One Shoot One Kill ~ Sniper Guide!


ONE SHOOT ONE KILL ~ Sniper Guide by vidzkun__

Sniper, wow, a devastating job that will satisfy you to kill every monster and classes you meet in fields (if it is PK server, you could attack players also.), PvP arena, even WoE (due de facto Sniper`s fearsome traps, and SS` ignorance to defence or). Sniper owns in long range attacks, even Stalkers or Clowns/Gypsies could not outstand Snipers in damaging (Of course, because Sniper`s Falcon Eyes or True Sight skill. I`ll explain this FEARSOME skill later ). This guide is based on my own experience and not others`, so don`t give out any wicked flame please.

Okay, let`s start making Sniper! But become a Sniper is hard and takes a loooonggggggggg way to go to become one! But don`t give up would ya? Because you`ll be satisfied by Sniper`s outstanding abilities. Trust me!

Let`s start by making novice.
Start by increasing 9 DEX/9 AGI/9 INT!
Follow these steps to get 7/7 novice without killing any monsters in Novice Ground (or should I call that place. playground? xD).
1. Talk to the woman NPC in front of you (I don`t care her name). Talk to her twice, and you`ll get a level.
2. Enter the building (in idRO, you should enter some passcode. Don`t worry, if you`re not blind, you could enter easily)
3. Talk to the NPC inside the building to enter the main room.
4. Talk to all Instructor (Layout, Skill, and Items).
5. Talk to the Kafra lady, and talk about the different Kafra services.
6. Now, go the room on the west. Talk to both of the NPCs.
7. Now, die. What!? Why should I die for!?!? I`m serious!
8. You`ll be back to the room. Talk to the NPC that will teleport you to the battle grounds. You`ll gain another level and 50 Novice Potions.

You`ll get a free to take 7 Base Level and 7 Base Job. Congratulations! Start killing easy monsters. Remember! Novice Potion is your friend! I recommend to use a Novice Potion after you have your HP below 50%. After you get 10 base level and 10 base job. Go to the NPC. He`s on the south of the map. Talk to him to enter the next test. Talk to the NPC on the left, just click enter-enter-enter-and enter, choose Swordman and now talk to the NPC in front of you. Just enter-enter-enter-and enter, and choose Swordman. You`ll automatically get 7 Phracons, 1 Fachlion, 5 Warp Free Tickets, and 5 Storage Free Tickets. And you`ll be automatically warped to Izlude, City of Satelites.

Now go out, head out to the Kafra on the south of Izlude, warp to Payon. In Payon, head north to Archer Village. Go inside a house located at the top right of Archer Village.

Talk to Archer Guildsman for the signup. Collect trunks from willows. Willows located around Payon village.
For more information to Archer`s Job Change: Click this link.

Now you are an Archer!
Congratulations once again. As an Archer, your main goal is to hit enemies from a looonnggg distance. Start hunting monsters in Payon Cave level 1! First, go to Merchant NPC located in Payon. Buy Silver Arrows. If you don`t have much money, just buy as many as you could attend. Prepare your Novice Potions and go to Payon Cave level 1.

Lv 10-25: Don`t kill zombies just yet. They`re aggresive, but, slow. You could outrun them easily. If zombies are to chase you, don`t attack them. But if you surrounded, use a Fly Wing to escape. Start by killing skeletons. If you have 15~30 DEX, I`m sure that you could kill them easy. Use Novice Potions when injured, that shouldn`t be a problem. After you get 20 ++ levels, increase DEX status first. AGI should be left behind, it`s okay. DEX`s much more important. Increase DS skill level. Kill those freakin` fammiliars if you must, they have 150 HP only, Use DS, they are dead. Now, kill zombies. DS and run. After DSing you should run as far as you can, and start attacking them again. You`ll gain big experiences from zombies.

Lv 25-45: Now, hunt Wolves! Wolves are friendly to each other. Damn it, they`re strong when grouping. Use fire arrow to hunt them. Use DS to finish them. You`ll gain nice experience from wolves.

Lv 45-60++: Geographers. I suggest you increase your DEX first. Increase DEX to 45. You won`t miss your attacks on these plants. They dish out BIG EXPs! In level 60++ and 50 Job level, go change to a Hunter.

To change to a Hunter, go to Hugel. And next.. Damn, this quest just take a looonnnggg way to finish. Just click this link.

Lv 60-80: Hunt Geographers quickly as soon as you change to Hunter. Gain Job levels. They still dish out big experiences. Go level your hunter until level 80.

Lv 80++: Ugh, level 80.. You can either level in geographers or:
• Thor Volcano. (Need: Priests, Hunters, Alchemists, Defenders)
Thor Volcano, it has been a long time since I last hunt in here. Well, this place is filled by fire monsters. So use Crystal Arrows. Your job is to help Alchemists to attack. Don`t worry, the Defender will tank you, but if there are more monsters surround you, heck, good bye. xD.

• Abbey Monastery. (Need: Priests, Defenders, Hutners)
You, and your group should hunt in abbey monastery lvl 1/2, but don`t go to level 3. If you wanna go to level 3, you`ll need a large ammount of High Wizards. Your job is to attack with your fellows hunters, while Defender tanks. Priests also take their role in attacking. Most High Priests uses Magnus E. to attack.

• Odin Temple 2. (Need: Priests, Hunters, Defender)
Yeah, the most common place to level. You level fast here. Skogul, Frus will be killed easily if you use Silver Arrow/Arrow of Counter Evil. :). Smile, you`ll get big exp.



There are several builds for Snipers. Different builds means different gears, statuses, roles, etc. Let`s discuss them one by one. You may choose one of these builds. I played as a Pure AD (DEX/AGI build one).
I mainly discuss about DEX/AGI, FA, and Hybrid Build only. I don`t post the other builds (like SS build, etc.) because I really don`t know, and never played those builds before. Sorry.

DISCLAIMER: All the equipments here are doubtly used to fight players (demi-human), just ask a question if you want more information on Sniper`s equipments for another purpose (MvP hunting, PvM etc.)

1. DEX/AGI Build.
This build, oh my.. It DSes very fast! I tell ya, this build owns every jobs in PvP, except jobs that uses endure (LKs and Pallies). You can easily kill High Wizzies(with the right gears, 1k-1,5k DS, 3-4x DS, HW toasts) This build dishes damage very big, and fast. Well, if you gonna stick to this build, you gonna have expensive and rare gears I assume.. It`s to decrease any weakness that this build made (example: It`s HP is soooo low…) Personally, I like this build because this build is commonly used for PVP, MVP, WOE (for WoE, this build sucks, Long Range Attack Reductions darn it..). YOUR MAIN SKILLS ARE DOUBLE STRAFE, IMPROVE CONCENTRATION AND FALCON EYES!
AGI 152
VIT 31
INT 22
DEX 160

+5 or +6 Apple of Archer
Romantic Flower (Can be anything, cigar, pipe, etc.)
+7 Tights (Evil Druid Card)
+10 Composite Bow (Skel Worker x2, Hydra x2)
+9 / +10Tidal Shoes (Matyr) or +7 Tidal Shoes (Matyr) or +7Tidal Shoes (Male Thief Bug)
+7 Wool Scarf (Raydric)
Brooches 2x (Zerom 2x)

2. Hybrid Build.
The most common Sniper. Because of their avaibility in WoE, PvP, and MvP. This build utilizes the power of DS, Falcon Assault, nice ASPD. Good for hunting down monsters, items, etc. They have big HP too, good in WoE. Good DS damage with moderate-high ASPD. Nice FA damage (5000-6000++ damage with right gears) and good for trapping purposes. They.. are.. HYBRID. YOUR MAIN SKILLS ARE DOUBLE STRAFE, IMPROVE CONCENTRATION, FALCON EYES, FALCON ASSAULT, AND TRAPS!

AGI 110
VIT 58
INT 65

DEX 161


+5 or +6 Apple of Archer
+7 Tights (Peco-peco) or Tights (Marc)
+10 Composite Bow (2 Hydras, 2 Skel Workers)
+7 Tidal Shoes (Matyr)
+7 Wool Scarf (Raydric)
Gloves (Zeroms 2x)

3. Falcon Assaulter Sniper.
This build is usually used for WoE. It bypasses DEF, so it is useful in WoE. Having big INT increases FA`s damage. This build can be used for PvP, because it`s power to 1 hit KO`d most classes (High Wizards commonly). This build has big HP and defense and reductions too. (Thara`d Shield, Immune`d Manteau :D).
AGI 31
VIT 76
INT 120
DEX 135
Romantic Flower
+7 Tights (Marc card)
+10 Main Gauche (4x Fabre cards)
+5 Guard (Thara Frog Cards)
+7 Boots (Matyr card)
+7 Muffler (Raydric card)
Gloves (2x Zerom cards)

PVP Tactics is important for every job. Now, I`ll tell you how to defeat most classes with tactics. Not just PVP, WoE and MvPing needs tactics!

.. vs Lord Knights.
Hell. Lord Knights. This one hard to beat, especially if they are using Cranial, Immune, and any other reduction. First, use status bows (I already mentioned the cards..). After an LK got those statuses, use your PvP Compo and finish them off. This advantage is commonly found by a Criter Sniper.

..vs High Wizards.
HWs are easy. DS them to death. If they cast, normal attack them than Double Strafe.

..vs High Priests.
You can`t kill them… if they uses Basilica. They`re still hard to beat even their Basilicas are off. If you found them, ignore them. If they`re LINKED… Run!

..vs Assassin Crosses.
…vs Pure SB.
Make sure they don`t get near you. If he is already near you, detect him (if he cloaks, hiding) and Repel him.
…vs Criter.
Same, make sure they don`t get near you. Repel! And then go nuts! o_0!

..vs Snipers.
Sniper vs Sniper. This could be a hard fight, or even a neverlasting battle. The only way to kill them is to attack first. If you`re attacked first, you hafta run, and then pot/heal. Except, if you are facing trapers. Go to the safe distance, start shooting, they`re toasts (It`s SO RARE to find trapers in PvP room.. /heh)

..vs Battle WS.
REPEL.REPEL.REPEL!!! REPEL is a must! Their CT are… /e32. Make sure they don`t get near you. Their HSCT (High Speed CT) is marvelous!

..vs Paladins.
S**t. You can`t beat this guy if he Barrier`d, using full reductions. If you see this guys, run away, keep your distance. If you want, you can attack this brute until you satisfied. They pot big.


..vs Champions.
Hard to beat also. They have a special skill, a DAMNED skill to dodge, called SNAP. If they snap out of your screen, don`t chase them. If they use pneuma, it will be hard too. They pneuma, you attacks, they FO`d, you`re toast. (FO is a great skill, so watch out). However they will have hard time to use Asura. Even if they near you (using snap), there are 2 seconds delay after it. You can repel them. But, if they master snap-instant asura.. Imagine Hell..

..vs Scholars.
Aha, Scholars! If you found a Scholar, you can beat him! First, if they dispell, start buffing yourself with Falcon Eyes and Improve Concentration. Keep your distance, and SHOOT. Make sure they don`t casts. Finish them with DSes. If you are a Criter, just keep shooting. /bling.

..vs Stalkers.
Their Tunnel Drive/Hide will drive you nuts! Most PVP Stalkers have copied BB and using arrow. If they hide, just ran away, if they tunnel drive, use Arrow Shower to open their TD. Then, shoot `em. If you are a Crit Sniper, it bypasses DEF, and hell yea.. Jackpot for you.

..vs Clown/Gypsies.
I seldom fight them. Actually, I can only found them in WoE. Sorry for this. /sry.

..vs Biochemist.
Don`t worry, you don`t have big VIT aren`t you? Their Acid Demonstration damage will be as little as anopheles! Just shoot `em, they will lose.



Well, thanks for seeing this guide. I made this guide..
“Not from anyone elses`, but from my experience in playing Sniper.”

Well, buhbye my fellow Snipers! I hope this guide helps!!

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  1. +7 Wool Scarf (Matyr) / +8 – +10 Wool Scarf (Firelock Soldier) / +7 Wool Scarf (Bapho jr.)

    those are footgear cards. /heh

  2. dude, do u have something against highwiz?

  3. For the PvP Tatics, what about Soul breaker Sin X, and what about the Creator Homunculus?

  4. try that and you’ll have max aspd with awakening potion, agi up and blessing. you can change ixion wings[1] to composite bow[4] for card advantage or elemental bows + arrow combo.

    luk for the ancient mimic card and str for arrows, and it gives additional damage.

    slotted black leather boots, undershirt and pantie are obtained trough socket enchanting but they’re easy to get.

  5. here it is XD t

  6. men thanks a lot this guide really helps to anybody from novices to pro´s i know that it took a lot of time to you but you did it good so congratulations and keep doing like that

    man i agree with you palakas are imposible =)

  7. @random sniper.
    Yes, but using those card will result low HP with low reduction. I stated mid offensive and mid defensive gear. (Of Course, Sniper still weak in defensive purpose because the lack of shield) If you want to state your gear opinion, feel free to comment. ^^.

    @Ariel Suero
    Thanks. And yes, I damaged full geared pallies for only 100~200 per DS. (oh sh*t..). You can use LoD to kill `em (No exception here. xD, LoD = coma..)

  8. Oh I forgot to answer Shidou`s question..

    Recently, in my server, SBk sinXes are rare. With low DEX, 70%++ you`ll get halved SBk damage. The main thing is pot if they SBk you. With right gears, you will survive a SBk.

    Homun? Kill it fast! The master ADs? Low damage, no prob. Low VIT! Trap also works..!

  9. I have a suggestion for you. Why not use Sniping suit rather than tights? I think it gives 23% cast delay and it makes you spam DS more XD

    and btw, I heard SinX with phreeoni cards kills sniper fast > . > I don\’t know what to do with these guys.

  10. You know a WS can still destroy you if they wear a Strong Shield.

    Well in actuality any short-ranged character can now use strong shields to destroy you.

    I like your guide even if I question some of the strategy from how slightly outdated it is.

  11. @vidzkun
    try that build for hunting. even though low hp/def, it has high flee so there’s no problem. the only problem i encountered there was the weight limit and when i run out of arrows lol. i can even solo satan morroc’s map with that (except the black valkyrie)

  12. you rock dude

  13. Please learn how to write properly in english before you make a guide. It is very hard to understand what you are saying and it just doesn’t make me want to listen to what you have to say.

  14. .. I`m not EXPERT at english. Many people wrote their guide even there are MISTAKES in it. Why? `Cause they lived in different countries dammit, and they couldn`t learn ENGLISH AS FAST AS YOU ARE. So what? If you don`t want to read just leave.

  15. I`m not a pure english learner, and I AM STILL A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. Understand dammit?


  17. How About 99 dex and 99 luk???

  18. you dont have to ignore priests just you should use earthen bow with stone arrow if they dont have medusa card they will die eventually…

  19. Please give the best equips for General PvM.
    Very nice guide, thank you.

  20. +5 Guard (Thara Frog Cards)
    +7 Boots (Matyr card)
    +7 Muffler (Raydric card) for fa sniper but:

    +7 Tidal Shoes (Matyr)
    +7 Wool Scarf (Raydric)

    for other builds but:

    Aren’t wool+tidal better then boots and muffler? LOL

    +5 or +6 AoA, wth

    Srs, lots of mistakes here, to the future snipers – guide is good as an soon to be sniper, not to actually a how to be good as a sniper lool

  21. You Rock Thanks My Sniper`s Get Rocking The Crowd

  22. Hey man, nice walkthrough.

    You can also get the archer combo: Anolian card, Alligator card, Cruiser card, and Merman card, it gives you a lot more of damage, but getting it is a little expensive and you need to sacrifice a bit of demage on PvP and WoE. But i recomend this set! :)

    Nice guide man, Congratulations!

  23. Ohs i forgot you also need Dragon Tail card :P

  24. can anybody tell me about kinda noob in ragnarok.
    so im need guide about element.example,how to know element that other char wear it…


    im need help…….


  25. uMm, ,how about vs Taekwon master?

    the heat they got like s**t. .

    i can’t spam DS on them, and if i repel they can get closer+unbuff with Fliying Side Kick.

    any suggest?

  26. 2Hydra 2SW is crap (crusaders/knights are big -> less dmg)
    Other than that a nice guide to start with…

  27. pls tell me the best gear/cards for a sniper, thx

  28. i thought tunnel drive helps hiding? isnt it chase walk that u have to arrow shower? and some snipers wont be prepared if stalker use raid, it will stun them and that gives the stalker time to strip/bowling bash. jack pot for us

  29. Not bad …

  30. cool..

  31. try this build for pvm auto blitzer


    Str = 1
    Agi = 70
    int= 1
    vit= 1
    dex = 99
    luck = all left


    bunny band
    leaf,cigar,etc..ur choice
    pantie w/ poring card
    +10 triple critical composite bow
    undershirt w/ choco card
    shoes w/ chonchon card
    2x rosary w/ yoyo card

    perfect dodge build!! affordable!! except the accesory,,u can use rosary even if it has no slot……high damage!! auto blitz!! perfect for killing MVP and PVM!!

    email me at [email protected] for more guide!!

  32. it is ok to thantos card to put in bow?
    Id like to kill Pala with defender.

  33. Hey, haven`t seen all these comments for a while now. Well thanks for all of your comments guys.

    :) Joy to Snipers. !

  34. Don’t read this guide…it’ll get you killed. Terrible.

  35. i play scholar, and i NEVER get killed by a sniper before,
    have you heard of a skill called blinding mist?

  36. wew. nice guide.. hope to see more.. like..
    perfect Sniper.. ^_^.

  37. yeah.. depends on the server u cant kill pallys and you also cant easily kill h.wiz and prof.. i dont nid to talk to u about pallys because it depends on the player even in hwiz and prof..if the h.wiz got insta cast.. then im so sory about ur snipy ^_^

  38. I’m recommending to use the hunter set…. its usefull.. and if you love to ds-ing ppl just use sniping suits it reduces ds-ing cooldown (its really usefull for agi/dex i can even kill a lot of full donation (nearly overpowered) people in 5 seconds just becarefull if they’re a group, they can also kill you easily together) but, the items he recommend is not bad too…

  39. well guys it depends on how you use ur build and equip…. you need to be familiar first to your character and should know how to use them… a group where all jobs are present, ithink you should do what your job have to do…you keep on talking one on one…..

  40. You can use a lot combo cards.. not the literal combo cards i mean your custom combo cards..
    like mine..
    i used
    wind ghost card(Jupitel thunder accessory)
    Shinobi Card (lvl 3 Cloaking Accessory)
    Lord of death card (All statuses and Coma /gg)
    But now its better if you use Ring of flame lord… and a slotted fire armor with GR or evil druid card..

    thats a sure win against LK’s and Paladins you will like backslide if you hit Paladins and LKs with your jupitel haha so fun and use oridicon arrows or fire arrows :)))

    Fire Armor[1] with Evil druid or GR card is so much insane… Actually GR +Deviling +LOD card+ stormy knight card+ wind ghost Card + Shinobi Card + (My Secrets /gg)

    haha but that’s enough though.. This equips is suitable in the first stat.. or hybrid stat..
    this equips can kill everyone and can be a the number one in PVP MVP WOE….
    so the only weakness you have Is Storm gust, Lightning spear of Ice, Asura(you will only have 1/4 HP left),
    so better be quick to requip aqua armor(Swordfish card)

    With this guide of mine you will me an Emergency call type Sniper… A GM of a guild Sniper… of course hybrid stat is the only applicable for GM snipy :)) so this is my own guide.. so go ahead and try it…

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