Everything about Gunslingers

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A Gunslinger is known as the warriors who specialize in combat at a distance, with various types of firearms. Naturally, this technology is for the exclusive use of the armed forces of the Republic of Schatzwaard and for using such equipment you will need to sign up on our forces.

After a test, you will be dispatched to training on the continent, either here or in Rune Midgard, or perhaps the Far East or Arunafeltz.

Of course … Some Gunslinger not serve our forces. There are many who sell their services to any kingdom as mercenaries, others prefer to maintain its political independence. Whatever their motivations Gunslinger all share a passion for danger and audacity.

Depending on your description, you may end up in several fields of battle. You may end up in a war of Empire (WOE), a direct confrontation against enemies (PVP), incursions into hostile terrain (MVP) or even military confrontations against imminent threats (MVP). Be prepared, and reflect well on their names (AKA: Style of play), because it will affect their training and equipment my dear.

Gunslingers should have special consideration on the attributes. Do not think that you are an archer who uses firearms, please! Do you use weapons that can be faster or slower that arches that boom, and the careful training should reflect on your body and mind.


Attribute not so important as to Gunslinger, as they do not use weapons for fighting infighting, however, that affects how much weight you can load, which is important, because some of the weapons of Gunslinger weigh almost as much as axes and swords (especially the galtling guns). If you are concerned about this, put some points into strength, because the equipment is heavy and if you’re a WOE, you will yes, need potions.


Here, we start to see the differences between Gunslinger and Archers. The Agility can be an attribute or not vital to its character. Everything depends on the equipment. In general, a specialist in Gunslinger Pistol, Rifle or Galtling Gun, must have good attributes in Agility, to improve the DPS (Damage Per Second). If a Gunslinger of Shotgun or Launcher Grenades, is their discretion whether or not a high Agi. Pessoalmente, não gosto muito de agi elevadísima (AKA: 90 ou mais) nestes tipos de Gunslinger, já que a ASPD dessas armas são muito baixas e elas tem como foco o dano indivual ou dano em área (mob control). Vale penalty exchange for the more vitality, for example, as these two guys are, basically, mob controllers.


Again, another difference between Gunslinger and Archers. While Archers, save rare exceptions, just consider this attribute, the Gunslinger, in general, should reflect carefully whether or not they want to have high vitality. In general, Gunslinger MVP does not need high levels of Vit (Leaving the Vit 1 can be dangerous, so we recommend no more than about 20-60 for this type) but a WOE Gunslinger needs at least a couple of 40-80 Vit . The value of Vit must accompany the Agility, but not necessarily in a manner equivalent (ie: Do high, low or Vit Agi low, Vit high, or if you wish, you can have both equal). Nornmalmente Gunslingers of Pistol or Galtling Gun has Vit Agi high and low, similar to archers, as a Gunslinger of Shotgun or Launcher Grenades have Agi low and high Vit. A type of rifle is between these two extremes, because the guns are neither too fast nor too slow.

As for HP, Gunslinger has a rate of reasonably high points of life (similar to the Rogues). If you opt for a high vitality, you will not regret if the amount of HP that you will succeed as ranged class.


This attribute must be well determined. You do not need a great intellect (AKA int high) to be a good Gunslinger. Its rate of SP is average, so you have reasonable quantities of SP.

The large bid here is if you use the very skills to attack. Normally, who has good ASPD do not need very high intelligence, because it does not depend intimiamente the SP to attack (similar to a hunter Agi \ Dex), but a character with low Agi, outside skills of attack (again, the from the Grenade Launchers and Shotgun), a median value of int is recommended.


Important attribute, the first thing you should consider. ALL Gunslinger need high Destreza, but not quite to the point of letting your character deficient in other areas. A Gunslinger’s main advantage their own abilities and buffs that improve their rate of success. Some Gunslinger, as some builds of Rifle, also have a high luck and do not need that much of Dex, as of a pistol, with the -10 penalty in Hit, simply MUST grab the maximum points you can raise. Remember that even if you consider that your Gunslinger not need Dex 99, the Dex affect the damage of his weapon, the rate of success and, even slightly, your ASPD. So, have a higher value, if possible, his first greatest attribute.


Attribute that should be considered, as well as the strength and intelligence. Always ask what if the luck will affect on your character and whether it will be necessary for him. Firearms are few slots (not more than two, if at all). This compensates for the fact the attacks of these weapons are larger than the average. In general, you can put points on luck if you’re a Gunslinger of Rifle or Machine gun and is equipped with a weapon that gives her critics. Otherwise is your criterion, although I do not see much advantage in being Gunslingers without rifle or machine gun with high luck.

The kind of gunslinger who you are is intimately connected to his gun. More than any other class, the type of weapon is that dictate their position and posture.

Come to them, my dear.

3.1.: Guns (Pistols)

If you choose a pair of pistols, my dear, you have a talent for light infantry (or like to be a cowboy). Your rate will be quite quick shots, perfect for annyoing or locks, you will be good for DPS (Damage Per Second or Damage Per Second). Vale a warning: Guns are a bit vague (they all have Hit-10) and their individual damage will be low. To enjoy its full potential as a Man, has good values of Dex and Agi.

ASPD base: 130 (an attack every 1.4 seconds)

3.2.: Rifle (rifle)

The type of infantry Rifle composes the middle (or are free-shooters). Your rate is average shots, getting to your discretion whether you will be guaranteed in individual damage or damage in the second. The skills of rifle, for the most part are shared with the pistol: not rare, Gunslingers of the type rifle, pistols lead as secondary weapons. However, this additional type of gunslinger is the possibility of becoming a Guns Crit .. The rifles give bonuses of critical hit (generally 10%), being highly recommended for those who want to make a Crit Gunslinger, which adopt the use of rifles, as the firearms are few slots, which complicates rather be critical for equipment in other types of Gunslinger.

ASPD base: 125 (an attack every 1.5 seconds)

3.3.: Shotguns (shotgun)

The Shotgun are the type that loves to fight short distance, many Hitting inimigos.As abilities of shotguns cause damage in area and is perfect for mob control. All this, added to the high attack of shotguns compensate for the extremely low ASPD of these weapons. They are dependent on SP to use his special skills, since your ASPD is low, therefore, recommend high values of strength and points above average in intelligence in this type of character.

ASPD base: 50 (one attack every 3 seconds)

3.4.: Machine gun Galtling (Galtling gun)

The type of machine gun Galtling (Galtling Gun) are in general very high and used to cause damage to your enemies with bursts, arresting them. They are masters in damage per second, the main force of the build. Needing Altis values of Agility, the most you can grab, since it need an excellent ASPD to usurfruir their full potential. Because of his great ASPD are also candidates to Critics, even if the value of critical is lower than that of rifle, machine gun from the offset that with an infinitely higher rate of fire. Are great in MVP and MVP as damage dealer.

ASPD base: 130 (an attack every 1.4 seconds)

3.5.: Launcher Grenades (GRENADE Launch)

The only guy who has ammunition elements. The bomber of the type of function meet mobile artillery, cleaning rooms with their bombs. The damage these weapons is extremely high (some arriving at 280 of brutal attacks, not counting the attack of ammunition!), Causing real damage to any class, even taking into account the Nerf attacks that cause distance. Of course, the greatest weakness of Guns, ASPD is very low, dropping on the same type of Shotgun, needing above average in intelligence and high vitality compensate for the lack of ASPD and elusive.

ASPD base: 50 (one attack every 3 seconds)

Most Gunslinger they specialize in two or three guns only mounting and their status based on them. This will be seen in the next two chapters, dealing with hablidades and suggestions of builds based on the preferred weapons.

4: Skills of a Gunslinger

Pay attention recruits! Now comes the most important part: your skills! You should think carefully about its 69 points of class that you will receive over training, so it is good you have an idea of what each skill does.

The Gunslinger has two basic types of Skills: Skills for Weapon and Skills of currency.

Click here for the tree of skills in class.


How not to develop an advanced class (read: Class 2) and neither transcends, Gunslingers follow a different table.

Level of 1 to 35, the experience equivalent to half of what an equivalent Class 2 needs. Level of 36 to 50, the necessary experience goes further: it amounts to half of what an equivalent Class 2 longer need the equivalent of a character class 1 needs. Level of 51 to 70, the table following a formula own.

Table of bonus of class

Table of experience

Skills of Gun:

Pay close attention here. A Gunslinger ought to specialize in one, two or three weapons at most. It’s always good to have a focus, even when dealing with a Gunslinger with 69 points of skill. Of course, do not let its focus blurred to the point of your head you do not pick up other skills, such as currency that will make all the difference in his character:

Single Action (10) – All, Passive

Pre-requisite for: Chain Action (1), Tracking (5), Dust (5)

Skill primary essence of Gunslinger, basically, it improves their rate of accuracy in fixed points and ASPD in their percentage.

As she gives Level 1 and 2 of Hit +1% of ASPD
In the level 5 she gives 10 of Hit and 3% of ASPD
At level 10 it gives 20 of Hit and 5% of ASPD

COMMENTARY: Even if your ASPD is low, I see no reason not to have this on your skill level. Hit is always useful.

Snake Eyes (10) – Pistol, Passive

Prerequisite to: Increase Acuracy (1)

It increases the power and precision weapons to “Pistola

At level 10, she gives 10 to reach and accuracy with gun-type weapons.

COMMENTARY: Essential for gunmen, who have little power and little accuracy and very helpful to others, for having as the pre requisto Increase Acuracy.

Chain Action (10) – Pistol, Passive

Requires Single Action (1)
Pre-requisite for: Rapid Shove (3) and Triple Action (5)

Increases the chance to perform two simultaneous shots. The risk increases as the level of skill. We need a gun to use this skill.

At Level 3 it increases the chance of double shooting at 15%
At level 10 it increases the chance of double shooting at 50%

COMMENTARY: Like “Double Attack” of the thief, this skill is excellent for Gunslinger “Pistola. If it is not the type pistol, you can still get her to take the Triple Action.

Rapid Shove (3) – Pistol, Active (attack)

Requires Chain Action (3)
Pre-requisite for: Desperado (5), Gatling Fever (7)

Skill of active gun. Consumes five bullets to make a quick shot of five shots. The cost in SP and the power to attack the skill increases as the level of skill. We need a gun and spend five bullets to use this skill.

At level 5, she attacks with 750% of attack and consumes 30 SP
At level 7, she attacks to 850% of attack and consumes 34, SP
At level 10 it strikes at 1000% of attack and consumes 40, SP

COMMENTARY: Good skill from locking. It is your discretion whether or not maximize. It is a good alternative to attack the gunman. I recommend you up or she or the Tracking because, while Tracking focuses on personal injury, the Trigger Happy Shot focuses on Damage to attack.

In general, the type of nozzle will have Trigger Happy Shot, as the strength of the gunman is in the build of Damage by attack (or Damage per second, the famous “DPS”).

Desperado (10) – Pistol, attack (active)

Requires: Rapid Shove (3)
Pre-requisite for: Galtling Fever (5)

Skill of active gun. Perform an attack in an area of 7×7 cells around the user. The SP spent on monitors the level of hablidade.

Each use of this skill affects up to 10 attacks and requires a gun-type pistol. Ignore Pneum, but can be blocked by Safety Wall (the attack is considered “short distance”). Bonus away does not affect this ability. Casting has a second of delay. Consumes 10 bullets.

Area of the Desperado


X – Cells
G – Gunslinger

At level 5, she attacks with 300% of attack and consumes 40, SP
At level 10, she attacks with 550% of attack and consumes 50, SP

COMMENTARY: Yay! The power of the Cowboys! Indeed, a skill of “desperation” even. Imagine a mob around him, then you use this skill and the mob takes a massive damage. In PVP and WOE is so dramatic because, since Pneum holes, the nightmare of a warlock. Take this skill, if you’re a gunman. She will be extremely useful.

Galtling Fever (10) – Galtling Gun, attack (active, support)

Requires: Rapid Shove (7), Desperado (5)
Grade Requirement for: Madness Canceller (10)

Temporarily increases the speed of attack and damage, but also reduces the speed and elusive movement. The SP spent on monitors the level of skill.

A second use of this ability to cancel it. The bonus of it accumulates in Last ASPD Stand. Requires a gun-type Galtling Gun.

At level 10, it increases its attack on 120, the ASPD at 20%, reduces its elusive at -50, lasts 165 seconds (2 minutes and 45 seconds) and consumes 48, SP

COMMENTARY: BERSEK! The perfection of Galtling Gunners! With this skill, along with other buffs you can reach almost 190, ASPD. Imagine a strafe the MVP 190, ASPD a reasonably safe distance? Locking the picture that you cause to any of the 1×1? Boy, just be careful with Pneum, they will leave you muuuito sad.

Tracking (10) – Pistol, Rifle, attack (active)

Requires: Single Action (5)
Grade Requirement for: Piercing Shot (5), Disarm (7), Bulls’Eye (10)

Mira carefully at the enemy, inflicting widespread damage. The damage and expense of SP monitors the level of skill.

Increasing this skill, will raise the length of the same conspiracy. The timing of conspiracy can not be modified by Destreza, skills, equipment and is interruptible. It required a pistol or rifle to perform this skill. Consumes a bullet.

At level 5, she attacks with 700% of attack, has 2.0 seconds of time for conspiracy and spent 35 of SP.
At level 10, she attacks with 1200% of attack, has 3.0 seconds of time for conspiracy and spent 60 of SP.

COMMENT: The skill of damage of individual Marines and gunmen. Nearly a tilhambaço in the middle of the forehead of any unfortunate that stand in front of his gun. Take it, if you’re a Marine, you will not regret it. Only you will need muuita SP and a lot of patience, since it has 3 seconds of time for conspiracy. Still, it is an excellent skill.

I would not recommend this very ability for fans because of guns does not force the true potential of gun attacks which is quick and tracking is a skill comparatively slow. Still, it feels important, take it. After all, it is prerequisite for the two skills most of bastards Guns: Wounding Shot and Disarm and the two also work with pistols.

Piercing Shot (5) – Pistol, Rifle, attack (active, causing the status)

Requires: Tracking (5)

Inflicts damage, pierce the opponent’s defense and has a chance to cause the bleeding effect on the target. The expense of SP and damage accompanying the level of skill.

It has a duration of conspiracy of 1.5 seconds and has no delay. Requires a rifle or pistol to perform this skill. Consumes a bullet.

At level 5, she attacks with 200% of attack, has a 15% chance of causing bleeding and spent 15 of SP.

COMMENTARY: Make them bleed. Must submit to their desires and more depraved sadist. Give it a shot and you have the chance to draft in his opponent bleeding from a bonus. See that annoying Arquimago or Sniper Elite of suffering, losing gallons of blood, dying while you prepare another round certeiro or see if its allies gather in the poor. It boy … Even with 15% chance alone, it is tempting to wear more than its enemies, facilitating the work of others or even in your delete them. Cruelty and depravity is the law here. The end justifies the means.

Disarm (5) – Pistol, Rifle, attack (active, not to cause damage, cause of status)

Requires: Tracking (7)
Grade Requirement for: Adjustment (5)

Throw in the hands (or feet in the case of Taekown) to make your opponent unable to attack.

The chance of success and expense of SP track the level of skill. When used in monsters, reduces the attack of the monster at 25% but has no effect on monsters such as “Chief”. Disarm has a fixed range of 7 cells and requires a pistol or rifle to be used. Consumes a bullet.

Scope of Disarm:

G X X X X X X X The

X: Cell
G: Gunslinger
A: Target

At level 5, a chance to disarm is 15% and consumes 35, SP.

COMMENTARY: So how dirty cause bleeding is to let your opponent empty-handed. Throw in their hands or legs to leave him incapacitated is one of the tricks that the Marines and gunmen may have to hand in a fight. This makes the Guns are curious surprises in PVP, because of the damage it can cause. Even if you do not enjoy the full potential of letters and the like, they gain skills and effects that improve their performance like this baby here. Does not have feelings of remorse or shame. Your enemy will not have with you.

Dust (10) – Shotgun, active (attack)

Requirement: Single Action (5)
Prerequisites for: Full Blast (3)

Shoot the short distance, making the target is pushed five cells. The value of attack and the expense of SP accompanies the level of skill.

Considered attack from short range. You do not receive bonuses for reaching and ignores Pneum. You have 1 second of time for conspiracy and 1 second of delay cast. Requires a Shotgun to be used. Consumes 1 bullet.

At level 3, she attacks with 250% of attack and she spent 9, SP.
At level 10, she attacks with 600% of attack and she spent 30 SP.

COMMENT: The skill of the first users of Shotgun. It is not as impressive as, except for its high attack, compared to other similar skills from other classes. It becomes even more interesting by the fact Pneum overcome the terror of the combatants of reach. Take it if you are a user of shotguns, even if it is just to push an opponent out of the damn Pneum.

Full Blast (10) – Shotgun, active (attack, causing the effect [in conjurador])

Requirement: Dust (3)
Prerequisites for: Spread Attack (5), Ground Drift (5)

Inflicts devastating damage on an enemy, firing repeatedly at once. The expense of SP, damage and consumption of bullets attached to skill.

This ability has a low chance of causing blindness to conjurador (yes, you can go blind!) And can consume up to 10 rounds per uso.Requer a Shotgun.

At level 5, she attacks with 800% of attack, has a cooldown of 2.0, a chance to cause blindness in 10% of you, it consumes 40, SP and spent six shots.

At level 10, she attacks with 1300% of attack, has a cooldown of 3.0, a chance to cause blindness in 20% of you, it consumes 65, SP and spent bullets in December.

COMMENTARY: Why do you use an ability that it consumes up to ten rounds per use, is lerdíssima, consumes quantities of fat and SP can still leave you blind? To cause damage of up to 1300%! Of course! Destruction my friend. Destruction. Point this gun, shoot on your enemy and scatter all that he has within it the walls. After you do this with the first loser who appear in your path, the others will be afraid of you.

Who said to be a Guns was being cute? You use firearms, yo!

Spread Attack (10) – Shotgun, active (attack)

Requirement: Full Blast (5)
Prerequisites for: Ground Drift (7)

Consumes 5 bullets to cause damage in area. The expense of SP and damage accompanying the skill. Requires a Shotgun.

In Level 7 attacks it with 220% of attack, affects an area of 7×7 and consumes 45, SP.
At level 10 attack it with 280% of attack, affects an area of 9×9 and consumes 60, SP.

Area Spread Attack

Level 7


Level 10


X – Cell

COMMENTARY: Here’s another skill area of Guns. Yes, it does cause a damage below the Desperado in damage, consumes more SP and bullets. However, it is not limited to targets and, if maximized, the scope is much greater. Throw in all the 9×9 is very good for containment of mobs. Imagine affect all targets in WOE in an area of 9×9? Only careful Pneum.

Ground Drift (10) – Grenades Launcher, active (Visible Trap)

Requirement: Full Blast (5), Spread Attack (7)

Plant ball on the floor that will explode when the enemy approaching. The bonus of attack, the consumption of SP and duration of the trap track the level of skill.

The effect of the explosion varies with the type of ammunition used. Requires a Launcher Grenades.

-Ball of Fire: playing the enemy 5 cells.
Of wind-Ball: chance of Stun.
-Ball of poison: chance of poisoning.
-Ball of blindness: chance to dazzle.
Ice-Ball: chance to Freeze.

At level 10, the bonus of attack increases by 500, lasts 30 seconds and spent 40 of SP.

COMMENTARY: The next “Trapper” of Guns. This is the only ability for the launchers of Grenada that the Guns have on hand. WOE is clear in its role right? Traps and Traps. A warning to clans: Guns of a type roughhead grenadier may not be alone in Traps, the guy is a great fighter, and probably will have to access powerful weapons like shotguns, for example. Moreover, the very weapons are the 280, crude attack then let the guys practice shooting when the target is relevant.

Skills of Currency:

These skills are important for a Gunslinger. Skills are varied, both in damage, causing the status or even buffs

The Coin Flip (5) – Currency, active (Support)

Pre-requisto for: Increasing Acuracy (5), Magical Bullet (1), Cracker (1), Fling (1), Triple Action (1), Adjustment (4), Madness Canceller (4), Bull’s Eye (5 )

Consumes 1 zenya to play a coin. If you fall guy, conjurador won 1 coin, if dropped kroon, the conjurador lose 1 coin.

The conjurador can have a maximum of 10 currencies and increase the level of skill increases the chance of achieving man. The currencies of Gunslinger are shown as orbes light around the Conjura. Each coin gives a bonus of 3 to attack up to a maximum of 30 bonus for the attack. 2, SP consuming to use.

At level 1, the chance of achieving man is 30%
At level 4, the chance of achieving man is 60%
At level 5, a chance to get face is 70%

COMMENTARY: Perhaps one of the most important skills of Guns. Any increase of attack for a class of user that is not magic and does not have many slots for letters of damage to their arms is profit. Vai the needs of its place build how many points you want here.

Increasing Acuracy (1) – Currency, active (Buff)

Requirement: Snake Eyes (10), The Coin Flip (5)

Consumes 4 coins to add 20 of accuracy, Des 4 and 4 more Agi for a minute.

You have a delay of a second.

COMMENTARY: Good skill for those who like to Do, Des and Accuracy. A favorite of the Marines, Pistoleiros and Galtling Gunners.

Magical Bullet (1) – Currency, active (attack)

Requirement: The Coin Flip (1)

Consumes 1 coin to make a magical shot of the Ghost type that does not spend any ammunition, a quantity of inflicting damage based on ATQ + MATQ.

No weapon is required to use this skill. Consumes 7, SP.

(Ressalva. Despite the description, the Ragnasim estimated the damage of skill only with the weapon equipped, and the damage varies with the attack of the gun)

COMMENTARY: Interesting, because the ammunition is expensive and consumption of ammunition is high. It can be a complete waste or the salvation of the crop depending on who you use and how you use it. Take it if you think it is worth. As always, go to your conscience.

Cracker (1) – Currency, active (cause of effect)

Requirement: The Coin Flip (1)

Consumes 1 coin to fire a bullet stunning.

The closer the target of conjurador, the greater the chance to inflict the status of stunning. It has the casting delay of 1 second.

The chance to stun ranges from 30% to 60% depending on proximity. The duration of stunning is 5 seconds (do not know if the Vit can reduce this stunning or not).

COMMENTARY: Skill EXTREMELY useful for any Gunslinger. Even the MVP of the kind would benefit others with her. The WOE’s so … Neither one speaks! Mandatory.

Fling (1) – Currency, active (cause of effect)

Requirement: The Coin Flip (1)

Play in currencies to reduce its enemy defenses.

Vit reduces both the FSD as Def Armor, based on the number of coins used. The effect lasts 30 seconds. In PVP, only reduces the Vit Def and does not accumulate (I do not know about WOE, probably following the rules of PVP). SP 10, cost per use and can use up to five coins per use

1 Coin – -5%
2 Coins – 10%
3 Coins – -15%
4 Coins – 20%
5 Coins – -25%

COMMENTARY: Another useful skill for all types. Like most Guns does not have much use for letters of damage (except for the pistol and rifle), this ability may help in blast damage. In WOE has good utility in lowering defenses beyond.

Triple Action (1) – Currency, active (Attack)

Requirement: Chain Action (10), The Coin Flip (1)

Spend a dime to shoot an enemy three times in an attack.

Each hit causes a loss of 150% each for a total of 450%. Spends 20 SP, 1 coin, 1 armor and has no Cast Delay.

COMMENTARY: For fans of pistol, plus a skill that improves the DPS (Damage Per Second). Take it, after all, is more a way to cause damage. It is almost a “Blowing of Arrows” that only with firearms.

Madness Canceller (1) – Currency, active (Buff)

Requirement: Chain Action (10), Flip The Coin (4)

Consumes four coins to activate the effect Madness Canceller, where the user is building but won 100 of attack and 20% of ASPD.

Madness Canceller lasted fifteen seconds and can not be used in conjunction with Adjustment. It has the casting time of three seconds and Casting delay of four seconds. Consumes 30 SP and four coins.

COMMENTARY: YEEE-HAAAA! Engatilhe its Galtling, drink his potion of Fury Wild, ask for your friend the monster Knight Tanca and activate the Madness Canceller. See your ASPD rise to clouds, firing several bullets and uninterrupted. Pro: the enemies fall like flies. Against: You are stopped and vulnerable. Need a good life or a good tank, preferably both.

Adjustment (1) – Currency, active (Buff)

Requisto: Disarm (5), Flip The Coin (4)

Consumes two coins to activate the effect Madness Canceller which the target rate of 30 wins elusive and receives 20% of attacks at a distance, but has -30 Precision.

This ability lasts twenty seconds and can not be used in conjunction with [Adjustment. Has Cast Time and the delay of 1 second. Consumes 15, SP and 2 coins.

COMMENTARY: "Run Forest, run!" It's what can set this skill. When you're taking a real beating the enemy, turn this skill and try out running. Tãão may not seem so impressive, but is usually a good save lives, especially against attacks from a distance. Moreover, in PVP \ WOE, it may well be useful against attacks from a distance, such as Spiral Drilling, of Blowing Arrows, Spiritual Fire Ball, Shield Chain ... Among others. The Marines are quite enjoy this ability and any build WOE could consider it as well.

Bull's Eye (1) - Currency, active (Attack)

Requirement: Tracking (10), The Coin Flip (5)

Consumes a coin to inflict damage of 500% in Humanoid enemies of the type and gross.

Bull's Eye has a chance of 0.1% to inflict the status Coma (fall for 1 HP and 1 from SP) on all enemies, except monsters of the type head. Consumes 30 SP, 1 coin and 1 bullet. Used in common monsters, the damage is 100% only and does not cause coma.

COMMENTARY: More a skill that causes negative effects. She is good, if combined with Last Stand, cited amazingly that increases the speed of attack, facilitating much the defeat of monsters bar-heavy (the more shots you get, the better the chance of being drawn). It is also good for Marines, not only by high-damage but for its usefulness in PVP, after all, if the coma gets ... However, use it with wisdom, because the chance is low (0.1%). Go to your conscience spend points in it.

Attention! This part is VITAL! Maximum attention! Advance of anything you want to be a fighter if you do not know where to get the necessary training!

Link to job quest: click here

You need to have Level Class 10 to be accepted. A short question is necessary to reflect the training with firearms and make its exchange-class.

I recommend you have at hand all the items necessary to question (some may be obtained in the field of training with ease, while others you can find in the trade [the zargônios are sold at Geffen]). Be sure also to a substantial sum of money (5000 ~ I believe that some 10,000 zenya are necessary if you intend to make the path for Kafra and Airship) or a good priest or novice to give portals (and this can leave around 3000 ~ 6000 zenya depending on the price that the novice \ priest will do in return for portal).

Once overcome these problems (or not, but goes to your conscience), follow these steps:

1. Go to the Guild of Gunslinger in the city of Einbrooch. The Guild is located inside the Tower of Einbrooch (location: 134, 199).

2. Fill out the application to become a Gunslinger. The NPC will ask you to go to Payon.

3. In Payon, look for the NPC “Fansole.” He will ask you some random items, which vary with the level basis. The list of possible items (remembering that the milk is required is as follows:

4. Return the Guild of Gunslingers in Einbrooch. Talk to the Teacher’s Guild and he will make a Gunslinger. He will give you a weapon that can be a Six Shooter [1] or a Branch [3]

Well, I said in Chapter 2 that the ditavam guns usually the style of your build based on the pros and cons of the weapons that you chose to specialize. Here we take a look at the most about them, their ammunition and personal protective equipment. OLHO LIVE!

Restrictions on equipment:

The good news is that its defense equipment and accessories are cheap (at least in comparison with classes more dependent on expensive equipment, such as knights and company). The bad news is that they are of medium quality.

Head: You can use all the equipment allowed for a class archer with the exception of binoculars and Bideford.
Clothing: Restricted to just kind of armor “used by all classes except Apprentice.”
Weapons: Only in firearms. Neither the weaker daggers may be used.
Shields: You can not make use of a gun equipped with shields because all their weapons occupy both hands, but can use Vembrassas if necessary, provided they are unarmed.
Footwear: All footwear allowed for class archer.
Covers: All the covers allowed for class archer.
Accessories: All accessories allowed to class archer.


When you throw with your firearm, the power of attack and the element of the bullet used is added to the attack on the weapon. The “delight” of wise men can change this element. In addition, there are munitions that cause various negative effects on their targets.

There are two types of ammunition: bullets (bullet) and beads (spheres). The bullets used in pistols, rifles, shotguns and machine guns (galtling guns). The beads are used in the grenade launchers. To get the ball, you need certain items.

An NPC in the guild can make cases of ammunition (bullet cases), similar to quiver (arrow kiwi). They contains 500 bullets or pellets and weighs 25 for the bullets and 35 for the ball. You can do many cases you want: just bring the ammunition you would like to put the case to the NPC’s guild do you charge for the service 500z (a bargain!).

The following is a list of bullets and spheres:


Bullet (Bullseye): Attack 10, Neutral Element, weight 0.2. 1z expense.
Silver Bullet (Silver Bullet): Attack 15, Sacred element, weight 0.2. 15Z expense.
Bloody Bullet (Bala Bloodscale): Attack 30, Neutral Element, weight 0.2. Little chance of causing the status hemorrhage. 30z expense.


Wind Sphere (Sphere of Wind): Attack 50, Wind Element, weight 0.5. You can make 30 such balls with 1 Fracon, 1 Envernetacon, and 3 cyfar.
Ice Sphere (Ice Ball): Attack 50, Element Water, weight 0.5. You can make 30 such balls with 1 Fracon, 1 Envernetacon, and 2 brigan.
Poison Sphere (Sphere of Venom): Attack 50, Element Venom, weight 0.5. You can make 30 such balls with 1 Fracon, 1 Envernetacon, poisonous and 10 canines (10 venon canine).
Blinding Sphere (Sphere of Blindness): Attack 50, Dark Element, weight 0.5. You can make 30 such balls with 1 Fracon, 1 Envernetacon, paints and 5 of octopus (squid ink).
Fire Sphere (Ball of Fire): Attack 50, Fire Element, weight 0.5. You can make 30 such balls with 1 Fracon, 1 Envernetacon, and 2 hearts flamejantes (burning heart).

Tools of the trade

Now came the part that everyone expected: their arms! Choose them carefully, based on their personal choice of skills and attributes.

All weapons give 100% of damage to monsters of all sizes. It may seem appealing, but compensates for the fact of firearms have little space for letters.


Six Shooter [1] and [2]

Attack: 30
Weight: 40
Level of weapon: 1
Required level: 10
Class: Gunslinger


You win the Six Shooter [1] or the Branch [3] when it becomes Gunslinger.
The Six Shooter [2] falls from the Holden to 0.05% chance.

Crimson Bolt [1] and [2]

Attack: 45
Weight: 45
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 35
Class: Gunslinger

Hit -10

Crimson Bolt [1] can be bought in the guild Gunslinger zenya to 20,000.
Crimson Bolt [2] Metaling the fall of 0.05%

Garrison [1] and [2]

Attack: 70
Weight: 50
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 55
Class: Gunslinger

The Garrison [1] fall of the Steam Goblin (Goblin Steamrider) to 0.05% chance. It also can be made on the guild Gunslinger. For this, you’ll need a 50 steel (steel), 3 elunium, 1 oridecon, 50 coal (coal), 20 rusty screw and 30.000zeny.

The Garrison [2] is made in the guild Gunslinger (182.85) through a quest.

Talk to Garrison in the guild Gunslinger. You need a Garrison [1] equipped. He will ask you the following items: 10 steel (steel), 1 elunium, 10 oridecon, 30 coal (coal) and 10 rusty screw. After that, talk to Rave in the slums of Lightlazen (322,247). Return to the guild, talk to Garrison. He is irritated and will leave you to 10% of its total HP. Talk to him again and he will make his Garrison [1] in Garrison [2].

After completing this quest, you can make Garrison [2] just bringing the items (10 steel (steel), 1 elunium, 10 oridecon, 30 coal (coal) and 10 rusty screw).

NOTE: Best gun-type pistol with spaces for letters.

Gold Lux [1] and [2]

Attack: 20
Weight: 50
Level of weapon: 3
Required level: 12
Class: Gunslinger

Hit-10. Chance of automatically conjure “The Coin Flip” while attacking, with the level of hablidade equivalent to the level that you put points on it.

Get the Teddy Bear to 0.05% chance.


Branch [3]

Attack: 50
Weight: 50
Level of weapon: 1
Level required: None
Class: Gunslinger

Get the tin soldiers (Cruiser) at 0.05% chance.
It can be purchased in the guild of Gunslinger zenya to 3,000.
You win the Six Shooter [1] or the Branch [3] when it becomes Gunslinger.
The Six Shooter [2] falls from the Holden to 0.05% chance.

Cyclonic [1] and [2]

Attack: 120
Weight: 70
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 24
Class: Gunslinger

Hit 10
Critical hit 10

The Cyclonic [1] can be purchased on the 17,500 guild of Gunslinger zenya.
The Cyclonic [2] Cai’s Zombie Shooter (Antique Firelocker) to 0.05% chance.

NOTE: Best Rifle for space to Gunslingers with letters.

Dusk [1]

Attack: 150
Weight: 75
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 56
Class: Gunslinger
Cai’s Dimik (Green \ Amorphous) to 0.05% chance.

Hit 10
Critical hit 10


Rolling Stone [1]

Attack: 135
Weight: 90
Level of weapon: 1
Required level: 14
Class: Gunslinger

Damage in area (Splash Damage)

It can be purchased on the 12,000 guild of Gunslinger zenya.

Black Rose [1]

Attack: 180
Weight: 90
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 35
Class: Gunslinger

Damage in area (Splash Damage)

It can be purchased on the 32,000 guild of Gunslinger zenya.

NOTE: Best Shotgun for Gunslinger with spaces for letters.

Gate Keeper [0]

Attack: 210
Weight: 100
Level of weapon: 3
Required level: 55
Class: Gunslinger

Damage in area (Splash Damage)

You can conjure automatically Spread Attack 6 while a chance to attack low (3% ~ 5%, approximately)
Guns Galtling

Drifter [1]

Attack: 50
Weight: 230
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 55
Class: Gunslinger

Cai’s Venatu (Gray \ Amorphous) to 0.05% chance.

It can also be obtained through a quest. Bring to the NPC’s Guild of Gunslinger 70 steel (steel), 5 elunium, 3 oridecon, 70 coal (coal), 50 rusty screw and 50,000 zenya and he will give you a Drifter [1]. You must be 56 or higher level to make this quest.

Butcher [0] and [1]

Attack: 75
Weight: 250
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 68
Class: Gunslinger

Increases the rate of critical hits against monsters type of crude by 10%

The Butcher [0] Panzer Goblin drops of the 0.05% chance.
The Butcher [1] falls from the Gemini-S58 to 0.05% chance.

It can also be obtained through a quest. Bring to the NPC’s Guild of Gunslinger 1000 grip of Orc (Orc claw) and 1000 bones (skel-bone) and he will give you a Butcher [0].

The Butcher [1] can also be obtained through a quest. Talk to the NPC that you made the Butcher [0] (you must have done the first Butcher [1] to continue). The NPC will tell you they can not make a version with space for letters. Then go to Lightlazen and chat with the entry Herison northwest of the city. Herison will break your Butcher and, as word of apology, will give you your Crimson Bolt [1]. Return to the guild of Gunslingers in Einbrooch and bring to the NPC 30 balls of any kind. Return to Herison and he will ask that you bring 2 elunium, 1 oridecon, 20 coal (coal) and 10 steel (steel). Return to your Herison Crimson Bolt [1] and he will give you a Butcher [1].

NOTE: Best Machine gun Galtling to Gunslinger with spaces for letters.

Grenade launchers of

Destroyer [0] and [1]

Attack: 220
Weight: 120
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 52
Class: Gunslinger

It has a little chance to destroy the armor of the target for short distances.

The Destroyer [0] drops of Photon Canon to 0.05% chance.
The Destroyer [1] falls from the Apocalypse to 0.01% chance.

The Destroyer [0] can be obtained through a quest. Bring to the NPC’s Guild of Gunslinger 50 iron plates, 5 oridecon, 70 rusty screw and 100.000zeny and, in return, the NPC will give you a Destroyer [0].

The Destroyer [1] can also be obtained through a quest. Bring to the NPC’s Guild of Gunslinger a Finger [1], 5 oridecon and his Destroyer [0] and the NPC, in return, will give you a Destroyer [1].

Hell [1]

Attack: 280
Weight: 125
Level of weapon: 2
Required level: 65
Class: Gunslinger

It has a small chance of destroying the armor of the target for short distances.

Obtained through a quest. Bring to the NPC’s Guild of Gunslinger 100 iron plates, 50 rusty screw, 100 hearts flamejantes (Burning Heart) and 200.000zeny and, in return, the NPC will give you a hell [1].

NOTE: Best Launcher Grenades for Gunslinger with slots.


As you may have noticed, the firearms vary in amount of space for letters (slots). And the amount of slots should reflect on its choice of letters.

Rifles and pistols have arms that reach to two slots. Then you can follow the same logic as an archer devotes letters to their bows: Letters of damage as racial Hydra (20% of damage in humanoid), Goblin (20% of damage in gross) and Strouf (20% of damage in demons), letters of damage as Minouros size (15% of damage against large, Attack +5), Skeleton Workers (15% of damage against large, Attack +5) and the Desert Wolf (+15% of damage against large, Attack +5). The letter skeleton soldier (+9 in the rate of critics) is great for users of Rifles.

The Galtling only have weapons with a slot. Letters of damage has not tapped its potential, but his speed of attack is extremely high, therefore, look for cards that give a chance to get out a special bonus based on the frequency of attacks and sneaky (chance to double attack with all weapons ) And wronged (chance to get out “Blades disruptive”).

Spear-Grenades and shotguns also have only one slot, but his speed of attack is slow. Attach to a bonus that is not dependent on both the attacks and search for something passive (cards that work only in conjunction with others are good choices). The letter André (30 of attack) can be very useful in a grenade launcher.

These rules are not inviolable laws etched in stone. The list of letters is huge and its effects are different, therefore, goes to his conscience and decide what experience you put cards in their weapons.

-Armor and accessories

Here is the basic of basics: letters seek to improve their efficiency (better attributes and / or SP) and survival (improving his defense and \ or HP). If any set you look attractive, mount your build on this basis. A letter will recommend piamente is Sohee, which increases your SP and improve its recovery rate of SP. His skills have high cost of expense of SP.

Well, my dear, the guide is in order here and I just made some considerations that do not fit the above chapters.

Let’s first questions:

Which build you recommend for a beginner?

I commend the Pistol \ Machine gun Gunner with plenty Agi. He UPA pretty fast and still makes good money killing monsters.

And what would be the basis of a Gunslinger in WOE?

Well, if he is a Marine, his skills of adverse effects are well useful. Think of a Rogue that can cause bleeding, coma and stunning and has a different way to Divest in the form of Disarm. Remember that this guy is a little “fragile” because its median Vit and HP median, and not to use shields when equipped thus should be protected by others and charge a Vembrassa Promethean (Frog of Thara) when you’re not fighting. If you have Desperado, you can shoot targets with Pneum, for example.

If he is a boom-Grenades \ Shotgun \ Pistol (which presented here), he would have basically the same functions of the Marine task of planting more grenades to affect their enemies. Remember also of shotguns, which have Pneum attacks that drill.

The functions of a Guns, in my view, are these. Do not cause major damage in WOE both by the lack of slots (except rifles and pistols) and the Nerf of damage caused by weapons of attack from a distance. A large clan is well with two or three Gunslinger for expansion, for example.

What is the status of beginner you recommend?

I have two:

Typical: For: 1, Agi: 9, Vit: 1, Int: 9, Dex: 9, Sor: 1

WOE Grenades Launcher \ Shotgun \ Pistol: For: 1, Agi: 1, Vit: 1, Int: 9, Dex: 9, Sor: 9

And places to lvling?

Well, basically the same as an archer or magician. I start with mandrake, and from there go to the Forest Guardians and Hydra.

When you’re stronger, try the carnivorous plants, which provide good quantities of Job XP.

Anyway, if you have skills of mob control, try lvl in mob trains. Dungeon of Orcs is a good thing.

Always remember to look for lvling groups. It makes the experience less stressful and more fun.

Im really srry by the grammar, my english isnt so good, i did this with help of translators

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