus. You will not be able to cut it on your own.

At first, go back to the place you were most comfortable with as a Merchant and get some job levels quickly. My advice is to get Learning Potion and Potion Pitcher maxed first.

Next, I suggest you do the quest to get Bioethics and save up some money to get the homunculus you want. After this, start leveling your homunculus to a decent level.

The next step is to get an elemental weapon. Choose the appropriate one for your leveling needs. Here follows some choices as to leveling spots. Remember to carry potions wherever you go! Seals is a decent option for leveling. High Orcs are better in my opinion, but less mobby. Mi Gaos can also become an option provided you or your homunculus have enough flee to dodge them. Byalan 4 is also a really nice place, just because of the many rares that can be found there. The experience isn’t bad either.

At much higher levels, you could try Turtle Island with your homunculus, Bio Labs, Geffen Dungeon, Clock Tower Underground and many other places.

If you are interested in leeching your way to 99, a class like a star gladiator/hunter/rogue is a nice leeching class to choose from. But frankly, you really tend to appreciate the Alchemist class more if you actually do the work yourself


There exists a ranking system by which the top 10 Alchemists/Creators receive 50% increase in potency of potions made by them. It is really very simple. One gets a certain amount of points for making a certain number of Condensed Potions in a row without failure. The system is as follows.

  • Rank Point +1: 3 Condensed Potions created without failure in a row.
  • Rank Point +3: 5 Condensed Potions created without failure in a row.
  • Rank Point +10: 7 Condensed Potions created without failure in a row.
  • Rank Point +50: 10 Condensed Potions created without failure in a row.

You can check the rankings by typing /alchemist in the chat box. Remember, the 50% bonus to potency does not apply to Potions used via the skills Potion Pitcher or Slim Potion Pitcher.


The Homunculus is a special kind of pet only available for the Alchemist/Creator class. It levels up through it’s own formulas and experience. Actually, if your homunculus kills a monster by itself, it takes all the job experience the monster provides. You still, however get all the base experience. Every three levels, you get a skill point to put into one of the homunculus skills.

Now how does one get a homunculus? It’s very simple. (First you have to do the Bioethics Quest). In the Alchemist Guild, there is an NPC which sells homunculus supplies, which are 1 Seed of Life, 1 Morning Dew of Yggdrasil and 1 Separation Tubes. Bring with you the Potion Creation Guide and a Medicine Bowl and attempt to create the Embryo. If it works, you will have an embryo in your inventory.

Now, you have to complete the Bioethics quest first, then start putting skill points into the homunculus skills. Using Call Homunculus with an Embryo in your inventory summons a random homunculus. If do not want that one, you can delete it using a button which appears in the ALT+R menu, which is the homunculus menu.
There are 4 different types of homunculus, each of which has 2 different types, which only differ in looks. They have to fed in regular intervals like regular pets or they will run away. The four homunculus and what they eat are as follows.

  • Amistr: Zargon.
  • Filir: Garlet.
  • Lif: Pet Food.
  • Vanilmirth: Scell.

Each homunculus has a basic form and evolved form. When the homunculus evolves, they get an extra fourth skill to put skill points into. The skills of each homunculus are explained below. The skill in red is the skill which is only obtained when the homunculus evolves.

The homunculus evolves when it’s intimacy reaches the Loyal state. When this happens, buy a Stone of Sage (or hunt it from monsters) from the same homunculus supplies NPC and double click it. You homunculus will evolve.

The intimacy of the homunculus increases each time you feed it. The best time to feed it is when it’s hunger is 11%-25%, since its at that time that the intimacy is increased my the maximum amount.

This chart should help you regarding intimacy.

  • 0-3 = Hate with a Passion
  • 4-10 = Hate
  • 11-100 = Awkward
  • 101-250 = Shy
  • 251-750 = Neutral
  • 751-910 = Cordial
  • 911-1000 = Loyal
  • 1-10% Hunger +0.50 intimacy
  • 11-25% Hunger +1 intimacy
  • 26%-75% Hunger +0.75 intimacy
  • 76%-90% Hunger -0.05 intimacy
  • 91%-100% Hunger -0.50 intimacy

Just as a side note, it is not possible for intimacy to decrease or increase by 0.5. That means that there is a 50% chance for intimacy to increase or decrease.
From this you can tell it can take a long time to reach the Loyal state, but don’t worry. There is no point in having an evolved homunculus at a low level, take the time to level your homunculus up to a decent level and you will find it evolving soon.

Be worry though, by under-feeding or over-feeding your homunculus, you run the risk of reducing it’s intimacy.


The Amistr is a passive type of homunculus. It is supposed to be the one with the most defense. Most of its skills are defensive based. The skills follow…

Click here for Amistr Skill Descriptions.


The Filir is an aggressive type of homunculus. It has the highest flee potential of all the homunculus. Most of its skills increase it’s physical damage or increases it’s flee. The skills of this follow…

Click here for Filir Skill Descriptions.


The Lif is also a passive variety of the homunculus. It’s skills often concentrate on supportive skills. As usual, their skills follow.

Click here for Lif Skill Descriptions.


This is also an aggressive variety of homunculus. It’s skills tend to be more focused on magical attacks, thus they are good in PvP. Their skills are found below.

Click here for Vanilmirth Skill Descriptions.


“With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes mastery. The Creator’s knowledge of science has reached the saturation point, leading to a mastery over the laws of nature…”


Click here for a page to all creator skills and descriptions. My comment for each skills are written below each skill name in the following.

Slim Potion Pitcher

A really good skill. You can heal the entire guild with this if the leader has just used rally. Problem is, condensed potions are either expensive or a pain to make. Also, if you take this skill, you will have to give up the Chemical Protection skills.

Full Chemical Protection

Another awesome Creator skill. You will never worry about breaking or
divesting again. There are problems however, Glistening coats are not easy to make and this skill has HEAVY pre-requisites.

Acid Demonstration

This skill is one of the main reasons why people fear Creators. This skill rips apart people with medium to high VIT. Plus, it’s ranged. As if this wasn’t enough, it can break the target’s armor or weapon too. Max this if your Creator has INT as a main stat, otherwise its a waste to use or get this skill as it is quite expensive or time-consuming to use.

Plant Cultivation

This is a really good “money-making” skill. In addition, it gets us alcohols when we cultivate many mushrooms at one go. You can sell the red bloods and crystal blues at overcharge to the NPC too. I definitely recommend level 1. Get level 2 if you feel like it, since stems are too precious to waste on this and you don’t really need anything from plant drops. You can get Karvodailnirol too, for poison bottles which you can vend or give to guild mates.


Leveling a Creator, compared to an Alchemist or a Merchant is actually easy, thanks to Acid Demonstration. Of course, it can become kind of expensive, unless you hunt the ingredients yourself.

Immediately when you are a Creator, go to your usual Alchemist leveling spots and rake up many job levels. Get Potion Pitcher, Learning Potion and Acid Demonstration. You will have to either continue leveling on your own, or using your homunculus or leech until you have decent INT (say, 100+).

Once you have that, start using Acid Demonstration to level. I can’t really tell you the best leveling spots, because there are just so many choices at this stage. Basically, select a not too mobby place, where monsters have decent to high VIT so you can make full use of the Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades you use when using Acid Demonstration. Make sure the monsters HP isn’t too high.

A few places I can think of and have tried earlier follow. Thors Dungeon is a nice option, just have Fire property armor and make sure the monster doesn’t come too close to you. Having Formless race resistance isn’t a bad idea too.

Another option for you is Bio Labs 3 with a High Priest another offensive character maybe. In this way, you needn’t waste your bottles on the low VIT stuff and you will minimize usage of bottles even less with Lex Aterena. Also remember, they probably give the most experience per monster not counting MvPs.

6. PvP

PvP is a part of the game where players enter an arena where players can attack other players. In this, some classes are often at an advantage against some since the nerfs which WoE have don’t exist here. But remember, more often than not, it’s a one-on-one situation here so you can’t really expect help very often. Unfortunately, I have never PvPed as a Melee Creator so I cannot help there. I could stipulate, but there may be things which would be wrong, so I will only give basic strategies using an AD Creator against most classes. Again, I am definitely not a “pro” but these should point new players in the right direction.

Lord Knight

Keep your distance from them. Spam AD from afar as they will most likely have high VIT. Watch out for Charge Attack though, it brings them close to you instantly. If you have low VIT and a LK starts spamming Bash close range, you will most likely wind up dead. The same thing goes for Spiral Pierce, except its possible to run away again and continue spamming AD. Watch out for Berserk! If they do that, I usually use an Authoritative Badge to increase my walking speed so I can keep away. If you can star far, you will most likely win.


Same strategy as LKs, except they dont have Charge Attack or Berserk so it is kinda easier. Watch out for Gloria Domini, it eats your SP. And stay away from Matyr Reckoning Paladins, and spam AD from afar. Remember, if your damage is too low, they have Heal and it could become a long fight.

High Wizard

If you have a Smokie Card, it can be an easy fight. As long as you got a Marc card, they cannot freeze you. With decent demi human resistance andenough HP and INT, their weaker spells will not hurt at all. Hide as often as you can if they target spells directly at you as well as when they use AoE spells. If they have low VIT, you will have to get near and spam Mammonite (assuming you have STR in your build). If they have high VIT, AD them to death!


This can become a long fight and it can also be finished very soon. Watch out for their Soul Siphon. It can eat away all your SP and leave you stuck without SP for skills. Of course, if you have SP pots, it isn’t a problem. If you don’t, you are a sitting duck until your SP recovers. The good news is, with your high INT, it will take a Professor a decent amount of time to kill you. Watch out for their Stone Curse as well as their Fiber Lock as they can make you helpless. If you wind up with no SP, always remember, you still have your homunculus too!


This really depends on the build of the Sniper. If the Sniper has VIT, it can become at least doable. Send your homunculus after him, try to status him and then AD him to death. If he tries Falcon Assault, don’t worry, he cant do THAT much damage anyway. If he has no VIT, it can become a difficult fight. If this is the case, you will have to rely on your homunculus a lot more. Try to get near and start spamming Mammonite if you have decent STR in your build. Try to use a quadruple stunning weapon if the Sniper has low VIT instead of your standard PvP weapon.


Similar to a Sniper, except it is usually much easier. Most Clows and Gypsys get VIT, so you can AD without worries. Their Arrow Vulcan shouldn’t do that much damage that makes it life threatening. Send homunculus after them and spam AD and you should do fine.

Assassin Cross

If they are a Soul Breaker build, this should be easy, just spam AD during the Breaker delay time. If they are Sonic Blow build however, you will need to watch your step, especially if they use EDP. Stay as far as possible, send your homunculus after them. Avoid getting too close at any cost. 1 EDP + Sonic Blow could very well 1 hit KO you if you don’t have sufficient DEF. Immediately when they get uncloaked, start spamming AD but be reasonable, use other skills too. Bio Cannibalize slows them down sometimes. If they start Grimtooth, either Hide immediately or Sight them and AD them.


If you have Full Chemical Protection, it really takes out half their arsenal. They can’t Divest so, they will have to rely on doing their damage with your equipment. Don’t get complacent though, they can still dish out a good deal of damage. The damage rules of fighting an Assassin Cross apply, except if they have no VIT, you will have to rely on your homunculus and spam Mammonite.

High Priest

This can become a really long fight. They have Pneuma which can render AD useless. They can also heal insane amounts and have Safety Wall to ward off Homunculus attacks. My advice is first, if you come up against a High Priest, AD them immediately if they are not standing in a Pneuma. If they are, go close and Cart Revolution them out by knocking them out of the Pneuma. Then AD again. Hopefully they wont be able to recast Pneuma that fast. Don’t waste time when fighting, the more time you waste, the more time you give the High Priest for Healing himself/herself. The only good thing is, the High Priest cannot do much damage to you, due to your high INT.


This can also be a difficult fight. They have Pneuma which can negate AD. Also, you have to be careful when going near them since they can unleash Asura on you. A Smokie card really helps in this situation. If their Asura cast is a bit high, you can usually hide and avoid it, thus removing all their SP. But watch out for Ruwach, many Champions use Ruwach and then charge for Asura, thus not letting you utilize hide. The same strategy applies here too, use Cart Revolution and push them out, then AD. Also, setting your homunculus to bug them will help you too.


This can be a rather fast paced fight. At all costs, don’t go near him/her, always stay away. CT can ruin the fight for you by stunning. Stay far back, use a Badge if necessary to help you outrun them and spam AD as you go. Use your homunculus to slow them down. If he/she gets near, you are most likely dead unless you have high stun resistance. If they try using Meltdown, use Chemical Protection to protect your equips from breakage.


This is dependent on both your builds. Whoever has higher VIT and whoever has lower cast time of AD. Most likely, the VIT factor is decides the outcome of the fight. Of course, who has the stronger homunculus can also matter in the fight. Use your homunculus to its fullest extent in this fight, as long as its a strong one.


Similar to a Sniper, except it will not be so hard. Expect Rapid Shower to be spammed. Just AD them if they have VIT, if not, you will need Mammonite and your homunculus. Watch out for Desperado too!

I have not, upto this date fought a good Star Gladiator, Soul Linker or Ninja on my Creator, so I cannot give tips on how to fight them.

7. WoE

War of Emperium is arguably one of the most popular features of the game, where guilds fight each other for control over various castles. This part of the game involves teamwork and co-operation between guild members where you help one another when the need arises. For this reason, its best to know how exactly to use your Creator during a WoE. I am definitely not a “pro” in WoE but I have limited experience, so I can just sort of guide new players in the right direction.


When guilds go on the offensive, they are attacking a castle that is already owned by another guild. their aim is to break the Emperium, a golden rock situated in the heart of the castle, guarded vigilantly by most of the guild members of the opposing guild. So, what does a Creator do in this situation?

First of all, don’t waste your time in attacking the emperium directly. You probably will not do much damage to it anyway. Use the best Chemical Protections you have on your guild’s specialist emperium breakers. If you see someone with critical health, Potion Pitcher them immediately.

On your own, assuming you are an AD Creator, spam Acid Demonstration on the most dangerous class you see, which has high VIT, like another Creator for example. Basically, target Assassin Crosses, Whitesmiths, Lord Knights, Paladins, Creators and Champions. But be wary of Pneuma, don’t spam Acid Demonstration like an idiot without noticing that you aren’t doing any damage thanks to Pneuma. Let your homunculus run wild on the low VIT but dangerous targets like a High Wizard in the pre-cast or Snipers. If the High Wizards in the pre-cast have VIT however, target them first and end the pre-cast.

If you are a Melee Creator with loads of VIT, enter the Emperium room first and pot like crazy to take the damage of the pre-cast. Then let the rest of the guild enter. In this case, your job would be to take out the less DEF/less VIT targets like High Wizards and Snipers. Do so by going closer and spamming Mammonite but be sure to keep potting since both the fore-mentioned classes have strong ranged attacks.

Once you have somewhat overrun the castle (that is, your guild has more strong members in the final room) protect the Emperium breakers while they start breaking the emperium by casting Sight (if you have a Horong card) and basically killing any enemies before they have a chance of attacking the emperium breaker.


When guilds defend, they repel attacks on the castle they own for the moment. Here is where the usefulness of Creators really come into play!

If you are an AD Creator, stand in range of the entrance of the last room, ready to Acid Demonstration the living daylights of any intruder. Do not stand alone, because if the invader has lowish VIT, you would simply waste your bottles since they can easily out-pot the damage you deal out. High VIT characters and some medium VIT characters will fear Acid Demonstration on sight since you can very easily take them out. If an enemy guild manages to enter the last room, don’t panic. Keep your distance, constantly using Acid Demonstration on the characters which usually have high VIT. Let your homunculus attack the group but choose its target carefully. Try to pick something which you cannot kill using Acid Demonstration, in other words, a usual low VIT character.

If you are a Melee Creator, do not try to own people with your damage, since you cannot really do that. Use status weapons and stand in the entrance, ready with Cart Revolution or Magnum Break preferably (if you own a Marine Sphere card) and try to status any person who tries to enter the last room and thus make it easier to kill him/her. Useful statuses are stun, sleep, curse and freeze. I like to pick stun however.

Both varieties of Creators can help in different ways. Keep Chemical Protections up on the critical damage dealers/tankers as well as on yourself. Use Slim Potion Pitcher when many people need a heal. Bio Cannibalize can also be used at the entrance to the last room to slow people down when entering. Sphere Mines also work well if there’s a group huddled up nearby. Demonstration also is useful as a pre cast to break the opponents weapons before they can try breaking the emperium. Acid Terror can mainly be used on people with god-like armor (example, Ghostring carded ) to break it.


All Creator builds can be generally classified into 3 major types.

  1. The Potion Brewing Creator
  2. The Melee Creator
  3. The Acid Demonstration Creator

Naturally there are hybrids of 2 or more of these basic types and many customizations on these basic builds. I will not give specific numbers of how many stat points to put in each stat or anything like that. I will just state generally what stats will be needed, how high they must be and any other extra information about the build in question.


There are only a few amount of possible builds in this category, depending on whether you are an Alchemist or Creator and whether you have a Clown/Gypsy to use Marionette Control on you or not. The stat points given here are BASE STATS ALONE. It doesn’t include Job bonuses or equipment bonuses.
Normally for an Alchemist, these are the best stats for maximum success at 99:

  • 42 INT
  • 93 DEX
  • 93 LUK

For a Creator it is this at 99:

  • 42 INT
  • 96 DEX
  • 95 INT

If you have a Clown’s/Gypsy’s Marionette Control at your disposal, make sure you get INT, DEX AND LUK all to maximum.


Melee Creators are not very common. This is attributed to the fact that they are not as strong as their Whitesmith counterpart. However, they can become superior tanks due to their Potion healing ability. Although they do not have the advantage of Adrenalin rush or any similar ASPD increasing skill, its still possible to et a decent ASPD by using One Handed Swords. They are usually split into three types, the Agility Variant, the Tanking Variant and the Hybrid Variant.

The Agility Melee Creator

These types of Creators have decent ASPD, can spam Mammonite or other skills quite quickly (but can very rarely match the Whitesmith’s speed of Cart Termination spamming) and can get mediocre to high flee. I recommend you to get a decent amount of VIT to get status protection as well as increased Potion healing ability. Depending on how much VIT you give yourself, try to keep DEX as high as possible, since you dont want to miss your attacks do you?

  • High STR
  • High AGI
  • Low to Medium VIT
  • Medium to High DEX

The Vitality Melee Creator

These types of Creators cannot have high ASPD but it will not be too slow. They can tank a great deal of damage thanks to their potting ability. They can laugh off the lower damaging skills but will be susceptible to skills like Acid Demonstration and Occult Impaction. Again, since you dont hit that often, keep DEX high to make sure you hit most of the time. Get a little AGI to increase your ASPD as much as possible.

  • High STR
  • High VIT
  • Medium AGI
  • Medium to High DEX

The Hybrid Melee Creator

In terms of versatility, this variant stands out. Your ASPD will be good enough, but not as good as it can be. Your tanking ability will also be worse than the pure tanker but you will still be able to tank your way through many situations. Your flee wouldn’t be much to look at, but it is at least something! Again, keeping DEX high is imperative.

  • High STR
  • Medium to High VIT
  • Medium to High AGI
  • Medium DEX


Acid Demonstration Creators are the more common type of Creator one finds in RO. Why is this? Acid Demonstration is so devastating, especially on medium to high VIT opponents. Of course, playing this build is very expensive or time consuming since one has to constantly re-stock up on Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades, out of which Bottle Grenades are not easy to make at best. This build usually cannot do much against a very low VIT opponent, therefore a fair amount of STR is recommended to take the low VIT enemies out. Remember, they have low VIT, so their HP will be low. Another variety found under this type is the full offensive variety, sacrificing on VIT and DEX to get high STR. The few variants of this build are put down below.

The Pure AD Creator

This version is a pure Acid Demonstration build. You cannot really use physical skills effectively since you will have no STR, however, get a little STR to increase your weight limit. Very fast cast time, high AD damage and usually high HP are characteristic of this build.

  • Low STR
  • High INT
  • High DEX
  • Medium to High VIT

The Melee and AD Creator

This is the full offensive type. You can most probably take down any opponent you face. Your survivability will not be high however, and your cast of AD will not be all that fast. Yet this build is one of the most feared builds simply because of the damage output. Remember, your Homunculus adds to this too! You might want a little bit of AGI to increase your ASPD for faster Mammonite spamming.

  • High STR
  • High INT
  • Medium DEX
  • Low to Medium VIT
  • Small amount of AGI

The Balanced AD Creator

This is sort of a mix of both the above mentioned builds. A decent amount of STR is good, maybe around 50ish? High INT for AD damage. Try to keep DEX high too to decrease AD’s cast time. Also, since you want survivability in this build, get VIT and you could skip AGI completely.

  • Medium STR
  • High INT
  • Medium to High DEX
  • Medium to High VIT (but not as high as DEX)

That about wraps up the different builds of the Creator. I understand that there may be other build which are better than these. This is just to let people know the kinds of builds that exist, it is upto you to make your own unique builds from this. This is why i do not mention specific numbers anywhere.


There are just some many different types of equipment available in the world of RO that it is impossible to point out and say that somethings is undoubtedly the best sort of equipment. For sure, there could be certain best equipment for certain situations, but on a general scale, it is upto you to find out unique combos for your character. I will point out below some nice equipment which are considered good by most people.

In each equipment slot, I will have a list at the bottom which is the condensed version.


Headgear is unique because it visibly alters the way your character looks. For this reason, you wouldn’t want some ugly thing on your head would you? Try to find something that both looks nice as well has some decent bonus or a slot. Now, what should you look for in headgear? Firstly, a decent amount of DEF, or easy upgradability. Otherwise, look for Demi-Human race resistance, like a Poo Poo Hat or a Feather Beret. There are few cards which are phenomenal other than MVP/Mini-boss cards but they are decent nevertheless. For example, Elder Willow is quite a decent card to have, due to it’s +2 INT bonus, which is pretty good for AD, so if you cant lay your hands on the gear mentioned above, feel free to use stuff like this!
Potion Brewers would prefer a good ol’ Apple of Archer.

  • Feather Beret
  • Apple Of Archer
  • Crown/Tiara


Chainmail[1] is the cheapest and easiest to upgrade. Meteor Plate[1] is good due to its stun and freeze resistance, which is a great help in WoE. In addition, it’s slotted too! Odin’s Blessing[1] is also a decent choice when used in one of it’s combos. Valkyrie Armor is also an awesome choice if you can afford it, since it offers you 50% stun resistance, and you could slot a Marc card to give you freeze resistance too! Lord’s Cloth[1] is also a viable option since it provides 1 INT and is slotted. Some nice cards are as follows (there are many more, I’m just giving a few examples)

  • Marc (Freeze resistance)
  • Evil Druid (Freeze and Stone resistance but makes you Undead property)
  • Peco Peco (+10% HP)

Potion Brewers could try a Rocker-carded armor, but it will not make much of a difference.

  • Chainmail[1]
  • Lord’s Clothes[1]
  • Meteor Plate[1]
  • Valkyrie Armor[1]


Buckler[1] again is the cheapest and least expensive choice. Other choices are good too. Valkyrie Shield is a good choice if you can afford it. Thorny Shield and the Horn of Buffalo combo is awesome for melee Creators. Plus, its slotted. Orleans’s Plate is good when used in it’s combo. Race reduction cards are best used in Shields, especially Thara Frog for Demi-Human reduction.

  • Valkyrie Shield[1]
  • Orlean’s Sever[1]


Manteau[1] is best and cheapest again for over-upgrading. Again, Valkyrie Manteau is also a good choice if you can afford it. Crest of the Rider used with Black Leather Boots is also good for AGI variants. Wool Scarf is also a good choice, especially in it’s combo. Raydric is probably the best card to slot here. Whisper can also be used for training purposes.

  • Manteau[1]
  • Wool Scarf[1]
  • Valkyrie Manteau


Shoes[1] should only be used if you can get hold of one which is refined to +9, because then its worth using a Firelock card in it. In most other cases, Boots[1] does nicely. Tidal Shoes is really good when used with Wool Scarf. Again, Black Leather Boots is good with the Crest of the Rider for AGI based Creators. Valkyrie Shoes is also a nice, but more expensive option. Most people choose to compound a Verit, Matyr or even a Green Ferus card in Footgear. However, if the refine rate is +9 or more, compound a Firelock card!
Potion Brewers would prefer Crystal Pumps.

  • Boots[1]
  • Valkyrie Shoes[1]
  • Tidal Shoes[1]


Most of the ancient accessories are probably the best choices you have, depending on your stats and build. In most cases, people tend to prefer Ring[1], Glove[1] or a Earring[1]. Thorn of the Buffalo should be used if you are planning on using a Thorny Shield. Glove of Orleans is also useful when used in its combo. There are many other choices, which is impossible to mention here. Research a bit yourselves, try to find something to suit your build’s exact needs. Some nice cards to be used in accessories can be Smokie (gives you Hiding level 1), Horong (gives you Sight level 1), Marine Sphere (gives you Magnum Break level 1, useful for melee attackers as well as to status many people at the same time), Mantis and Zerom for the stat bonuses.
Potion Brewers usually use 2 Zerom carded Gloves, 2 Wormtail carded gloves (for a cheaper choice) or just 2 unslotted Gloves (for the cheapest choice).

  • Orlean’s Glove
  • Glove[1]
  • Earring


The weapon you choose heavily depends on the type of Creator you are. Of course, if you choose to be hybrid, be sure to have both kinds of weapons. For Acid Demonstration, weapon which add INT are the most suitable. Therefore, a Haedonggum[2], a Bazerald or an Excalibur is probably the best choices. Even a store bought Haedonggum is enough as a matter of fact. For melee damage however, a Triple Bloody Boned Blade/Axe depending on your weapon is most preferable. For statuses, of course, a quad status Blade would be suitable, just pick the stat you like to inflict on others best!
Potion Brewers would prefer an Excalibur (if available) or can just use a Fortune Sword.

  • Excalibur
  • Bazerald
  • Haedonggum

That about wraps up the Equipment section of my guide. Feel free to experiment on a stat calculator or something and try to think up new awesome combos to argument your unique build!



Potion Making is accomplished by using the skill, Pharmacy. The higher the Skill level of the skill, the greater chance of success. There are more factors which contribute to the success, which are as follows.

  • DEX
  • LUK
  • INT (but only half as much as DEX and LUK)
  • Job Level of your character
  • Level of Pharmacy
  • Level of Learning Potion
  • The type of Potion you wish to make

Every Potion needs a Medicine Bowl and a Manual respective to the Potion to be created. When you have everything, use the skill Pharmacy and try to create your potion!


Before attempting to make a Potion, check to see if you have all the things you need.

  • Enough medicine Bowls
  • The Manuals needed for the potions
  • The ingredients for all the potions you want to make
  • A Priest to give you Blessing and Gloria (increases your success rate by quite a decent amount) if possible.

Now below, in the next section, I will go through all the various potions one can create and tell you the ingredients, where to hunt them and what all is needed.


In additional to the following information, the potion making recipe and item drops can be found here.

Red Potion

Items: 1 Red Herb + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • There are many sources of Red Herbs. One, of course are Red Plants, but they are not very common. Mobbing Thief Bugs in Culverts 2 and 3 is also a good way of getting Red Herbs. You can also hunt Mukas since they also drop an ingredient needed for Condensed Red Potions. Mantis south of Louyang is also a good source.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Yellow Potion

Items: 1 Yellow Herb + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • Bonguns in Payon Dungeon 3 are the best sources for Yellow herbs, since they come in mobs and many are found in this map. Novus in Hugel Field and High Orcs in Clock Tower Underground 2 are also decent sources.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

White Potion

Items: 1 White Herb + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • There are many places to get White Herbs. Miyabi Dolls in Amatsu Dungeon 1 is a good source for this, as well as money from the Star Crumb they drop. Petites also are a good source. You can also hunt for White Herbs while hunting either Evil Druid or Marc cards as both drop White Herbs at a high chance. Verits also drop this, so you can hunt for White Herbs while hunting for Acid Bottle ingredients.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Blue Potion

Items: 1 Blue Herb + 1 Scell + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • Nightmares and Seals are the only good sources of Blue Herbs.
  • Scells can be bought from a Trader NPC found inside the Tool Shop of Geffen.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Condensed Red Potion

Items: 1 Cactus Needle + 1 Red Potion + 1 Empty Test Tube
Manual: Condensed Potion Creation Guide

  • Only Mukas drop Cactus Needles, found in a map 2 west of the map where the entrance to Anthell is. They also drop Red Herbs, needed for Red Potions.
  • Red Potions can be made or bought from a Tool Shop.
  • Empty Test Tubes can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Condensed Yellow Potion

Items: 1 Mole Whiskers + 1 Yellow Potion + 1 Empty Test Tube
Manual: Condensed Potion Creation Guide

  • Martins in Coal Mines 2 and Holdens in Einbroch and hugel fields are both decent sources of Mole Whiskers. Martins are faster though, since they are found in a smaller map.
  • Yellow Potions can be made or bought from a Tool Shop.
  • Empty Test Tubes can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Condensed White Potion

Items: 1 Witch Starsand + 1 White Potion + 1 Empty Test Tube
Manual: Condensed Potion Creation Guide.

  • Witch Starsands can be got from Clock Tower Basement 4 from Bathories. It can also found from Punks in Clock Tower 1. Demon Pungus is also a decent source, in Einbroch, but probably not as fast as the above two.
  • White Potions can be made or bought from a Tool Shop.
  • Empty Test Tubes can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Bottle Grenade

Items: 1 Fabric + 1 Alcohol + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Bottle Grenade Creation Guide.

  • Fabrics are obtained from a few places. Wraiths in GH Churchyard are a decent source. Whispers in Sunken Ship, both 1 and 2 is probably the one of the best sources of Fabrics. Ludes in niffleheim town and the Ludes which spawn at the entrance of Niffleheim Dungeon is also a good source.
  • The best way to get Alcohol is to Cultivate for it. Another way is to make it from 5 Stems, 5 Poison Spores, 1 Empty Bottle and 1 Empty Test Tube. There is another way, by which you can gain experience while hunting. Horongs drop Alcohols at a fairly decent rate. This isn’t very quick however.

Acid Bottle

Items: 1 Immortal Heart + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Acid Bottle Creation Guide

There is only one source of Immortal Hearts, Verits. Both Pyramid Basement 1 and Pyramids 3 are decent maps to find it. The Basement map is better though.

Plant Bottle

Items: 2 Maneater Blossom + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Plant Bottle Creation Guide

Maneater Blossoms can be got from either Geographers, north of Einbroch or Floras, 2 North and 1 East of Prontera while hunting for Stems at the same time.

Marine Sphere Bottle

Items: 1 Tendon + 1 Detonator + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Marine Sphere Creation Guide

Both tendon and Detonator are dropped by Marine Spheres. There is no awesome place for them. The only decent place is Byalan Dungeon 4.

Glistening Coat

Items: 1 Heart of Mermaid + 1 Zenorc’s Fang + 1 Alcohol + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Glistening Coat Creation Guide

  • The best way to get Alcohol is to Cultivate for it. Another way is to make it from 5 Stems, 5 Poison Spores, 1 Empty Bottle and 1 Empty Test Tube. There is another way, by which you can gain experience while hunting. Horongs drop Alcohols at a fairly decent rate.
  • The best place to get Zenorc’s Fang is from Zenorcs found in Orc Dungeon 2.
  • Heart of Mermaid is dropped by Obeaunes, found in Byalan Dungeon 3.

Fire Resist Potion

Items: 1 Red Gemstone + 2 Frill + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Elemental Potion Creation Guide

  • Two Blue gemstones can be exchanged for 1 red Gemstone from a person in Payon. Otherwise, it’s dropped by Fake Angels in Gefenia. You can also get them from Drillers, which conveniently also drop the Frill, needed for this potion.
  • The Frills can be got from Frilldora, in Comodo fields or Drillers in Einbroch field.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Cold Resist Potion

Items: 1 Blue Gemstone + 3 Heart of Mermaid + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Elemental Potion Creation Guide

  • Blue Gemstones can be bought from the Tool Shop of Geffen.
  • Heart of Mermaid is dropped by Obeaunes, found in Byalan Dungeon 3.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Earth Resist Potion

Items: 1 Yellow Gemstone + 2 Large Jellopy + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Elemental Potion Creation Guide

  • Two Blue gemstones can be exchanged for 1 Yellow Gemstone from a person in Payon. Otherwise, Punks, Demon Pungus, Drillers and Fake Angels drop this.
  • Large Jellopies are dropped by Antique Firelocks in Amatsu Dungeon or Metalings north of Lightalzen.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.

Thunder Resist Potion

Items: 1 Blue Gemstone + 3 Moth Dust + 1 Empty Potion Bottle
Manual: Elemental Potion Creation Guide

  • Blue Gemstones can be bought from the Tool Shop of Geffen.
  • Moth Dust is dropped by Punks in Clock Tower 1 or by Dustiness, found in Mount Mjolnir as well as Yuno fields. As a further note, they also drop Red Herbs.
  • Empty Potion Bottles can be bought from the Mage Guild in Geffen.


Items: 1 Ment + 1 Alcohol + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • There are only two decent sources for Ments, both of which are low rates. One is Red Plants which has a higher drop rate and one is Rafflesia, found in Yuno fields.
  • The best way to get Alcohol is to Cultivate for it. Another way is to make it from 5 Stems, 5 Poison Spores, 1 Empty Bottle and 1 Empty Test Tube. There is another way, by which you can gain experience while hunting. Horongs drop Alcohols at a fairly decent rate.


Items: 1 Honey + 1 Aloe + 1 Empty Bottle
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

  • The best place to get Honeys are from Zipper Bears, found in Gonryun Dungeon. Vitatas in Anthell is also a decent source, but not as good as Zipper Bears.
  • Aloes are dropped only by Green Plants and by Floras, at a lower rate.


Items: 5 Stem + 5 Poison Spore + 1 Empty Bottle + 1 Empty Test Tube
Manual: Alcohol Creation Guide

  • There are two good maps from Stems. One is 1 North and 1 east of Prontera where you will target the Mandragoras found in plenty. The map North of the above map is also good, since Floras also spawn there and both drop stems.
  • The best way to get Poison Spores is to cultivate for it.
  • Empty Test Tubes can be bought from Mage Guild in Geffen.


Items: 1 Seed of Life + 1 Morning Dew of Yggdrasil + 1 Separation Tubes
Manual: Potion Creation Guide

All the ingredients can be bought from the Homunculus Supplies NPC found in the Alchemist Guild in Aldebaran.


Cultivation is something all Creators need to do, if not to get the alcohols, then to make money. Earlier, it was possible to summon many mushrooms onto 1 tile and cart revolution them all to death. Since it isn’t possible now, I offer 2 ways to stack them onto the same cell. The first method is keeping a star gladiator with warmth of the sun/moon/stars next to the summoned cell. It will proceed to knock all summoned mushrooms onto the same cell. It should be something like this.

g – Star gladiator
c – Creator
x – Summoned cell
o – cell where mushrooms get knocked back


The second method is actually easier to accomplish due to the fact that you don’t need to dual client and also offers a pretty fast way to kill the mushrooms. I will try to explain this by means of a rough diagram.

x – mushroom
X – mushroom on which cart revolution must be performed.
o – empty cell
c – creator
| – wall

Step 1 : Summon 2 mushrooms in a line close to the wall.


Step 2 : Use cart revolution on the mushroom in the middle.


What will happen is this.


All mushrooms will get knocked into the end.

Repeat these steps. And remember to always use revolution on the middle mushroom. This will make sure all mushrooms get hit and the older ones die before the 5 minute counter is done. This will ensure a pretty steady pace of mushroom killing. One small tip is to zoom in, so you can aim the proper cell properly.


  • http://ratemyserver.net/ RateMyServer – Such an awesome RO database, thumbs up to the site owners. The database helped me ALOT, in many places and the ease of use really sped up the process of making this guide.
  • http://forums.roempire.com/showthread.php?t=37648 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alchemists – This I can say was my inspiration to make as detailed a guide I could. No doubt it is still better, helped me alot when I started out my first Alchemist, utterly clueless.


That about wraps up my guide. Hope you enjoyed reading it and that it was helpful to anyone who did. I will be very happy to receive feedback on how to improve this guide in any way, no matter how small. Thanks to LegacyRO to give me the incentive to write this guide, something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but never had the incentive to.

Thanks again for reading and I hope it was helpful.

30 Responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to the Creator Class”

  1. o_O nice to see my guide here too. I need to make some changes which will be done this week.

  2. Awesome Guide ^_^ a section on homunculus leveling would be very much appreciated though.

  3. PVP High Wizard part: Due to your high INT, you will not take that much damage from their spells, and you will not freeze easily as long as you have high VIT
    False. Equip Mdef reduce chance to freeze and duration (X+Y, the X reduce). Storm gust will still freeze at the third hit, due to 300% of chance to freeze. As for int, the reduction is pathetic against AoE spell they might use. Against Jupitel, it might be worth it, thought.

    Evil Druid (Freeze and Stone resistance but makes you Undead property)
    Yeah. That goes hand in hand with undead actually. The +1 int is great too, and being undead do not stop you from potting yourself, so I’d suggest it in WoE setting. Then again I don’t like being statused in general so I’m a tad biased.

    For footgear, the Green Ferus card (10% hp, 1 vit) is a great counterpart to matyr for non-agi based creator.

    As for the rest, a great guide somewhat and less offensive to the RO mechanism then some other (Cf the Ifrit-Randgris-Thanatos guide xD)

  4. Nice guide, i’d just like to add another way of cultivating :D

    You cultivate a 7 by 7 space of mushroom / plants and have a bard go in the middle and dissonance ;-)

    x x x x x x x
    x x x x x x x
    x x x x x x x
    x x x b x x x
    x x x x x x x
    x x x x x x x

  5. @ Alardun
    You are correct, but I meant it for the chance of freezing with regards to Frost Driver, not for Storm Gust. For storm gust it is much easier to just hide before they cast it as having a VERY fast cast for storm is usually very expensive. And, yes, I did mean it for Jupitel thunder too.

    Undead is a bit risky because many people enchant their weapon, and some do it with Fire, making you take 125% from their attacks. However, I have used it before and have found it effective.

    Thanks for pointing out the Green Ferus card, I do not know how i missed it =D

    @ Azurik
    Awesome idea! I have got to try it out sometime :D

  6. Can’t use Dead Branch in towns? Here’s a way to summon monsters in towns: [Just hope it's not illegal in your server... ^_^ ,\/,,,]

    Warning: This may be illegal on some servers and is a ground for BANNING of your account. Do this at your own risk.

    Note: This is mainly for fun, if you don’t want to bother others, use this on towns where there are very little to no players. But if you want to annoy people then go ahead. This works on PvP rooms as well.

    Note Note: There is no -1 EXP penalty when you die. Only in towns, though, but on fields you still get the penalty. Also, when you kill the monsters you summoned, even in towns, you get exp equivalent to what you may get on their natural habitat. XD [That makes it more fun since there is no -1 EXP penalty when you die.]

    x – mushroom
    o – empty cell
    c – creator
    + – cell to use Demonstration on [No, NOT Acid Demonstration, just Demonstration]
    @ – cell where mushrooms will be stacked

    2 Accessories slotted with Hylozoist Cards

    Fire bottles
    Mushroom Spores

    Skills to be used:
    Cart Revolution

    Ok, let’s start:

    Do not equip azoth and accessories first.

    This is must be your position cultivating mushrooms:

    o o o o x c

    Remember to have 4 empty cells infront of the mushroom you cultivated.

    1. Cultivate 1 mushroom first then use cart revolution to push the mushrooms 2 cells forward. [DO NOT use equipments here yet. If you use your equipments the mushroom will have a chance to transform into other monsters. You can do this if you want one monster at a time. But if you want a LOT of monsters follow my guide.]

    So the diagram will look like this:

    o o x o c

    2. Repeat step 1 on the same cell as many times as you want: [The more mushrooms you stack the more monsters you summon.]

    It will look like this:

    o o @ o c

    3. Once you cultivate as much mushrooms as you want and stacked on one cell, equip your Azoth and Accessories.

    4. Use Demonstration 2 cells in front of the stacked mushrooms [This will only work if you have equipped your Azoth and Accessories]:

    Position will then look like this:

    + o @ o c

    5. One last time, use Cart Revolution on the stacked mushrooms and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

    Note: You can also summon monsters with just your Azoth but having 2 accessories with Hylozoist Cards on them will increase the chance. The bigger the chance the more the monsters.

  7. But you can’t gain stems through cultivating since it is a 1 to 1 exchange plus it’s only 50% success. So how do I go about gaining stems?

  8. You gain stems only by hunting monsters which drop stems, there is no easier way sorry :(

  9. if using haedongum, + 2 abyss knight card will there a effect on boss using AD? +10 haedongum will be better right?

  10. %/dmg cards or refine does not affect AD power. Only creator’s int and target’s vit does.

  11. ah, sorry or doublepost but…I haven’t seen mentioned the alchemist card combo in guide, but it is essential for plant cultivation as it gives chance of dropping glistening coat and stem, thus making alcohol and coats much easier to obtain.

  12. Any regards about new places to lvl up ur homunculus and alchemist with the new episodes? I am lvling my vanillmirth lvl 88 at Moscovia Dungeon, in Leshij and the other monsters…

  13. @juno
    the melee attack of abyss knight or any card such as hydra wont stack up the AD otherwise all the creator would end up using 3 x hydra 1 x skel worker spamming AD on WOE / PVP

  14. Nice guide :D

    I would like to suggest Silk Robe for woe pourposes since it gives +10 mdef :P

    Either another way to cultivate would be planting a bunch of mushrooms and telling a Wizard to cast Lord of Vermillion over the plants

  15. wow..this is really nice guide..i love this job..

  16. Anyone tried a hybrid support/brewer? I was messing around with the skill sim when I came up with this build:

    Enlarge Weight Limit Level 10
    Discount Level 10
    Overcharge Level 10
    Pushcart Level 10
    Identify Level 1
    Vending Level 8

    Learning Potion Level 10
    Pharmacy Level 10
    Potion Pitcher Level 5
    Chemical Protection Weapon Level 5
    Chemical Protection Shield Level 5
    Chemical Protection Armor Level 5
    Chemical Protection Helm Level 5
    Call Homunculus
    Resurrect Homunculus Level 5
    Slim Potion Pitcher Level 10
    Full Chemical Protection Level 5
    Plant Cultivation Level 2

    Yes, no AD, but you can focus on making your own glistening coats while having FCP and both kinds of potion pitcher, as well as your only defense, your Homunculus. I imagine people will have to run around with a Fireblend to level it solo though, only for all of your levels instead of your merchant days. Since DEX has a benefit to brewing and your cast time, as well as you needing INT and some VIT for your potion pitching to be worthwhile, little LUK will go into the build at all. The nice thing is rich people can compensate for lower DEX with Mjolnir and still have their Thara Frog carded shield, with that alone instant cast without buffs is easily possible on any 99/70 Creator, even gives a bit of a STR buff. I’m sure 120-130 dex is a respectable cap in all cases though.

    STR: 1-20 – get early, if at all.
    VIT: 20-50
    INT: 80-99
    DEX: 80-99

    Ideally, you’re aiming for 70% glistening coats if you’re poor yet buffed and have Vanil, 80% is a long stretch without going pure brewer or owning any DEX or LUK equips and cards you can get your grubby hands on.

    Well, looks like I made a mini guide in my attempt to make a build, all the info in here is mentioned in there, aside from the build itself, just don’t have the heart to delete it now, even if it’s speculation |3;

  17. I suggest getting pest card as well. The reason I suggest this is that if the player has a ghostring card, then stoning would turn them to Earth property. Thus AD wouldn’t miss 3/4 times nor would it be decreased;D! Though, the con to this is that you need to be physically attacked;/…but I guess that’s why switching gear is fun.~

    Other items to consider using during woe is box of sunlight (detect hidden enemies), box of drowsiness (increase matk), and box of gloom (level 1 concentrate). Also don’t forget food, dex, and int food for the extra bonus!~ and agi food not necessary but the extra flee/dodge wouldn’t hurt,…;3

    I am sure some of this is obvious, but I’m putting it out there just in case ~

  18. The best cultivating way I know is to make a 5×5 area of cultivation, use a slave SIn X with high dex to steal mushrooms, and make him MA the mob by stealing a mushroom from 3×2 area, so he will be in the middle of the mushrooms, so MA will hit all of them :)

  19. wat else i can use to success make bomb and potion?

  20. what else i can use or skill to make success make potion and bomb

  21. ASPD affects the after-cast delay of AD and 100% anti-stun could be easily reached with a valk armor and a +5 stalactic golem carded dark bacilium.
    Your AD builds are outdated.

  22. @kroit You need 2 gloves[1](1 dex each glove) with a zerom card(3 dex) inside each glove.A fortune dagger which gives 5 luk,a poring carded armour and an AoA.Get a vanilmirth as the skill instruction change will help to increase pot creation success 1% per skill lv.

    Nice guide.Was hoping you put homun training in it too but oh well.Training an alchemist can take ages but when it reaches creator,it is worth it as it is highly sought after in battlegrounds,woe and MvPing due to them can own most MvPs.

  23. cn any plsss help me how to make creator relly gud in pvp

    1. stat lvl
    2. wat is gud item ned to get/ware for pvp
    3. wat is important skill ned from novice-creator
    4. wat kind of card taht relly ned to inquid


  24. wtf said it.

    “Pure AD”
    “Medium to High VIT”
    “Low STR”

    Why would you get above 2 or 3 str?

    “The Balanced AD Creator”

    Why? You going to break emps and kill people at the same time?

    “Marc (Freeze resistance)”
    AD creators should only wear ED.



    For a server where wool & tidals were worth nothing, this is pretty god damn shocking.


    Aspd = delay in bragi. No weapon is the easiest way to increase DPS. Cecil damon cards *hint*

    “Slim Potion Pitcher

    A really good skill. You can heal the entire guild with this if the leader has just used rally.”
    Or if your guild does SE.

    “Problem is, condensed potions are either expensive or a pain to make.”
    Sure thing buddy.

    “Also, if you take this skill, you will have to give up the Chemical Protection skills.”
    Or AD.

    Brewer build is wrong too.

    **This is probably the worst lro guide I’ve seen.**

    Please don’t follow this guide and ask pros. My guild gets so many bad creator apps.

  25. Congrats retard. You just trashed a 3 year out of date guide. I wrote this in freaking 2007, it’s pretty obviously out of date and wrong in many places with relevance to today’s RO.

    1. If you played LRO at all, they fcked up wools/tidals drop rate at first and they were hella expensive for a while.

    2. 3 years ago, nobody was aware (or very few) or eathena did not take ASPD into account for AD spam.

    3. 3 years ago, SE did not even exist.

  26. may i know the build of pure acid bomb mvp creator

  27. i used sprint combo for faster skills

  28. lol cultivation is so much easier than that. just get a bard to dissonance and cultivate around him xD

    it will take you like an hour to level up the bard enough and give him enough int then BOOM instant alcohol, or if you get a shining plant, ygg berries :D

  29. This guide needs an update. c:

  30. Can someone please give me the melee build like specific numbers? High, Low, Medium is useless to me.

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