Friendship Quest

This is the pre-quest to the Biolabs Enterance Quest, so if you’re planning on doing that quest, read through this guide carefully. It’s a simple quest and shouldn’t actually take you very long.

Please take note that to enter the Lighthalzen slums, you will need to speak to the Guard [lighthalzen 267 200] several times until he lets you pass. It can take a while, so if you have someone who can let you borrow a Pass for this quest it could save you a lot of time.

• A character with base level 50

• Base EXP [the amount depends on your level]
Knife [3]

Step 1
First of all you will need to head to the Lighthalzen slums [the method on how to do this was stated above]. Once in the slums, look for a NPC called Maku [lighthalzen 337 232]. Start talking to him and he will talk to you about the slums. Since the slums aren’t a nice place, he’ll suggest that you go back to the main parts of Lighthalzen.

Step 2
Once back in the “nice parts” of Lighthalzen, head off to find a guy called Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210]. You can access his location by entering the hotel in Lighthalzen [lighthalzen 158 131] and heading off into one of the rooms upstairs. Start talking to Digotz and you’ll notice a bond between him and Maku.

Step 3
Stroll back to Maku [lighthalzen 337 232] and talk to him about Digotz. He will start explaining some of their past.

Step 4
Annoying as it is, you’ll then have to go back to Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210] again. Speak to him and he will tell you to pass on a message to Maku.

Hopeless bastard!
You’re still a stubborn jerk!
You owe me at least 3 lunches!
Not to mention an apology!
But who cares what you think?!
I’m so goddamn happy without you!

Step 5
Fullfil Digotz’s request and go to Maku [lighthalzen 337 232] to pass on the message. When you are told to do so, insert all of the lines of the message which Digotz gave you. You will have to pass on the exact words he gives you with all of the punctuation being correct, so I recommend that you copy the lines from above and paste them in-game using shift + insert. You will need to talk to Maku again. Due to his anger, he will somewhat try to kill you and you’ll lose 50% of your maximum HP, so make sure your HP are above 50% full or you’ll die. Once talking to him again, he will mention the name of another friend of his, Benkaistein.

Step 6
Return to Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210] and tell him that you passed on the message to Maku. Like Maku did, he will also mention Benkaistein.

Step 7
Since both of the old friends mentioned a man called Benkaistein, you’ll decide to head off to Yuno to find this guy. Head off to the Yuno Library [Yuno 340 203] and look for a Student [yuno_in04 107 14] and ask where Benkaistein is. He’ll tell you to go to the room opposite the current one.

Step 8
Look for the Passionate Student [yuno_in04 96 106], who is actually Benkaistein, and talk to him about Maku and Digotz. Due to him being busy, he will tell you to look for a book which may solve their problem.

Step 9
Head to the room above and look for the Book [yuno_in04 167 115] on the table. Pick it up and go back to Benkaistein [yuno_in04 96 106]. He will then tell you to show the book to both Maku and Digotz.

Step 10
Go back to Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210] and show him the diary. He will read through it and remember some good old times.

Step 11
Go back to Maku [lighthalzen 337 232] and give him the diary to read through. At this point, he will give you some EXP, depending on your base level.

Step 12
Due to Maku still not being so sure about what’s happening, you’ll be heading back to Digotz [lhz_in02 201 210], only to find that he got stabbed with a knife. Digotz dies and you’ll obtain a Knife [3].

Step 13
Now that’s it’s over with Digotz, head back to Benkaistein [yuno_in04 96 106] and tell him about the events. He will give you more EXP depending on your base level, along with a Pass which will enable you to access the Lighthalzen slums at any time you wish.

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  1. this was my favorite quest when i used to play in a low rate server good story, good exp, and pre-quest to other quests great to c a guide so that every1 can do the quest

  2. why did Digotz have to die?! I liked him! :( lol

  3. waw this is a GOOD quest!!! The Storyline is GREAT!!! poor Digotz why didn’t you apologize?

  4. Do you have to be a girl to do the quest?

  5. @MegamanX
    There are no limits in terms of gender to do quests


  6. Great quest and great guide! Thank you! :)

  7. Is it repeatable?

  8. nice one^^

  9. Nice guide! and ceejay021 its not repeatable

  10. that was a great quest..this is what i like about rp remind its not all about leveling up..and also, it reminded me a novel i read a while ago.i should read it again maybe.

  11. it’s not true but where is GM basher in aeRO gaming

  12. I love the story behind it. I enjoyed doing the quest

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