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After writing my leveling guide, someone asked how to get to the dungeon without a warp NPC. It seemed appropriate to make a separate guide as there are so many towns and dungeons in Ragnarok. I’ll update the last few towns with more information and include more NPC pictures for the dungeon access quests.

All of my guides are based off the information provided by

Here’s a link to The World Map.

When I’ve played on servers without a warper NPC, flywings (f-wings) and butterfly wings (b-wings) became my best friends. I recommend using these cheap items. Before making any treks, journeys, or other forays away from your home town, I suggest leveling on surrounding maps until you can survive. Certain maps have stronger monsters and I will give an aggro rating. Low levels should avoid strong maps.

Definitions and Terms:

Town Map: Maps that have Kafra and many other NPCs and no aggressive monsters. (Do I really have to define a town?)

Field Map: The World Map shows Field Maps only. To access a Dungeon, you must first travel through the correct field map in most cases (there are some short-cuts but it costs zeni).

Dungeon Map: This does not appear on the World Map. The entrances are accessed via Field Maps. Though usually “underground,” this is not always the case.

Drops: Items that the monsters “drop”. If your server does not have @autoloot 100 automatically set, the monster will drop your items on the ground. If you want to change the percentage of dropped items you keep to 50%, type the command @autoloot 50. I suggest keeping all your drops and then sell everything, except for: Equipment, Healing Items, and Cards.

Equipment: An item that can be worn by your character, found in the second tab of your inventory Alt E. Alt Q will bring up your “gear” or “equip” screen.

Healing Items: An item in the first tab of inventory that can be consumed to heal hit points or spell points. Certain special “consumables” can increase a stat or give a skill your class might not have. For example, Authoritative Badges provide the Priest buff Increase Agility.

Card: An item in the third tab of inventory. It can be put on to a specific kind of equipment to enhance your skills, stats, or provide an additional bonus.

*Note* To know what map you are on type: /where

*Note* I highly suggest making use of your kafra save points in towns. You don’t want to start all over again from scratch when traveling across the world map.

Town Access

To get to the right dungeon, first you must access the basic Towns. If you have a Town Warper, skip to the Dungeon Access section.

First we’ll break down each region of the map based on possible starting points. Usually starting points are class based. Some servers use a training ground, some customize their training grounds, and some have no training grounds. Since it’s possible to start in various towns, I’ll start with the most common.


If this is your starting point, then you’re in luck. The surrounding maps have great monsters for low leveling.

Once you change class from novice, sell all your drops (save apples and herbs for free healing, and any equipment that you can wear) and buy flywings and a butterfly wing; just in case you run out of fwings in a sticky situation.


You can use the Kafra Teleport Service:

Izlude 600 zeni (I wouldn’t bother unless you’re very lazy, it’s one map away)

Geffen 1200 zeni

Payon 1200 zeni

Morroc 1200 zeni

Orc Dungeon 1200 zeni

Alberta 1800 zeni


Your server should have a Cool Event Voting Staff. You can find him standing near a competing Kafra Voting Staff. The one that is “winning” in votes will provide direct warps to certain dungeons for a fee.


If you are an acolyte your goal is to get to Amatsu Dungeon and later Glastheim Dungeon, use the following directions to Izlude and take a Boat to Alberta. Then follow this link to complete the Amatsu Dungeon Quest. Have Pneuma, and flywings or teleport the skill.


You can make use of the Airships or Boats, if you have enough zeni. Head down/south of Prontera town (pront field 8, no aggressor rating). Then go right/east, to Izlude town.


Izlude is a veritable trade route hub. The 2 outgoing Boat Routes are to Alberta and Byalan Dungeon. The Airship flies from Izlude to Yuno to Racheal, and repeats. If this is your starting point, you’re also in luck. The maps have easy leveling, but I’d recommend sticking to field maps until you change class from novice. Keep in mind that the Airship and Boat cost money, be sure to sell drops and save equipment you can wear.

You can use the Kafra Teleport Service:

Geffen 1200 zeni

Prontera 1200 zeni

Morroc 1200 zeni

Al De Baran 1200 zeni


Payon has no trade routes, but the surrounding maps are great leveling territory. First head south/down one map (payon field 1, no aggressors), or east/right one map (payon field 8, no aggressors) and kill porings to level. Once you have the idea, head north to Payon archer village. This map has no monsters the top west/left portal leads to Payon Dungeon.

You can also use the Kafra Teleport Service:

Alberta 1200 zeni

Prontera 1200 zeni

Morroc 1200 zeni

Avoid payon field 7, morroc field 3, and payon field 11; there are medium to strong aggressors on those maps.

There is a safe route to Alberta, which is a harbor town with many boat routes. Once you are established in your first class sell your items for zeni to spend.

To get to Alberta head south/down two maps from Payon Town. On payon field 2 (the second map south obviously), go through the east/right portal. On payon field 3 go through right/east portal to get to Alberta.


If you’re starting in Alberta, the map to the west/left will provide good leveling for novices. Not to sound like a broken record, but:

Once you change class from novice, sell all your drops (save apples and herbs for free healing, and any equipment that you can wear) and buy flywings and a butterfly wing; just in case you run out of fwings in a sticky situation.

You can use the Kafra Teleport Service:

Payon 1200 zeni

Morroc 1800 zeni

Prontera 1800 zeni

Alberta is a harbor city. There are also many Boat travel options here. All of which cost 10,000 zeni, I believe.

Amatsu Town can be accessed via the Sea Captain NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip.

Louyang Dungeon via the Girl NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip, Louyang town is through the north warp. *Teleport to the Louyang town through the north portal and save at the kafra, before fighting anything.*

Turtle Island via the Turtle Island Scholar NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip, bring potions there is no save. *Alberta is the only way to access this map unless you have a warper.

Sunken Ship via Fisk NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip, some servers allow a kafra in Sunken Ship check yours before going into the dungeon. *Alberta is the only way to access this map unless you have a warper.

Izlude Town via Sailor, I believe he varies prices based on your level save at destination (feedback please).

Gonryun field via Kunlun Envoy NPC for 10,000 zeni round trip. (I don’t suggest this route unless you are 2nd Class at least; meaning a hunter, dancer, wizard.) Teleport to the portal in the center of the map (gonryun field, medium aggressive) to get to gonryun town.

Moscovia can be accessed talking to the Moscovia P R Officer for 10,000 zeni, but only if your server has Moscovia. If he’s not on the docks then the server doesn’t have the Moscovia episodes yet. There is a kafra to save.


Geffen is the isolated Town of the Mage and Wizard guild. The North/Up, East/Right, and West/Left maps provide excellent leveling for novices. Once you have some of your 1st Class skills, there are Kafra Dungeon warps.

Prontera 1200 zeni

Al De Baran 1200 zeni

Orc Dungeon 1200 zeni

Mjolnir Dead Pit 1700 zeni

If you don’t want to pay, you can walk or teleport to Prontera Town with flywings. To get to Prontera from Geffen, walk East/Right 3 maps to Mjolnir Field 9. Head through the South/Down Portal. On Prontera field 5, use the East/Right Portal to get to Prontera Town. There are no aggressive monsters this route.


Another of Rune Midgard’s isolated Towns; Morroc is a desert city home to the thieves. All the maps surrounding morroc have non aggressive monsters; except for Comodo field 8 (medium aggressors).

Kafra Teleport Service:

Prontera 1200 zeni

Payon 1200 zeni

Alberta 1800 zeni

Comodo 1800 zeni

Comodo Pharos Beacon 1200 zeni

~~If you use Pharos Beacon you can return to Morroc via the kafra for 1200 or go to Comodo for 1200~~

Once you are established in your first class, explore further east on the desert maps. When you can survive Desert Wolves, you can walk to Prontera, Payon, Izlude towns. Sell all your drops (save healing items and any equipment that you can wear) and buy flywings and a butterfly wing; just in case you run out of fwings in a sticky situation. Use the World Map to trace your own route to the town of your choice.

Al De Baran

I have never played on a server with Alde as a starting point, but better safe than sorry. To the north of Alde is a field map with Porings and no aggressive monsters. Once you’re bored of porings switch to poporings. Then try Pecos. If you get bored there is always Lutie which can be accessed via the Santa NPC in Alde.

You can use flywings to explore north or south. South warp leads to Mjolnir_12 which has the one of the entrances to Hidden Temple; however there are Stem Worms on this map which are aggressive. You can continue south from this map to get to Prontera Town through three maps: Mjolnir_fild05 (medium aggro), mjolnir_fild10 (strong aggro), prt_fild01 (no aggro). The journey isn’t very long, but there are some fast aggro monsters en-route.

North is a long and dangerous route to Yuno, with many aggressive monsters. The safest route is north one to yuno_fild01(no aggro), left/west one to yuno_fild09(medium aggro), left/west one map to yuno_fild08 (low aggro), up/north to yuno_fild02 (medium aggro), left/west two maps to yuno_fild03 (strong aggro-mini bosses) and to yuno_fild04 (medium aggro), then through the north map to get to Yuno Town.


Home of the musical artists of Rune Midgard, Comodo is an unusual place to start the game. I might even say cruel. I shudder to imagine a poor little 1/1 novice trying to level starting out in Comodo, so I won’t even bother continuing this section.

The Northern Region of Rune Midgard:

The easiest way to get to the Northern region is to fly the Airship from Izlude to Yuno. This does cost zeni, keep it in mind. The Airship Guide can be found here. Use the World Map to trace your own route to the town of your choice.


Yuno is the crossroads for Airship Routes.

Rachel (Airship is on map ra_fild12, head through left/west warp to Rachel) <-> Yuno <-> Izlude

Yuno <-> Hugel <-> Einbroch <-> Lighthalzen <-> Repeat

Yuno Kafra Teleport Service leads to Al De Baran for 1200 zeni.

Yuno also has Kafra Voting Staff and Cool Event Warper. Once again, the one that is “winning” in votes will provide direct warps to certain dungeons for a fee.


Airship Route

Yuno <-> Hugel <-> Einbroch <-> Lighthalzen <-> Repeat


Airship Route

Yuno <-> Hugel <-> Einbroch <-> Lighthalzen <-> Repeat


Airship Route

Yuno <-> Hugel <-> Einbroch <-> Lighthalzen <-> Repeat


Airship Route

Rachel (Airship is on map ra_fild12, head through right/east warp from Rachel to find the Airship) <-> Yuno <-> Izlude

Dungeon Access

Basic Dungeon Knowledge:

Most servers will not allow you to /memo (saves warp point on a priest character) inside a dungeon. However, you can memo the field map that leads to a dungeon, if there are no MVP or mini-bosses on that map. Some servers may allow memo of all field maps including maps with MVPs or mini-bosses and exclude dungeons only. The best way to be sure is to test it once. Priests and High Priests are convenient to have as a second character in a warper free server, because they can warp you much closer to your final destination. They also have unlimited teleports (as long as SP lasts).

I will give walking/teleporting directions to each dungeon. If you want a different starting location than the one I listed, stop being lazy and go look at the World Map. Most experienced players know to do this on their own.

Dungeon Ratings:

Very Easy: Low level beginners solo.

Easy: Low level with basic equips solo.

Moderate: Mid levels with basic equips solo.

Difficult: High levels with good equips and a group.

Master: High Levels with great equips and a group.

Abyss Lake Dungeon

Difficult to Master

Abyss 01, Abyss 02, Abyss 03

Dangerous realm of the dragons. Only the swift and strong will survive.

Some servers do not require the quest to access the dungeon. If you need to do the quest follow this link.

Hugel Town Lower Portal > Hugel Field 6 Lower Left Portal > Hugel Field 5 > Abyss 1

Amatsu Dungeon

Easy to Difficult

Amatsu 01, Amatsu 02, Amatsu 03

First a Maze of shadows and trick walls to test your strength, endurance, and intellect. Next, a mysterious Underground Forest with action around every corner. Last is the Underground Shrine, beware the ancient guardian.

Most servers require the quest completion to access the dungeon, follow this link.

The easiest way to get to Amatsu is to use the round trip boat route from Alberta.

Ant Hell

Very Easy to Moderate

Anthell 1, Anthell 2

Level with the insects but beware the Queen of the insects and her grumpy sister too…

Morroc Town Right Portal > Morroc Field 5 Right Portal > Morroc Field 4 > Anthell


Continental Guards on the right of Morroc will warp you to the Continental Gorge (Morroc Field 20).

Ayothaya Ancient Shrine

Easy to Difficult

Ayothaya 1, Ayothaya 2

Level with the Kitties, but flee the ghost-boy Kraben at low levels. Once you penetrate the ancient shrine, the Lady Tanee awaits with her minions.

Most servers require completion of the quest to access Ayothaya Ancient Shrine, follow this link.

Ayothaya Town Right Portal > Ayothaya Field 1

Ayothaya field 1 has Smokies and 3 leaf cats for low levels.

Beach Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Beach, Beach 2, Beach 3

Level in the beach caves or head to Kokomo with the beach bums; beware of the Mobster hit man.

Comodo Town Left Portal > Beach Dungeon

Comodo Town Upper Portal > Beach 2

Comodo Town Right Portal > Beach 3

Comodo Town Right Portal > Beach 3 Right Portal > Comodo Field 1 South Portal > Comodo Field 2 Kokomo Beach (Seals)

Comodo Town Right Portal > Beach 3 Right Portal > Comodo Field 1 Right Portal > Comodo Field 3 Zenhai Marsh (Anolians and Pests)

Bio Laboratory

Moderate to Master

Lighthalzen 1, Lighthalzen 2, Lighthalzen 3

These “laboratory experiments” provide good experience, but you must be over level 60 to complete the quest. Most servers require quest completion to access the dungeon, follow this link. Non-transcended classes under level 95 (94 or lower) can’t get to bio labs level 3, transcended classes under level 90 (89 or lower) can’t get to bio labs level 3.

Byalan Island Dungeon

Easy to Moderate

Byalan to Dungeon, Byalan 0, Byalan 1, Byalan 2, Byalan 3, Byalan 4

Under the sea you can find some great aquatic monsters. Crabs, octopi, squid, fish, mermaids, mermen, and strange Strouf are abundant in this oceanic dungeon.

Izlude Town Boat Route (right top corner) > Byalan Island Center Warp > Byalan Dungeon

Clock Tower

Easy to Moderate

Clock Tower 1, Clock Tower 2, Clock Tower 3, Clock Tower 4, Clock Tower Basement 1 (Ald Dungeon 1), CT Basement 2 (Ald Dun 2), CT Basement 3 (Ald Dun 3), CT Basement 4 (Ald Dun 4)

The Clock Tower is full of lots of neutral monsters. The Clocks on level 2 are a great way to farm Elunium.

Aldebaran Town Center Warp > Clock Tower

Coal Mine / Mjolnir Dead Pit

Easy to Moderate

Dead Pit 1, Dead Pit 2, Dead Pit 3

The Coal Mines are filled with Tarou and Familiars. As you head deeper the Earthy Giearths and Undead Skeleton Workers start to appear. The deepest dungeon has poisonous Mysts and overwhelming numbers of undead, look out for the tough Cramps they are a real pain.

Geffen Town Upper Portal > Geffen Field 4 Upper Warp > Mjolnir Field 1 Right Portal > Mjolnir Field 2 Upper Right Corner Warp > Dead Pit

Dimensional Gorge

Moderate to Master

Morroc Field 22

Once Morroc town has been destroyed the Dimensional Gorge will replace many maps in the eastern region. It is within the Dimensional Gorge that Satan Morroc will be found. You must complete the Continental Guard Quest to access the Dimensional Gorge.

Einbroch Mine Dungeon

Easy to Difficult

Einbroch 1, Einbroch 2

Strange Noxious and Venomous fumes dominate the first floor, as well as the undead Pitman and mutated Porcellio. The lowest dungeon contains animated stoves and the King of Animated objects, RSX 0806.

Einbech Town Upper Warp > Mines

Geffen Dungeon

Easy to Difficult

Geffen 0, Geffen 1, Geffen 2, Geffen 3

Hunter Flies and poisonous mushroom Spores dominate the first level. As you descend into the dungeon proper you will encounter Halloween oriented monsters. Beware Dracula on Geffen dungeon level 1, and the Doppelganger on Geffen dungeon level 2.

Geffen Town Center Portal > Head down to the basement of the wizard tower until you reach Geffen Dungeon



Geffenia 1, Geffenia 2, Geffenia 3, Geffenia 4

In Geffenia nothing is what it appears. The angels aren’t really angels, and the Knights are abysmal. Trust nothing. The quest to enter this dungeon is not for the impatient or the faint of heart.

Geffenia requires completion of “The Sign” quest to access the dungeon. This quest is long, tedious, and has many steps. Follow this link to the guide that I use.

Glast Heim

Moderate to Difficult

Glast Heim 1, Glast Heim Church, Glast Heim Churchyard, Glast Heim Castle 1, Glast Heim Castle 2, Glast Heim Prison, Glast Heim Prison 2, Glast Heim Knight 1, Glast Heim Knight 2, Glast Heim Inside 1, Glast Heim Step, Glast Heim Sewer 1, Glast Heim Sewer 2, Glast Heim Sewer 3, Glast Heim Sewer 4, Glast Heim Lowest Cave (Glast Heim Dun 1), Glast Heim Lowest Cave 2 (Glast Heim Dun 2)

Glasthiem is the lair of the undead and shadows of Rune Midgard. Priests are especially capable of leveling the monsters here. The dungeons are accessed via the Glasthiem Entrance Map.

Geffen Town Upper Warp > Geffen Field 4 Left Portal > Geffen Field 5 Left Portal > Geffen Field 6 Left Portal > Glasthiem Entrance

Gonryun Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Gonryun Dungeon 1, Gonryun Dungeon 2, Gonryun Dungeon 3

Excellent for making money, this dungeon contains monkey ridden trees, gigantic butterflies, and gentle bears.

Gonryun Town Top Warp > Gonryun Dungeon

Guild Dungeons (1st Edition)

Guild Dungeon 1, Guild Dungeon 2, Guild Dungeon 3, Guild Dungeon 4

Payon Guild Map (pay_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 1

Aldebaran Guild Map (alde_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 2

Prontera Guild Map (prt_gld) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 3

Geffen Guild Map (gef_fild13) > Inside Castle owned by your Guild > Room after the Castle Economy NPC and before the Emperium Room (The third room in the castle) > Secret lever or button named (hidden) > Guild Dungeon 4

Guild Dungeons (2nd Edition)

Schg Dungeon 1, Arug Dungeon 1

No Monsters in the Second Edition Dungeons.

To learn more about Second Edition follow this link to famiong’s Second Edition Guide.

Yuno Left Warp > Schg Guild > Inside a castle owned by your Guild > Switch near the Emperium (I’ll update once I get the specific name and location) > Schg Dungeon

Rachel South Portal > Veins Field 2 South Warp > Arug Guild > Inside a castle owned by your Guild > Switch near the Emperium (I’ll update once I get the specific name and location) > Arug Dungeon

Hidden Temple / Labyrinth Forest

Very Easy to Difficult

Pront Maze 1, Pront Maze 2, Pront Maze 3

A veritable plethora of creatures! The first maze consists of low level monsters. The Second Map has a variety of bears. The third map is another maze with higher level monsters and even Baphomet himself.

Prontera Town Upper Portal > Pront Guild Map Top Warp > Pront Field 1 Upper Portal (not shown in game it is between the 2 top warps on the map) > Hidden Dungeon

Ice Cave

Moderate to Difficult

Ice Cave 1, Ice Cave 2, Ice Cave 3, Ice Cave 4

These icy mobs are great experience, but require teamwork as you go deeper. This dungeon also has the Rachel Ice Necklace Quest.

Rachel Town Right Portal > Rachel Field 12 Upper Warp > Rachel Field 8 Top Portal > Rachel Field 4 Top Portal > Rachel Field 1 Upper Warp > Ice Dungeon

Juperos Ruins

Moderate to Difficult

Juperos 1, Juperos 2, Juperos Core

Juperos is the home of the MVP Vesper, the holy mecha. There is a quest to access Juperos Core, but it is fairly easy.

Yuno Town Lower Portal > Yuno Field 4 Bottom Warp > Einbroch Field 6 Right Portal > Yuno Field 7 Center Warp > Juperos Cave > Juperos Dungeon

Kiel Robot Factory

Moderate to Difficult

Kiel Hyre Dungeon 1, Kiel Hyre Dungeon 2

There is a quest to access Kiel Factory. Here is a link to the iRO-Wiki Kiel Hyre Quest. This is a great quest with a fun story, but very long (72 steps in the linked walkthrough) requiring a bit of determination.

Lou Yang Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Louyang Dungeon 1, Louyang Dungeon 2, Louyang Dungeon 3

Louyang Town Left Warp > Louyang Dungeon

Magma Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Magma Dungeon 1, Magma Dungeon 2

The fiery caverns with the hottest monsters in Rune Midgard. These mobs are literally dripping with lava and heat.

Yuno Town Lower Portal > Yuno Field 4 Right Warp > Yuno Field 3 Right Top Warp > Magma Dungeon

Moscovia Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Moscovia Dungeon 1, Moscovia Dungeon 2, Moscovia Dungeon 3

Moscovia Dungeon can only be accessed through a quest, Finding the Moving Island Quest.

Nameless Island & Abbey Dungeon

Moderate to Master

Nameless, Nameless Island, Abbey 1, Abbey 2, Abbey 3

Nameless Island can only be accessed through a quest, Nameless Island Quest.

Odin Temple

Moderate to Master

Odin Temple 1, Odin Temple 2, Odin Temple 3

Hugel Right Dock > Talk to the Boatman > Odin Temple

Orc Dungeon

Easy to Moderate

Orcs 1, Orcs 2

The classic monster from the Lord of the Rings, orcs have now made Rune Midgard their home. The dungeon houses undead orcs and bizarre shadows of humanity called Zenorcs.

Geffen Town Left Warp > Geffen Field 7 South Portal > Geffen Field 13 Right Bottom Warp > Geffen Field 9 Lower Portal > Geffen Field 10 Top Left Corner > Inside Orcs > Orc Dungeon

Payon Cave

Very Easy to Moderate

Payon Dungeon, Payon 1, Payon 2, Payon 3, Payon 4

The lowest and easiest undead to smite in the kingdom of Rune Midgard can be found in the first floor of the Payon Caves. The undead get progressively stronger as you delve deeper into the dungeon. The lowest dungeon has Moonlight Flower the cutest Kitty Cat MVP.

Payon Town Top Portal > Payon Archer Village Left Portal > Payon Cave

Prontera Culvert

Very Easy to Moderate

Pront Sewer 1, Pront Sewer 2, Pront Sewer 3, Pront Sewer 4

The Sewers are overrun with pests, help to exterminate some of these buggies to gain levels and help the kingdom.

You must complete a very short quest to enter the Sewers, Prontera Culvert Quest.


Easy to Difficult

Pyramid 1, Pyramid 2, Pyramid 3, Pyramid 4

Pyramid Basement, Pyramid B1, Pyramid B2

Pyramids are always home to Mummies, Mimics, and even the MVPs Osiris and Amon Rah. Only the strongest warriors should dive into the deepest dungeons.

Morroc Town Upper Left Corner > Morroc Ruins Top Left Portal > Pyramid Dungeon

Rachel Sanctuary

Moderate to Difficult

Rachel Temple, Rachel Temple Inside, Rachel Sanctuary 1, Rachel Sanctuary 2, Rachel Sanctuary 3, Rachel Sanctuary 4, Rachel Sanctuary 5

Rachel Dungeon requires a quest to access the dungeon. Here’s a Link to iRO-Wiki’s Rachel Sanctuary Quest.


Easy to Difficult

Sphinx 1, Sphinx 2, Sphinx 3, Sphinx 4, Sphinx 5

The worshipers of the Pharaoh dwell inside the Sphinx Dungeon, as well as his servants the Anubis.

Morroc Town Left Portal > Morroc Field 19 Center Warp > Sphinx Dungeon

Sunken Ship / Treasure Island

Moderate to Difficult

Alberta Treasure (Sunken Ship Field Map), Treasure 1, Treasure 2

The haunted ship on Treasure Island contains the ghosts of sailors lost at sea and the strangest of sea creatures.

Alberta Docks Fisk NPC > Alberta Treasure Island Top Right Portal > Sunken Ship Dungeon

Thanatos Tower

Moderate to Difficult

Thanatos Scene, Thanatos 1, Thanatos 2, Thanatos 3, Thanatos 4, Thanatos 5, Thanatos 6, Thanatos 7, Thanatos 8, Thanatos 9, Thanatos 10, Thanatos 11, Thanatos 12, Thana Steps, Thana Boss

Thanatos requires a quest completion to access the dungeon. Here’s my guide and the rms guide.

Hugel Town Bottom Portal > Hugel Field 6 Left Warp > Hugel Field 5 Top Portal > Hugel Field 3 Left Warp > Hugel Field 2 Left Portal > Hugel Field 1 > Tower Keeper NPC in the Middle Top

The Endless Tower

Easy to Master

Endless Tower, Endless Tower 1 (Floors 1-25), Endless Tower 2 (26-50), Endless Tower 3 (51-75), Endless Tower 4 (76-98), Endless Tower 5, Endless Tower 6

The Endless Tower Quest has been modified in iRO; hopefully this quest will apply in your server.

Thors Volcano Dungeon

Difficult to Master

Thors Volcano 1, Thors Volcano 2, Thors Volcano 3

The fiery pit of despair, it is only for the strongest of adventurers. Make sure to have a large party or an expert in Thors with you when touring this dungeon.

Rachel Town Left Warp > Rachel Field 11 Bottom Portal > Veins Field 1 Lower Warp > Veins Field 4 Left Portal > Veins Field 3 Top Warp > Thors Volcano Dungeon

Toy Factory

Easy to Difficult

Xmas Dungeon 1, Xmas Dungeon 2

Aldebaran Town > Santa Clause NPC > Lutie Town Top Warp > Toy Factory

Turtle Island Dungeon

Moderate to Difficult

Turtle Dungeon 1, Turtle 2, Turtle 3, Turtle 4

The realm of the mightiest of turtles, the Turtle General. The deepest levels run amok with aggressive turtles and turtle splices.

Alberta Docks Sailor NPC > Turtle Dungeon

Umbala Dungeon


Umbala Dungeon 1, Umbala 2

The fiercest trees and wood golems in the country can be found in Umbala Dungeon. The deepest dungeon leads to the Yggdrassil Tree.

Umbala Town Top Warp > Umbala Dungeon


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  5. Read my Thanatos Walkthrough for specifics but here’s a direct quote,

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  13. can anyone tell me how to get to niddhog / ygg dungeon and the queen scaraba?

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