Homunculous Guide


1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)
2. Simple Aggressive AI
3. Homunculus Information
4. Intimacy Issues
5. Experience Table

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

For AI beginners, it’s a tough thing to use, easiest way to get one done is to download it and just set it was your second AI for the key /hoai. If you haven’t figured it out already, you need to get onto the RO directory

After looking at this, open the AI folder indicated in the circle that I made. From there you should see something like this but not exactly like it because mines more organized

After looking at this, you should then see the file called USER_AI. This is a very VERY crucial part of using an AI since not having it there and then having already typed /hoai leaves a slight chance that you will never ever be able to log onto your alchemist ever again. After making the folder, if you don’t have it, put your customized AI files inside it and then you can call it up when ever you type /hoai.

Since I was using a MirAI for my USER_AI folder, this is what was inside it.
*** To make your AI’s much more organized, the best thing to do is to do what I did in the second picture, put the AI’s in seperate folders and then when you want to use it, change the name of it to USER_AI after changing the USER_AI folder to something else.

Simple Aggressive AI

Noticing how Amistrs and Lifs aren’t Aggressive, there’s a way to make them aggressive.

First, Open up the AI.lua file in the AI Folder using notepad. Ctrl + F and look for GetMyEnemyA.

This will take you straight down to some line that says, Lif, Lif_H, Amistr, Amistr_H or something like that, this is where you change the GetMyEnemyA to GetMyEnemyB. Save it, Rest your Homunculus and it should now be aggressive

Homunculus Information

For new people who wish to make a homunculus and want to know the information on how to use and whats the best homunculus for you, just follow this little section and you can find the best homunculus that matches you personality or persona…. possibly one that matches the way you like to kill things.


Small and cute, these can and will kill your monsters and shred them into shreds.
Main characteristics about these odd owl things are that they can attack at a very high speed, do some intense damage with it’s skills. Filirs eat Garlets.




Honestly one of those adorable pets you would wish you had. This little sheep is one of those pets who take time to level and if that time is used properly, then patience will reward you with one
of the very powerful skills.
Main characteristics of this would be that it’s got the most HP out of all the homunculus and then it’s skills are supportive by increasing the defense of the amistr and it’s master. Amistrs eat Zargons




Lifs heal aren’t as much in the beginning but the higher the level, the better. Yet again, this is one of those homunculus that require patience before it can kick some ass and level really fast. Main Characteristics are that it can support you in 2 ways, healing and agi up to make you run fast. Lifs have the second most HP next to the amistrs. Lifs eat pet food.




The powerhouse of all homunculus, magic is greater then physical damage. Vanilmirths are by far the strongest homunculus alive and it can kill many things.

Main Characteristics of this is that it’s skill known as Caprice can really do serious damage to anything. Chaotic Blessings doesn’t heal itself so that is a slight downfall but the strength makes up for it. Most alchemists can easily leech themselves with this if they want. Vanilmirths eat Scell



Intimacy Issues

This has to have its own section so let me say this loud and clear.

For the people who don’t know it yet, if the homunculus DIES, It does NOT lose intimacy points.

Intimacy points go up to 1000

0-3= Hate with a passion
4-10 = Hate
11-100 = Awkward
101-250 = Shy
251-750 = Neutral
751-910 = Cordial
911-1000 = Loyal

This is the table for how far you will have to feed it to get it to loyal

1~10% Hunger – .5 Intimacy
11~25% Hunger – 1 Intimacy
26%~75% Hunger – .75 Intimacy
76%~90% Hunger – (minus) .05 Intimacy
91%~100% Hunger – (minus) .5 Intimacy

This table shows how much intimacy you could gain or lose depending on when you feed it. Some parts are good, some parts are bad. Try not to starve it and over feed it.

Experience Table

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  1. I don’t think you mentioned how to make the homun evolve. We have to use the sage stone (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=12040&page=item_db&isearch=Se arch&itype=id) to do that.

  2. no you have to use this:
    http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=12040&page=item_db&isearch=Sea rch&itype=id

  3. How do you know when a homunculus is ready to evolve?

  4. hey i can’t see the user_ai where do i get it?

  5. can you buy the sage stone?

  6. Alchemist guy, the same who sold embryo components

  7. for llro?

  8. how to use the stone of sage to Vanilmirth ??? just click?? help!!!

  9. Doubleclick it once he’s loyal?
    And regarding my previous message: it used to be like that, can’t confirm it’s still it.

  10. hey how do i get intimacy to loyal fast? is it hard? is it days or hours of playing only??

  11. hye..how if your homunculus die..??

  12. um if they die use resurrect homungulus

  13. how do you know how much intimacy your homunculus have? how do you check it?

  14. what 3 main stat u need ???? for your char ???

  15. hey, i cant find GetMyEnemyA. Help?

  16. this didnt work for me

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